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H -- Inspect Fire and Smoke Doors - Attachment

Notice Date
Notice Type
541990 — All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
Contracting Office
Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 4
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Donald Butler
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Sources Sought This notice is published in accordance with Federal Acquisition Part (FAR) Part 10, Market Research and FAR Part 15, Exchanges with Industry before Receipt of Proposal. This notice serves as a Sources Sought in support of market research and/or planning purposes only and does not constitute a solicitation. This notice is not a confirmation that the Government will contract for the items or services contained in the sources sought, nor is any commitment on the part of the Government to award a contract implied. This notice does NOT constitute an Invitation to Bid, a Request for Proposal, or a Request for Quote. The Government shall not pay and/or reimburse respondents and/or associates for any costs incurred to submit the requested information. All information received in response to this sources sought that is marked Proprietary will be handled accordingly. In accordance with FAR 15.201(c), response to this sources sought is not offers and cannot be accepted by the Government to form a binding contract. The purpose of this is to seek capable and responsible sources interested in performing this service.   Responses will assist the Government with developing its acquisition strategy to include socio-economic set-asides.   If you believe there are ambiguities in the draft SOW, please identify them.   Note that the Government will not answer questions about this requirement at this time.   Please answer the questions below, send your brief capability narrative and draft SOW feedback, if ambiguities exist, to me at Donald.Butler3@va.gov not later than 1100 AM E.S.T. 2/14/18.   If you are interested, please e-mail: Company Name. Person of Contact (including telephone number and email address). Socio-economic status (SDVOSB, VOSB, Woman-Owned, Other etc.). Do you currently hold a government contract? Contract Number? Type of contract? With whom (GSA, SEWP, etc )? If GSA what Schedule and SIN? Can your company provide the service listed at the Wilkes-Barre PA VAMC location? What NAIC and PSC code do you use for this service? How do you invoice for this service, including rates? What Certifications, State and Federal, if any must you have to perform this service? Please submit any other information you may feel important or relevant to Donald Butler at donald.butler3@va.gov by 11:00 AM EST 2/14/2018. STATEMENT OF WORK Inspect Fire and Smoke Doors General: The scope of work shall generally consist of, but not necessarily be limited to, providing all labor, management, materials, tools, and equipment, required identify all fire and or smoke doors based on the 2017 Life Safety Assessment drawings such that they can be labeled, categorized, inspected and deficiencies annotated. All inspections of doors will take place at the Wilkes Barre VAMC located in Wilkes Barre, PA. The contractor shall use the most recent version of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) codes as applicable for the inspection (NFPA 101 / 2018edt, NFPA 80 /2016edt, NFPA 105 /2016edt, NFPA 99 / 2018edt and or any other NFPA codes by reference) Generally, work hours are limited to Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 4:00PM without prior coordination with the Contracting Officer Representative (COR). After hours work may be allowed but could be limited to select areas (i.g. corridor doors, Emergency Room, Boiler plant, mechanical rooms), but not areas where it may disturb patients. Contract Requirements: Task 1: Using the WBVAMC 2017 Life Safety Assessment (LSA) drawings and possibly the 2013 LSA the contractor shall identify all doors to be inspected based on the drawings showing fire and or smoke barrier locations. The contactor shall also inspect all corridor doors located in health care occupancy s as smoke doors, unless the door is indicated to be a fire door. The Contactor shall not inspect elevator landing doors or car doors. Example; Bldg 27. (CLC or Nursing Home) is listed as existing health care Occupancy. Using the 2013 LSA (Attached Example) it shows all corridor doors as smoke doors. The 2017 LSA does not show corridor smoke walls however the contactor shall inspect all smoke doors and may need to reference NFPA 101 or the 2013 LSA to insure that corridor smoke doors are appropriately counted and then inspected. Task 2: Inspection of Doors The contractor shall inspect all doors identified as fire and or smoke doors in accordance to established protocols found in NFPA 80 /2016edt and NFPA 105 /2016edt. The contractor shall label all door frames with a vinyl sticker indicating inspection date and have a QR code specific to the door and linking to a database that will retain the specific information about the door. Database door information shall include the type of door, location (room information), cross reference of existing facility naming convention, inspection criteria, Pass/Fail, photos, information about failure/ deficiencies and recommendations on corrections. (e.g. minor repair maintenance to correct, Repair by frame replacement, door replacement) The database shall be accessible via the internet and downloadable in to an excel file. Task ii) (2). Shall be completed within 70 days of the award of the contract, and the inspection period shall not be more than 15 days in length. The inspectors qualifications shall not be less than the 5 years of experience installing and or inspecting fire doors at least one member of the field inspection team shall be qualified to field label fire doors. Other atypical barriers at WBVAMC The contractor shall inspect also inspect 3West automatic accordion smoke door, Basement North Pharmacy window roll-down smoke barrier, Boiler plant sliding 90min fire door on fusible link the link shall be replaced during the course of the inspection and replace Boiler plant fusible link cross corridor doors the link shall be replaced during the course of the inspection. The contractor shall compile a report and submit the report in within 30 days from the conclusion of the inspection. The contractor shall provide two hard copies of the inspection report and also provide the report electronically in PDF format. Task 3: Repair of doors (Bid Addition) Repair Description (per item e.g. hole / hardware / gap adjustment / screw / door) Price List Remobilization to the site (lump sum)   Incidental Daily rate per member of the repair team (Lump sum per day per person)   Hole in Frame 1/2 inch dia. (hole)   Hole in Frame < 1 inch welded repair (hole)   Hole in Steel Fire Door 1/2 inch dia. (hole)   Hole in wood Fire Door <1/2 inch dia. (hole)   Add / replace missing screw hardware (replace add one screw)   Add / replace Sweep (sweep)   Add / replace Door Coordinator (coordinator)   Add / Replace Door Hinges (all Hinges on door)   Add / Replace Door Shims (gap adjustment)   Inspect and Field Label Fire / Smoke Door (per Door)   Provide 45Min rated door to be installed by facility Maintenance staff (Single Leaf)   Provide 60Min rated door to be installed by facility Maintenance staff (Single Leaf)   Provide 90Min rated door to be installed by facility Maintenance staff (Single Leaf)   The government may or may not elect to use task iii) repair of doors. The repair work shall commence 30 days after an agreement of line items and doors to be repaired is made by the contracting officer and the contractor.
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