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71 -- Answers to Technical questions See Posted Amendment to RFQ 36C26018Q0169 03/07/2018 - Attachment

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339113 — Surgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing
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Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 20;5115 NE 82nd Ave, Suite 102;Vancouver WA 98662
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Brittany Ronhaar
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Small Business Set-Aside
Answers to technical questions: Q. Regarding CLIN 0001, the bed we have to offer, LINET s Eleganza 3, comes with a straight power cord (not coiled). Is coiled a requirement? A. No Q. The LINET mattress includes a cover. Is CLIN 0003 a special cover or an extra cover? A. It is a special cover that equalizes pressure redistribution while balancing the Micro climate of the skin through it highly breathable fabric. Q. Weight capacity of 500lbs. -Please clarify if this is patient weight or safe working load. Patient Weight Q. Stay-put retractable bed from to avoid bed movement when changing settings and avoids bed sliding on floor damaging cords, drain tubes etc. or injury to staff members. - Please describe the purpose of this function- 1) to shorten (retraction) and to lengthen (extension) of the bed deck for patient height adjustments: and/or 2) for the bed deck to adjust and maintain patient position in bed with changes in the elevation of the head section. A. This is to avoid the bed frame/wheels from moving when changing the frame position like to a sitting up position. Incident when this happened on a different brand and pinched an 02 tubing flow to patient. Q. Must include full single post trapeze system that turns and locks to either side as well as over bed for ease of patient assist movements and use of ceiling lift. -Is a fixed single post with movable trapeze system acceptable A. No, needs to have locking positions to the side without having to remove the post ensuring a stay in position when using ceiling lift or giving cares. Q. Staff controls on both side rails and footboard. Is it acceptable to have caregiver controls on both side rails and caregiver graphical control interface on the side rail that is touchscreen, instead of staff controls on the footboard? A. No, because with bedside table, iv poles, etc. blocking access at times to controls on side rails. Especially during procedures and meal times. Q. 3 mode Bed exit alarm system. Is a tone or verbal prompt in multiple languages required/preferred? A. No Is an alarm auto reset required? A. No Q. Is powered (push of a button) or manual extension required? A. Currently use manual method with foot extender and pad. Push button would only work on air mattresses or you would still have to add cushion/pad if frame auto extended. Q. Is a USB Port required? A.No Q. Is a motion activated nightlight required? A. No Q. Is a patient pendant required? A. No Q. Is it acceptable to provide a Powered Air Surface that includes integrated Blower (no blower box at foot-end of bed), Comfort Controls, Turn Assist and Focused Microclimate Management to help manage pressure, shear and moisture to deliver optimal wound prevention and healing, instead of a gel/foam convertible mattress? A. No. We use these beds on multiple degree of care units and areas such as our Med Surge Unit, air mattresses hinder and do not support independent patients exit and entry especially with post-op ortho surgeries. We need to have the option to switch from the gel/foam to powered air surface depending on individual patient needs. Q. Is turn assist required? A. No-air mattress surface not wanted for this request Q. Are comfort controls required? A. No Q. Is a blower box required for every mattress? A. No Q. Is it acceptable to provide a 1 year mattress warranty, since 10 years is not the industry standard? A. No, that would not be cost effective and replace date for frames is 10-15 years. Q. Will you please consider Brand Name or Equal for Salient Characteristics, the reason I ask is because the solicitation language is steered towards Stryker A. This is because the rest of our beds no due for replacement are Stryker s with the isoflex mattresses in our Med Surg, SDU & CLC buildings.. This is to support continuity regarding mattress surfaces, staff training and Bio Med trained staff for annual PM s and repair.) Q. Is the 10 year warranty requested on both the core and cover? A. Core is 10 years and cover is 3 years Q. Would you consider an equivalent therapeutic mattress with foam an acceptable equivalent (some think superior) to the therapeutic mattress with gel? A. No. We actually purchased Isoflex mattresses with the therapeutic gel to remove the foam equivalent and have had a significant decrease in hospital acquired pressure ulcers. We also trialed both types and our wound care team completed extensive mapping of the surfaces using varied patient weights.
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