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Notice Date
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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
561320 — Temporary Help Services
Contracting Office
Department of Health and Human Services, Indian Health Service, Navajo Area Office, PO Box 9020, Window Rock, Arizona, 86515
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Quishana Thompson,
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
PWS This is a solicitation for Nephrology Services; in accordance with the format in the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Subpart 12.6, Streamlined Procedures for Evaluation and Solicitation for Commercial Items, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. Solicitation reference: Internal Medicine-NNMC. To respond to this solicitation, please respond in the "interested vendors" section in FBO.gov and submit a CV/Profile to the contracting officer by email. SOLICITATION: This is a Request for Quotation (RFQ). The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) is 561320. The Government anticipates award of a Firm Fixed Price contract. The Government intends to evaluate proposals based on compliance with solicitation requirements, technical capabilities, prior performance and cost. The Government intends to award one contract as a result of this solicitation. An award will made based on the requirements and evaluation factors. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS CV/Profiles, candidate direct contact telephone number, three recent (WITHIN 3 years) reference letters with valid, working phone numbers and availability dates of the candidate shall be submitted by EMAIL as an attachment on one PDF file. Other company information such as cover letter, pricing, quote, certificate of liability, status etc. shall be submitted by EMAIL as a second PDF file attachment. Documents are to be submitted to Quishana Thompson, Contract Specialist in the Acquisitions Department at Northern Navajo Medical Center, via email to Quishana.Thompson@ihs.gov.. Final proposals are due NO LATER THAN February 25, 2018 by 3:00 PM Mountain Standard Time. SOCIO-ECONOMIC CONSIDERATION: As provided in FAR 19, 19.201, General policy: (a) It is the policy of the Government to provide maximum practicable opportunities in its acquisitions to small business, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, HUBZone small business, small disadvantaged business, and women-owned small business concerns. Such concerns must also have the maximum practicable opportunity to participate as subcontractors in the contracts awarded by any executive agency, consistent with efficient contract performance. Please state your socioeconomic status. DESCRIPTION of SERVICE Requirements: This is a non-personal service contract for the provision of providing Nephrology Services to Northern Navajo Medical Center patients. Applicant MUST have verifiable qualifications and licensures. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: March 1, 2018 to December 31, 2017. WORK SCHEDULE : Three to five clinic days per month between 7 am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. DUTIES: See Statement of work The contractor will provide Nephrology consultations to both inpatient and outpatient. The contractor will provide direct care services to patients in accordance with the Standards of Care established by recognized medical care organizations and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the service unit. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Indian Health Service or Veterans Administration experience preferred. Seeking Board Certification in Internal Medicine The Contractor shall provide direct care services to NAIHS patients under the terms of this contract, appropriate and timely medical services in accordance with the Standards of Care established by recognized medical care organizations and in accordance with the policies and procedures of the SU's Medical Staff Bylaws, Rules and Regulations. 1. The Contractor shall be subject to supervision and direction of the designated Government official. 2. Contractor shall be responsible for meals, and transportation. 3. Contractor may be sent home if the patient load does not require their services. 4. All taxes i.e. state, federal, local taxes are to be included in the hourly rate. 5. We DO NOT accept fingerprints conducted by the Veterans Administration. Fingerprinting of contractors will be cleared and done prior to coming on board at Northern Navajo Medical Center. 6. HOUSING IS NOT AVAILABLE. 7. Only Northern Navajo Medical Center Acquisitions personnel are authorized to make commitment on behalf of the Federal government. 8. Contractor will no longer be needed if the vacant position they are occupying is filled with a permanent employee. The contractor is here on an "as needed" basis. 9. Contractor must abide to Standard Precautions. NNMC provides safety supplies for employees to use to protect themselves. 10. Mandatory requirements are completed the first day at Northern Navajo Medical Center, prior to working. 11. The identification tag provided by NNMC will be worn at eye level position during work hours. 12. The contractor will abide to all government regulations, policies and procedures, failure to follow any of these requirements could result in termination. 13. The contractor will have access to the internet to use the Electronic Health Record. All documentation on patients will be completed prior to the contractor's shift is over. 14. Delinquent charts will be completed prior to the contractor completion of his/her contract at Northern Navajo Medical Center. If the delinquent chart is not completed the contract company will assume the responsibility of returning the contractor to Northern Navajo Medical Center to complete any outstanding delinquent charts. 15. Falsification of hours or any negative work performance, personal issues brought into the work site will not be tolerated while employed at NNMC. This practice could result in immediate termination of the contractor and the contract company will be notified through the Acquisition Office. 16. Complaints pertaining to the contractor will be submitted to the contracting company through the Acquisition Office for corrective actions and quality control purposes. The contractor must retain any certification and licensure status as defined below throughout the term of the contract. Current and valid documents shall be provided to the Northern Navajo Medical Center's Credentialing Coordinator upon renewal of said documents. Valid current full and unrestricted license in all State, District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a Territory of the United States. Retain US Citizenship. Health status allowing physical and mental ability to carry out required functions. This is to be verified on an annual basis by the employing agency or a copy of a physical examination. CLIENT BACKGROUND Many of the patients served may only speak a native language and reside on the reservation. The contractor should be able to show sensitivity to cross-cultural and languages differences and have the ability to work through interpreters as necessary for non-English speaking patients. In situation where interpretation is required, the Northern Navajo Medical Center's staff will provide these services. ****FINGERPRINTING CARD FBI-FD 258 (PROVIDED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT) FINGERPRINTING MUST BE CLEARED AND APPROVED PRIOR TO THE START DATE. It is the firm's or individuals' responsibility to be familiar with applicable provisions and clauses. APPLICABLE PROVISIONS AND CLAUSES The following Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) provisions and clauses apply to this acquisition (the full text of a clause may be accessed electronically at this address: FAR: https://www.acquistion.gov. The following Provisions and Clauses apply to this solicitation and are incorporated by full text: 52.252-2 CLAUSES INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE (Feb 1998)This contract incorporates one or more clauses by reference, with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text upon request the Contracting Officer will make their full text available. 52.202-1 Definitions (Jul 2004) 52.203-3 Gratuities (Apr 1984) 52.203-5 Covenant Against Contingent Fees (Apr 1984) 52.203-7 Anti-Kickback Procedures (Jul 1995) 52.204-3 Taxpayer Identification (Oct 1998) 52.204-7 System of Award Management 52.222-3 Convict Labor (Jun 2003) 52.223-6 Drug-Free Workplace (May 2001) 52.229-3 Federal, State, and Local Taxes (Apr 2003) 52.232-1 Payments (Apr 1984) 52.232-8 Discounts for Prompt Payment (Feb 2002) 52.232-18 Availability of Funds (Apr 1984) 52.232-33 Payment by Electronic Funds Transfer-System of Award Management 52-233-1 Disputes (Jul 2002) 52.237-3 Continuity of Services (Jan 1991) 52.243-1 Changes - Fixed Price (Aug 1987) 52.246-4 Inspection of Services - Fixed Price (Aug 1996) 52.249-1 Termination for Convenience of the Government (Fixed-Price) (Short Form) (Apr 1984) 52.249-4 Termination for Convenience of the Government (Services) (Short Form) (Apr 1984) 52.249-8 Termination for Default (Fixed-Price Supply and Service) (Apr 1984) 52.204-9 Personal Identity Verification of Contractor Personnel (Jan 2011) (a) The Contractor shall comply with agency personal identity verification procedures identified in the contract that implement Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12), Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidance M-05-24, and Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS PUB) Number 201. (b) The Contractor shall account for all forms of Government-provided identification issued to the Contractor employees in connection with performance under this contract. The Contractor shall return such identification to the issuing agency at the earliest of any of the following, unless otherwise determined by the Government; (1) When no longer needed for contract performance. (2) Upon completion of the Contractor employee's employment. (3) Upon contract completion or termination. (c) The Contracting Officer may delay final payment under a contract if the Contractor fails to comply with these requirements. (d) The Contractor shall insert the substance of clause, including this paragraph (d), in all subcontracts when the subcontractor's employees are required to have routine physical access to a Federally-controlled facility and/or routine access to a Federally-controlled information system. It shall be the responsibility of the prime Contractor to return such identification to the issuing agency in accordance with the terms set forth in paragraph (b) of this section, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Contracting Officer. FAR 52.237-7 Indemnification and Medical Liability Insurance. INDEMNIFICATION AND MEDICAL LIABILITY INSURANCE (JAN 1997) (a) It is expressly agreed and understood that this is a non-personal services contract, as defined in Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 37.101, under which the professional services rendered by the Contractor are rendered in its capacity as an independent contractor. The Government may evaluate the quality of professional and administrative services provided, but retains no control over professional aspects of the services rendered, including by example, the Contractors professional medical judgment, diagnosis, or specific medical treatments. The Contractor shall be solely liable for and expressly agrees to indemnify the Government with respect to any liability producing acts or omissions by it or by its employees or agents. The Contractor shall maintain during the term of this contract liability insurance issued by a responsible insurance carrier of not less than the following amount(s) per specialty per occurrence. (b) An apparently successful offeror, upon request by the Contracting Officer, shall furnish prior to contract award evidence of its insurability concerning the medical liability insurance required by paragraph (a) of this clause. (c) Liability insurance may be on either an occurrences basis or on a claims-made basis. If the policy is on a claims-made basis, an extended reporting endorsement (tail) for a period of not less than 3 years after the end of the contract term must also be provided. (d) Evidence of insurance documenting the required coverage for each health care provider who will perform under this contract shall be provided to the Contracting Officer prior to the commencement of services under this contract. If the insurance is on a claims-made basis and evidence of an extended reporting endorsement is not provided prior to the commencement of services, evidence of such endorsement shall be provided to the Contracting Officer prior to the expiration of this contract. Final payment under this contract shall be withheld until evidence of the extended reporting endorsement is provided to the Contracting Officer. (e) The policies evidencing required insurance shall also contain an endorsement to the effect that any cancellation or material change adversely affecting the Governments interest shall not be effective until 30 days after the insurer or the Contractor gives written notice to the Contracting Officer. If, during the performance period of the contract the Contractor changes insurance providers, the Contractor must provide evidence that the Government will be indemnified to the limits specified in paragraph (a) of this clause, for the entire period of the contract, either under the new policy, or a combination of old and new policies. (f) The Contractor shall insert the substance of this clause, including this paragraph (f), in all subcontracts under this contract for health care services and shall require such subcontractors to provide evidence of and maintain insurance in accordance with paragraph (a) of this clause. At least 5 days before the commencement of work by any subcontractor, the Contractor shall furnish to the Contracting Officer evidence of such insurance. Additional Health & Human Service Acquisition Regulation (HHSAR) clauses: 352.202-1 Definitions 352.224-70 Confidentiality of information 352.232-9 Withholding of contract payments 352.249-14 Excusable delays 352.270-5 Key personnel 352.270-11 Privacy Act 352.270-13 Tobacco-free facilities 352.270-18 Crime Control Act - Requirement for background checks 352.270-19 Electronic information and technology accessibility
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Address: US HWY 491 North, Shiprock, New Mexico, 87420, United States
Zip Code: 87420
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