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B -- Improving the Health and Safety of Minority Workers

Notice Date
Notice Type
611310 — Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools
Contracting Office
Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Acquisition and Assistance Field Branch (Morgantown), 1095 Willowdale Road, Morgantown, West Virginia, 26505
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Solicitation Number
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Point of Contact
Rebecca S Mullenax, Phone: 304-285-5880, Kimberly P Groves, Phone: 304-285-5885
E-Mail Address
rmullenax@cdc.gov, kgroves@cdc.gov
(rmullenax@cdc.gov, kgroves@cdc.gov)
Small Business Set-Aside
Title: Improving the Health and Safety of Minority Workers NOTICE OF INTENT TO ISSUE A PURCHASE ORDER. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), Cincinnati, Ohio, Division of Applied Research and Technology (DART), Organizatinal Science and Human Factors Branch hereby announces its intent to issue a purchase order to the University of Illinois for the following:. Statement of Work 1. Background and Need-In 2006, NIOSH funded a program of research designed to gather data on workplace factors influencing the safety and health of minority, immigrant, aging and low income workers. 2. Project Objective-One of the goals of this project is to provide a comprehensive assessment of workplace psychosocial and work organization factors related to stress and stress-related problems. A research study was specifically designed to identify and characterize the workplace psychosocial risks most salient to the OSH of minorities. 3 Scope of Work-The Contractor shall assist with conducting this research study. Specifically, the Contractor shall conduct 100 face-to-face interviews with English-speaking African Americans/Blacks, Native American, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino participants (split equally between these racial/ethnic groups) aged 18-65 representing a broad range of industries and occupations residing in the Chicago, IL area. This will involve identifying respondents to participate in the study, identifying and providing training to face-to-face interviewers, conducting the face-to-face session with each respondent, audio-recording each interview, etc. 4 Technical Requirements-The Contractor will provide the necessary equipment, supplies, personnel to conduct all tasks described below: Task 1: Interviewer Recruitment and Training a) Identification/Recruitment of Interviewers & Interviewees The Contractor shall work with the project officer in a series of meetings to develop and execute a plan for identifying and recruiting interviewers and interviewees for the qualitative data collection. The initial meeting will occur no later than September 30, 2010. Interviewers may be trained members of the Contractors' research staff, trained graduate and/or undergraduate students, etc. A sufficient amount of trainers (i.e. number commensurate with workload and a diversity of trainers should be recruited to meet project demands (e.g., One objective is to match interviewers and interviewees on race/ethnicity. Trainers should be recruited accordingly.) b) Conduct of Interviewer Training In addition, the Contractor shall give the training seminar to recruited interviewers. The training contents will be related to study protocol, administration of a pre-interview survey, training on study procedure, face-to-face interviewing techniques and so forth. The NIOSH PO and the community partners may participate or observe the training seminar(s). The Contractor shall be responsible for reimbursing interviewers if reimbursement is needed. Once training is completed, all trained interviewers will be given a final debriefing with a package of information that includes all study materials, equipment (e.g., audiorecording devices, and so forth), and supplies. Interviewers will conduct the face-to-face sessions within no more than 2 weeks of having completed training. Task 2: Qualitative Interview Data Collection a) Completion of 100 Face-to-Face Interviews with Eligible Respondents The Contractor shall conduct a total of 100 interviews using the sampling strategy and the qualitative interview protocol approved by the NIOSH PO. The Contractor may be responsible for conducting preliminary screenings of potential interviewees using the study's inclusion criteria. Interviews shall be conducted with 25 Blacks/African Americans, 25 Hispanics/Latinos (i.e. with one Hispanic/Latino ethnic group such as Mexicans/Mexican Americans.), 25 American Indians/Native Americans, 25 Asians (i.e. with one Asian ethnic group such as Koreans). All respondents will be American-born, American-reared (i.e. reared in the U.S. since age 7) and English-speaking (fluent) as data collection will be in English only. The Contractor shall only use interviewers who have been thoroughly trained to conduct the face-to-face session (i.e. those who have participated in the training seminars. These interviewers shall administer a pre-interview survey and shall conduct face-to-face interviews in a standardized way and in a way consistent with training. Interviewers shall take notes and audio-record all interviews with audio recording devices provided by the Contractor. Interviewers should check equipment to ensure that the interview is appropriately recorded. The Contractor shall provide reimbursements to respondents for completing the qualitative interview. The Contractor may need to establish a system for facilitating reimbursements to respondents for their participation in the face-to-face session. b) Quality Assurance, Data Management, and Status Reporting As the face-to-face sessions are being conducted by interviewers, the Contractor will actively monitor and ensure the quality of interviews. For example, the Contractor may choose to have a "supervisor" will accompany interviewers to interviews on percentage of interviewers' cases. Further, as interviews are completed in a weekly basis, the Contractor shall examine all written and recorded data for quality. For instance, the Contractor shall ensure that all audio-recordings and other data collected are clear when they are submitted by the interviewers prior to forwarding these recordings to the NIOSH PO. In addition, the Contractor shall establish a system that allows interviewers to submit data collected from the face-to-face session in an organized way. In other words, all data submitted to the Contractor by its interviewers should be kept appropriately organized. The Contractor shall provide regular reports to the NIOSH PO (detailing basic demographics for persons interviewed to date, response and refusal rates, interview completion rates, problems encountered, if any, and so forth) throughout the data collection process. c) Submission of Surveys and Interview Audio-Recordings The Contractor shall submit all surveys and audiorecordings to the NIOSH PO. Task 3: Report Development The Contractor shall develop a report on the qualitative interview data collection. The report shall include documentation of interview training, interviewee selection processes and procedures, data collection processes and procedures (including a description of strengths and weakness of the procedures and emergent problems), study limitations, overall interview completion and response rates, and so forth. It may also include a description of the Contractor's general impressions of the data collected. Task 4: Report Submission The Contractor shall draft a report on study findings. This draft shall be prepared with the input of community partners, with partners providing comments on the preliminary drafts of the report. The Contractor shall submit a final report incorporating any comments and/or changes as required by the NIOSH PO. Task 5: Project Debriefing To formally conclude the project, the Contractor shall have a final telephonic or face-to-face meeting with the NIOSH PO. C5. Reporting Requirements/Schedule- As indicated above, Contractor shall coordinate regular telephonic conference calls and/or on-site meetings to plan and to discuss the implementation of this work and to facilitate the completion of tasks specified in this contract. Within one month of contract award, Contractor shall have coordinated either a telephonic or an on-site meeting between its staff (including the project director, research associates, sampling experts, where appropriate etc.) and either the NIOSH PO only and/or the NIOSH project team as assembled by the PO. Thereafter, bi-weekly to monthly conference calls shall be arranged by the Contractor. Following each meeting, the Contractor shall generate brief notes documenting progress, agreed upon decisions and action items and shall circulate the notes to the NIOSH PO for review. Reports that are required are described within the tasks specified in this contract. In addition, a monthly progress report detailing the current status of the Task Order shall be written. The report shall be narrative in form and shall include a summary of progress toward completion of the Task Order, any changes in the procedures used, and problems encountered to date, including the Contractor's assessment of the specific impact of such problems on scheduled date of completion. 6. Special Considerations-N/A 7. Government Furnished Property-N/A D. Period of Performance/Delivery Schedule- Period of Performance Task 1: Interviewer Recruitment and Training September 30, 2010-March 14, 2011 (including meetings to develop recruitment plan and training protocols starting Sept. 30, 2010) Task 2: Qualitative Interview Data Collection May 1, 2011-November 1, 2012 (or when IRB approval is received) Task 3: Report Development November 30, 2012- December 31, 2013 Task 4: Report Submission (with Revisions) On or before January 15, 2014 Task 5: Project Debriefing On or before February 1, 2014 Delivery Schedule One copy of the final workplan as well as one copy of the final report shall be furnished to the NIOSH Technical Monitor. The Contractor shall provide to the NIOSH PO the following items, in the stated quantities, and within the time frames specified below (All text documents should be in MicrosoftWord, if possible). All data files should be in SPSS as specified above). Interviews will be submitted in the form of interviewers' written documentation of interviews and in the form of audiorecordings. Item Description Quantity Delivery Date Deliver To 1. Draft then Final Detailed Workplan 1 copy Completed within 100 calendar days of contract award NIOSH PO 2. Preparation of final interview training protocol, interviews, survey, strategy for interviewee recruitment, and other supporting materials 1 copy Completed within 120 calendar days of contract award NIOSH PO 3. Preparation and Submission of Institutional Review Board (IRB) Application. 1 copy Submission within 150 calendar days of contract award NIOSH PO 4. Interviewer Training Seminar and Materials 1 copy Completed within 6 months of contract award NIOSH PO 5. Submission of pre-interview surveys and audiorecordings 1 copy Completed within 8-40 months of contract award NIOSH PO 6. Draft then Final Report 1 copy Completed within 40 months of contract award NIOSH PO Research and Development This project involves research and development. The purpose of the project is to obtain greater knowledge of the work organization and psychosocial risk factor in the workplace that influence the health of racial and ethnic minorities. Disposition of Data The contractor shall provide the following data in electronic form immediately following the termination of data collection:  All pre-interview survey data (hard copy)  All data collected from the qualitative interview including the interviewers' written records. The data should be delivered in Microsoft Word File, if possible, or in a form that is convertible to Microsoft Word. In addition, the Contractor will submit audio-recordings of all interviews (the exact type of tape that would need to be submitted will need to be discussed).  Documentation of the outcome of attempts to contact each study participant. The Contractor will assure that data generated from this contract are maintained and stored in such a manner that the data will be kept confidential and that the data in each record will not be disclosed or viewed by staff or others not connected with the data collections. NIOSH shall analyze and maintain all data collected under this contract and be responsible for the disclosure of any data. All materials developed or information of any nature resulting from work performed under this contract will be submitted to the PO for review and approval prior to dissemination. Data obtained and materials developed under this contract shall only be used in the manner specifically prescribed. Uses other than those prescribed must be approved by the PO prior to the initiation of such activity. Responsible sources that believe they possess the expertise and capabilities identified above are encouraged to submit to the Contracting Officer within 15 days from the posting date of this notice, their written capabilities statement and pricing information in the format they choose, not to exceed 10 pages. Please forward the capability statement and pricing information to Rebecca Mullenax, Purchasing Agent, Reference000HCCGE-2010-85559, CDC NIOSH, 1095 Willowdale Road, Morgantown, WV 26505, or E-mail to RMULLENAX@CDC.GOV or FAX to 304-285-6083. Phone 304-285-5880. All vendors must be registered in the Central Contractor Registry (CCR) prior to an award of a federal contract. The website is: www.ccr.gov. The Government will review any/all capabilities statements and pricing information submitted and determine if other qualified sources do exist that could provide this requirement. Information received in response to this announcement will be used solely for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. If no affirmative responses are received within 15 days, in accordance with FAR 13.106-1(b)(1), negotiations will be conducted with the University of Illinois, 809 S Marshfield, Room 520, Chicago, IL 60612-4305 as the only source and a purchase order will be issued without any additional notices being posted.
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