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Notice Date
Notice Type
332710 — Machine Shops
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, Military Sealift Command, MSFSC Norfolk, Building SP-64, 471 C Street, Norfolk, Virginia, 23511, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Melanie A. Barrett, Phone: 757-443-5962, EDDRIAN LOGAN, Phone: 757443-5883
E-Mail Address
melanie.barrett@navy.mil, eddrian.logan@navy.mil
(melanie.barrett@navy.mil, eddrian.logan@navy.mil)
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Various Pictures of SSTG Rotor in warehouse 7.0 STATEMENT OF WORK REQUIRED 7.1 Provide all labor, material, equipment, and transportation. Coordinate performance of required inspections with ABS Surveyor and provide certification of work accomplished. 7.2 Remove ship service generator rotor and crate from warehouse to shop. 7.3 Completely disassemble the rotor and thoroughly clean and examine all parts. Protect machined surfaces. 7.4 The rotor was treated with Vacuum impregnation treatment (VPI) at time of reconditioning. It is expected that 70% of the retainer rings and other fasteners will break upon removal. Contractor is to take this into consideration when estimating for retainer rings removal (with necessary removal of broken fasteners, drilling, tapping, provision of new fasteners, and reinstallation of same). 7.5 The following work must be accomplished prior to fabrication and installation of coils. a. Inspect and dimensionally measure shaft, and flanges. It is known that the shaft has a run out exceeding maximum allowance and flange may be out of perpendicularity. b. Perform NDT on shaft flange and journal. c. Submit as found condition report and technical proposal for recommended repairs. d. Correction (If Required) of shaft and flange distortion, shaft finishing, coupling dressing will be subject to issuance of a change order. 7.6 Remove, manufacture and replace collector rings assemblies. 7.7 Manufacture, replace collector leads. 7.8 Completely strip and clean the field coils in accordance with paragraph 6.26.5 of reference 2.1. 7.9 Wet Rewind using new wire of proper size/type and wrapping as specified by the generator manufacturer in reference 2.1 or equivalent. The rotor has been modified to accept an additional two bridges per pole (Total of 18) to preclude the bulging of rotor windings in the future. 7.10 Windings and armature shall be vacuum impregnated (VPI) with Class H thermal capability insulating varnish (DURAGUARD or equivalent) and baked in accordance with IEEE 45 (or equivalent international standard) requirements. Cure according to manufacturer's specifications. 7.11 Take (Megger) reading for insulation resistance and grounds. Record and provide readings. 7.12 Perform Static impedance test / Volt drop test across each field coil. Compare to determine that there are no short turns in any of the field coils. Each reading shall be within 2% of the source voltage. Record and provide readings. 7.13 Perform Polarization Index (PI) test. Minimum PI readings is 2.0. 7.14 Perform Rectifier diode test meg-ohm for complete rotor circuit 7.15 Perform coil resistance test for imbalance between phases 7.16 Dynamically balance the rotor. Final unbalance shall not exceed the manufactur¬er's specifications for a new unit or, in the absence of this, the value determined by: 4 x weight of rotor (lbs.) Unbalance (ounce inches) = -------------------------- Max. operating RPM of unit 7.17 Accomplish a High Speed Balance of the rotor. Run the rotor a Rated speed for 12 Hours. Upon the completion of the 12 hour run time accomplish the requirements of Paragraph 7.16 to ensure that the rotor is Dynamically Balanced prior to shipment. Repeat the requirements of this paragraph until the angle and amplitude remains consistant. 7.18 Completely reassemble the rotor. Inspect. Crate for shipment using Certified Treated Wood required for International Shipment. Use of existing shipping container is acceptable as long as it's condition is acceptable for reuse. 7.19 Return rotor to MSC Warehouse located in Building LP-26 on Naval Operations Base, Norfolk Virginia. 7.20 Submit a comprehensive report in English stating condition(s) as found, test(s) performed with relative results, technical recommendations made and corrective action taken and "as released" condition. Technical Manual S9311-BP-MMM-010 is now attached for download if needed. Zip file of pictures is also attached with several shots of each end of the Rotor as well as the sides.
Web Link
FBO.gov Permalink
Place of Performance
Address: Location/Quantity: Rotor is available for survey at the Military Sealift Fleet Support Command warehouse located in Building LP-26 at Naval Operations Base Norfolk. The POC for surveying the Rotor is Melanie Barrett who can be reached at Melanie.barrett@navy.mil or David Barton and he can be reached at David.Barton1@navy.mil, Norfolk, Virginia, 23511, United States
Zip Code: 23511
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