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621112 — Offices of Physicians, Mental Health Specialists
Contracting Office
Department of Labor, Employment Training Administration, Adams and Associates, In., 10395 Double R Blvd, Reno, Nevada, 89521, United States
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Solicitation Number
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Point of Contact
Suzanne R. Beasley, Phone: 4106969322
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Small Business Set-Aside
THIS IS A SUBCONTRACTING OPPORTUNITY WITH ADAMS AND ASSOCIATES, INC. INVITATION TO BID MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES/ CENTER MENTAL HEALTH CONSULTANT Adams and Associates, Inc., contracting for the U.S. Department of Labor, for the operation of the Woodstock Job Corps Center, a 500 student residential training facility located at 10900 Old Court Road, Woodstock, Maryland 21163. We are currently soliciting written bids for on-site Center Mental Health Consultant. Hourly rate is limited to a maximum of 30 hours per week. Holidays, Student Travel Days, Etc., services are not required. Hours for subcontractor to be decided upon contract award. The performance periord for this subcontract is August 1, 2013 through July 31, 2014. All written bids should be submitted in writing to Suzanne Beasley, Purchasing Assistant no later than June 20, 2013 by COB 5:00 p.m. Bids may be faxed to (410) 696-9401 or sent via e-mail to Beasley.Suzanne@jobcorps.org. Please provide a copy of state licenses, professional degrees, certificate of insurance and or certifications as well as a resume. Any questions you may contact Suzanne Beasley at (410) 696-9322. MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL SERVICES SCOPE OF WORK SCOPE OF SERVICES: The mental health professional agrees to provide students of the Woodstock Job Corps center with the services stated herein. Such services will be provided as authorized by the Center Director or his/her representative. The Center and the Mental Health Consultant hereby agree that the services to be provided will include, but will not be limited to those mental health services specified in the Job Corps Federal Regulations (Title 20, Code of Federal Regulations 638.510; the Job Corps Policy and Requirements Handbook, Chapter 6, Section 6.10, R3; and Technical Assistance Guide D: Center Mental Health and Wellness Program). The services to be provided include: A. Staff Development: • Advice to the Center Director and health and wellness staff on all mental health matters and overall Center program and organizational consultation to the Center Director and administrative staff on a regular basis. This will include staffing requirements. • Consultation on the development of a system to promote the coordination and integration of the mental health and wellness program with other Center programs and activities such as counseling, residential life, and recreation. This will be done in cooperation with the Health and Wellness Manager, Center Physician, Center Dentist, other health professionals, as well as any staff member involved with students. • Advice and assistance to wellness course instructors regarding mental health and wellness services during student introduction to Center life. • Consultation with Center health and wellness staff, counselors, residential advisors, instructors and other appropriate staff concerning the ongoing mental health problems of students. • Assistance with program development for the purpose of meeting the life crises of students in constructive ways. For example, involvement with the career preparation, development, and transition periods, the disciplinary program, the maximum benefits program, the cultural awareness program, and the trainee employee assistance program (TEAP). • Staff development on using mental health principles and techniques. This will include coping with problems of alcohol and drug use, sexuality, aggressive behavior and poor communications. B. Clinical Services: • Advice to the Center Director on the advisability of students' separations for mental health reasons, and the cost of mental health services, including inpatient facility use. • Ensure the maintenance, confidentiality, and safeguarding of all necessary mental health records. • Issuance and maintenance of signed and dated health care guidelines regarding mental health matters. • Diagnostic and evaluative services to students who are inpatients or outpatients. • Limited forms of psychiatric treatment including crisis intervention, brief psychotherapy, intermittent supportive psychotherapy, psychotropic drug management and group psychotherapy, as permitted by licensure or accreditation. • Assisting with appropriate referral for students who must be separated for mental health reasons. C. TEAP Consultation Services: • Consultation on the development of a system to promote the coordination and integration of the mental health and wellness program with the TEAP and related center wide programs. • Staff development n using mental health principles and techniques, including coping with problems of alcohol and drug use. • Providing clinical assistance to students and the TEAP Specialist, especially with students who may have co-morbid psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. D. Review folders and assist with the reasonable accommodation process. (This service should be contracted at additional hours as deemed appropriate by the center.) The Mental Health Consultant agrees to adhere to the policies, procedures, program instructions, and guidelines established by Job Corps. The Mental Health Consultant and the Center further agree that the Mental Health Consultant will have primary responsibility under the Center Director's guidance to implement the program outlines above. The Mental Health Consultant, with the concurrence of the Center Director, may delegate by written and dated health care guidelines any of his/her responsibilities set forth in this subcontract to appropriate qualified Center staff. The Mental Health Consultant will be assisted by the Job Corps National Office, principal mental health consultant, and regional health consultants. The latter will act under guidance and direction from the National Office of Job Corps. OBLIGATIONS OF THE PROFESSIONAL In the performance of the above duties and responsibilities, the Mental Health Consultant: 1. May not delegate professional responsibilities set forth in this scope of work to another full or part-time mental health professional, except upon prior review and approval by the Job Corps Regional Director and Regional Health Consultant. 2. Understands and agrees that the medical services under this scope of work are subject to monitoring and review by the United States Department of Labor, Job Corps. 3. Agrees to maintain malpractice insurance to cover the professional services to students, with limits consistent with the medical service industry, but in no case less than $1 million per occurrence. 4. Agrees to make no public statements regarding its activities under this scope of work, or to disclose any information regarding Job Corps students or Job Corps activities without prior written approval of the Center Director or his/her designated representative. Unauthorized release of student records is a federal crime punishable by fine and/or imprisonment. 5. Shall be responsible for finding and arranging for a professionally qualified replacement/substitute during temporary periods of absence of more than one calendar week. 6. Shall be personally and financially liable for the cost of any patient referral outside the Center without prior written approval of the Center Director. 7. Certifies its intent to comply with all equal employment opportunity practices and affirmative action policies as required by law and agrees not to discriminate against any student, employee and/or contractor because of race, religion, color, gender, age or national origin. 8. Shall provide current copies of all professional license, certification, professional and auto liability insurance documents required by the Center. 9. Agrees that all research projects and/or publications relating to Job Corps health activities will first be cleared through the National Office of Job Corps, Washington, D.C.
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Place of Performance
Address: Woodstock Job Corps Center, 10900 Old Court Rd., Woodstock, Maryland, 21163, United States
Zip Code: 21163
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