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59 -- Circuit Card Assemblies in support of F-15 Armament Testers

Notice Date
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Sources Sought
334418 — Printed Circuit Assembly (Electronic Assembly) Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, PK/PZ - Robins AFB, 215 Page Rd, Robins AFB, Georgia, 31098-1611, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Charles T. Massey, Phone: 478-926-5476
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Sources Sought (Request for Interested Manufacturers) FROM: Warren Singletary/AFMC 410 SCMS/GULA TO: DLA Aviation Procurement Operations at Warner Robins (SPAWA1) LOCATION : Robins AFB, GA 31098-1813 FBO Post Title: Request for interested Manufacturers for NSNs listed below pertaining to F-15 Armament Testers: NSN, PART NUMBER, NOUN: 5598-01-259-9955KV, A06G2746-1, Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) 5998-01-424-0454KV, A06G3422-1, Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) 5998-01-266-8726KV, A06G2778-1, Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) 5998-01-516-1917KV, A06G3630-1, Circuit Card Assembly (CCA) 4920-01-552-2415KV, A06G3720-1, Voltage Detector 6130-01-439-5109KV, A06G2747-2, Power Supply 4920-01-499-9773KV, A06G3604-2, Adapter Subassembly 4920-01-550-2622KV, A06G3291-2, Control Panel, Test SUBJECT: Market Research is being conducted to identify a potential sources that may possess the expertise, capabilities, and experience to meet the requirements for qualification and production on the items listed above. ITEM DESCRIPTION NSN 5598-01-259-9955KV, PN: A06G2746-1 is SMSTS PAL and GND/RES CKTS Circuit Card Assembly. There are 16 circuits on CCA A14 that measure resistance to ground. Each circuit consists of a FET that sources a current into the line under test and the voltage developed is buffered and routed to the A/D converter on CCA A9. These circuits have two ranges in which they operate: 0 to 2000 ohms and 2000 to 22000 ohms. NSN 5998-01-424-0454KV, PN: A06G3422-1 is a Load Switching/Monitoring Circuit Card Assembly t hat contains key functional circuits: three high voltage loads and one high voltage monitor, simulated doppler oscillator, zero crossing detector used to measure frequency, +100 VDC source to self-test and 180 VDC to loads/monitor. NSN 5998-01-266-8726KV, PN: A06G2778-1 is a Switching Circuit Card Assembly t hat contains key functional circuits: +28 VDC, open or ground switching circuits (28GO1 - 28GO12); ground or open switching circuits (GO1 - GO8); current limiting for switching circuits and miscellaneous relay drivers. NSN 5998-01-516-1917KV, PN: A06G3630-1 contains the microprocessor circuits (EEPROM) that control the Stores Management System Test Set (SMSTS). The Circuit Card Assembly also contains a Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (USART) that allows the SMSTS to communicate with other computerized equipment. NSN 4920-01-552-2415KV, PN: A06G3720-1 is a RIGID FLEX ASSEMBLY, Voltage detector, A1 circuit card assemblies. The circuit card assembly consists of five sections interconnected by flexible printed circuit sections. This assembly contains all major electronic components of the unit. The circuit card assembly is folded and installed down the center of the chassis. Two connectors on the circuit card assembly mate with the front panel controls. A third connector mates with the rear panel assembly. NSN 6130-01-439-5109KV, PN: A06G2747-2 is the Power Supply assembly for the Stores Management System Test Set (SMSTS). Provides 3-phase loads, contains transformers, relays & voltage regulators. NSN 4920-01-499-9773KV, PN: A06G3604-2 is a Rigid Flex Assembly within circuit selector W12A1 that provides an interface between the voltage detector and the weapon system. The circuit selector simulates and generates various weapon response signals, evaluates system inputs and provides compatible outputs to the voltage detector for display. NSN 4920-01-550-2622KV, PN: A06G3291-2 is a Remote Control Unit (RCU). The RCU is a portable, hand held interface used to guide an operator through various diagnostic tests. Eight pushbutton switches mounted around the periphery of the display are used to allow the user to select various test options. The status of each key is monitored by an embedded controller which transmits the selected key code to a host computer or test set via the RS422 interface which is a full duplex, 9600 baud port with 40 byte transmit and 40 byte receive buffers. Impediment to Competition: The original equipment manufacturer for this item is Boeing which maintains its configuration by part number and software version. The Government does not own any data, drawings, schematics, or any other releasable technical data in support of this requirement. As a result, the original manufacture is the only known source with adequate knowledge to performance requirements and possession of the required technical data and capabilities needed to produce these item and ensure compatibility of the equipment. INTEREST The DLA/AWB Contracting Office intends to award a sole source contract to Boeing for the manufacture of the 8 items mentioned above to support of the F-15 Armament Testers. Other interested parties may identify their interest and capability to respond to the requirement no later than March 22, 2018 to Warren Singletary via email addresses ( warren.singletary@us.af.mil ) and/or ( dla.dlr.proc@us.af.mil ). The Government intends to procure these items using Other Than Full and Open Competition as prescribed by FAR 6.302-1, Only One Responsible Source and No Other Supplies or Services Will Satisfy Agency Requirements. DISCLAIMER T h i s s o u r c e s s ou g h t synopsis is f o r i nf or m a t i o n a l p u rpo s e s o nl y. T h i s is n o t a req u e s t f or propo s a l. I t d oe s n o t c o ns t i tu t e a s o l ic i t a t i o n, a n d s h a l l n o t be c o n s t r u e d as a c o mmi t m e n t by t he g over n m e nt. Re s p o ns e s in a n y f or m a r e n o t o ff er s, a n d t he g over n m e n t is u nd e r n o o b l i g a t i o n t o awa r d a c o nt r act as a re sul t o f t h is a nn o u n c e m e n t. N o f u n d s a r e a v ai l ab l e t o p ay f o r prep a r a t i o n o f re s po n s e s t o t h i s a nn o u n c e m e n t. A n y i nf or ma t i o n submitted by respondents to this technical description is strictly voluntary.
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