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C -- Load Bearing Test - Photos - Building drawing - Bid Schedule - Building drawing - Fort Greely Access Request - Attachment 2 - B601 - Building drawing - Eng Form 4025-R - Building drawing - Attachment 1- Performance Work Statement

Notice Date
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
Department of the Army, Army Contracting Command, CSBs, 413th CSB (W912D0) RCO Wainwright, PO Box 35510, 1064 Apple Street, Fort Wainwright, Alaska, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Anthony P. Maes, Phone: 9073537127
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Attachment 1 - Performance Work Statement Attachment 5 - B675 Attachment 8 - Eng Form 4025-R Attachment 3 - B612 Building drawing Attachment 10 - Fort Greely Access Request Attachment 6 - B612 Attachment 9 - Bid Schedule Attachment 4 - B675 Attachment 7 - Photos This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for a commercial service prepared in accordance with format in FAR subpart 12.6, as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation. Quotes are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. Solicitation number W912D0-18-T-0007 is hereby issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ). The incorporated provision and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular FAC 2005-88, dated 13 January 2017. This acquisition is a Small Business Set Aside and is under the North American Industry Classification Standards (NAICS) code 541330. The small business standard is $1.5 Million. INSTRUCTIONS TO OFFERORS: a. Offeror's Questions and comments Questions and/or comments relative to these documents should be submitted to the Contracting Officer identified below: Anthony Maes - anthony.p.maes.civ@mail.mil Please include the solicitation number, and the project title with your questions. Oral explanations or instructions are not binding. Any information given to an offeror which impacts the solicitation and/or offer will be given in the form of a written amendment to the solicitation. b. Proposal expenses and Pre-contract costs This Request for Quote (RFQ) does not commit the Government to pay, as a direct charge, any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of a quote. c. Submission of offers submittals Submit signed and dated offers (Attachment 9) to the office and individual specified in this solicitation at or before the exact time specified in this solicitation by electronic means. Electronic/email quotes will be accepted and e-mail is the preferred method of submitting your proposal. Faxed quotes will not be accepted. d. Questions Prospective offerors shall submit questions and inquiries related to this solicitation in accordance with the following (no other means of questions or inquiries will be answered except through email). Contractual and technical inquires and questions relating to proposal procedures are to be submitted via email to Anthony Maes, anthony.p.maes.civ@mail.mil prior to February 28, 2018 to allow sufficient time for posting before the closing date. e. Site visit The purpose of the site visit will be to familiarize prospective offerors with the extent and nature of the requirement and location of performance. Oral questions pertaining to the Performance Work Statement or other contractual matters will not be answered during the tour of the work areas. This site visit is not mandatory for prospective offerors. All prospective offerors are strongly urged to attend the site visit and satisfy themselves as to all general conditions that may affect the cost and schedule of performance of this contract. A site visit will be held at Fort Greely DPW, Bldg. 603, on 22 February 2018 at 1215 AKST. Upon completion of the site visit, the contractor shall submit all questions or concerns, if any, in writing to the Contracting Officer prior to 28 February 2018 to allow sufficient time to post the answers on Fed Biz Ops. Vendors will notify contracting by 13 February 2018 at 12:30 AKST if they plan on attending the site visit. Contractors who will attend the site visit will fill out the form in attachment 10 and return it to the Contracting Office by 13 February 2018 to ensure sufficient time for processing to obtain access to Ft. Greely. Contractors wishing to attend the site visit should ensure that they provide themselves with plenty of time to process through base security. Transportation will not be provided. FAR and DFARS PROVISIONS: Provisions Incorporated by reference: FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors -- Commercial Items, (Oct 2015) FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications -- Commercial Items. (April 2016) FAR 52.219-1 Alt I, Small Business Program Representations (Oct 2014) FAR 52.222-22, Previous Contracts and Compliance Reports (Feb 1999) FAR 52.225-25, Prohibition on Contracting with Entities Engaging in Certain Activities or Transactions Relating to Iran--Representation and Certifications, (Oct 2015) DFARS 252.203-7005, Representation Relating To Compensation of Former DOD Officials (NOV 2011) DFARS 252.204-7004 Alt A, System for Award Management Alternate A DFARS 252.204-7008, Compliance with Safeguarding Covered Defense Information Controls. (Dec 2015) DFARS 252.204-7011, Alternative Line Item Structure (SEP 2011) DFARS 252.222-7007, Representation Regarding Combating Trafficking in Persons (Jan 2015) DFARS 252.223-7008, Prohibition of Hexavalent Chromium, (June 2013) DFARS 252.225-7000, Buy American-Balance of Payments Program Certificate, (Nov 2014) Provisions by Full Text: FAR 52.209-7, Information regarding Responsibility Matters (JUL 2013) (a) Definitions. As used in this provision-- Administrative proceeding means a non-judicial process that is adjudicatory in nature in order to make a determination of fault or liability (e.g., Securities and Exchange Commission Administrative Proceedings, Civilian Board of Contract Appeals Proceedings, and Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals Proceedings). This includes administrative proceedings at the Federal and State level but only in connection with performance of a Federal contract or grant. It does not include agency actions such as contract audits, site visits, corrective plans, or inspection of deliverables. Federal contracts and grants with total value greater than $10,000,000 means-- (1) The total value of all current, active contracts and grants, including all priced options; and (2) The total value of all current, active orders including all priced options under indefinite-delivery, indefinite-quantity, 8(a), or requirements contracts (including task and delivery and multiple-award Schedules). Principal means an officer, director, owner, partner, or a person having primary management or supervisory responsibilities within a business entity (e.g., general manager; plant manager; head of a division or business segment; and similar positions). (b) The offeror ( ) has ( ) does not have current active Federal contracts and grants with total value greater than $10,000,000. (c) If the offeror checked "has" in paragraph (b) of this provision, the offeror represents, by submission of this offer, that the information it has entered in the Federal Awardee Performance and Integrity Information System (FAPIIS) is current, accurate, and complete as of the date of submission of this offer with regard to the following information: (1) Whether the offeror, and/or any of its principals, has or has not, within the last five years, in connection with the award to or performance by the offeror of a Federal contract or grant, been the subject of a proceeding, at the Federal or State level that resulted in any of the following dispositions: (i) In a criminal proceeding, a conviction. (ii) In a civil proceeding, a finding of fault and liability that results in the payment of a monetary fine, penalty, reimbursement, restitution, or damages of $5,000 or more. (iii) In an administrative proceeding, a finding of fault and liability that results in-- (A) The payment of a monetary fine or penalty of $5,000 or more; or (B) The payment of a reimbursement, restitution, or damages in excess of $100,000. (iv) In a criminal, civil, or administrative proceeding, a disposition of the matter by consent or compromise with an acknowledgment of fault by the Contractor if the proceeding could have led to any of the outcomes specified in paragraphs (c)(1)(i), (c)(1)(ii), or (c)(1)(iii) of this provision. (2) If the offeror has been involved in the last five years in any of the occurrences listed in (c)(1) of this provision, whether the offeror has provided the requested information with regard to each occurrence. (d) The offeror shall post the information in paragraphs (c)(1)(i) through (c)(1)(iv) of this provision in FAPIIS as required through maintaining an active registration in the System for Award Management database via https://www.acquisition.gov (see 52.204-7). FAR 52.252-1, Solicitation Provisions Incorporated by Reference (Feb 1998) This solicitation incorporates one or more solicitation provisions by reference, with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. Upon request, the Contracting Officer will make their full text available. The offeror is cautioned that the listed provisions may include blocks that must be completed by the offeror and submitted with its quotation or offer. In lieu of submitting the full text of those provisions, the offeror may identify the provision by paragraph identifier and provide the appropriate information with its quotation or offer. Also, the full text of a solicitation provision may be accessed electronically at this/these addresses: http://acquisition.gov/comp/far/index.html http://farsite.hill.af.mil/ FAR and DFAR CLAUSES: Clauses Incorporated by reference: FAR 52.202-1 Definitions FAR 52.203-6 Alt I, Restrictions on Subcontractor sales to the Government - Alternate 1 (Oct 1995). FAR 52.203-17, Contractor Employee Whistleblower Rights and Requirement to Inform Employees of Whistleblower Rights (Apr 2014) FAR 52.204-10, Reporting Executive Compensation and first-tier Subcontract awards FAR 52.204-19, Incorporation by Reference of Representations and Certifications (Dec 2014) FAR 52.209-6, Protecting the Government's Interest When Subcontracting with Contractors Debarred, Suspended, or Proposed for Debarment. (Oct 2015) FAR 52.209-10, Prohibition on Contracting with Inverted Domestic Corporations FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions-Commercial items (Jan 2017) FAR 52.219-6, Notice of Total Small Business Set-aside. FAR 52.219-28, Post-award Small Business Program Representation (Jul 2013) FAR 52.222-3, Convict Labor (June 2003) FAR 52.222-26, Equal Opportunity FAR 52.222-62, Paid Sick Leave under Executive Order 13706 FAR 52.223-5, Pollution Prevention and Right-to Know Information FAR 52.223-6, Drug-Free Workplace (May 2001) FAR 52.223-18, Encouraging Contractor Policies to Ban Text Messaging While Driving (Aug 2011) FAR 52.223-19, Compliance with Environmental Management Systems FAR 52.225-13, Restrictions on Certain Foreign Purchases (Jun 2008) FAR 52.228-5, Insurance-Work on A Government Installation (Jan 1997) FAR 52.232-39, Unenforceability of Unauthorized Obligations (June 2013) FAR 52.232-40, Providing Accelerated Payments to Small Business Subcontractors (Dec 2013) FAR 52.233-1, Disputes (May 2014) FAR 52.233-3, Protest after Award (Aug 1996) FAR 52.233-4, Applicable Law for Breach of Contract Claim (Oct 2004) FAR 52.236-23, Responsibility of the Architect-Engineer Contractor (April 1984) FAR 52.237-2, Protection of Government Buildings, Equipment, and Vegetation FAR 52.242-13, Bankruptcy (Jul 1995) FAR 52.242-15, Stop-Work Order 52.243-1 Alt III, Changes-fixed price FAR 52.245-9, Uses and Charges (Apr 2012) DFARS 252.201-7000, Contracting Officer's Representative (DEC 1991) DFARS 252.203-7000, Requirements Relating to Compensation of Former DoD Officials (Sep 2011) DFARS 252.203-7002, Requirement to Inform Employees of Whistleblower Rights (Sep 2013) DFARS 252.203-7997, Prohibition on Contracting with Entities that Require Certain Internal Confidentiality Agreements. (Oct 2015) DFARS 252.204-7003, Control of Government Personnel Work Product (Apr 1992) DFARS 252.204-7012, Safeguarding Covered Defense Information and Cyber Incident Reporting (Dec 2015) DFARS 252.204-7015, Notice of Authorized Disclosure of Information for Litigation Support (May 2016) DFARS 252.205-7000, Provision of Information to Cooperative Agreement Holders (Dec 1991) DFARS 252.209-7004, Subcontracting with Firms that are Owned or Controlled by the Government of a Country that is a State Sponsor of Terrorism (Oct 2015) DFARS 252.225-7001, Buy American and Balance of Payments Program (Nov 2014) DFARS 252.225-7012, Preference for Certain Domestic Commodities (Feb 2013) DFARS 252.226-7001, Utilization of Indian Organizations and Indian-owned Economic Enterprises, and Native Hawaiian Small Business Concerns (Sept 2004) DFARS 252.227-7015, Technical Data-Commercial Items (Feb 2014) DFARS 252.232-7003, Electronic Submission of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports (Jun 2012) DFARS 252.232-7010, Levies on Contract Payments (Dec 2006) DFARS 252.237-7010, Prohibition on Interrogation of Detainees by Contractor Personnel (JUN 2013) DRARS 252.243-7001, Pricing Of Contract Modifications (Dec 1991) DFARS 252.243-7002, Requests for Equitable Adjustment (Dec 2012) DFARS 252.244-7000, Subcontracts for Commercial Items (Jun 2013) DFARS 252.247-7023, Transportation of Supplies by Sea (Apr 2014) Clauses by Full Text FAR 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-Commercial Items (DEVIATION 2013-O0019) (JAN 2017) (a) Comptroller General Examination of Record. The Contractor shall comply with the provisions of this paragraph (a) if this contract was awarded using other than sealed bid, is in excess of the simplified acquisition threshold, and does not contain the clause at 52.215-2, Audit and Records -- Negotiation. (1) The Comptroller General of the United States, or an authorized representative of the Comptroller General, shall have access to and right to examine any of the Contractor's directly pertinent records involving transactions related to this contract. (2) The Contractor shall make available at its offices at all reasonable times the records, materials, and other evidence for examination, audit, or reproduction, until 3 years after final payment under this contract or for any shorter period specified in FAR Subpart 4.7, Contractor Records Retention, of the other clauses of this contract. If this contract is completely or partially terminated, the records relating to the work terminated shall be made available for 3 years after any resulting final termination settlement. Records relating to appeals under the disputes clause or to litigation or the settlement of claims arising under or relating to this contract shall be made available until such appeals, litigation, or claims are finally resolved. (3) As used in this clause, records include books, documents, accounting procedures and practices, and other data, regardless of type and regardless of form. This does not require the Contractor to create or maintain any record that the Contractor does not maintain in the ordinary course of business or pursuant to a provision of law. (b) (1) Notwithstanding the requirements of any other clause in this contract, the Contractor is not required to flow down any FAR clause, other than those in this paragraph (b)(1) in a subcontract for commercial items. Unless otherwise indicated below, the extent of the flow down shall be as required by the clause- (i) 52.203-13, Contractor Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (Oct 2015) (41 U.S.C. 3509). (ii) 52.219-8, Utilization of Small Business Concerns (Oct 2014) (15 U.S.C. 637(d)(2) and (3)), in all subcontracts that offer further subcontracting opportunities. If the subcontract (except subcontracts to small business concerns) exceeds $650,000 ($1.5 million for construction of any public facility), the subcontractor must include 52.219-8 in lower tier subcontracts that offer subcontracting opportunities. (iii) 52.222-17, Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers (May 2014) (E.O. 13495). Flow down required in accordance with paragraph (1) of FAR clause 52.222-17. (iv) 52.222-21, Prohibition of Segregated Facilities (Apr 2015). (v) 52.222-26, Equal Opportunity (Sep 2016) (E.O. 11246). (vi) 52.222-35, Equal Opportunity for Veterans (Oct 2015) (38 U.S.C. 4212). (vii) 52.222-36, Equal Opportunity for Workers with Disabilities (Jul 2014) (29 U.S.C. 793). (viii) 52.222-62 Paid Sick Leave Under Executive Order 13706 (JAN 2017) (E.O. 13706). (ix) 52.222-37, Employment Reports on Veterans (Feb 2016) (38 U.S.C. 4212). (x) 52.222-40, Notification of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act (Dec 2010) (E.O. 13496). Flow down required in accordance with paragraph (f) of FAR clause 52.222-40. (xi) 52.222-41, Service Contract Labor Standards (May 2014), (41 U.S.C. chapter 67). (xii) ____ (A) 52.222-50, Combating Trafficking in Persons (Mar 2015) (22 U.S.C. chapter 78 and E.O. 13627). ___ (B) Alternate I (Mar 2015) of 52.222-50 (22 U.S.C. chapter 78 E.O. 13627). (xiii) 52.222-51, Exemption from Application of the Service Contract Labor Standards to Contracts for Maintenance, Calibration, or Repair of Certain Equipment--Requirements (May 2014) (41 U.S.C. chapter 67.) (xiv) 52.222-53, Exemption from Application of the Service Contract Labor Standards to Contracts for Certain Services--Requirements (May 2014) (41 U.S.C. chapter 67) (xv) 52.222-54, Employment Eligibility Verification (Oct 2015). (xvi) 52.222-55, Minimum Wages Under Executive Order 13658 (Dec 2015) (E.O. 13658). (xvii) 52.222-59, Compliance with Labor Laws (Executive Order 13673) (Oct 2016) (Applies at $50 million for solicitations and resultant contracts issued from October 25, 2016 through April 24, 2017; applies at $500,000 for solicitations and resultant contracts issued after April 24, 2017). Note to paragraph (b)(1)(xvi): By a court order issued on October 24, 2016, 52.222-59 is enjoined indefinitely as of the date of the order. The enjoined paragraph will become effective immediately if the court terminates the injunction. At that time, DoD, GSA, and NASA will publish a document in the Federal Register advising the public of the termination of the injunction. (xviii) 52.222-60, Paycheck Transparency (Executive Order 13673) (Oct 2016). (xix) 52.225-26, Contractors Performing Private Security Functions Outside the United States (Jul 2013) (Section 862, as amended, of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008; 10 U.S.C. 2302 Note). (xx) 52.226-6, Promoting Excess Food Donation to Nonprofit Organizations. (May 2014) (42 U.S.C. 1792). Flow down required in accordance with paragraph (e) of FAR clause 52.226-6. (xxi) 52.247-64, Preference for Privately-Owned U.S. Flag Commercial Vessels (Feb 2006) (46 U.S.C. Appx 1241(b) and 10 U.S.C. 2631). Flow down required in accordance with paragraph (d) of FAR clause 52.247-64. (2) While not required, the contractor may include in its subcontracts for commercial items a minimal number of additional clauses necessary to satisfy its contractual obligations. (End of clause) FAR 52.252-2, Clauses Incorporated by Reference (Feb 1998) This contract incorporates one or more clauses by reference, with the same force and effect as if they were given in full text. Upon request, the Contracting Officer will make their full text available. Also, the full text of a clause may be accessed electronically at this/these address (es): http://farsite.hill.af.mil/ DFAR 252.232-7006 WIDE AREA WORKFLOW PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS (MAY 2013) (a) Definitions. As used in this clause-- Department of Defense Activity Address Code (DoDAAC) is a six position code that uniquely identifies a unit, activity, or organization. Document type means the type of payment request or receiving report available for creation in Wide Area WorkFlow (WAWF). Local processing office (LPO) is the office responsible for payment certification when payment certification is done external to the entitlement system.. (b) Electronic invoicing. The WAWF system is the method to electronically process vendor payment requests and receiving reports, as authorized by DFARS 252.232-7003, Electronic Submission of Payment Requests and Receiving Reports. (c) WAWF access. To access WAWF, the Contractor shall-- (1) Have a designated electronic business point of contact in the System for Award Management at https://www.acquisition.gov; and (2) Be registered to use WAWF at https://wawf.eb.mil/ following the step-by-step procedures for self-registration available at this Web site. (d) WAWF training. The Contractor should follow the training instructions of the WAWF Web-Based Training Course and use the Practice Training Site before submitting payment requests through WAWF. Both can be accessed by selecting the "Web Based Training" link on the WAWF home page at https://wawf.eb.mil/. (e) WAWF methods of document submission. Document submissions may be via Web entry, Electronic Data Interchange, or File Transfer Protocol. (f) WAWF payment instructions. The Contractor must use the following information when submitting payment requests and receiving reports in WAWF for this contract/order: (1) Document type. The Contractor shall use the following document type(s). combo (Contracting Officer: Insert applicable document type(s). Note: If a "Combo" document type is identified but not supportable by the Contractor's business systems, an "Invoice" (stand-alone) and "Receiving Report" (stand-alone) document type may be used instead.) (2) Inspection/acceptance location. The Contractor shall select the following inspection/acceptance location(s) in WAWF, as specified by the contracting officer. (Contracting Officer: Insert inspection and acceptance locations or "Not applicable".) (3) Document routing. The Contractor shall use the information in the Routing Data Table below only to fill in applicable fields in WAWF when creating payment requests and receiving reports in the system. Routing Data Table* -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Field Name in WAWF Data to be entered in WAWF -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pay Official DoDAAC HQ0490 Issue by DoDAAC W912D0 Admin DoDAAC W912D0 Inspect By DoDAAC Ship to Code Ship from Code ____ Mark for Code ____ Service Approver (DoDAAC) Service Acceptor (DoDAAC) Accept at Other DoDAAC ____ LPO DoDAAC ____ DCAA Auditor DoDAAC ____ Other DoDAAC(s) ____ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (*Contracting Officer: Insert applicable DoDAAC information or "See schedule" if multiple ship to/acceptance locations apply, or "Not applicable.") (4) Payment request and supporting documentation. The Contractor shall ensure a payment request includes appropriate contract line item and subline item descriptions of the work performed or supplies delivered, unit price/cost per unit, fee (if applicable), and all relevant back-up documentation, as defined in DFARS Appendix F, (e.g. timesheets) in support of each payment request. (5) WAWF email notifications. The Contractor shall enter the email address identified below in the "Send Additional Email Notifications" field of WAWF once a document is submitted in the system. (Contracting Officer: Insert applicable email addresses or "Not applicable.") (g) WAWF point of contact. (1) The Contractor may obtain clarification regarding invoicing in WAWF from the following contracting activity's WAWF point of contact. (Contracting Officer: Insert applicable information or "Not applicable.") (2) For technical WAWF help, contact the WAWF helpdesk at 866-618-5988. (End of clause). SOLICITATION ATTACHMENTS Attachment 1 - Performance Work Statement (PWS) Attachment 2 - Bldg. B601 Attachment 3 - Bldg. B612 Attachment 4 - Bldg. B675 Attachment 5 - Bldg. B675 Attachment 6 - Bldg. B612 Attachment 7 - Photos Attachment 8 - Eng. Form 4025-R Attachment 9 - Bid Schedule Attachment 10 - Fort Greely Access Request
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