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51 -- Request Quote for Tool 5130-01-087-6819

Notice Date
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
444130 — Hardware Stores
Contracting Office
General Services Administration, Federal Acquisition Service (FAS), Center for Facilities Maintenance and Hardware (CFMH)(6QSA), 1500 East Bannister Road, Kansas City, Missouri, 64131, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Joseph W Alfred, Phone: (816) 823-1319, Jacqueline A Simington, Phone: (816)926-5837
E-Mail Address
joseph.alfred@gsa.gov, jackie.simington@gsa.gov
(joseph.alfred@gsa.gov, jackie.simington@gsa.gov)
Small Business Set-Aside
FROM: COMPANY: PHONE: FAX: FROM: COMPANY: PHONE: FAX: PLEASE RESPOND BY Monday 05/03/10 3:00 PM Central United States of America GSA, FAS, Global Supply Heartland Supply Operations Center Acquisition Division Tools SOP Branch (QSDKAA) 1500 E. Bannister Road Kansas City, Missouri 64131 Phone: 816-823-1319 Fax: 816-823-3109 Joseph Alfred E-Mail: joseph.alfred@gsa.gov FOR INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT: *************************************** REQUEST FOR QUOTATIONS - THIS IS NOT AN ORDER *************************************** IMPORTANT: This is a request for quotations, and quotations furnished are not offers. This request does not commit the Government to pay any costs incurred in the preparation of the submission of this quotation, or to contract for supplies or services IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO QUOTE, PLEASE SO INDICATE ON THIS FORM AND RETURN. If individual PO is over $3000, Clause 52.225-1 applies (Buy American Act) VENDOR MUST COMPLETE THIS SECTION: NSN # OF ORDERS TOTAL QUANTITY QUOTED PRICE UNIT OF ISSUE EA 5130-01-087-6819 1 48 Aurand Tool & Equipment Part Number:M5-1 LEAD TIME\SHIP ORDER______________ Price Expires_________________ DUN & BRADSTREET NO. __________________ ALL PRICES SHOULD BE FOB DESTINATION, PLEASE INDICATE IF NOT. SEE ATTACHED PAGES FOR COMPLETE ITEM DESCRIPTIONS (if applicable) Please note: There is no need to return the item descriptions with your completed request for quote. Thank You! Salient Characteristics: All wiring, flexible cord, and attachment plug cap shall meet the requirements of Underwriter's Laboratories Standard No. 45. The cord length shall be at least 10 feet long. The tool shall have a 2 pole, 3 wire grounding system that meets the requirements of Underwriter's Laboratories Standard No. 498. The motor shall be of the universal series wound type capable of operating on 120 volts AC/DC. The motor shall develop 3/8 horsepower or more at the cutter bundle shaft with cutter bundles removed. The switch shall be double pole and of the quick break type with provisions for locking in the "ON" position. All rotating parts shall be provided with precision quality ball bearings or ball and roller bearings. The tool shall be of the double cutter type. The tool shall have a sturdy supporting wheel, or wheels, mounted on the body of the tool. The handle shall be of the closed grip type incorporating a trigger-type switch. A second handle shall be mounted on the tool in such a way as to permit the operator to exert maximum downward pressure on the cutter bundles. Cutter bundles shall be covered by guards such that the operator is protected from the failure of rotating parts. The guard shall be situated in such a manner that the cutter bundles are exposed for 180 degrees +/- 10 degrees around the periphery, and the exposed portion faces the work surface. The guard shall not interfere with the tool's operation or with changing the cutter bundles. The cutter bundle drive spindle shall be 0.5 inch, +0.000, -0.005 inch thick square and shall accommodate 2 cutter bundles. Cutter bundle rotation shall be parallel to the length of the tool. The fit of the bundles on the drive spindle shall be a sliding fit. The tool shall be provided with a means of easily regulating the depth of cut. That device shall be wear resistant. All parts shall be replaceable and adjustable without modification of the parts or the tool. The tool shall be so designed and constructed that it is fully protected from the harmful effects of debris created by the tool's operation. All parts requiring protection from dust and debris shall be enclosed. The tool shall be provided with one pair of rebuildable cutter bundles. The tool shall be supplied with any tools, equipment, and accessories necessary to assure efficient operation in accordance with the operating instructions and any tools, equipment, and accessories normally supplied commercially. The tool shall be supplied with a complete set of the manufacturer's current operating and maintenance instructions, parts list breakdown, and any other information necessary for the safe and efficient operation of the tool. The tool shall be provided with a rigid, sturdy, impact resistant, plastic or metal carrying case of sufficient size to contain the tool, maintenance tools, and all accessories. The case shall be complete with a hinged cover, carrying handles, and closing fastener. ITEM MARKING Mark each item in a permanent and legible manner with manufacturer's part number and name or identifying symbol. PACKAGING Shall be in accordance with the latest Edition of ASTM D 3951-98, "Practice for Commercial Packaging" available at www.ASTM.org. PACKING The unit packages shall be packed in a close fitting fiberboard box in compliance with the Uniform Freight Classification and the National Motor Freight Classification requirements of Rules, Item 222, Sec. 3., Minimum 200 psi, or Edge Crush Test (ECT) 32 Lbs. per Inch Width. MARKING All unit, intermediate, transport packages and unit loads shall be marked and bar coded for delivery to civilian activities in accordance with the latest version of FED-STD-123, "Marking For Shipment (Civil Agencies)", or marked and bar coded for delivery to military activities in accordance with the latest version of MIL-STD-129, "Military Marking For Shipment and Storage". "Latest version" is defined as the version in effect on the date of bid submittal. Federal Standards and Military Standards can be accessed on-line via the Defense Logistics Agency's "Assist" Quicksearch web site: http://assist.daps.dla.mil/quicksearch/. PALLETIZATION Pallet Configuration: The pallets shall be 48-inch length x 40-inch width, general purpose, four-way entry, flush stringer, double-face non-reversible pallets. Pallet lumber used shall be bark free. Pallet Load Size: The load plus the pallet shall have a maximum height of 53 inches and shall not exceed 2500 pounds in weight for shipments to Eastern Distribution Center (Burlington). The palletized load shall not exceed 2000 pounds in weight for shipments to the Western Distribution Center (Sharpe). Pallet Load Configuration: The containers or items shall be placed in a suitable pattern to form a stable and balanced load. Palletized loads shall be secured to the pallet to insure that the load arrives intact. Stacking Strength: The pallet plus the load shall be capable of supporting three additional like loads without any product damage and without the load or the pallet collapsing. Vertical, horizontal, or filler reinforcement may be added as necessary to provide strength. Partial Palletized Loads: Less than one-half pallet loads shall not be used for stacking, unless load is balanced on pallet. The partial palletized load shall be used for top loading only. NOTICE OF REQUIREMENTS FOR SHIPMENT TO EUROPEAN UNION COUNTRIES: Per Clause D-FSS-468, non-manufactured wood pallets and other non-manufactured wood package material used in shipments destined for ultimate delivery to or through a European Union (EU) country shall comply with the Emergency Measures (2001/219/EC) adopted by the Commission of the European Communities (CEC). Additionally, shipments delivered to DoD distribution facilities or freight consolidation points for eventual delivery to or through EU countries shall comply with DLA PROCLTR 01-15.
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Place of Performance
Address: 1500 E. Bannister Road, Kansas City, Missouri, 64131, United States
Zip Code: 64131
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