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S -- Food Service for an Average of 40 residents/day at the Detroit VA Domiciliary POP: 4/1/18 - 6/30/18 - Attachment

Notice Date
Notice Type
722310 — Food Service Contractors
Contracting Office
Department of Veterans Affairs;Ann Arbor Healthcare System;Network Contracting Office 10;2215 Fuller Road;Ann Arbor MI 48105
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Kelly Poole
Small Business Set-Aside
This Sources Sought/Market Survey Notice is being conducted by the Ann Arbor VA Healthcare System, 2215 Fuller Road, Ann Arbor, MI 28105, to identify other sources that are capable of providing all supplies, equipment and personnel necessary to prepare, deliver and serve meals as described below for the residents of the John D. Dingell VA Medical Center Domiciliary Residential Rehabilitation Treatment Program (JDDVAMC/DRRTP) hereafter referred to as DRRTP. This program is located off campus at: Connor Creek Village 4777 E. Outer Drive Detroit, MI 48234 The period of performance shall be April 1, 2018 June 30, 2018. Meals shall be provided three times per day and they shall meet the nutritional needs of the veterans served by the DRRTP. The resident census is expected to fluctuate. Meals shall either be prepared within the Connor Creek facility and provided to the Veterans in a cafeteria style setting as stated below. The preparation shall occur in a fully licensed kitchen. Breakfast shall consist of a hot breakfast served Monday through Friday and a full hot breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, and on all holidays. Lunch shall be served Monday through Sunday with a full lunch delivered for the residents eating at the DRRTP and boxed lunches provided for those who will be off-site at lunch time. A full dinner shall be served Monday through Sunday and boxed dinners shall be available for ordering by VA residents unable to return in time for dinner. Themed dinner meals shall be provided on the following Holidays: New Years, Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, Veteran s Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas consultation with DRRTP will take place to determine the meal content on these occasions. All meals shall meet USDA RDA requirements with a fat content of 30% or less. The contractor shall have a registered Dietitian on staff to develop menu cycles for Veterans with special dietary needs. At each meal, the contractor shall provide sufficient quantities of appropriate condiments as requested by the Domiciliary leadership team. Contractor shall supply a daily inventory checklist listing type and amounts of condiments supplied. The individual trays used by residents to carry their plates and drinks shall be placed in the designated area for contractor pick-up and processing. Trays must be made of a hard plastic materials, Styrofoam is not acceptable. The contractor shall provide a copy of the menu cycle and tally sheets at least two weeks in advance of project start-up and also furnish in advance, a varied, full hot breakfast, bagged lunch and dinner menu, full dinner menu with at least a four week meal cycle (meals must not be repeated during the cycle). No significant changes to the menu are permitted without the approval of the Chief, DRRTP. Contractor shall provide snacks to DRRTP Residents. These snacks should meet the nutritional needs of the DRRTP residents and should be rotated on an ongoing basis. The contractor shall be responsible for washing and sanitizing these individual trays, dishes, and utensils. The contractor shall prepare clean food trays, individual trays, and carts wrapped in plastic to ensure no contamination during transport for kitchen to serving area. All plastic plates, glasses, cups, and cutlery shall be in covered containers or plastic wrap to ensure cleanliness is maintained during transportation from the kitchen to serving area. The contractor shall meet or exceed the nutritional care requirements set forth by the Joint Commission in the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual for Hospitals (http://vaww.oqsv.med.va.gov/functions/integrity/accred/jointcommission.aspx). The contractor shall provide a menu cycle that shall meet the following dietary requirements as needed when ordered by DRRTP nursing staff: Diets Requirements: Regular* At least 2400 Calories and 90 Grams Protein Low Fat/Cholesterol* At least 1800 Calories and 80 Grams Protein No Added Salt* 3-4 Grams Sodium; at least 2200 Calories and 80 Grams Protein 2 Gram Sodium* At least 2000 Calories and 80 Grams Protein Mechanical Soft* At least 2400 Calories and 90 Grams Protein; Moist Ground Meats; Soft Fruits and Vegetables; Requires no use of Teeth Pureed* At least 2400 Calories and 90 Grams Protein Diabetic* Calorie Level According to Prescription Diabetic Mech* Combine expectations above for respective diets Diabetic Pureed* Combine expectations above for respective diets Full Liquid At least 2000 Calories and 60 Grams Protein Clear Liquid At least 100 Calories per 8 oz. serving Gout Special Diet At least 2200-2400 Calories. Proteins restricted to.8gm/kg and proteins high in purines are omitted: Anchovies, sardines, herring, scallops, mussels, tuna, codfish, bacon organ meats *Meets USDA RDA for all nutrients of a 50 year old Male The contractor shall furnish tally (production) sheets, menus, and a summary of the nutrient analysis of the regular and modified menus. The contractor shall provide tally sheets for both hot and cold items. These batched daily tally sheets for the month, shall be provided by the fifth (5th) working day of the following month. The contractor shall prepare meals that meet all Federal, State and Local health standards. The contractor shall post the state certification at the preparation facility and shall meet all health and sanitation requirements at all times. The contractor shall provide dairy products such as milk and ice cream in single service containers (i.e. cartons). Juices shall be provided in 4oz. pre-portioned single service cups or containers. Canned items shall be opened by the contractor and placed in storage containers with lids; all items shall be stamped with a use-by date. The contractor shall provide fresh fruit each day. The amount of the fruit provided will be dependent on the census for that day. The Contractor shall provide one piece of fruit per resident per day. The fruit shall include apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, peaches, pears, and plums. Fruits shall be rotated on an on-going basis. The contractor shall provide a cold beverage dispenser of Crystal Lite or another similar sugar free product. If a resident at the DRRTP has a specific food allergy, the Contractor shall prepare the required meals for these individuals in a manner that is safe and will not jeopardize the health of the residents. Meals that are provided for residents with specific food allergies should be marked and served separately. The contractor shall provide a warming/steaming unit to keep hot foods warm enough to meet safety guidelines of a minimum of 140 degrees F between the time of delivery and the time of meal serving. If this is a service your business can provide respond to this Sources Sought by Friday, March 9, 2018, 4:00P.M. (EST). Responses should include: (1) Business Name and Address (2) Point of Contact Name, Phone Number, and E-mail Address (3) DUNS and NAICS code (4) Business Size SMALL or LARGE (5) Type of Business SERVICE DISABLED VETERAN OWNED, VETERAN OWNED, 8A, HUBZone, WOMEN-OWNED etc. (6) Applicable GSA/FSS Contract Number (if applies). All businesses eligible to provide this service are encouraged to reply as this information may be used to determine potential set-asides for the above noted service. E-mail responses to Kelly Poole, at kelly.poole@va.gov. (Note: This is NOT A REQUEST FOR QUOTE or an announcement of a solicitation.)
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Place of Performance
Address: John D. Dingell VA Medical Center;Domiliciary Residential Rehabilitation Treatment;4777 E. Outer Drive;Detroit, Michigan
Zip Code: 48234
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