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D -- Work Force Modeling

Notice Date
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541612 — Human Resources Consulting Services
Contracting Office
Department of State, Office of Acquisitions, Acquisition Management, 1735 N. Lynn St., Arlington, Virginia, 22209, United States
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Point of Contact
Peter James Allen,
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Small Business Set-Aside
Title: Modeling Services RFI Number: 19AQMM18N0038 Agency: U.S. Department of State Office: Human Resources Location: Primary Place of Performance: Washington, DC Notice Type: Request for Information NAICS Code: 541612 1.0 Purpose The purpose of this Statement of Work (SOW) is to convey the mission of the Department of State (DoS), Bureau of Human Resources in order to obtain an experienced and qualified Contractor to provide specialized technical, analytical, and mathematical modeling services with Federal workforce planning experience. Commencing in March 2000 the Bureau of Human Resources (HR) began the process of gathering and integrating data of the Department’s total work force composition used for its current and out year force planning. Over the intervening years, HR has enhanced its ability to do workforce planning by developing workforce studies, analytical methodologies, processes, and simulation models that allow resource management analysts to: · Produce all documents, interfaces and reports to manage all aspects of the Department’s human resource planning system utilizing the Enterprise Architecture for Resource Planning system (EARP). · Compute overseas staffing and readiness requirements for Foreign Service officers utilizing an Overseas Staffing Model (OSM). · Calculate domestic staffing requirements for Foreign Service, Civil Service, contractor, and part-time, intermittent & temporary employees utilizing a Domestic Staffing Model (DSM). · Analyze Foreign Service promotion opportunities by simulating career flows, attrition, and ensuing personnel inventories that result from Foreign Service HR policies utilizing a Foreign Service Promotion Model (FSM). · Conduct detailed workforce studies and personnel surveys to document HR policy options and address workforce issues. Some of the workforce models and studies were developed “in-house”, while others have been developed through contract support to the Bureau of Human Resources, Office of Resource Management and Analysis (HR/RMA). HR/RMA has a need for continued, follow-on, support to maintain these workforce planning models and methodologies to meet the requirements of Congressional mandates and to continue to improve the Department's capabilities to do workforce planning. 2.0 Background and Statement of Need The Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) of the U.S. Department of State fosters mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries by means of educational and cultural exchanges to assist in the development of friendly, sympathetic, and peaceful relations between the United States and the other countries of the world. All ECA exchanges are carried out pursuant to the Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, as amended, the Fulbright-Hays Act. All personnel shall meet or exceed the requirements of the labor categories as specified in Attachment B. The work shall be performed in accordance with the individual BPA/IDIQ Calls issued against this BPA/IDIQ. All orders placed against this BPA/IDIQ are subject to the terms and conditions of the GSA Federal Supply Schedule contract and terms and conditions set forth within. 3.0 Scope of Work/Required Capabilities For duration of this contract the contractor will be required to provide the expertise in the areas of project management, data collection/integration, statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and workforce flow through, to support workforce studies and model development (new development), as needed, to meet Department-wide requirements. This work will be developed, as required, to meet all Presidential and congressionally mandated initiatives, Public Law requirements, all Office of Personnel and Management (OPM), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and Department of State directed initiatives. New development may consist of, but is not limited to, initial data collection or the integration of existing data from all Bureaus within the Department of State as it applies to the overall work force structure and costs. This includes but is not limited to foreign and civil service personnel, contractors, Foreign Service nationals, other agency personnel working for the Department of State as well as associated costs to include those areas previously mentioned. New components of the models may have a direct interface with the existing DSM, OSM, EARP and overall work force flow through models. The contractor will also provide ongoing operational maintenance support that will consist of minor/major enhancements to existing models and any models that are developed within the scope of this task order. Operations and Maintenance will also consist of on-going data collection / integration from all Department sources required to update model databases to insure accuracy of statistics and analytical studies produced to comply with ad-hoc reporting requirements. 4.0 GOAL HR/RMA requires specialized technical, analytical, and mathematical modeling services of a contractor with Federal workforce planning experience. The contractor shall work with RMA analysts to identify opportunities for increasing organizational efficiencies and streamlining staff functions and processes, by analyzing workload distribution and staffing data, such as name, grade levels, salary, duty assignment, etc., collected during Domestic Staffing Model (DSM), Enterprise Architecture Resource Planning System (EARP) and Overseas Staffing Model (OSM) and other analytical models and systems. In addition, the contractor will participate in the annual update and maintenance process for the OSM and DSM and other models. The contractor shall document the process, provide all data maintenance and model updates, and recommend opportunities to enhance the analytical and mathematical methodologies incorporated in the models so that staffing estimates closely simulate staffing needs. The contractor will recommend opportunities for integration between the OSM, EARP and DSM. The contractor shall also provide maintenance, upgrade, technical, mathematical, and analytical support for the RMA Foreign Service Promotion Planning “Flow-Through” system to improve the Department’s capability to perform Civil Service workforce planning. The contractor will provide analytical support and expert knowledge in the development of workforce planning studies such as competency analysis, organizational and structure planning and other aspects of technical workforce planning. 5.0 TASKS The following lists the tasks required to complete the Statement of Work. Task 1 - DSM Organizational Efficiencies and Reallocations Using data collected during the DSM development process, the contractor shall identify opportunities for eliminating redundancies, duplication, and unnecessary organizational layering in the DoS core functions. The contractor shall assist in identifying high level processes, additional data requirements and preparation of data collection instruments for identifying redundancies, duplication, and unnecessary organizational layering and dysfunctional organization development. Task 2 – Workforce Studies The contractor will participate as expert consultants in the development of Department-wide studies of the competencies and staffing requirements for major occupational groups in the Department’s workforce. The contractor will conduct independent studies under the direction of senior HR managers and systems analysts to analyze flow through, recruitment, and all major aspects of the HR program(s) for development and maintenance of key workforce skill groups in both the Civil Service and Foreign Service. Task 3 - OSM Update The contractor shall participate in the OSM update process to document the process/methodologies and provide all data maintenance and model updates. The contractor shall recommend opportunities to enhance the analytical methodologies incorporated in the OSM including recommendations and feasibility of integrating the DSM and OSM into a common database structure where appropriate. Task 4 - Foreign Service Promotion Model Maintenance The contractor shall provide maintenance, upgrade, technical, and analytical support for the RMA Foreign Service Promotion Model. The contractor will work closely with RMA analysts to identify necessary enhancements and maintenance updates to the model and associated data. Task 5 - EARP The contractor shall provide maintenance, upgrade, technical, and analytical support for the RMA EARP resource planning and information system. The contractor will work closely with RMA analysts to identify necessary enhancements and maintenance updates to the operating software and associated data 6.0 DELIVERABLES: In fulfillment of this effort, the Contractor shall provide the following deliverables. All deliverables shall be submitted to the Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) and Government Project Manager (GPM), unless otherwise agreed upon. Unless otherwise specified, the Government will have a maximum of ten (10) working days from the day the draft deliverable is received to review the document, provide comments back to the contractor, and approve or disapprove the deliverable(s). The contractor will also have a maximum of ten (10) working days from the day comments are received to incorporate all changes and submit the final deliverable to the Government. All days identified below are intended to be workdays unless otherwise specified. User support and analysis shall be provided as an on-going activity throughout the period of performance of this task order. In addition to the deliverables specified below, additional deliverables associated with each user support task shall be dependent on the scope and requirements of the task. Project Plan The contractor shall prepare a Project Plan within 30 days of the start of the contract describing the technical approach, organizational resources and management controls to be employed to meet the cost, performance and schedule requirements for this effort. The Project Plan shall detail the key activities and milestones, distance learning technology, allocation of staff and other resources necessary for successful completion of this effort. The COR shall receive the revised Project Plan in both hard copy and electronic form in Microsoft Project. Based on the Project Plan, the COR will provide approval to move forward on activities planned. The Contractor shall request prior approval on all activities not included in the plan or any modifications to the plan after approval has been given. Quality Control Plan The Contractor shall establish and maintain a complete Quality Control Plan (QCP) to ensure that the requirements of the contract are provided as specified. One copy of the Contractor’s QCP shall be provided at the time their proposal is submitted. An updated copy must be provided as changes occur. The QCP shall describe the methods for identifying and preventing problems before the level of performance becomes unacceptable. Weekly Status Report The Contractor shall document the efforts performed in the completion of each task in a detailed Weekly Status Report due on the first business day of the week. The status report shall include, at a minimum: a. Progress for the period: detailed progress report of findings, activities and accomplishments during the reporting period, and summary of work accomplished during the reporting period and percent complete. b. Activities planned for the next reporting period: planned activities, as well as the status of any/all deliverables, including planned delivery date(s) and actual and/or anticipated delivery date(s). c. Problems encountered: identification of any problems, issues or delays and recommendations as to their resolution, and any corrective action that was taken to correct identified problems. d. Strategy revisions: recommended changes to include any lessons learned e. Contingency planning: prepare for and effectively respond to emergency situations and contingencies. f. Participation: play a key role in working issues, devising solutions to problems and developing future plans. The mandatory first year deliverables are: · Domestic Staffing Organizational Efficiencies Findings and Recommendations · OSM Process Documentation/Analysts Guide · Updated Foreign Service Promotion Model and Documentation · Updated EARP planning system and Documentation · Attend weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly progress \ status meetings as scheduled by the government project manager. The Government Project Manager(s) (GPMs) will review and accept deliverables based on the weekly progress/status meetings. 7.0 Instructions for Submissions in response to this RFI 7.1 Responses Responses should be limited to 7 pages or less and be submitted as a Microsoft Word Document or Portable Document Format (PDF). Submissions should include responses to the following categories: - - Company Profile - - recent/relevant experience - - Recruitment/Retention Plan - - program management information - -S tandard benefits package - -I ndirect cost rates/information - - Questions/Comments from Industry I. Company Profile, to include: · General Business Information, completing the following table: Company Name: Company Point-of-Contact Email: Phone: DUNS Number: CAGE Code, if applicable: Socioeconomic Status under NAICS Code 541612: Example: HUBZone; Veteran Owned; Woman-Owned; 8(a); Service Disabled Veteran Owned, etc. Registered in the System for Award Management Yes/No On the Excluded Party List Yes/No GWACs (ex. Schedules, BPA/IDIQs, OASIS, NITAAC, etc) List all available GWACs Active or recently active Department of State contracts/orders? List contracts as appropriate I. Recent/Relevant Experience, to include: · Address the requirements contained in Section 2.0 ( Background and Statement of Need ) and 3.0 ( Scope of Work/Required Capabilities ). In addressing the requirements, weight and detail paragraphs and bullets as deemed appropriate. DoS experience is not required, but experience recruiting/retaining personnel for work in the federal workspace is. · Provide recent/relevant experience, capabilities, contracts, and customer information as you deem appropriate. · For past performance cited, include a POC at the Government Agency or business at which work was performed. II. Questions/Comments from Industry: Companies are welcome to provide any brief concluding remarks, as deemed appropriate. At this time, the Government will not entertain telephone calls or questions for this RFI. The Government may choose to reach out directly to vendors after reviewing and evaluating the submissions.
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