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F -- Asbestos Abatement - Attachment

Notice Date
Notice Type
562910 — Remediation Services
Contracting Office
Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 4
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Donald Butler
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Sources Sought Note: This notice is published in accordance with Federal Acquisition Part (FAR) Part 10, Market Research and FAR Part 15, Exchanges with Industry before Receipt of Proposal. This notice serves as a Sources Sought in support of market research and/or planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. This notice is not a confirmation that the Government will contract for the items or services contained in the sources sought, nor is any commitment on the part of the Government to award a contract implied. This notice does NOT constitute an Invitation to Bid, a Request for Proposal, or a Request for Quote. The Government shall not pay and/or reimburse respondents and/or associates for any costs incurred to submit the requested information. All information received in response to this sources sought that is marked Proprietary will be handled accordingly. In accordance with FAR 15.201(c), response to this sources sought is not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. The purpose of this is to seek capable and responsible sources interested in performing this service.   Responses will assist the Government with developing its acquisition strategy to include socio-economic set-asides.   If you believe there are ambiguities in the draft SOW, please identify them.   Note that the Government will not answer questions about this requirement at this time.   Please answer the questions below, send your brief capability narrative and draft SOW feedback, if ambiguities exist, to me at Donald.Butler3@va.gov not later than 1100 AM E.S.T. 2/14/18.   If you are interested, please e-mail: Company Name. Person of Contact (including telephone number and email address). Socio-economic status (SDVOSB, VOSB, Woman-Owned, Other etc.). Do you currently hold a government contract? Contract Number? Type of contract? With whom (GSA, SEWP, etc )? If GSA what Schedule and SIN? Can your company provide the service listed at the Wilmington DE VAMC location? What NAIC and PSC code do you use for this service? How do you invoice for this service, including rates? What Certifications, State and Federal, if any must you have to perform this service? Please submit any other information you may feel important or relevant to Donald Butler at donald.butler3@va.gov by 11:00 AM EST 02/14/2018. 1 1. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Furnish all labor, material, tools, equipment, and supervision necessary to perform Class I and Class II asbestos abatement at the VA Medical Center, located at 1601 Kirkwood Highway, Elsmere, DE 19805. The asbestos abatement contractor (Contractor) will be expected to respond to routine requests no later than the next business day, and emergency situations will be responded to within four hours. 1.2. In the event the Contractor discovers a conflict in the IDIQ contract documents, individual task order documents and/or requirements or codes, the conflict must be brought to the immediate attention of the Contracting Officers Technical Representative (COR). Whenever there is a conflict or overlap in the requirements, the most stringent shall apply. 1.3. Extent Of Work: 1.3.1. The documents associated with each task order requested under this contract will show the location of work to be done and related requirements and conditions impacting the work, to include drawings, descriptions of Asbestos Containing Material (ACM) type, quantity and condition, Asbestos Containing Elements (ACE) to be removed, and available sampling information and site assessments. 1.3.2. Provide standard unit costs for the abatement procedures listed in the following paragraphs: they will be established as the basis for billing work. Unit costs will include equipment, labor, materials and disposal charges. Individual task orders are not to exceed $25,000; overall contract is not to exceed $200,000. 1.3.3. Class I Removal And Disposal Of ACM/ACE Under Full Containment work will consist of removal, clean-up and disposal of the following materials using negative pressure containment techniques at the rate specified below: CATEGORIES PRICE Per Linear ft of < 2" dia. Pipe, Insulation Per Linear ft of 2" - 6"dia. Pipe Insulation, Per Linear ft of> 6" dia. Pipe Insulation, Per Fitting 2" - 6" diameter, Per SF of Duct Insulation, Per SF of Tank Insulation, Per SF of Roofing Compound, Per SF of Vinyl Asbestos Tile (VAT), Per SF of VAT Mastic, Per SF of Contaminated Soil, Per SF of Plaster Ceiling, Per SF of Suspended Ceiling, Per SF of Plaster Wall, ACM/ACE Disposal Per Bag, ACM/ACE Disposal Per 55gal drum, Mobilization (per task order). 1.3.4. Class II Glove bag Asbestos Removal (< 25 linear ft) - work will consist of removal, clean-up and disposal of ACM piping, fittings and ACE at the rate specified below: CATEGORIES PRICE Per Linear ft of < 2" dia. Pipe Insulation, Per Linear ft of 2" - 6" dia. Pipe Insulation, Per Linear ft of > 6" dia. Pipe Insulation, Per Fitting 2" - 6" diameter, Mobilization (per task order). 1.3.5. Class II Asbestos Flooring Removal - work will consist of removal, clean-up and disposal of ACM flooring at the rate specified below: PRICE Per SF of VAT, Per SF of VAT Mastic, Mobilization (per task order) 1.3.6. Class II Asbestos Roofing Removal - work will consist of removal, clean-up and disposal of ACM roofing at the rate specified below: CATEGORIES PRICE Per SF of Roofing, Mobilization (per task order) 1.3.7. Class II Asbestos Transite Materials Removal - work will consist of removal, clean-up and disposal of ACM transite at the rate specified below: CATEGORIES PRICE Per SF of Transite Material, Mobilization (per task order) 1.3.8. All ACM/ACE shall be transported and disposed of in an appropriate facility, in full compliance with Federal, state and local regulations governing such activity. 1.3.9. Containment procedures, decontamination, clearance and inspection of the entire regulated work area shall be performed under the close supervision and monitoring of an independent Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH), to include the following activities as required: Background air sampling, following the establishment of negative pressure containment; Inspection for the proper operation of negative pressure containment systems; Inspection of encapsulation work prior to the first cleaning of all surfaces of the regulated area; Inspection of final cleaning prior to lockdown encapsulation; Aggressive clearance sampling to insure that airborne fiber level is less than 0.01 f/cc; Final inspection of regulated area and issuance of a certification of decontamination. 1.3.10. If at any point the criteria of the CIH are not met, the Contractor shall repeat any work necessary to come into compliance, as directed by the COR. The additional inspection and testing costs in this event will be borne by the Contractor. 1.3.11. If in the professional judgment of the CIH, an imminent threat to VA property or staff is created by the abatement activities, the CIH may suspend abatement operations until the COR or CO can be contacted. This suspension authority is limited to 24 hours and does not constitute a formal stop work order, which can only be issued by the CO. During such a suspension the abatement contractor will continue to perform work, conducting non-abatement duties associated with the task order, such as equipment cleaning and materials staging. 1.3.12. If the CIH orders a suspension of abatement operations, the Contractor will hold both the VA and CIH Consultant harmless for loss of time and/or other costs incurred. 1.4. Deliverables: 1.4.1. The Contractor shall provide the COR an asbestos abatement report consisting of the following: The daily log book and documentation; Notes, calculations, drawings and any other documentation related to the establishment of containment, removal of ACM/ACE or of significant events during abatement; The original disposal manifests signed by operator of a licensed ACM landfill; An invoice from the contractor will not be processed without receiving the final disposal manifest. Narrative documentation for each homogeneous area of ACM abated or ACE removed, to include level of containment, type of material removed, method of removal, date of removal, and specifications of encapsulants and construction materials/methods used to replace it. 1.4.2. The asbestos abatement report is due to the COR within twenty-five (25) days after a certification of decontamination is issued by the CIH. 1.5. Detailed Specifications for Required Work: 1.5.1. The Contractor will be held to all applicable codes and regulations, standards, notices and permits, accepted abatement practices, restrictions on use of the site, requirements for partial owner occupancy during the work, coordination with other work and the phasing of work, as described in the VA Master Construction Specifications. These specifications can be viewed at the following website: http://www.cfm.va.gov/til The facility will remove personal items and movable IT items. Contractor will need to move all other furniture to get access to the area to be abated. All fixed equipment such as telephone/server/switch racks will remain and be covered and protected by the contractor. 1.5.2. The Contractor is urged to become familiar with these specifications before entering into this IDIQ contract. Examples of specifications that may be applicable to the work include, but are not limited to, the following: Specification Number 02 82 11, Traditional Asbestos Abatement; Specification Number 02 82 13.13, Glovebag Asbestos Abatement; Specification Number 02 82 13.19, Asbestos Floor Tile and Mastic Abatement; Specification Number 02 82 13.21, Asbestos Roofing Abatement; Specification Number 02 82 13.31, Asbestos Transite Abatement; Specification Number 02 82 13.41, Asbestos Abatement for Total Demolition Project; Specification Number 02 41 00, Demolition; Specification Number 07 81 00, Applied Fireproofing; Specification Number 07 84 00, Firestopping; Specification Number 23 07 11, HVAC, Plumbing, and Boiler Plant Insulation; 2. CONTRACTOR'S RESPONSIBILITIES. 2.1. Liability: 2.1.1. The contractor is responsible for providing and maintaining training, accreditations, medical exams and medical records, personal protective equipment and respirators, as well as worker monitoring during the abatement process. Prior to beginning any abatement activity, all personnel employed by the contractor to perform abatement work shall be trained by a third party, EPA-approved trainer meeting the requirements of EPA 40 CFR 763 Appendix C, and licensed to provide such training in the State of Delaware. 2.1.2. The contractor shall hold the VA and CIH consultants harmless for any contractor failure to comply with any applicable work, packaging, transporting, disposal, safety, health, or environmental requirement on the part of himself or his employees. 2.2. Compliance With Regulation And Standards Of Practice: 2.2.1. The contractor shall assume full responsibility and liability for compliance with all applicable Federal, State and Local regulations related to any and all aspects of the abatement work. This includes requirements to obtain and keep current all licenses, permits, etc., that may be required by local, state and federal agencies to accomplish the work. 2.2.2. The contractor must perform abatement work following accepted standards of practice, unless directed otherwise by the CO, in writing. This includes consensus industry standards and VA policies, regardless of their regulatory weight. 2.2.3. Examples of regulations and standards that may be applicable to the work include, but are not limited to, the following: Title 29 CFR 1926.1101 - Construction Standard for Asbestos; Title 29 CFR 1910.132 - Personal Protective Equipment; Title 29 CFR 1910.134 - Respiratory Protection; Title 29 CFR 1926 - Construction Industry Standards; Title 29 CFR 1910.20 - Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records; Title 29 CFR 1910.1200- Hazard Communication; Title 29 CFR 1910.151 - Medical and First Aid; 40 CFR 61 Subpart A and M - National Emission Standard for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) - Asbestos; 40 CFR 763.80 - Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA); Title 49 CFR 100 185 - Transportation; Title 16 of the Delaware Code: Health and Safety Building and Plumbing CHAPTER 78. ASBESTOS; DNREC Reg. No. 1121-Hazardous Air Pollutants, Section 10-Emission Standards for Asbestos. VA Circular 00-88-6 - Management, Abatement & Removal Of Asbestos In VA Facilities; and VA Directive 2010-036-Asbestos Management Program. ANSI/AIHA Z9.2-2006 - Fundamentals Governing the Design and Operation of Local Exhaust Ventilation; ANSI/AIHA Z88.6-2006 - Respiratory Protection - Respirator Use - Physical Qualifications for Personnel; ANSI/AIHA Z88.7-2001 - Color Coding Of Air Purifying Respirator Canisters, Cartridges, And Filters; ANSI/AIHA Z88.10-2001 - Respirator Fit Test Methods; CGA G-7 - Compressed Air For Human Respiration; UL 586-90 UL Standard for Safety of HEPA Filter Units, 7th Edition; National Institute of Building Sciences Guidance Manual - Asbestos M & O Work Program. 2.3. Subcontractors: 2.3.1. Subcontracting shall not be permitted without prior approval of the CO. 2.3.2. The contractor must identify any proposed subcontractors and identify services to be performed by the subcontractors prior to their mobilization for work. 2.3.3. The contractor must submit evidence that any proposed subcontractor is qualified and legally able to perform asbestos abatement in the State of Delaware. 2.3.4. The contractor is liable for ensuring any subcontractor operating on their behalf is in compliance with the requirements of paragraph 2. 2.4. Accuracy of Information: 2.4.1. The contractor shall ensure the accuracy of all records and documents associated with this task order and shall promptly notify the COR of any and all recordkeeping discrepancies. 2.4.2. The contractor is required to take whatever actions are necessary to correct deficiencies to the satisfaction of the COR. 2.5. Medical Center Requirements: 2.5.1. Abatement contractor employees shall identify themselves to the COR at the start of the job; 2.5.2. While on site, all persons shall wear ID badges with picture, name of employee, and company name; 2.5.3. Abatement contractor employees may park in the eastern most parking lot, referred to by VA Staff as the pit; seat belt use is mandatory on VA property; 2.5.4. Federal police officers maintain a 24-hour patrol of the Facility. They have state and federal enforcement authority, to include seizure of personal property and arrest/physical detention; 2.5.5. This is a NO-SMOKING facility. Smoking is only permitted in the designated area adjacent to Building 6. Failure to comply can result in fines and repeated offenses will result in expulsion from VA property; 2.5.6. Food and other beverages are not permitted in work areas. 3. CONTRACTOR QUALIFICATIONS: 3.1. Submit qualification verifications listed in the following paragraphs: make sure that all references are current and verifiable by providing current phone numbers and documentation. 3.2. Project experience within the past 3 years; listing projects first most similar to this project: Project Name, Type of Abatement, Duration, Cost, Reference Name/Phone Number, Final Clearance Completion Date 3.3. List of project(s) halted by Owner, A/E, IH, regulatory agency in the last 3 years: Project Name, Type of Abatement, Reason, Date, Reference Name/Phone Number, Resolution, Resolution Date 3.4. List of asbestos regulatory citations, penalties, damages paid and legal actions taken against the company in the last 3 years: Citation Penalties Assessed, Damages Paid, Date, Reference Name/Phone Number, Resolution, Resolution Date. 4. PRODUCTS AND MATERIALS 4.1. Firestopping: 4.1.1. All through penetrations caused by abatement work must be fire-stopped with a fire-rated fire-stop system providing an air tight seal. 4.1.2. Any discovery of pre-existing penetrations during abatement shall be brought to the attention of the COR immediately. All walls, floors and ceilings are considered fire rated unless otherwise determined by the VA Safety Representative or Fire Marshal. 4.1.3. Any visible openings identified by the VA Safety Representative, whether or not caused by contractor actions, shall be sealed with fire-stopping material that meets ASTM E814 and UL 1479 requirements for the opening size, penetrant, and fire rating needed, and is red in color. 4.2. Encapsulants 4.2.1. The following four types of encapsulants, if used, must comply with performance requirements as stated in this paragraph: Removal encapsulant -used as a wetting agent to remove ACM; Bridging encapsulant - provides a tough, durable coating on ACM; Penetrating encapsulant - penetrates/encapsulates ACM to at least 13 mm (1/2"). Lockdown encapsulant - seals microscopic fibers on surfaces after ACM removal. 4.2.2. General Requirements For All Encapsulants: ASTM E84: Flame spread of 25; smoke emission of 50. University of Pittsburgh Protocol: Combustion Toxicity; zero mortality. ASTM C732: Accelerated Aging Test; Life Expectancy - 20 years. ASTM E96: Permeability - minimum of 0.4 perms. 4.2.3. General Requirements For Bridging/Penetrating Encapsulants: ASTM E736: Cohesion/Adhesion Test - 24 kPa (50 lbs/SF). ASTM E119: Fire Resistance - 3 hours (Classified by UL for use on fibrous/cementitious fireproofing). ASTM D2794: Gardner Impact Test; Impact Resistance - minimum 11.5 kg-mm (43 in/lb). ASTM D522: Mandrel Bend Test; Flexibility - no rupture or cracking. 4.2.4. General Requirements For Lockdown Encapsulants: ASTM E119: Fire resistance - 3 hours (tested with fireproofing over encapsulant applieddirectly to steel member). ASTM E736: Bond Strength - 48 kPa (100 lbs/SF) (test compatibility with cementitious and fibrous fireproofing). In certain situations, encapsulants may have to be applied to hot pipes/equipment. The encapsulant must be able to withstand high temperatures without cracking or off-gassing any noxious vapors during application. 4.2.5. The Contractor shall submit certification from the manufacturer indicating compliance with performance requirements for encapsulants when applied according to manufacturer recommendations. Certifications must be submitted to the COR prior to the beginning of abatement operations.
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