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Notice Date
Notice Type
336992 — Military Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Defense Logistics Agency, DLA Acquisition Locations, DLA Land and Maritime, P O Box 3990, Columbus, Ohio, 43218-3990, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Charles E. Lee, Phone: 6146929373, Richard J Matz, Phone: 614-692-8148
E-Mail Address
charles.e.lee@dla.mil, richard.matz@dla.mil
(charles.e.lee@dla.mil, richard.matz@dla.mil)
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
NSN 2590-01-528-7508 – PARTS KIT, SERVICE being bought in accordance with Army (19207) drawing 57K4845 AMEND A NR A DTD 05 SEP 19 TYPE NUMBER: 57K4845-005 and all related data. The total quantity required is 307 kits with 99 each to be shipped to (W62G2T) STOCKTON, CA 95296-0130 and 208 kits to be shipped to (W25G1U) NEW CUMBERLAND, PA 17070-5002. This solicitation is an RFP and will be available on the Internet at http://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/rfp on or about the issue date of 9/9/10; hard copies of this solicitation are not available. Technical drawings/bid sets are available after the same issue date on the Internet at http://www.dibbs.bsm.dla.mil/ then click the cFolders under the Technical Data tab. Requests should include the RFP number, opening/closing date, NSN, purchase Request Number, buyer’s name and your complete name and address. FEDERAL, MILITARY AND COMMERCIAL SPECIFICATIONS CANNOT BE PROVIDED BY DSCC. This solicitation is 100% set-aside for small business concerns. While price may be a significant factor in the evaluation of offers, the final award decision will be based upon a combination of price, delivery, and past performance. The required delivery is 135 days. Interested parties may obtain copies of Military and Federal Specifications and Standards, Qualified Products Lists, Military Handbooks, and other standardization documents from the DoD Single Stock Point (DODSSP), in Philadelphia, PA. Most documents are available in Adobe PDF format from the ASSIST-Quick Search and, in most cases download the documents directly via the Internet using standard browser software. Documents not available for downloading from ASSIST can be ordered from the DODSSP using the ASSIST Shipping Wizard, after establishing a DODSSP Customer Account by following the registration procedures or by phoning the DODSSP Special Assistance Desk at (215)697-6396/6257 (DSN: 442-6396/6257).Based on market research this item is manufactured for military use only and is not commercial; therefore, the Government is not using the policies contained in FAR Part 12 in its solicitation for this item. However, interested persons may identify to the contracting officer their interest and capability to satisfy the Government’s requirement with a commercial item with 15 days of this notice. Users not having access to the Internet may contact the DODSSP, Bldg. 4/D, 700 Robbins Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19111-5094. Patterns, Drawings, Deviations Lists, Purchase Description, etc., are not stocked at the DODSSP. ITEM DESCRIPTION FOR PR: 0026627147 PARTS KIT, SERVICE AO MTV SUPPLIER SHALL ENSURE THAT ALL PARTS WILL HAVE TRACEABILITY BACK TO AUTHORIZED SUPPLIERS SHOWN ON KIT DRAWING. EXCEPTION TO DRAWING:WHEN PROVIDING A GIVEN NSN,WEBFLIS APPROVED CAGE AND P/N'S WITH RNCC-RNVC OF 2-2,3-2, AND 5-2 MAY BE USED. RNCC-RNVC CODES 3-9 AND 5-9 MAY NOT USED AND ARE CONSIDERED OBSOLETE. FAT TESTING REQUIRED FOR PART NUMBER 12418424 NSN 5310-01-454-5553. EATON CORP 52304 IS WAIVED. NOTES: EXCEPTION TO DRAWING, PARTS SHOWING SUPPLIER AXLE TECH MAY ALSO BE PROCURED FROM ARVIN MERITOR WITH PROPER TRACEABILITY. DLAD CLAUSE 52.246-9004,PRODUCT VERIFICATION TESTING,IS HEREBY INCORPORATED,AND MAY BE INVOKED AT THE DISCRETION OF THE PROCUREMENT ACTIVITY. IF AQLS ARE LISTED IN THE SPECIFICATION(S) OR DRAWING(S) THEY MAY BE USED TO ESTABLISH THE AUTHORIZED SAMPLE SIZE,HOWEVER,THE ACCEPTANCE NUMBER FOR THIS CONTRACT IS ZERO;I.E.,THIS CONTRACT REQUIRES A SAMPLING PLAN THAT ACCEPTS ON ZERO DEFECTS AND REJECTS ON ONE OR MORE DEFECT(S). CLASS I OZONE DEPLETING CHEMICALS ARE NOT TO BE USED NOR INCORPORATED IN ANY ITEMS TO BE DELIVERED UNDER THIS CONTRACT.THIS PROHIBITION SUPERSEDES ALL SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS BUT DOES NOT ALLEVIATE ANY PRODUCT REQUIREMENTS. SUBSTITUTE CHEMICALS MUST BE SUBMITTED FOR APPROVAL UNLESS THEY ARE AUTHORIZED BY THE SPECIFICATION REQUIREMENTS. KIT QUALITY PROVISION. 1. THIS REQUIREMENT APPLIES TO MATERIAL SUPPLIED TO THE GOVERNMENT AS A KIT. 2. THE CONTRACTOR SHALL COMPLY WITH ALL APPLICABLE QUALIFIED PRODUCTS LIST (QPL) REQUIREMENTS FOR THE KIT COMPONENTS BEING SUPPLIED. 3. THE CONTRACTOR SHALL INCORPORATE A SYSTEM FOR OBTAINING, HANDLING AND SUPPLYING ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURER (OEM) CERTIFIED PARTS INTO ALL CONTRACTUAL DOCUMENTS ENTERED INTO WITH ITS VENDORS. 4. THE CONTRACTOR SHALL IMPLEMENT AN INSPECTION SYSTEM, WHICH WILL INCLUDE INSPECTION OF ALL PARTS UPON RECEIPT TO ENSURE CONFORMANCE WITH REQUIREMENTS AND TO ENSURE THAT THEY ARE NOT DAMAGED. 5. THE CONTRACTOR SHALL MAINTAIN A SYSTEM OR PROCESS THAT WILL ENSURE TRACEABILITY OF ALL PARTS, THROUGH AN UNBROKEN SUPPLY CHAIN, TO THE MANUFACTURER. 6. THE CONTRACTOR'S INSPECTION SYSTEM AND PROCEDURE FOR ENSURING PARTS TRACEABILITY SHALL BE AVAILABLE FOR REVIEW BY THE GOVERNMENT AT THE REQUEST OF THE CONTRACTING OFFICER. 7. THE CONTRACTOR SHALL FURNISH ONLY THOSE PARTS THAT ARE KNOWN TO BE ACCEPTABLE TO THE GOVERNMENT, I.E. SOLE SOURCE PARTS, APPROVED SOURCE PARTS, ACCEPTABLE SOURCE PARTS, AS REFLECTED IN THE GOVERNMENT'S CONTRACT TECHNICAL DATA FILE (CTDF). 8. UNLESS OTHERWISE APPROVED IN ADVANCE BY THE CONTRACTING OFFICER, THE CONTRACTOR SHALL SUPPLY ONLY NEW AND UNUSED PARTS THAT ARE NOT GOVERNMENT SURPLUS PARTS. "FINAL INSPECTION AND ACCEPTANCE OF THE ITEM SHALL BE AT THE ACTUAL MANUFACTURING FACILITY. TECHNICAL INSPECTION IS REQUIRED. THE CONTRACTOR SHALL MAKE DRAWINGS AND TECHNICAL INFORMATION AVAILABLE TO VERIFY THAT THE ITEM MEETS ALL TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS. COUNT, KIND, AND CONDITION INSPECTIONS ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE. THIS NOTE TAKES PRECEDENCE OVER MASTER SOLICITATION PART ONE PROVISIONS, NOTE 6, QUOTATIONS BY NON-MANUFACTURERS (APR 1984, DCSC 52.217-9C01). FINAL INSPECTION OF PACKAGING, IF REQUIRED, MAY BE CONDUCTED ELSEWHERE." FULL AND OPEN COMPETITION APPLY I/A/W QAP 14153 QAP-EQ001 REFNO AMEND NR B DTD 02/13/96 TYPE NUMBER I/A/W QAP 14153 QAP-EQ002 REFNO AMEND NR A DTD 03/10/03 TYPE NUMBER I/A/W DRAWING NR 19207 12418424 REFNO AMEND NR B DTD 03/23/06 TYPE NUMBER I/A/W DRAWING NR 19207 57K4845 BASIC AMEND NR A DTD 09/19/05 TYPE NUMBER 57K4845-005
Web Link
FBO.gov Permalink
Place of Performance
Address: DLA LAND AND MARITIME, 3990 E. BROAD ST., COLUMBUS, Ohio, 43218, United States
Zip Code: 43218
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