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C -- IDIQ Contract for A&E Services for Preparation of Navy and Marine Corps Basic Facility Requirements and Asset Evaluations for Work Predominantly in the NAVFAC Atlantic AOR, also Worldwide

Notice Date
Notice Type
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
N62470 NAVFAC ATLANTIC Code AQ 6506 Hampton Blvd, Building A Norfolk, VA
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Blake Wittmann 757-322-8123 Blake Wittmann 757-322-8123e-mail: Blake.Wittmann@navy.mil
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Notice of Intent to ContractN62470-10-R-2003 IDIQ Contract for A&E Services for Preparation of Navy and Marine Corps Basic Facility Requirements (BFR) and Asset Evaluations (AE) for Work Predominantly in the NAVFAC Atlantic AOR, also Worldwide. Description: ALL INFORMATION NEEDED FOR INTERESTED PARTIES TO SUBMIT A STANDARD FORM (SF) 330, ARCHITECT ENGINEER QUALIFICATIONS IS CONTAINED HEREIN. THERE IS NO SEPARATE REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL (RFP) PACKAGE TO DOWNLOAD. This procurement is for an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract for A&E Services for preparation of Navy and Marine Corps Basic Facility Requirements (BFR) and Asset Evaluations (AE). The primary geographic area covered by this contract encompasses the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Atlantic's (NAVFAC Atlantic) area of responsibility (AOR) and the adjacent waters of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, including the Continental United States (CONUS), the Caribbean, Europe and North Africa. However, tasks associated with this contract may be assigned anywhere in the world. The IDIQ contract term shall be for a one (1) year period, beginning at date of award, and shall contain four (4) one year option periods. The maximum combined amount that may be paid under the contract (including option years) will not exceed $15,000,000. The primary tasks anticipated under this contract include developing Basic Facility Requirements (BFR) documents and performing Asset Evaluations. Basic Facility Requirements (BFR) are developed to determine what facilities are required to perform the assigned mission. The contractor will calculate BFR by Category Code, Special Area, and Host and its tenants for each site. BFR are the result of an analysis of projected mission and base/tenant loading, operational considerations, activity and surrounding community conditions, and sound professional judgment. BFR are intended to be the minimum facilities necessary for efficient operation and are not directly constrained by anticipated funding levels, individual operational priorities or inefficiencies in existing facilities. An Asset Evaluation (AE) is an on-site inspection of an Activity's buildings and structures that is performed jointly by the contractor and the activity. During an AE, existing facilities are inspected to verify current occupancy, floor areas and usage, and to assess their ability to satisfy designated present uses. Data will include photos of buildings. The A&E must demonstrate his and each key consultant's qualifications with respect to the published evaluation factors for all services. Evaluation Factors (1) and (2) are considered most important and equal among themselves; factors (3) through (6) are slightly less important and equal between themselves; and factors (7) and (8) are of lesser importance and will be used as tiebreakers among technically equal firms. Specific evaluation factors include: Criteria 1 - Specialized Experience : The Contractor shall provide a maximum of five (5) projects that were substantially completed since Jan 2005 and show specialized experience with both DoD and non-DoD agencies. The format for the projects shall include: Experience as prime or consultant (please identify), point of contact name, e-mail address, phone number, contract number or project identification number, contract period of performance, award contract value, current contract value and a summary of the work performed that demonstrates:. Specialized experience and technical competence in application of the NAVFAC P-80 instruction to develop Basic Facility Requirements (BFRs) and P-80, P-78 & P-72 to perform Engineering Evaluations.. Knowledge of Navy systems, in particular, the Naval Facilities Internet Assets Database (iNFADS) and its various modules. Contractor must demonstrate knowledge of relationship between Basic Facility Requirements (BFRs), Facility Planning Documents (FPDs), and the Facilities Requirements Plans (FRPs) and Property Records (PRs).. Extent of experience in the following work locations: Continental United States (CONUS), Africa, Europe, Southwest Asia and Bahrain. If the Offeror is a joint venture (JV), information should be submitted as a joint venture; however, if there is no information for the joint venture, information should be submitted for each joint venture partner, not to exceed a combined total of five (5) projects. Projects shall be submitted on the SF-330 and shall be completed or substantially completed projects. Projects not completed or substantially completed will be excluded from evaluation consideration. For submittal purposes, a task order on an IDIQ contract is considered a project. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified. Criteria 2 - Professional Qualifications and Technical Competence: Professional qualifications and competence of the staff to be assigned to this contract must include:. Experience since Jan 2005 in technical disciplines, project management, and performing BFRs and AEs.. Expertise and experience in program management, partnership/teambuilding, excellent communication skills, supervisory experience and qualifications in contract management and administration.. Depth of professional staff experience in task order level project management and senior level management. Resumes for key personnel are limited to one page each and should cite project specific experience and role in this contract.. Active professional registration of staff in appropriate disciplines. It will not be necessary for prospective firms to hold registrations within the entire AOR at the time of submission of the SF 30, but the ability and willingness to obtain registration where it may be needed will be considered in evaluating qualifications.. The Contractor shall indicate the firm's ability to obtain security clearance(s) for its key personnel. Criteria 3 - Program Management: Describe the following:. Ability to concurrently perform and manage multiple projects in different locations, to meet aggressive schedules, and control costs.. Logical identification of explicit assignment of responsibilities among corporate team and subcontractor members; and. Past working experience and relationship with key consultants. Criteria 4 - Past Performance: The Government will evaluate Past Performance in terms of work quality, innovation, compliance with schedules, cost control, overall safety record, and stakeholder/customer satisfaction. The Contractor shall demonstrate long term business relationships with federal, state and private clients. Evaluating past performance and experience may include information provided by the firm, customer inquiries, Government databases, and other publicly available sources. Failure to provide requested data, accessible points of contact, or valid phone numbers could result in a firm being considered less qualified Criteria 5 - Quality Control: Firms responding to this solicitation shall provide their Quality Control Plan for consideration. The plan shall contain an explanation of the management approach, an organizational chart showing the inter-relationship of management and team components and specific quality control processes proposed for this contract. The Plan shall further describe the Offeror's processes and procedures, identify the Quality Control Manager including authorities assigned to the firm's Quality Control Manager and how the Offeror's program extends to the subcontractors. The Quality Control plan shall demonstrate knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements related to quality control. Criteria 6 - Capacity: The Contractor shall describe the ability of the firm to provide continuity of service, with no or minimal program disruption and cost impact to projects initiated under this or other NAVFAC contracts. The Contractor shall indicate the firm's present workload. and the availability of the project team (including consultants) for the specified contract performance period. Criteria 7 - Firm location (provided that the application of this criterion leaves an appropriate number of qualified firms, given the nature and size of the contract). Firms will be evaluated on the locations of their office or offices that will be performing the work under this contract. Due the worldwide coverage of this contract, offices in multiple locations would be considered an advantage. Criteria 8 - Volume of Work: Firms will be evaluated in terms of work previously awarded to the firm by DoD within the past 12 months with the objective of effecting an equitable distribution of DoD A&E contracts among qualified A&E firms, including small and small disadvantaged business firms and firms that have not had prior DoD contracts. Please indicate the amount of work awarded to the firm by DoD within the past 12 months; joint ventures should list the amount awarded to the JV entity as well as the amounts awarded to individual JV members for that time period. All contractors are advised that registration in the DoD Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Database and completion of certifications in ORCA are required prior to award of a contract. Failure to register in the DoD CCR Database and to complete certifications in ORCA may render your firm ineligible for award. For more information, check the DoD CCR Website: http://www.ccr.gov. The duration of the contracts will be for one (1) year from the date of an initial contract award with four (4) additional year option periods. The guaranteed minimum for is established at $1,000 for the entire contract term (including option years)and will be satisfied by award of the initial task order. The total amount that may be paid under this contract (including option years) will not exceed $15,000,000.00. The options may be exercised within the time frame specified in the resultant contract at the sole discretion of the Government subject to the workload and/or satisfaction of the A&E's performance under the subject contract. There will be no dollar limit per task order and no dollar limit per year. No other general notification to firms for other similar projects performed under this contract will by made. Type of contract: Firm Fixed Price Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity Contract. This proposed contract is being solicited as 100 percent set aside for small business; therefore, replies to this notice are requested from all eligible small business concerns. The small business size standard classification is NAICS 541330 ($4,500,000). SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS: Architect-Engineer firms that meet the requirements described in this announcement are invited to submit a completed SF-330 package. The SF-330 shall be typed, one sided, at least 11 pitch font or larger. Part I shall not exceed 45 single-sided 8.5 x 11 inch pages. As an attachment, provide an organization chart of the proposed team showing the names and roles of all key personnel listed in Section E with the associated firm as listed in Section C. Introductions shall be included in Sections E and F. Please include your DUNS, CAGE, and TIN numbers in Block 30 of the SF-330. Provide evidence that your firm, subconsultants, or proposed team members are permitted by law to practice the profession of Architecture or Engineering, i.e. State registration number, a brief explanation of the firm's licensing in states that do not register firms, etc. Interested firms shall submit six (6) hard copies of the SF-330 and six (6) CDs to Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Atlantic, Code ACQ12, Attn: Blake Whittman, 6506 Hampton Blvd., Room 0126, Norfolk, VA 23508. Responses are due no later than 10 March 2010 at 4:00 pm local time (EST). Late responses will be handled in accordance with FAR 52.215-1. Hand carried or electronic responses will not be accepted. Point of Contact is Blake Wittmann, at blake.wittmann@navy.mil. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL.
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