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R -- USAID/Rwanda Solicitation No. SOL-696-10-000002 for U.S Citizens or Third Country Nationals (TCNs) Personal Services Contractor, Senior Agriculture Advisor

Notice Date
Notice Type
812990 — All Other Personal Services
Contracting Office
Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Rwanda USAID-Kigali, Department of State, Washington, District of Columbia, 20521-2130
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Colette Munyakazi, Phone: 250-252570940, Hadiza Linganwa, Phone: 250-596800
E-Mail Address
cmunyakazi@usaid.gov, hlinganwa@usaid.gov
(cmunyakazi@usaid.gov, hlinganwa@usaid.gov)
Small Business Set-Aside
1. SOLICITATION NO.: SOL-696-10-000002 2. ISSUANCE DATE: January 28, 2010 3. CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS: March 5, 2010 17.00, Kigali, Rwanda, Local Time 4. POSITION TITLE: Senior Agriculture Advisor 5. MARKET VALUE: GS-14 ($84,697 - $110,104). Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value based upon the candidate's past salary, work history and educational background. 6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Two years with an option to renew for up to three additional years based on continuing need for the position, performance and availability of funds. 7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Kigali, Rwanda 8. SECURITY CLEARANCE REQUIREMENT: The apparently successful applicant shall be required to obtain a secret level security clearance as a pre-condition for employment. 9. MEDICAL CLEARANCE: The apparently successful applicant, and any eligible family members who will accompany the applicant to post, shall be required to obtain a Department of State Medical clearance to live and/or work in Rwanda as a pre-condition for employment and/or residence in Rwanda. 10. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: U.S Citizens and Third Country Nationals (TCNs) 11. SELECTION CRITERIA: Grading will be done on a 100-point scale: Education and Other Academic Training (10%), Work and Professional Experience (40%), Knowledge (15%), Skills and Abilities (35 pts). 12. STATEMENT OF WORK: A. BACKGROUND The agriculture sector in Rwanda accounts for approximately 40% of GDP and 75% of employment. Rwanda's land-constrained agricultural system is dominated by inefficiency of scale; average land holding size is less than one acre. The small size of farms is attributed to a rural population density of 685 people per km2 of arable land. Loss of soil fertility from erosion, one of the highest in Africa, significantly contributes to low yields. Continuous cropping without adequate soil fertility management practices has led to severe soil nutrient mining and a steady decline in soil fertility levels. All arable land in Rwanda is under cultivation, 90% of which is on hillsides. These factors combined contribute to chronic nutrition and hunger insecurity issues. Furthermore as climatic shocks become more volatile, highly variable rainfall in Rwanda will place agriculture in a vulnerable and unpredictable position. Despite a decade of rapid economic growth poverty remains high and women have little opportunity for economic gain, particularly in rural areas. Eighty two percent of households who rely on agriculture for a majority of their income are poor. More than one third (34%) of households in Rwanda are female-headed. During the April 2009 G20 Summit, President Obama called on the U.S. Congress to double financial support for agricultural development in developing countries, to more than $1 billion in 2010 as a permanent solution to food insecurity by restoring rapid and sustained economic growth that directly engages the world's poorest populations, many of whom depend on agricultural labor for their household incomes and food consumption. USAID/Rwanda's Economic Growth program will incorporate and lead the U.S. Government (USG) Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative (GHFSI) in Rwanda. The program, currently under development, will contribute to higher level objectives, specifically the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) to reduce hunger, poverty, and child malnutrition by half by 2015. GOR was the first country to sign a Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP) Compact in 2007. The Africa-led CAADP, which is coordinated by the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD) and Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), is a framework for catalyzing increased strategic public and private investments in agricultural research; policy, rural infrastructure development, and agricultural outreach, by national governments (GOR) and donors around an agreed agenda and rationally organize portfolios that will transform the sector. B. BASIC FUNCTION The Senior Agriculture Advisor will serve as the technical and policy advisor for USAID/Rwanda's agricultural development programs and projects within the Economic Growth (EG) program and lead implementation of the GHFSI in Rwanda. Specifically, the Advisor will provide technical leadership in planning, developing, budgeting, implementing, managing, and monitoring the USAID/Rwanda's expanding program to foster food security in Rwanda. This program is comprised of several projects that promote increased agriculture productivity, expanded markets and trade, improved economic opportunities for Rwanda's very poor, enhanced regional integration, and strengthened agricultural research. The incumbent facilitates and maintains technical discussions with the Government of Rwanda (GOR), the Rwandan private sector, non-governmental organizations (NGO), other U.S. Government (USG) agencies, multilateral donors, and implementing partners. S/he is expected to be entrepreneurial, resourceful, and innovative to identify and conceptualize promising initiatives and leverage USG, GOR, and other donor funds. S/he provides technical leadership within the USAID/Rwanda EG Team of six American and Rwandan staff and may directly supervise up to three local professional staff. C. DETAILED DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES a) Technical Leadership in Strategic Planning, Program Development, and Activity Design 1. The Advisor provides post-wide strategic, technical, and organizational leadership in agriculture development, particularly as it relates to implementing the USG Global Hunger and Food Security Initiative (GHFSI) in Rwanda. As a key advisor, the incumbent collaborates with the inter-agency team in managing major components of the GHFSI implementation plan and meeting measurable objectives. The incumbent's recognized expertise in agricultural development, including host-country agriculture development programs and policies, is a powerful influence on program policy and design. 2. Serves as a key advisor in developing new Mission food security through agriculture development interventions. In this s/he is closely involved with the USG inter-agency team, host country officials and consultants in the development of new projects, writing Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Assistance (RFA), and other procurement mechanisms consistent with GOR rural economic development and poverty reduction initiatives. The incumbent plays a key role in generating ideas and advising through every step of the procurement process. S/he is also one of the chief architects of the GHFSI implementation plan, leading the design and implementation of major components of the plan. 3. Prepares design documents for agriculture development/food security programs and leads research on social, political, cultural, and economic factors pertaining to agriculture/food security in Rwanda. Contributes to the development of the Mission's overall conceptual framework and formulates plans for implementation. 4. Develops and sustains close collaborative, professional relationships with highest-level officials of other USG agencies and GOR, key business leaders, other major donors, international organizations, and leading economic development research institutions. 5. Represents USAID economic development team to external development partners in a wide variety of events, including conferences, workshops, donor subgroup meetings, GOR meetings, agriculture sector working group meetings, and other relevant forums on agriculture development and food security. 6. S/he negotiates with host country government on project design and implementation, ensuring that host country officials at the highest level are apprised of GHFSI program progress. S/he coordinates information and builds consensus from various organizations involved in the preparation and approval of various documents. These responsibilities require the incumbent to demonstrate highly developed professional judgment and to provide technical direction and management oversight. 7. Ensures effective coordination of USAID activities with other USG agencies, donors, the GOR, NGOs, and other stakeholders. Promotes expansion of effective strategies and approaches to assist Rwanda in achieving its goals and objectives as outlined in the Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program (CAADP) Compact. 8. Coach and provide formal and informal training to EG team members in areas of expertise and develop/implement improved approaches to activity management. b) Program/Project Management and Administration The incumbent will perform the function of Contracting/Agreement Officer's Technical Representative (C/AOTR) as designated by the Mission Contracting/Agreement Officer for the management of contracts, cooperative agreements, and/or grants. Specific duties include: 1. Provides technical and organizational leadership on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of assigned projects. 2. S/he ensures that assigned projects achieve their intended results. 3. Provides technical advice to the Agreements/Contracting Officer in responding to the proposed changes in the scopes of work and program descriptions of assigned projects. 4. Provides expert technical advice and direction to institutional contractors, grantees, GOR officials, and other stakeholders as warranted. 5. Reviews and approves implementing organizations' work plans and technical reports, verifies that they meet the acceptance standards and delivery schedules, as specified in the contract/agreement. 6. Conducts assessments and site visits to monitor the program and implementing partner, stakeholder, and counterpart progress in the implementation of projects. 7. Collaborates with other donors and organizations in agriculture development to ensure synergy of program activities with those of other organizations. 8. Manages financial matters related to program activities, such as providing administrative approval of vouchers, planning and preparing for annual incremental funding amendments, and other financial administrative activities as needed, to ensure that fiscal needs of the recipient organizations are met in a timely manner. 9. Prepares all necessary internal USAID project obligation and implementation documentation for smooth program implementation, including GLAAS and other required reporting. Maintains project files. 10. Prepares and submits the annual evaluation of contractors' performance for inclusion in their central database on contractors. c) Program/Policy Analysis and Reporting 1. S/he ensures that all GHFSI projects are appropriately documented in required reports and through regular updates given to USAID stakeholders and external development partners, including the Annual Report, Portfolio Reviews, annual budget and pipeline analyses, Congressional Presentations, briefs and talking points. Oversees the preparation of reports and records by direct subordinates. 2. Works with the Monitoring and Evaluation officer to ensure that indicators to measure GHFSI program impact are tracked accurately and used to revise strategy as necessary. Coordinates with other EG team members to ensure data submitted on activities are complete and consistent for reporting in the annual report, portfolio reviews, annual budget, pipeline analyses and other required reporting. 3. Keeps the team abreast of current events in Rwanda that impact on its mission or cooperation. Advises Mission senior management and other office staff of developments relevant to the GHFSI program's implementation. Conducts consultations with stakeholders and tracks legislative developments. Collects, analyzes, and synthesizes information to inform and strategically guide program planning. 4. In active collaboration with team members, prepares concept papers and other relevant documents and initiates and describes project ideas and initiatives in accordance with Rwanda's agriculture sector strategy, the current environment in Rwanda, the institutional capabilities and purposes of potential USAID recipients, resource availability, and funding sources. D. REQUIREMENTS FOR THE POSITION: The incumbent should meet the following requirements in education, work experience, knowledge and skills and abilities to be able to carry out aforementioned duties and responsibilities. Education (10 points): A minimum of a Masters degree in the fields of Agriculture, Agriculture Economics, Agriculture Marketing, or related subject is required with strong technical emphasis or specialization in the areas of policy, production, marketing, finance and/or trade. Work experience (40 points): The incumbent is required to have a minimum of ten (10) years of agriculture development experience - including at least six (6) years of employment as a program manager and/or C/AOTR with large international organizations - with significant project management, project design, and project development experience. Prior supervisory and management experience in a position of similar complexity is required. Recent experience in the area of agriculture development as applied to economic growth and economic reform programs in transition economies is required. Knowledge (15 points): Current professional knowledge of agriculture-related development assistance and development approaches to foster food security through agriculture development is required. Prior experience and/or technical knowledge in evaluating USAID economic development activities is required. Knowledge of USAID project development, management, performance monitoring and reporting, and procurement policies and procedures is highly desirable. Skills and Abilities (35 points): Proven, demonstrated ability to work independently within agreed upon parameters with minimal supervision or guidance and while exercising sound judgment is required. The position requires an entrepreneurial, results-oriented approach to assistance, and the ability to diplomatically and tactfully confront and resolve institutional and interagency bureaucratic challenges while maintaining collaborative relations. Demonstrated ability to initiate and broker policy dialogue and workplan development and bring such dialogue with senior government officials, policy makers, NGOs and private sector representatives to closure is required. Demonstrated communications skills are critical. Candidate must have a proven ability to communicate quickly, clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, including in preparation of technical reports and presentations and briefings. The applicant must be able to explain USAID economic program policies, objectives and procedures as well as U.S. government legislation relating to agriculture development to technical and non-technical audiences. The applicant should have demonstrated ability to produce professional quality analytical pieces and deliver authoritative, persuasive oral presentations to senior USG officials from multiple agencies, other donors, foreign government, and local governments. Must demonstrate ability to write quality reports and constructively edit work of others. The incumbent must also have a high degree of technical, analytical, and quantitative skill in the analysis of statistical data, public policy, and market-related data for decision making. Successful candidates must demonstrate the ability to manage a complex portfolio of multiple development activities. The following skills and abilities are also sought: interpersonal skills, operational and management skills; computer skills including ease and skill in using word processing and power point programs, email, databases and spreadsheets; and the ability to conceptualize both strategically and programmatically. An understanding of cultural systems/norms and business practices in Rwanda or the region is a plus. Reporting Relations: The incumbent will report to and work under the general supervision and policy guidance of the General Development Officer (EG Team Leader). The EG Team Leader will review and approve the incumbent's work plan and performance measures. Supervision will be generally confined to weekly staff meetings and informal daily and/or weekly consultations. S/he may provide technical leadership to two U.S. direct-hire (DLI) staff and may supervise up to three local professional staff. S/he may also serve as acting EG Team Leader as necessary. E. POSITION ELEMENTS: 1. Supervision Received: The incumbent will report to and work under the general supervision and guidance of the EG team leader. The EG Team Leader will review and approve the incumbent's work plan and performance measures. Supervision will be generally confined to weekly staff meetings and informal daily and/or weekly consultations. 2. Available Guidelines: The incumbent will abide by all Embassy and USAID administrative procedures, USAID's Automated Directives System, supervisor's oral and written instructions, and USAID/Rwanda Mission Orders. 3. Exercise of Judgment: The incumbent shall demonstrate a professional level of judgment and initiative in order to respond to intra-office, inter-office, inter-agency and inter-governmental activities. Sound judgment is required to deal effectively with government officials. Judgment to anticipate and identify office needs related to administrative and program support is important. The incumbent is also required to use sound judgment in dealing with implementing partners and other U.S. governmental entities. 4. Authority to Make Commitment: None. 5. Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: The incumbent shall, as required, engage at the highest levels of the Mission and USAID/W, the Embassy, including Ambassador, and other USG agencies related to agriculture and food security. Specifically, the incumbent will coordinate the USG inter-agency implementation of the GHFSI in Rwanda. 6. Supervision Exercised: The incumbent may provide technical leadership to two U.S. direct-hire (DLI) staff and may supervise up to three local professional staff. S/he may also serve as acting EG Team Leader as necessary. F. PHYSICAL DEMANDS AND LOGISTICAL ARRANGEMENTS • The work is generally sedentary and does not pose undue physical demands. The position provides for USG provision of office space, telephone, fax, and email as well as travel, lodging and transportation reimbursement when undertaken for official purposes. G. WORK ENVIRONMENT • Work is primarily performed in an office setting and site visits are conducted regularly to monitor implementing partners' activities and verify asset use, identify issues and recommend follow up actions and ensure that they are carried out. 13. START DATE: Immediately, once necessary security and health clearances are obtained. 14. POINT OF CONTACT: Hadiza Linganwa at hlinganwa@usaid.gov and Colette Munyakazi at cmunyakazi@usaid.gov. 15. HOW TO APPLY: Applicants are required to address each of the above Selection Criteria on a separate sheet describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education, and/or awards or recognition they have received relevant to each criteria described below, and any related considerations. Be sure to include your name and the announcement number at the top of each additional page. To ensure consideration of applications for the intended position, please reference the solicitation number on your application, and as the subject line in any email, cover letter and any other attached pages. The highest ranking applicants may be selected for interviews. Applications must be received by the closing date and time at the address specified in the cover letter. Applications received after the date and time shall be considered late and shall be considered at the discretion of the Government. We suggest you confirm that all documents submitted were received prior to closing date and time of this notice. Equipment failures at USAID or by the applicant's network are not acceptable reasons for late submission as applicants have the option of sending hard copy via courier. QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS ARE REQUESTED TO SUBMIT: A US Government Optional Form 612 (available at the USAID website, http://www.usaid.gov/procurement_bus_opp/procurement/forms or internet http://fillform.gsa.gov, or at Federal offices). Applicants are also required to forward a 1) resume or curriculum vitae, 2) a brief annex to the resume or curriculum vitae that demonstrates how prior education, experience and/or training addresses the minimum qualifications and evaluation factors by which applicants will be initially ranked, and 3) a brief writing sample, containing the following information: 1. Personal Information: Full name, mailing address (with zip code), email address, day and evening phone numbers, social security number, country of citizenship, highest federal civilian grade held (also give job series and dates held). 2. Applicants are required to address each of the Selection Criteria on a separate sheet describing specifically and accurately what experience, training, education, and/or awards or recognition they have received relevant to the selection criteria described in the selection criteria section of this solicitation. 3. Applicants are required to provide a three to five page writing sample as part of their application to demonstrate their written English language ability. The writing sample may be an excerpt of a larger work and need not be specifically written for this solicitation. 4. Work Experience: Provide the following information for your paid and non-paid work experience related to the job for which you are applying (do not send job descriptions); job title (include series and grade if Federal job), duties, and accomplishments, employer's name and address, supervisor's name and phone number, starting and ending dates (month and year), hours per week, salary. Indicate if the USG may contact your current supervisor. 5. Education: Colleges and universities, name, city and state, majors, type and year of any degrees received (if no degree, show total credits earned and indicate whether semester or quarter hours). 6. References: Applicants are required to provide three professional references with complete contact information including email address and telephone numbers. 7. Statement of Availability: A written statement certifying the date and length of time for which the candidate is available for the position. 8. Applications must be submitted by email, US Post, DHL, FedEx or other international courier by the closing time and date to: USAID/Rwanda - Executive Office: 2657, Avenue de la Gendarmerie - Kacyiru B.P 2848 Kigali, Rwanda (Solicitation # SOL-696-10-000002) Fax Number: 250-596442 E-mail Address: hlinganwa@usaid.gov (Hadiza Linganwa), with copies to: cmunyakazi@usaid.gov (Colette Munyakazi). The subject line should read "Solicitation No. SOL-696-10-000002. LIST OF REQUIRED FORMS FOR PSCS Forms outlined below can found at http://www.usaid.gov/business/business_opportunities/psc_solicitations.html 1. Optional Form 612. 2. Contractor Physical Examination (DS-1843 and DS-1622 Forms). ** 3. Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions (for National Security) (SF-86), or ** 4. Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85). ** 5. Finger Print Card (FD-258). ** ** Forms 2 through 5 shall be completed only upon the advice of the Contracting Officer that an applicant is the successful candidate for the job. - Contractor Physical Examination (DS-1843 and DS-1622): Upon notification of eligibility as USPSC you will have two (2) weeks to submit your completed Medical Forms in accordance with the instructions in Attachment A of subject forms. NOTE: (DS 1843 and DS 1622) STATE/MED is committed to processing all USPSC medical clearances within 30 days of receipt, except when additional medical testing is required. SECURITY AND MEDICAL CLEARANCES The position is open to U.S. Citizens and to Third Country Nationals (TCNs). The selected applicant must be able to obtain a Secret Security Clearance and appropriate Medical Clearance from STATE/MED. The selected applicant must obtain these clearances prior to departure for post. All accompanying dependents must also obtain Medical Clearances prior to departure for post. CONTRACT INFORMATION BULLETINS (CIBS) PERTAINING TO PSCS AAPDs and CIBs contain changes to USAID policy and General Provisions in USAID regulations and contracts. Please refer to this website http://www.usaid.gov/business/businessopportunities/cib/subject.html#psc to determine which AAPDs and CIBs apply to this contract. 17. BENEFITS, ALLOWANCES AND PAYMENT OF TAXES As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, a USPSC is normally authorized the following benefits and allowances: 1) BENEFITS Employee's FICA Contribution Contribution toward Health & Life Insurance Pay Comparability Adjustment Annual Increase Eligibility for Worker's Compensation Annual and Sick Leave Access to Embassy medical facilities, commissary and pouch mail service Cost of Travel to/from Post Shipment of Unaccompanied Baggage Shipment and Storage of Household Effects Shipment of POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) 2) ALLOWANCES (if applicable, as found in the Standardize Regulations for Government Civilians Foreign Areas): Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120) Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130) Post Allowance (Section 220) Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230) Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260) Educational Allowance (Section 270) Educational Travel (Section 280) Post Differential (Chapter 500) Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure (Section 600) and Danger Pay (Section 650) FEDERAL TAXES: USPSCs are required to pay Federal Income Taxes, FICA and Medicare.
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Address: USAID/Rwanda - Executive Office:, 2657, Avenue de la Gendarmerie - Kacyiru, B.P 2848, (Solicitation # SOL-696-10-000002), KIGALI, Rwanda
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