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C -- Regional A/E Indifinite Quantity Contractor For Architect Activities for Various National Forests In California

Notice Date
Notice Type
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-5 Pacific Southwest Region, 1323 Club Drive, Acquisition Management, Vallejo, California, 94592
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Dan Mayer, Phone: (503)630-8709, Cookie Washington, Phone: 707-562-8789
E-Mail Address
danmayer@fs.fed.us, cwashington@fs.fed.us
(danmayer@fs.fed.us, cwashington@fs.fed.us)
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
REGIONAL A/E INDEFINITE QUANTITY CONTRACT FOR ARCHITECT ACTIVITIES FOR VARIOUS NATIONAL FORESTS IN CALIFORNIA ________________________________________ ________________________________________ General Information Document Type: Synopsis/ SF 330 request Solicitation Number: AG-91S8-S-11-0013 Posted Date: 04/22/2011 Response Date: 05/31/2011 Archive Date: 09/31/2011 Classification Code: C -- Architect and engineering services Set Aside: Small Business 100% Total Small Business NAICS Code: 541330 -- Engineering Services Contracting Office Address USDA Forest Service Acquisition Management 1323 Club Drive Vallejo, CA 94592 DESCRIPTION: There is no solicitation to download. Architect/Engineer (A/E) services are required for a firm fixed-price Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (IDIQ) contract for Architect services. The work for this contract shall occur throughout California. STATEMENT of WORK - GENERAL REQUIREMENTS 1. CONTRACT SCOPE a) This contract is for architectural-engineering (A-E) services requirement by the Government for the project located in the area specified. These services shall include, but are not limited to surveys, reports, concept studies, design criteria development, schematic design, design development, renderings, drawings, specifications, cost estimates, shop drawing review and approval, construction monitoring, and inspection services as may be required under each work order. 2. STANDARD SERVICES The Contractor shall: a) Furnish progress reports of this work. b) Prepay shipping and/or mailing charges on all material sent to the Contracting Officer (CO). c) Closely coordinate the work performed in his office with the related work of the Government staff personnel. d) Promptly report to the CO any ambiguities or discrepancies found in the project requirement, criteria, or documents involving the work. e) When necessary, visit the project sites or contract Government location representative at the project sites; hold conferences and discussions with Government; and take such other action as may be required to obtain the data necessary for the design development, coordination and completion of each work order. f) Any changes that will result in a modification to each Task Order must be approved by the CO prior to implementation. 3. INDIVIDUAL PROJECT ORDERING a) Prospectus - The Government will provide the Contractor a written prospectus for each Task Order project. The prospectus will include: - Description of project - Project location - Scope of work - Proposed project budget - Report and record keeping requirements - Time constraints or schedules - Submittal requirements - Technical contacts for coordinating work Exceptions to contract requirement- Government furnished items (if any) b) Negotiation of Work and Price. Within 10 working days after receipt of a prospectus, the Contractor shall submit a proposal indicating hours of each skill and other costs needed to complete the project, along with any narrative supporting the level of work and total cost of the proposal. If needed, the Contractor and the Government will meet to clarify the project. c) Delivery Order. Upon agreement of the work and price, a Delivery Order will be issued for signature. A signed order will constitute acceptance and also serve as Notice to Proceed on that specific order. 4. DESIGN a) Designs shall provide a solution which includes functional usefulness and aesthetic appeal with the budget limitations of the project. Selection of materials shall consider economy of construction and ease of maintenance as well as meeting the guidelines in the USDA Forest Service publication FS-710, The Built Environment Image Guide for the National Forest and Grasslands (BEIG) b) In the design effort, the objectives of nationally recognized building and performance codes, standards, and specifications shall be met and applied in accordance with the specific requirements listed herein. In addition to using the International Building Code 2009 as a minimum standard, the special requirement directly related to local practice or circumstances which do not compromise the best interest of the Government shall be incorporated into design. If conflict occurs in the requirements established by these guidelines, the most stringent requirements established by these guidelines, the most stringent shall govern. 5. FIELD INVESTIGATION a) Prior to beginning design work, the A/E shall perform a field survey to gather any and all information (architectural, dimensional, mechanical, economic, environmental, electrical, structural), necessary to properly execute the design of plans and specifications if required by Task Order. b) The individual task orders shall address if and how reimbursements will be made on orders. 6. COMPLIANCE WITH CODES AND STANDARDS a) The work under this contract, including all buildings, structures, etc., shall be designed to conform to the codes specified in the various USDA special conditions, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act)/ABA (Architectural Barriers Act) Accessibility Guidelines (ADAABAG) and other applicable Federal, State and Local codes. b) Except as required in a & c), compliance with State and local Building codes and regulations may not be mandatory for work on federal property. c) Compliance with Federal, State and local regulation for the prevention, control, and abatement of air and water pollution is mandatory. d) Should the work involve and existing structure, the A/E shall analyze the impact of the work under the work order on the conformity of the structure with the codes referred to above, advise the CO of any deficiencies he has found and recommend remedial measures. However, no work beyond the scope of the work order shall be undertaken prior to receipts of written approval from the CO. f) Task Orders shall address individual project code requirements. 7. DRAWINGS AND SPECIFICATIONS a) Drawings shall be prepared using USDA Forest Service Region 5 Standard Title Block in a straightforward, logical, clear, manner, be clearly detailed, and have adequate schedules, notes, etc b) Specifications shall be written in short, concise style following Construction Specification Institute (CSI) format. They shall include only the applicable work sections which pertain to the project. c) The Buy American Act requires that U.S. manufactured end product be used so long as the domestic items are of satisfactory quality and are available in sufficient quantity. This Act must be considered in all design decisions. Any exception to this Act must have prior approval from the Contracting Officer. d) The use of proprietary trade names is generally not permitted. e) Should the work involve an existing structure, the A/E shall analyze the impact of the work under the work order on the conformity of the structure with the codes referred to above, advise the CO of any deficiencies he has found and recommend remedial measures. However, no work beyond that in the scope of the work order shall be undertaken prior to receipts of written approval from the CO. 8. STRUCTURAL PROJECT DATA AND CALCULATIONS a) The A/E shall provide from the design of the project structural system and selection of its components by submitting calculations and the following information: 1. Live loads including those from snow. 2. Lateral loads including those from wind. 3. The allowable stresses and applicable code or design reference of the project structural materials. 4. A description of the frame, roof, floor, wall and foundation construction. 5. The minimum depth of the foundation for frost protection and the type of protection to be used against surface and subsurface water. 6. Seismic loads and considerations. 9. SITE SURVEYS TOPOGRAPHICAL AND OTHER INFORMATION a) The CO may authorize the A/E in writing to obtain surveys, borings, and professional soils analysis, or other necessary steps in Task Orders. The A/E is responsible for arranging and overseeing the performance of topographic surveys, test surveys, test borings, pile, soil tests, subsurface exploration, and other such investigations as he determines are required for the design of the project. b) After receiving the CO's approval, the A/E shall submit a cost proposal for such surveys (etc.). The cost proposal shall provide sufficient data for the CO. The task order shall address reimbursement for the cost of such surveys, and/or investigations. 10. INTERMEDIATE WORKING DRAWINGS a) The intermediate working drawings should be sufficiently complete to indicate that the final design will be satisfactory and allow a check estimate. However, at least the minimum items should be included on the drawings. 11. DRAWINGS a) This final submission should include all corrections required from previous submission, and be complete for issuance as a contract document. Any omissions and corrections found in the drawings will be corrected by the contractor. Only after the drawings are complete in all respects will this submission of the Final Working Drawings be acceptable. These drawings will be completely dimensioned, will show clearly the extent of the work and contain sufficiently detailed sections and notes to explain the design and construction features fully. The north point and scale will be placed upon all plans. The elevation of the finished floors will be noted on the floor plans and the high and low point elevations given on roof plans. 12. SUBMISSIONS a) Each phase of a complete work order submission may be required for each work order. Three copies of each submission required by the CO shall be sent to the CO for review. the Project Directive, Specifications Cost Estimate, Structural Project Data, mechanical Project Data, Electrical Project Data, and all other Supporting Information shall be presented in an 8 1/2t x 11" bound booklet for each submission as required. The CO shall approve a current submission or direct its re-submittal before work on the following submission may begin. a. First submission - The concept submission shall include: 1) Project Directive (two copies) 2) Location, site, and floor plans 3) Cost Estimate - square foot 4) Elevation studies and major sections b. Second Submission - the 30% design submission shall include: 1) Project Directive (two copies) 2) Location, site, and floor plans 3) Architectural plans, elevations, and sections 4) Structural plans 5) Mechanical plans 6) Electrical plans 7) Quantity take-off cost estimate by individual trades. 8) Structural project data 9) Mechanical project data 10) Electrical project data 11) An outline specification with the applicable divisions and sections 12) Line perspective sketch for approval c. Third Submission - the 60% Design Submission shall include: 1) Location 2) Architectural plans, elevations, and sections 3) Structural plans 4) Mechanical plans 5) Electrical plans 6) Quantity take-off cost estimate by trades. (A lump sum or summary figure is not acceptable.) 7) Structural project data 8) Mechanical project data 9) Electrical project data 10) The project specifications c. Fourth Submission - the 100% Design Submission shall include two copies of the Project Directive and completion of the following items: 1) Location 2) Architectural plans, elevations, and sections 3) Structural plans 4) Mechanical plans 5) Electrical plans 6) A detailed Cost Estimate 7) Structural project data 8) Mechanical project data 9) Electrical project data 10) The project specifications d. Final Submission - The final design shall include the final working drawings, specifications, and cost estimate for approval. Upon approval of this phase, the contractor shall submit the original specifications and original tracings to the CO. All specifications shall be typewritten in black on a good grade of 8 1/2" x 11" bond paper for reproduction by photographic plate process. Liquid duplicator master sets, ammonia process prints, onion skin second sheets, stencils and other duplication form are not acceptable. In addition, provide one set of CD-ROM's marked for USDA FOREST SERVICE, Region 5, containing drawings and specifications. Specifications shall be prepared and delivered with the latest edition of MS Word. Drawings shall be in AutoCAD 2010 or later format, as well as read-only files containing all drawings in Portable Document Format (PDF). The PDF file shall be indexed and book marked. 13. CONSTRUCTION SERVICES a) Constructions services may consist of the following: 1) Preparation of additional explanatory drawings 2) Review and approval of shop drawings 3) Review and approve mechanical and electrical equipment 4) Review of operation and maintenance manuals 5) Site visits 6) Monitoring of construction b) Monitoring of construction shall be performed by a qualified employee of the firm acceptable to the CO and may include, but not be limited to the following: 1) Attendance at pre-construction conference 2) Review of construction for compliance with contract documents 3) Review of foundation conditions 4) Review of concrete forms for dimension, alignment rigidity, placement of steel, electrical conduit, mechanical bucks, and safety. 5) Review of materials and equipment. Maintenance of record as to types and brands and approval of materials or equipment for conformance to contract requirements. 6) Maintenance of a bound project diary on all reviews made. Furnishing weekly reports to the Contracting Officers Representative. 7) Preparation of Was-built" drawings from Construction Contractor furnished plans and information noting any approved deviations from the originals during construction. 8) Making recommendations to the CO on changes and obtaining approval prior to allowing change. 9) Conduct final inspection. SPECIAL PROVISIONS 14. TRAVEL EXPENSES (a) The Government may reimburse the Contractor for actual cost of such travel and expenses if approved in the individual Task Orders. (b) The contractor will arrange for travel, accommodation and/or other related expenses, and pay the costs thereof. (Other expenses shall be those directly involved in the furnishing of these services and approved by the Contracting Officer prior to any costs being incurred.) Expenses incurred will be considered reasonable and payable only to the extent they do not exceed on a daily basis, the maximum per diem rates in effect at the time of travel as set forth in the Federal Travel Regulation prescribed by the General Service Administration for travel in the conterminous 48 states, and will be made available upon request. 15. SUBCONTRACTING FOR WORK OR SERVICES a) No contract shall be made by the A-E with any other party for furnishing any of the work or services herein contract for without written approval of the CO, except as otherwise provided for in the terms of this contract. This provision shall not be taken as requiring the approval of contracts of employment between the A-E and personnel assigned for services there under. 16. RELEASE OF INFORMATION a) The A-E agrees not to divulge or release any information developed or obtain in connection with the performance of this contract or any possible construction based on the results thereof (including, but not limited to, plans, specifications, location, time or estimated of construction) except to authorized Government personnel or upon prior written approval of the CO. 17. CERTIFICATION OF DRAWINGS AND OTHER DOCUMENTS a) The A-E, or his authorized representative, shall sign the original tracings of all drawings and the first page of all specifications, estimates, or similar documents under the A-E's printed name and over the affixed replica of this professional seal or his registration certificate number, including the State or jurisdiction where the project will be constructed. 18. GOVERNMENT-FURNISHED SUPPLIES AND SERVICES a) Unless otherwise specified, the Government will furnish the following supplies and/or services: 1. Design criteria or project prospectus 2. A/E Cost Estimate Work Sheet 3. USDA Region 5 Standard Title Block 4. Review of all materials submitted by the A/E. 5. Duplicate the approved final working drawings, outline specifications and full size details. 6. Obtain bids, award contract, and administer construction of the project. 19. LIABILITY FOR GOVERNMENT COSTS RESULTING FROM DESIGN ERRORS OR DEFICIENCIES A/E contractor shall be responsible for the professional quality, technical accuracy, and coordination of all services required under this contract, and will be liable for Government costs resulting from negligent errors or deficiencies in designs furnished under its contract. Therefore, when a modification to a construction contract is required because of an error deficiency amounting to negligence in the services provided under this contract, the contracting officer may consider the extent to which the A/E contractor may be reasonable liable. The contracting officer may enforce the liability and collect the amount due, if the recoverable cost will exceed the administrative cost involved or is otherwise in the government's interest. End of Statement of Work. III) MINIMUM AND MAXIMUM CONTRACT AMOUNTS The maximum contract value may not exceed $1,000,000 aggregate total. The minimum guarantee for the contract shall be $2,500 per award over life of contract. The value of the individual task orders executed under this contract may range from $1,000 to $100,000. Multiple task orders may be awarded with similar completion schedules and overlapping delivery dates. Contract term is for three years, or until the maximum dollar limit is reached, whichever occurs first. Estimated start date for this contract is June 2011. Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) Part 36.6 (Brooks Act) selection procedures apply. This procurement is set aside for small business. The NAICS Code for this procurement is 541330 and the annual small business size standard is $4.5 Million. After the best qualified pool of contractors is determined, the solicitation with the common clauses to all task orders shall be sent to these contractors only. The government expects to make between 2 to 4 awards from this solicitation. The Government makes no representation as to the number of task orders or the actual amount of work to be ordered. Contractors are not guaranteed work in excess of the minimum guarantee. IV) SELECTION CRITERIA AND SUBMITTAL REQUIREMENTS SF 330s will be evaluated to determine the most highly qualified firm based on criteria responses. Evaluating past performance and experience may include information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and publicly available sources. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified. All projects provided in the SF 330 (Architect-Engineer Qualifications) must be completed by the office/branch/ individual team member actually performing the work under this contract. Projects not performed by the office/branch/individual team member will be excluded from evaluation consideration. A) SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: SF 330, Part I, is limited to 40, 8.5"x11" pages. Minimum font size is 10. Submit the following: 1) One (1) original and two (2) copies of SF 330 for the prime offeror (which also includes a completed Part II for the firm and key subconsultants) addressing following selection criteria information; and 2) One electronic copy, in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, of the complete SF330 being submitted by the firm. B) SF330, Part I, Section B, Contract Information: In Block 5, list firm's Dunn and Bradstreet and Taxpayer Identification Number in addition to the name of the firm. C) SF330, Section D, Organization Chart: In addition to the Instructions provided for the SF 330, identify the overall relationship and lines of authority of the proposed team, including key subconsultants. (Note: All individuals listed on the organization chart are not required to have a resume in Section E, such as administrative or lower level engineering positions.). D) CRITERIA 1: SF 330, Section E, Professional Qualifications: Professional qualifications for the Project Manager and key personnel anticipated for this contract. Submission Requirements: Provide resumes for the Project Manager and key personnel anticipated for this contract. Resumes shall contain experience and qualifications, and shall not exceed 3 typed pages per individual. E) CRITERIA 2: 1) SF330, Section F, Specialized Firm/Team Experience: Specialized experience and technical competence of the proposed team members assigned to this contract as it relates to the work activities. Submission Requirements: For each firm, provide a maximum of ten (10) specific completed projects that best illustrate overall team experience relevant to the work activities outlined in this contract. Include within block 24 of SF330, Section F, additional sheets may be used, if required: • A Brief narrative of the project. • Dates of performance • Indicate whether you were the prime or a subcontractor. • Award amount of contract. • Project name, firm name, point of contact name, address and phone number. • Place an asterisk "*" by any job which is similar to the requirements of this solicitation. 2) SF330, Section G, Key Personnel Participation in Example Projects: Submit in accordance with the SF 330 Instructions. From the total projects listed in SF330 Section F, provide a maximum of ten (10) projects. F) CRITERIA 3-5: SF330, Section H, Additional Information requested by Agency. Address the remaining Criteria 3 through 5; additional sheets may be used, if required. Clearly identify the Criteria number and title. 1) CRITERIA 3: Capacity to accomplish the work in the required time. Submission Requirement: Describe firm's capacity to accomplish projects within required time frames and to accomplish multiple delivery orders within short delivery periods. Indicate the firm's present workload and the anticipated availability of the project team (including consultants) for the specified contract performance period. Indicate any specialized equipment availability. 2) CRITERIA 4: a. Past performance with Government agencies and private industry with respect to cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. Points of contact provided in other criteria may be contacted. A proposal with no record of relevant past performance information shall be evaluated neither favorably nor unfavorably. Submission Requirements: For each project provided as experience under Criteria 2, list any applicable favorable awards and commendations. Other performance evaluation results and awards may also be listed separately. Reference agency/company issuing evaluation/award/commendation and respective date. If a federal contract, state evaluation type and rating. If not a federal contract, provide any applicable similar evaluation information. If no documentation exists, so state. Please address the following components of past performance for each project provided as experience under Criteria 2: • Original contract price and any modifications that increased cost and the reason for modification. • Original contract time and actual completion date (circumstances for contract extensions may be addressed). b. Demonstrated success of the Quality Control (QC) program used by the firm to ensure quality products. Submission Requirement: Provide an organization chart that identifies the overall relationship and lines of authority of the proposed team. Include firm names, key personnel and their discipline/specialty; b) describe the prime's QC program; who is primarily responsible for the QC program, how does the prime firm ensure quality consistently across the entire team. Illustrate success in implementing the program; and c) Address the team's QC processes for checking and verifying plans and specifications for errors, omissions and quality, documenting design decisions, and incorporating and tracking review comments. Of special interest are the QC processes in place that minimize the government's effort to QA the A/E's work product for errors, omissions, and quality. 3) CRITERIA 5: Location: Firm's location and demonstrated knowledge of the general geographical areas in which projects could be located. Projects will be located on the 18 National Forests throughout the State of California. Submission Requirements: Provide the location of main offices, branch offices, and sub-consultants offices. Describe and illustrate the team's knowledge and availability to work in the above-stated geographical area. G) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: All information must be included in the SF 330 package, (cover letter, attachments). Firms must be registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) prior to contract award. Registration information is available at the CCR website, http://www.ccr.gov. H) Those firms that meet the requirements in this announcement and wish to be considered must submit SF 330 packages per above listed Submission Requirements, to: USDA Forest Service Acquisition Management 1323 Club Drive Vallejo, CA 94592 no later than 4:00 p.m. local time, PST, on May 31, 2011. Submittals received after this date and time will not be considered. Firms not providing the required information may be negatively evaluated. Facsimile and E-mail submittals will not be accepted. E-mail address for inquiries is: danmayer@fs.fed.us *** END OF ANNOUNCEMENT *** Point of Contact Dan R. Mayer, Contract Specialist, Phone 503-630-8709, Email danmayer@fs.fed.us
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