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Z -- PMOC Complex Repairs - Solicitation

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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
236220 — Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
Contracting Office
Department of the Army, U. S. Army Materiel Command, Anniston Chemical Agent Disposal Facility (ANCDF), 3580 MORRISVILLE ROAD, Anniston, Alabama, 36201, United States
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Point of Contact
Ashley Rollins, Phone: 256-238-0721 x 131
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Solicitation OBJECTIVE This scope is intended to correct base settlement of the building modules and stabilize the structure for extended service. This scope is also intended to restore aesthetics, preserve the structural integrity of the building by waterproofing repairs as well as repair and improve maintenance access to the building. Work shall include replacement the under skirt and improve maintenance access to the crawlspace by adding access doors. Extended periods of rain reveal leaks into the building apparently coming from the HVAC units or the attic vents along the building's back wall. Proper sealing is required to repair leaks into the building. Additionally, maintenance access to the HVAC units is limited and unsafe due to the grade slope behind the building. Five (5) decks are to be installed around the HVAC units to facilitate safe access for maintenance. The Subcontractor shall provide all labor, materials, equipment and debris haul-off to execute this work. SCOPE SUMMARY: •1. Pressure wash and clean exterior •2. Re-seat/replace loose or missing wall metal screws •3. Caulk/seal windows, doors, and attic vents •4. Caulk Roof/Wall Metal Seam •5. Caulk/seal Wall Mount HVAC units •6. Replace Under-skirt metal, framing, and trim - Install maintenance access and improve support framing •7. Install HVAC Maintenance Access Decks SCOPE DETAIL: •1. Pressure wash and clean building exterior Pressure wash building exterior and clean walls. Where possible, remove stains. Per WA Environmental, Simple Green House and Siding Cleaner (Pressure Washer Concentrate, Product Code 18201) [Site MSDS WA01898] may be used in unlimited quantities but may not be permitted to discharge into storm drainage systems. •2. Reseat/replace any loose wall metal screws Inspect all wall surfaces for loose or missing wall screws. Re-seat or replace as required and provide including screw grommets/seals. Caulk plugging of small holes and punctures is acceptable. Replace or re-mount any building markings, placards or decals. [This activity should take place after re-leveling of the building modules] •3. Caulk/seal windows, doors, and attic vents Remove any existing caulk and re-seal all windows and doors using color matching caulk. Surface prep should be completed in accordance with product manufacturer's recommendations. •4. Caulk/seal Roof/wall metal seam Caulk and seal all gaps between the roof membrane, corrugated wall metal and gutters interface. Ensure roof runoff is routed to the gutters/j-mold and not behind the wall metal. Seal all screws mounting the gutter to the wall. Sealant shall be a black polyurethane (or WA ENG approved alternative) compatible with the black EPDM roof membrane. Where necessary, caulk the seam between the walls and back deck overhangs. •5. Replace Skirting and Support Framing (with 8 ea access doors) Remove all existing skirting, base framing and skirt trim. Replace base framing with a pressure treated a 2x4 system that includes upper horizontal supports and vertical supports on no greater than 48" centers. Replace existing crawlspace vents to provide ventilation according to local codes. Include access doors between 3 to 4' wide, 2 on each end, 2 on the front and 2 along the back side of the building. Location drawings shall be provided by WA. Each door shall include a hasp for locking. •6. Install HVAC Maintenance Access Decks HVAC maintenance access decks shall be constructed around PMOC-HVAC-006 through -010. Backfill of the adjacent embankment will be required to provide a level walking surface around the access decks. Decks shall be 4' wide the long side and no less than 3' on the short sides of the HVAC unit (except where doorways and landings interfere). Walking surface elevation shall be approximately 2'-2" (floor level) below the bottom of the HVAC unit. Decks shall be pressure treated structure and composite wood decking construction. Each deck shall have a fixed ladder type access. Deck handrails shall be removable tubular aluminum (e.g. Kee Clamp or similar). Handrails shall have an integral toe board. At a minimum, a safety chain shall be installed at the ladder access between the handrail and building wall. Ladder construction shall comply with the appropriate requirements of OSHA 1910.27 (per 1910.25 - low density wood shall not be used for ladder construction) Demo the existing exit deck between HVAC-008 & -009. Replace with a common deck that provides access to the exit door and HVAC-008. The stairway of this deck shall be relocated further from the building to facilitate construction of the -009 maintenance deck. The top of the new deck shall equal the elevation of the existing deck. Portions of the railings, such as stairway, where removable railings are not required for HVAC maintenance access, may be of PT 2x4 constructions with composite handrails. Provide a skid textured surface to all access ladder rungs and stair treads. (See existing stairways) Provide coating protection for all wood components that are not pressure treated. A minimum of 3' clearance is required between decks where ladder access is installed. [WA conducted Excavation Survey and Permit will be required prior to excavation work for footings.] GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: •· Prior to work commencement, Subcontractor shall complete a JSA/JHA for the execution of this project. •· Egress and Emergency Exit: Where exit doorways are required to be blocked, caution or danger (as appropriate) barricade tape shall be used on the inside of the doorway to prevent egress. The Building FAM shall be notified when door access is blocked. No more than 1 doorway shall be blocked at any given time. •· Staging and Storage of Equipment and Materials: Coordinate with the Building FAM for storage and staging of materials. No products or materials should be left open or unsecured overnight or during off-shift hours. •· There shall be no deviation from the original scope except as allowed through WANCDF Contracts as required depending on the changes being recommended. •· There shall be no interruption of utilities during execution of this work. •· Any additional work such as wall metal or structural damage that is discovered during work execution shall be brought to the attention of the Process Coordinator prior to proceeding with any further work in that area. •· Contractor(s) will participate in the Pre-Job Briefings to insure that good communications is established with WANCDF Contracts and Maintenance departments before any work begins. Extreme caution shall be taken to insure that unplanned outages will not occur.
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Address: 3580 Morrisville Road, Anniston, Alabama, 36201, United States
Zip Code: 36201
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