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334516 — Analytical Laboratory Instrument Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of Veterans Affairs;Network Contracting Office 22;4811 Airport Plaza Drive;Suite 600;Long Beach CA 90815
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Ashante Booker
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Small Business Set-Aside
Department of Veterans Affairs, VA West Los Angeles Healthcare System intends to procure a Fluorescent Accelerated Cell Sorter (FACS) for the Research and Development Department from BD Biosciences under the authority for Other Than Full and Open Competition, FAR Part 6.302-1 "Only one responsible source"; as requested by the VA Long Beach Network Contracting Office, VISN 22 (NCO 22); for procurement request 691-12-2-821-0184 in the amount of $178,002.11. Synopsis: A one-time firm-fixed priced purchase order is the requested procurement action for the removal and disposal; purchase; and subsequent installation of a FACS-JAZZ manufactured by Becton Dickenson (BD) Biosciences. This device is crucial to Research and Development laboratory. Our current FACS has outlived its useful life; is fully depreciated; and is currently decommission and red-tagged because of its dangerous disrepair. FACS require dismantling and biohazard disposal. This step must be completed before the new FACS can be installed. A salvage/trade-in value must be negotiated in conjunction with this procurement. Required line items are as followed: 1. BD FACSJAZZ 4B100/2R501EA$220,000.00 2. BATH 115V/60HZ/12AMPS UL/CE RCRCLTG1EA$6,233.11 3. CART FACS JAZZ1EA$1,869.00 4. Dismantle and Disposal (FACSVantage S/N #SE0024)1EAN/C 5. Salvage/Trade-In (FACSVantage S/N #SE0024)1EA(-$50,100) 6. Installation (BD FACSJAZZ 4B100/2R50)1EAN/C 7. FOB Destination1EAN/C 8. 2 day Training Course (2 employees) 2EAN/C including all course materials and operations manuals. Equipment Description: BD FACS-JAZZ FACS rapidly separates cells in a suspension fluid on the basis of size and the color of their fluorescence into a thin stream so that all the cells pass in single file. This stream emerges from a nozzle vibrating at some 40,000 cycles per second which breaks the stream into 40,000 discrete droplets each second. Some of these droplets may contain a cell, or not. A laser beam is then directed at the stream just before it breaks up into droplets. As each labeled cell passes through the beam, its resulting fluorescence is detected by a photocell. If the signals from the two detectors meet either of the criteria set for fluorescence and size, an electrical charge ( + or - ) is given to the droplet. The droplets retain this charge as they pass between a pair of charged metal plates. Positively-charged drops are attracted to the negatively-charged plate and vice versa. Uncharged droplets (those that contain no cell or a cell that fails to meet the desired criteria of fluorescence and size) pass straight into a third container and are later discarded. This apparatus can sort as many as 300,000 cells per minute. Equipment Required Specifications: BD FACS-JAZZ The BD FACS-Jazz cell sorter is a basic table top flow cytometry platform that meets the needs of many researchers' application requirements for multi-color analysis and two-way sorting and cloning. Lasers "100 mW 488 nm laser "50 mW 640 nm laser Emission optics Blue Laser: ReagentFiltersMirror / Laser BlockerPMT FSC488/10, ND-OD3N/A1 SSC488/10N/A2 FITC530/40505LP3 PE585/29550LP4 PerCP-Cy5.5692/40610LP5 PE-Cy7750LP710LP6 Red Laser: ReagentFiltersMirror / Laser BlockerPMT APC670/30650LP7 APC-Cy-7750LP700LP8 Alignment "Fine tuning of laser position on jet stream, nozzle position and forward scatter collection lens "Simultaneous video observation of the stream, the pinholes/laser intercepts and drop formation allow for fast and intuitive alignment Fluidics "Laboratory air pressure and vacuum can be used for operation. "Air pressure supply - optional "Vacuum supply - optional "Fixed sheath pressure: 15 psi "Autoclavable 7-L sheath and waste containers, equipped with pressure and vacuum readout "Fine adjustment of sample flow "Purge, pulse, rinse, run and boost modes are provided for quick stream startup and bubble removal. "The fluidic path, including the nozzle assembly, can be exchanged. There are no in-line valves. Only pinch valves are used. "The sample line can also be exchanged. "A bubble detector in the sample line detects air bubbles from the sample tube and stops sample flow when the sample tube is empty, preventing air bubbles from reaching the nozzle assembly.. "Sample input: 12 x 75-mm tubes, polypropylene "Sample tubes can be cooled or heated by an optional circulating water bath. Performance "Fluorescence sensitivity measured using SPHERO Rainbow Calibration Particles (RCP-30-5 ) according to the manufacture's specifications: FITC: 200 molecules of equivalent soluble flourochrome (MESF-FITC), PE: 200 molecules of equivalent soluble fluorochrome (MESF-PE) Sort Performance "Fixed drop drive frequency: 27 kHz ± 10% "Nozzle: 100 um, two supplied. "Drop-delay confirmation with BD FACS Accudrop technology. The drop-delay value can be adjusted while viewing BD Accudrop beads which are illuminated by a red diode laser in the center and side sort streams. "Purity and yield: At 15 psi and 27 kHz with an average threshold rate of 10,000 events per second, a two-way sort achieved a purity of 98% and a yield >80% of Poisson's expected yield for both populations. "Sort collection devices: All collection devices are designed to fit on the Computerized Cell Deposition Unit (CCDU). The CCDU is standard on all instruments. "Two-way sorting: microtubes, 12 x 75-mm "Plates and slides: 6, 24, 48, 96, and 384-well plates; slides; and user-defined collection devices "Sort monitoring with live video feed of breakoff point, waste collection and side streams Signal Processing "Data acquisition channels: 8 channels: FSC, SSC and up to 6 colors "Signal processing: 16-bit analog-to digital conversion "Channel threshold: any parameter can be used as the threshold from the primary laser (488 nm). "Fluorescence compensation: 8 x 8 digital compensation matrix. Compensated parameter are added to the bus as separate parameters. "Pulse processing: width measurement on the trigger parameter is standard "Time can be correlated to any parameter for kinetic experiments or other applications. Software "BD FACS Sortware v1.0 Data Management "Workstation: 3.06 GHz Quad Core CPU, MS Windows 7 Professional 64-bit operating system "Memory: 6 GB RAM "Data Storage: o2 x 500 GB hard drives, RAID 1 (mirrored) configured o16X DVD+/-RW o2 USB 2.0 "Networking: (10/100/1000) Gigabit Ethernet "Monitor: 20 inch LCD, 1280 x 1024 resolution or better Options, not included "Air compressor "Vacuum supply "Sample temperature control "Aerosol evacuation Installation Requirements "Dimensions H x D x W oSorthead 60 cm x 60 cm x 60 cm "Weight oSorthead does not exceed 100 lb. "Temperature operating range: 18 - 22 șC "Power input voltage: One dedicated100/120/220/240VAC, 50-60Hz; An appropriate transformer will be delivered depending on region-specific settings. "Optional aerosol evacuation, sample temperature control air and vacuum supply may require an additional line. "Power consumption <600VA "Humidity: 55% ±10% RH "Air supply: A laboratory air source of compressed air must deliver clean (less than 5 ppm), dry-filtered (oil-free) air and stable pressures of 30 - 100 psi (6.2 bar) regulated. An air source option is available. "Vacuum supply: A laboratory vacuum supply between 5 and 15 in. Hg at 1 CFM can also be used. A vacuum source option is available. Regulatory Status "CE marked for electrical safety (Europe) "UL Standard for electrical safety (USA) "CSA for electrical safety (Canada) "Class I (1) laser product per CDRH regulations and EN/IEC 60825-1 Provisions: BD FACS-JAZZ 1.Delivery and Installation. BD shall deliver the First Edition Instrument to and Government shall arrange a time and date with BD for BD to perform the installation of the First Edition Instrument. 2.Training. BD shall provide on-site training for two (2) VA employees to operate the First Edition Instrument. Training shall occur at a mutually agreeable time. BD shall be available for training within 15 days of the installation of the First Edition Instrument. The training session is two consecutive days. 3.Product Use Limitations: The First Edition Instrument is labeled for Research Use Only (RUO) and is not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures. 4.Warranty. BD warrants that the First Edition Instrument shall conform to the requirements set forth on "Attachment A". Government shall not hold BD responsible or liable (A) for loss or inaccuracy of data or cost of procurement of substitute goods, services, or equipment consumed or damaged in or resulting from the evaluation, or (B) for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, loss of revenues and loss of profits. 5.Service. BD shall provide service, free of charge for 12 months from the date of installation or thirty days after the date of shipment, whichever occurs first. Service hours are Monday through Friday 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM local time. Only the original buyer of the instrument may enforce this warranty and this warranty applies only to products purchased and installed by an authorized BD service representative or another party approved by BD. BD shall replace or repair, at its option free of charge, any instrument or part, excluding consumable items, as listed in the current BD catalog or Consumable Price List (as the same may be modified from time to time), which fails within the warranty period, due to defects in materials or workmanship, provided that the instrument has been operated at all times in accordance with the instruction manual and user's guide by, or under the direct supervision of, a certified operator who has attended the BD Training Course for the instrument or completed the self-training prior to operating the instrument. The warranty terms for each type of instrument are set forth below and are described in the Service terms section of this document. Only the unexpired original warranty period on the instrument shall be in effect on any replacement parts, which may be new or reconditioned at the discretion of BD. Products not manufactured by BD are not covered by this warranty, but instead shall carry any warranty direct from the specified manufacturer or supplier. 6.Government's Responsibilities under the Warranty: Government shall be responsible for providing and maintaining a proper environment, including utilities and site requirements, for the First Edition Instrument(s). A Site Installation Guide, detailing this information, is provided to the Government when the First Edition Instrument(s) is purchased. In addition, in order for BD's service and warranty obligations to remain valid: a.Government agrees not to alter the First Edition Instrument(s) without prior consultation with and written approval from BD, or use any repair parts other than those supplied or specified by BD. b.Government agrees to have the First Edition Instrument(s) operated at all times in accordance with the Instruction Manual by or under the direct supervision of a qualified operator who has completed the BD Training Course. c.Government agrees to maintain a safe work environment and to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to safety in order to ensure the safety of all Representatives and other BD employees and agents who enter VA premises. BD may, from time to time in response to a concern over the safety of Representatives, visit VA facilities in which the Representative and other BD employees and agents perform Services hereunder in order to audit safety compliance. Such audit would only occur during working hours and at a time reasonably agreed. BD, its affiliates, personnel, agents and subcontractors shall not be required to enter potentially hazardous areas and BD reserves the right to determine whether and under what circumstances its personnel, agents or subcontractors shall enter any premises. In no event shall BD be obligated to perform Services if it is not, in its sole discretion, satisfied with respect to safety. d.Calibration of the tools and test equipment are the sole responsibility of the Government. No parts may be returned to BD and must be disposed of by the Government. BD field service personnel are not required to take BD tools and calibration equipment into the BSL 3 laboratory space. If tools are not available, BD is not obligated to provide on-site repair service. In the event the Government is unable to make the instrument available for scheduled preventative maintenance in a 60 day period from the initial planned service date, Government waives the right to have that scheduled service visit performed during the contract year or thereafter. No compensation shall be provided by BD for any missed preventative maintenance services. 7.Limitation of Liability: BD' liability is limited to repair, replacement of the First Edition Instrument or refund of the purchase price. No warranties apply to products that have been misused or improperly maintained. Contracting Officer Address: Department of Veterans Affairs Network Contracting Office (NCO) 22 4811 Airport Plaza Drive, Suite 600 Long Beach CA 90815 Place of Performance: 16111 Plummer Street Sepulveda, CA 91343 Point of Contact: Ashante Booker
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