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80 -- 8030-01-234-2793 - 8030012342793RFQ

Notice Date
Notice Type
Special Notice
325520 — Adhesive Manufacturing
Contracting Office
General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Center for Facilities Maintenance and Hardware (CFMH)(6QSA), 1500 East Bannister Road, Kansas City, Missouri, 64131, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Matthew S. Salisbury, Phone: 816-823-1388
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Offer submittal form, optional, please include all requested information. Quantity 28, destination is Robins AFB GA 31098. No substitutions, see attached justification for other than full and open competition. Successful offeror must be currently active in the Central Contractor Registration (www.ccr.gov). 8030-01-234-2793 UI: KT SEALING COMPOUND: DESCRIPTION A two-part, sprayable, corrosion-inhibitive, dichromate-cured, polysulfide sealant for corrosion protection of aluminum. Size: a gallon kit consisting of 96 fl oz base compound and the required amount of curing agent packaged in separate containers. Shelf life code: 2 (6 months) Maximum age on delivery: 2 months PRC-DeSoto International Inc. part number PR-1432-G. ITEM MARKING Each item shall be marked with the following: (1) marking in accordance with SAE Aerospace Standard AS5502, paragraphs 5.2.1 and 5.2.2 except for specification title, AMS designation, class, and type. (2) instructions for use, thinning, mixing, shaking, etc. on unit containers only (3) instructions for storage, i.e. do not freeze, requires refrigeration, etc. (4) if a kit, then each kit component shall be marked with the kit name and component part. (5) manufacturer's name and part number (6) if applicable, the maximum volatile organic compound content (VOC), less water and exempt solvents, in lbs/gl or grams/liter. (7) if the VOC of the item exceeds the legal limits for the intended use in the South Coast Air Quality Management jurisdiction, then the product shall be prominently marked in contrasting and highly visible lettering on the outside of the shipping container, "NOT FOR SALE OR USE IN SOUTH COAST AIR QUALITY MANAGEMENT DISTRICT." PACKAGING KIT PACKAGING: The product shall be furnished in the specified kit size quantities packaged in the manufacturer's original, separate containers and in accordance with normal commercial practice. There shall be no interaction chemically or physically with the contents so as to damage the containers or alter the strength, quality, or purity of the contents. Such packaged ingredients shall be further packaged or assembled together as a complete unit in kit form. The filled containers and kit assembly shall be closed in a manner that will insure the contents will not spill or leak from the containers and that separation of the components will be prevented during shipment, handling, storage, and redistribution. PACKING PACKING: Material packaged as specified above shall be packed in a close-fitting, corrugated, fiberboard box conforming to Section 6(a), Rule 41 of the Uniform Freight Classification and Item 222 of the National Motor Freight Classification (200 minimum burst). Closure of the boxes shall be in accordance with Section 7 of Rule 41 of the Uniform Freight Classification. Gross weight of the box and contents shall not exceed 65 pounds. MARKING All unit, intermediate, transport packages and unit loads shall be marked and bar coded for delivery to civilian activities in accordance with the latest version of FED-STD-123, "Marking For Shipment (Civil Agencies)", or marked and bar coded for delivery to military activities in accordance with the latest version of MIL-STD-129, "Military Marking For Shipment and Storage". "Latest version" is defined as the version in effect on the date of bid submittal. Federal Standards and Military Standards can be accessed on-line via the Defense Logistics Agency's "Assist" Quicksearch web site: http://assist.daps.dla.mil/quicksearch/. South Coast Air Quality Management District Provision: If the item is on an existing contract, the supplier shall follow the pre-arranged California South Coast Air Quality Management District labeling requirements. PALLETIZATION Pallet Configuration: The pallets shall be 48-inch length x 40-inch width, general purpose, four-way entry, flush stringer, double-face non-reversible pallets. Pallet lumber used shall be bark free. Pallet Load Size: The load plus the pallet shall have a maximum height of 53 inches and shall not exceed 2500 pounds in weight for shipments to Eastern Distribution Center (Burlington). The palletized load shall not exceed 2000 pounds in weight for shipments to the Western Distribution Center (Sharpe). Stacking Strength: The pallet plus the load shall be capable of supporting two additional like loads without any product damage and without the load or the pallet collapsing. Vertical, horizontal, or filler reinforcement may be added as necessary to provide strength. Partial Palletized Loads: Less than one-half pallet loads shall not be used for stacking, unless load is balanced on pallet. The partial palletized load shall be used for top loading only. NOTICE OF REQUIREMENTS FOR SHIPMENT TO EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES: Per Clause D-FSS-468, non-manufactured wood pallets and other non-manufactured wood package material used in shipments destined for ultimate delivery to or through a European Union (EU) country shall comply with the Emergency Measures (2001/219/EC) adopted by the Commission of the European Communities (CEC). Additionally, shipments delivered to DoD distribution facilities or freight consolidation points for eventual delivery to or through EU countries shall comply with DLA PROCLTR 01-15.
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