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Notice Date
Notice Type
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
USPFO for Pennsylvania, Department of Veteran and Military Affairs, Annville, PA 17003-5003
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
david.r.gallagher, 717-861-8643
E-Mail Address
USPFO for Pennsylvania
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
This notice is posted in its entirety and hereby serves as the official solicitation for this project. ALL INFORMATION NEEDED FOR INTERESTED PARTIES TO SUBMIT A STANDARD FORM (SF) 330, ARCHITECT-ENGINEER QUALIFICATIONS, IS CONTAINED HEREIN. This announcement constitutes the solicitation; and a more formal written solicitation will not be issued. THERE IS NO RFP PACKAGE TO DOWNLOAD. POINTS OF CONTACT FOR THIS ANNOUNCEMENT are CPT David R. Gallagher AND Mr. Michael V. Brown. SUBMIT QUESTIONS VIA E-MAIL TO: david.r.gallagher7.mil@mail.mil AND michael.v.brown60.civ@mail.mil. All questions are to be received by 9:00 AM (0900 HRS) Eastern time on Friday, June 28, 2013, to allow adequate time for response. The NAICS code is 541330 quote mark Engineering Services quote mark. The size standard is $14 Million. This action is being undertaken in accordance with the Brooks Act and the Architectural & Engineering provisions of FAR Part 36 and DFARS Part 236. This announcement is being issued as a total small business set aside in accordance with DFARS 219.502-2. FAR 52.219-14(c)(1) - Limitations on Subcontracting-Services, will apply to any contract resulting from this announcement. PROJECT: This announcement is for Architectural & Engineering (A-E) services for an appropriate design to remediate overtopping and failure of a dam embankment/spillway to ensure survivability from a Probable Maximum Flood at the Marquette Lake Drainage Basin, Fort Indiantown Gap, Annville, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. The estimated project award amount for the A-E Services is between $100,000 and $150,000, subject to Brooks Act limitations on fees for design services, with the potential for an option for construction phase review/inspection services. Selection of Firms is not based upon competitive bidding procedures, but rather upon the professional qualifications necessary for the performance of the required services, as more fully set forth in the evaluation criteria. All Firms responding to this announcement are cautioned to review FAR Part 9.5 - Organizational and Consultant Conflicts of Interest; and FAR 36.209 - Construction contracts with architect-engineer firms. The United States Property and Fiscal Office (USPFO) for Pennsylvania anticipates that this announcement will result in the award of a Firm Fixed-Price performance based Architectural & Engineering (A-E) contract. Offerors shall note that there will be no travel paid on the contract unless specifically authorized by the contracting officer and only in unusual circumstances. EVALUATION CRITERIA: The Government's selection of the best value contractor is based upon an evaluation of the selection criteria to determine the most highly qualified firm(s). Firms will be evaluated on the basis of the evaluation criteria and their stated order of importance. The criteria will be applied as follows: (1) Primary Evaluation Criteria. The following criteria are primary and listed in the order of importance: (a) Specialized Experience and Technical Competence (FAR 36.602-1(a)(2)). The experience of the firm on similar projects or projects requiring similar skills and the firm's technical capabilities (such as design quality management procedures, CAD abilities, cost estimating resources, knowledge of essential laws and regulations (e.g., 25 Pa. Code, Chapter 105 - Dam Safety and Waterway Management), waste reduction, use of recovered materials, etc.) of the prime firm and any subcontractors. The effectiveness of the proposed project team (including management structure; coordination of disciplines, offices and/or subcontractors; and prior working relationships) will also be examined. (b) Professional Qualifications (FAR 36.602-1(a)(1)). The individual experience of the key persons that are to be assigned to the project team: education, training, registration, certifications, and overall and relevant experience. Concern is with the qualifications of the key personnel and not the number of personnel. The lead designer in each discipline must be registered/licensed as required by FAR 36.609-4 and 52.236-25. (c) Past Performance (FAR 36.602-1(a)(4)). (Previous 5 years) -The Firm's performance on contracts with Government Agencies and Private Industry in terms of Cost Control, Quality of Work, and Compliance with Performance Schedules. Firms may list on SF 330, but should not submit actual copies of, no more than five (5) recent awards, commendations or other superior performance indicators. (d) Capacity (FAR 36.602-1(a)(3)). The Firm's experience with similar size projects and the availability of key disciplines to perform the work in the required time, subject to the provisions of the clause at FAR 52.219-14(c)(1). Firms may address management approach, inter-relationship of management and project team, coordination of disciplines and subcontractors, ability to sustain loss of key personnel, etc. (e) Knowledge of the Locality (FAR 36.602-1(a)(5)). Familiarity with site conditions (knowledge of geological conditions, hydrology, weather, etc.) and knowledge of local codes and practices. (2) Secondary Evaluation Criteria. The following criteria are secondary, will only be used as quote mark tie-breakers quote mark among firms that are essentially technically equal relative to the Primary Evaluation Criteria, and listed in the order of importance: (a) Geographic Proximity (FAR 36.602-1(a)(5)). The physical location of the firm in relation to the location of the project. For firms with multiple offices, a project team may be formed from personnel from more than one office. Performance risk will be considered when a firm's project team is formed from personnel from more than one office. (b) Small Business Participation (DFARS PGI 236.602-1(a)(6)(C)) - The extent of participation of small businesses (including women-owned), small disadvantaged businesses, historically black colleges and universities, and minority institutions in the proposed contract team, measured as a percentage of the total estimated effort, subject to the limitations of FAR 52.219-14(c)(1). (c) Volume of DoD Contract Awards (during the preceding twelve (12) months) (Defense PGI 236.602-1(a)(6)(A)). In the interest of equitable distribution of work, the volume of DoD work awarded during the twelve month period immediately preceding the date of this announcement is evaluated. SUBMISSION FORMAT: Submitting Firms shall use Standard Form 330 (SF 330) (fillable versions of the SF 330 and supplemental pages are available via MS Word and PDF from the GSA website: http://www.gsa.gov/portal/forms/type/SF#1-1000). Three (3) completed and bound (stapled in upper left corner will suffice) paper copies and one (1) electronic copy on CD/DVD are required for each submission. The CD/DVD shall not substitute for the paper copies. Submitting firms are to include the DUNS number along with the name of the firm in Block 5 of the SF 330, Part I, Section B. A firm located within the United States may obtain a DUNS number by calling Dun and Bradstreet at 1-866-705-5711 or via the internet at http://www.dnb.com/us/. If a submitting Firm is located outside the United States, the local Dun and Bradstreet office should be contacted. Relative to all submittals, FONT SIZE shall be at least 10 point or larger (MS Word Font Size 10 for Times New Roman, Arial and Courier New fonts are examples of the minimum acceptable Font Size). Except as otherwise indicated, pages shall be 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches. Blank sheets or tabs separating the sections within the SF 330 are not desired or required. The Organizational Chart required in Section D and the Matrix required as Section G, may be presented on sheets up to 11 inches by 17 inches. If an 11 inch by 17 inch sheet is used it shall be neatly folded to 8-1/2 inches by 11 inches and included in the SF 330 at the proper location. All key personnel for whom resumes are provided should be shown on the organizational chart in Section D. Section E Resumes shall be provided for the qualified professional personnel indicated in support of Professional Qualifications (see, Primary Selection Criteria, above). Professional licenses, registrations, and/or certifications shall be specifically identified on resumes and the failure to indentify a license, registration and/or certification will result in a presumption that none exists for the individual for whom the Resume is offered. Physical copies of licenses, registrations, certifications or awards are not required or desired. A maximum of five (5) relevant projects (inclusive of the prime and any consultants/sub-contractors) will be reviewed in Section F. If utilizing the MS Word version of SF 330, multiple projects may be reflected on a single page. When listing projects in Section F, an Indefinite Delivery Contract (IDC) with multiple Task Orders as an example WILL NOT be considered a project. An individual task order under an IDC contract IS a project. In Block G-26, along with the name, identify the firm with which the person is associated. Where the submitting Firm will not comprise 100% of the project team, Section H shall include a narrative indicating the business size/classification and estimated percentage of involvement of each firm on the proposed team. Section H shall also describe the firm's overall design quality management plan/process. Firms may also reference favorable performance ratings, awards, and repeat clientele in Section H; however, physical copies of award documents and testimonials are not required or desired. Do not furnish design portfolios, prints, magazines, or newspaper clippings. A SF 330 PART II is required for each branch office of the Prime Firm and any Subcontractors that will have a key role in the proposed contract. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS. ALL REQUIREMENTS OF THIS NOTICE MUST BE MET FOR A FIRM TO BE CONSIDERED RESPONSIVE. SOLICITATION PACKAGES WILL NOT BE PROVIDED. SUBMITTALS MUST BE RECEIVED NO LATER THAN 1500 HRS (3:00 PM EASTERN TIME) ON TUESDAY, JULY 9, 2013. Late proposal rules in FAR 15.208 will be followed for submissions received after 3:00 PM Eastern Time. No other general notification to firms under consideration for this project will be made. Facsimile and e-mail transmission of submissions will not be accepted. All information relating to this synopsis, including pertinent changes/amendments and information prior to the date set for receipt of AE Qualification Submission will be posted on the following website: https://www.fbo.gov. Cover letters and extraneous materials ARE NOT desired and WILL NOT be considered in the evaluation of firms. Personal visits, for the purpose of discussing this announcement or the Submittal, will not be allowed. To be eligible for contract award, a firm must be registered System for Award Management (SAM). Interested offerors must be registered in SAM. To register go to: https://www.sam.gov/portal/public/SAM/. You will need your DUNS number register. Instructions for registering are on the web page. Firms should be registered well in advance of the closing date for submission of the SF 330 as the process may take 3 - 5 days. Payments on any contract resulting from this announcement will be via Wide Area Workflow (https://wawf.eb.mil). A-E Firms responding with an SF 330 for consideration for award shall include in Section H of the SF 330 representations in accordance with the provision DFARS 252.209-7997(b)(1) & (2). Failure to include these representations with the A-E Firms submission may result in the rejection and non-consideration of the submission without further notice. 252.209-7997 Representation by Corporations Regarding an Unpaid Delinquent Tax Liability or a Felony Conviction under any Federal Law-DoD Appropriations. REPRESENTATION BY CORPORATIONS REGARDING AN UNPAID DELINQUENT TAX LIABILITY OR A FELONY CONVICTION UNDER ANY FEDERAL LAW-DoD APPROPRIATIONS (DEVIATION 2013-O0006) (a) In accordance with section 101(a)(3) of the Continuing Appropriations Resolution, 2013,(Pub. L. 112-175) none of the funds made available by that Act for general appropriations for DoD may be used to enter into a contract with any corporation that- (1) Has any unpaid Federal tax liability that has been assessed, for which all judicial and administrative remedies have been exhausted or have lapsed, and that is not being paid in a timely manner pursuant to an agreement with the authority responsible for collecting the tax liability, where the awarding agency is aware of the unpaid tax liability, unless the agency has considered suspension or debarment of the corporation and made a determination that this further action is not necessary to protect the interests of the Government. (2) Was convicted of a felony criminal violation under any Federal law within the preceding 24 months, where the awarding agency is aware of the conviction, unless the agency has considered suspension or debarment of the corporation and made a determination that this action is not necessary to protect the interests of the Government. (b) The Offeror represents that- (1) It is [ ] is not [ ] a corporation that has any unpaid Federal tax liability that has been assessed, for which all judicial and administrative remedies have been exhausted or have lapsed, and that is not being paid in a timely manner pursuant to an agreement with the authority responsible for collecting the tax liability, (2) It is [ ] is not [ ] a corporation that was convicted of a felony criminal violation under a Federal law within the preceding 24 months. (End of provision) Submittals are to be made to: DMVA Bldg. 0-48, USPFO-PA Rm 242, Attn: P&C - CPT Gallagher, FTIG / Annville, PA 17003-5003.
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Place of Performance
Address: USPFO for Pennsylvania Department of Veteran and Military Affairs, Annville PA
Zip Code: 17003-5003
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