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Y -- AGE Complex at Davis-Monthan AFB

Notice Date
Notice Type
236220 — Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Contracting Office
915 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 930 Los Angeles CA 90017-3401
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Point of Contact
Tracey Daggy, Contracting Specialist, Phone (213) 452-3239, - Sandra Oquita, Contracting Officer, Phone 213-452-3239
E-Mail Address
tracey.i.daggy@usace.army.mil, Sandra.Oquita@usace.army.mil
Small Business Set-Aside
* Soliciitation availability date has changed to on/about July 17, 2019. AGE complex consisting of administrative areas, maintenance area, and covered open-storage facility, with reinforced concrete foundations and floor slabs, structural-steel frames, standing-seam metal roof systems, split-faced block, concrete hardstand for open storage, all utilities, site improvements, landscaping with landscape-establishment irrigation, asphalt pavement and parking, fire detection/protection, and demolition of 13 facilities and 2 associated canopies. Facilities will be designed as permanent construction in accordance with the DoD Unified Facilities Criteria (UFC) 1-200-01, General Building Requirements and UFC 1-200-02, High Performance and Sustainable Building Requirements. This project will comply with DoD antiterrorism/force protection requirements per UFC 4-010-01. THIS IS AN UNRESTRICTED PROCUREMENT. This will be a ONE-STEP DESIGN/BUILD COMPETITIVE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP), using LOWEST PRICE TECHNICALLY ACCEPTABLE (LPTA) procedures, resulting in a firm fixed-price contract. The proposals will be evaluated on the evaluation criteria stated in the RFP. Both a technical and a price proposal will be required. It is the Government's intent to award based on initial offers without discussions; therefore, the offeror(s) shall provide their best technical and price proposals. There will be one pricing schedule for this project with a Performance Period of 540 calendar days after receipt of Notice to Proceed (NTP). The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code 236220, Commercial and Institutional Construction, $36,500,000.00 average annual gross revenue for the last three (3) fiscal years. Estimated cost range of the project is between $10,000,000.00 and $25,000,000.00. The solicitation will be made available on/or about July 17, 2019. All proposals will be due on/or about August 22, 2019 at 2:00 P.M. PT. This is to notify all potential offerors: Solicitation No. W912PL-19-R-0076 and all amendments for this acquisition will be posted on FedBizOpps (FBO) (www.fbo.gov). THE GOVERNMENT INTENDS TO ISSUE THIS SOLICITATION AND ALL AMENDMENTS THROUGH THE USE OF THE INTERNET (WEB ONLY). No additional media (CD Roms, Floppy Disks, Faxes, or Paper) will be provided unless the Government determines that it is necessary. Viewing/downloading documents from FBO will require prior registration in System for Award Management ( www.sam.gov ). If you are a first time FBO user, you will be required to register in FBO prior to accessing the solicitation documents. The following information will be required prior to registration: DUNS Number, System for Award Management (SAM) Registration, Marketing Partner Identification Number (MPIN), Cage Code, and e-mail address. Once registered with FBO, interested parties will then be able to utilize the posted hyperlink to log in and access the solicitation documents. Please note that ALL firms who want to access the solicitation, both prospective primes and subs, will be required to be registered with FBO and therefore must be System for Award Management (SAM) registered, have a MPIN, and either a DUNS number or CAGE code. The SAM website can be accessed at http://www.sam.gov/. For further information, please click on the User Guide links on FBO homepage to download the Vendor User Guide. For additional assistance with SAM please call SAM Customer Service at (866) 606-8220 <img style="overflow: hidden; cursor: hand; height: 16px; width: 16px; vertical-align: middle; white-space: nowrap; right: 0px; position: static !important; float: none; left: 0px; margin: 0px; display: inline; top: 0px; bottom: 0px;" title="Call: (866) 606-8220" src="" alt="" />. For additional assistance with the FBO website, please select the Helpdesk link located at the bottom of the webpage to submit a question or comment. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE CONTRACTOR TO CHECK THE DESIGNATED GOVERNMENT POINT OF ENTRY - FED BIZ OPPS - FREQUENTLY FOR ANY AMENDMENTS OR CHANGES TO THE SOLICITATION. ALL OFFERORS/BIDDERS ARE ALSO ADVISED THAT THIS PROCUREMENT MAY BE DELAYED, CANCELLED OR REVISED AT ANY TIME DURING THE SOLICITATION, EVALUATION AND/OR FINAL AWARD PROCESS. NOTE: THIS NOTICE WAS NOT POSTED TO FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (11-JUL-2019); HOWEVER, IT DID APPEAR IN THE FEDBIZOPPS FTP FEED ON THIS DATE. PLEASE CONTACT 877-472-3779 or fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.
Web Link
Link To Document
Place of Performance
Address: Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona Tucson, AZ
Zip Code: 85707-5000
Country: US
SN05367702-F 20190713/190711230113 (fbodaily.com)
FedBizOpps Link to This Notice
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