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63 -- Notice of Intent to Award Sole Source

Notice Date
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Contracting Office
Bureau of Reclamation-DO-Acquisition Operations Group PO Box 25007, 84-27810 Denver CO 80225
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Response Due
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Point of Contact
Bill Holbert 3034452448 wholbert@usbr.gov;
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Small Business Set-Aside
Notice of IntentContracting Office AddressBUREAU OF RECLAMATION, PO BOX 25007, 84-27810 DENVER CO 80225Notice of Intent: The Bureau of Reclamation intends to award a requirement to support the Bureau of Indian Affairs' (BIA), dam safety program by providing maintenance, upgrading of current and/or replacement of Early Warning Systems (EWS) for their dams. Reclamation intends to award the requirement on a sole source basis to OneRain, Inc. 1531 Skyway Drive (Unit D), Longmont, CO 805046270. SCOPE OF WORK Independently, and not as an agent of the Government, the Contractor shall furnish services and equipment that will include some or all of the following depending on the needs of the particular EWS site location: project management, labor, materials, facilities, equipment, transportation, hardware, and software support to properly operate and maintain an EWS site. Each task order will specify the pertinent work required. A. Ongoing project management and support. In addition to providing general project management support, the contractor shall participate in regularly scheduled quarterly meetings, as requested by the BIA Steering Committee or Reclamation personnel. These meetings are critical to ensure the contractor's products meet the needs of BIA's Dam Safety Program. B. IT Security Requirements. The contractor may be required to make provisions in the National Monitoring Center (NMC) website and data collection/alarming/display scheme for meeting the Department of Interior's (DOI) IT security requirements. These requirements will be provided by Reclamation in a report format after the report is generated. Revisions are dictated by the ongoing changes in IT security as Reclamation's IT experts better define the necessary features of computer security. C. National Monitoring Center Support. The contractor shall provide all software programming and other support necessary to keep the EWS National Monitoring Center fully functional. This may include, but is not limited to, software programming, hardware support and replacement, technology upgrades, monthly data throughput fees, etc. D. Commercial Satellite or Other Remote Transmission Interface. The contractor shall provide all hardware and programming support necessary to ingest data into the GDB from commercial satellite systems including SDX and ORBCOMM, GOES satellite, or other remote means. The contractor shall also make these data available to the NMC staff for alarming, and to the website for viewing. E. Early Warning System Hardware and Installation. The contractor shall provide and install all sensors necessary to measure meteorological and hydrological parameters used in an EWS using the SDX commercial satellite transmission method. This includes, but is not limited to, the sensors needed to measure reservoir and stream level, air temperature, precipitation, wind speed and direction, intrusion, float switches, etc. F. Early Warning System Hardware Maintenance. The contractor shall provide all labor, travel, equipment, and parts necessary to properly maintain an EWS site. G. Early Warning System Siren Notification Systems. The contractor shall provide all labor, equipment, and parts needed to install, maintain, and repair a siren site used to support an EWS. H. Work Standards. The minimum acceptable quality of work that shall be delivered under this contract and it's resulting task orders shall be as follows: (1) Field installation - the site shall measure its intended parameters accurately and transmit those data to the Gage Data Base (GDB) and the National monitoring Center (NMC) for a 24-hour period with no outages in order to be considered properly installed and implemented; (2) Equipment supplied - the equipment shall be properly bench tested, prior to delivery in order to ensure that the equipment works as described; and (3) Data management - the GDB and NMC website shall be operational as close to 100% as possible due to the possibility of catastrophic results in the event of failure. Unacceptable down times shall result in a reduction of compensation for data handling. I. Data Throughput Fees. The contractor shall provide a reasonable fee structure for the data storage, display, and throughput. J. Reports. The contractor shall provide any specified reports as required by Task Order. K. Performance. All work to be performed under this contract will be directed by the Government through the issuance of Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Task Orders. In no event will the Government be responsible for any work performed by the contractor that was not undertaken pursuant to a duly executed Task Order signed by the Contracting Officer. L.Advance Notification. All sensor data associated with Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) or Tribal-owned dams that are handled or passed through any hardware or software system developed by the contractor shall be the property of the BIA. These data shall not be used for any purpose other than those defined by the Statement of Work and remain the property of the Bureau of Indian Affairs. These data also shall not be used by the Contractor for any other use unless authorized in writing by the COTR acting on behalf of the BIA, or the Contracting Officer.M.Existing System. A critical element of this contract is that the contractor must be capable of utilizing and maintaining the existing monitoring system on day one of the contract. This procurement is being conducted under the FAR Subpart 12 Commercial Items and FAR Subpart 15 and Contracting by Negotiation. The proposed action is for services for which the Government believes that there is only one responsible source and no other service will satisfy the agency's requirement. Reclamation prepared a Justification for Other than Full and Open Competition to support this acquisition. Firms that believe they can provide the required services described above are encouraged to identify themselves and give written notification to the Contracting Officer. Those firms believing they can provide similar service must provide supporting evidence that they can furnish the services identified above in sufficient detail to demonstrate the respondent's ability to meet the stated requirements with no break in service. This notice is not a request for competitive quotes. The Government will consider all responses received within 7 days of the date of publication of this notice. A determination by the Government not to compete this proposed action based on responses to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. Information received will be considered strictly for the purpose of determining whether to conduct a competitive procurement. Inquiries will only be accepted by Fax at 303/445-6345, Attention: Bill Holbert or e-mail at wholbert@usbr.gov. Responses should include the firm's Dun and Bradstreet number (DUNS) and Tax Identification (TIN). Firms should identify themselves as either small business, or other than small business, in accordance with the size standard for North America Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code 561620, which is 10.5 Million. Point of ContactBill Holbert, Contract Specialist, 303-445-2448, wholbert@usbr.gov
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Address: Loveland Colorado and various locations in the 17 Western United States
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