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713990 — All Other Amusement and Recreation Industries
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Department of the Air Force, Air Combat Command, HQ ACC, 130 Douglas St., Suite 210, Langley AFB, Virginia, 23665-2791
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Kathleen Reilly,
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Drawings and Specifications. Section C - Descriptions and Specifications STATEMENT OF WORK STATEMENT OF WORK INSTALLATION OF WALL ART AND EXHIBITS B-703 EASTERN AIR DEFENSE SECTOR GRIFFISS BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY PARK BUILDING 703 366 OTIS STREET ROME, NEW YORK 13441-4812 September 17, 2009 Table of contents 1.PROJECT OVERVIEW 2.SCOPE OF WORK 3.AREA OF WORK 4.MOUNTING SURFACES 5.GOVERNMENT FURNISHED EQUIPMENT (GFE) 6.DELIVERABLE MATERIALS 7.DESCRIPTION OF WORK 8.PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE 9.MATERIALS 10.GENERAL CONDITIONS 11.GOVERNMENT WORKING HOURS 12.UTILITIES 13.DISPOSAL OF MATERIALS AND CLEANUP 14.SECURITY 15.ESCOURTS 16.POINT OF CONTACT 1.PROJECT OVERVIEW: The purpose of the project is to design, manufacture and install distinctive and specific wall art and exhibits for the newly constructed Eastern Air Defense Sector Headquarters. 2.SCOPE OF WORK: The contractor shall provide all personnel, equipment, tools, materials, supervision, transportation, and other items and services necessary to complete the work as described in the Description of Work. Work location is on the Griffiss Business and Technology Park, Rome, New York 13441, at the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS), Building 703, 366 Otis ST, Rome, New York 13441-4812. 3.AREA OF WORK: Contractor shall work only in the areas designated by the Engineer in Charge. Area of work is located in Building 703. Contractor to verify all measurements, quantities and compatibility. 4.MOUNTING SURFACES: •5/8” Sheetrock, attached to Construction Grade metal studs or •Doubled 5/8” Sheetrock, attached to Construction Grade metal studs or •Curved Doubled 3/8” Sheetrock, attached to Construction Grade metal studs 5.GOVERNMENT FURNISHED EQUIPMENT (GFE): None 6.DELIVERABLE MATERIALS: Contractor shall provide all pictures, images and manufactured wall exhibits to fulfill the Description of Work. Contractor shall also provide all materials to install the Wall art and exhibits. 7.DESCRIPTION OF WORK: Contractor will design, manufacture and install the following – Each item is listed in order of importance. A.CLIN 0001 -- Wall exhibit for the Entrance Lobby on the First Floor. The theme for this exhibit will be EADS Mission, Alert sites and Area of Responsibility. The design for this exhibit will consist of a stylized dimensional map with a graphic of the United States mounted to a second surface of 1/4 inch acrylic stood off of the wall and a plasma screen provided by EADS. The map would include locations of the different bases that are in the Eastern Air Defense Sector. They would be identified on the map and next to the map would be a key on a plaque that would provide more information on each base. The plasma screen would run a looped program of the different bases and the mission of the Eastern Air Defense Sector. The headline text over the map would read Eastern Air Defense Sector. Lettering will be 3 dimensional in natural satin aluminum. Letters will be 5 inch cap height and 1/2 inch thick. This exhibit is the highest priority. EADS would like to have this in place for the building Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on 2 Oct 2009. B.CLIN 0002 -- Wall exhibit for hallway adjacent to the entrance lobby on the first floor. The theme for this exhibit will be the NORAD and Bi-National Mission. The design for this exhibit would have 3 photographs mounted to a second surface of 1/4 inch acrylic stood off the wall. The NORAD shield will have a silhouette cut and will be mounted to a second surface of 1/4 inch acrylic stood off the wall. The headline text will read Partners in Defense and will be 3 dimensional lettering of natural satin aluminum. Letters will be 4 inch cap height and 3/8 inch thick. This would be the second priority for completion. If possible it is desired but not required to have this completed for the 2 Oct 2009 Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. C.CLIN 0003 -- Wall exhibit for the hallway adjacent to the cubicles on the first floor. The theme for this exhibit will be an EADS Air Defense History timeline. The design for this exhibit will consist of seven 24 x 18 inch photos mounted to a second surface of 1/4 inch acrylic stood off the wall. Each image would have a copy embedded into the image that would act as the caption for the image. Four historical EADS silhouetted shields mounted to a second surface of 1/4 inch acrylic stood off the wall. This exhibit is the third priority for completion. D.CLIN 0004 -- Wall art for the Conference Room on the first floor. The theme for this room is Joint Service Operations. The design for the wall art will consist of eight stocked photographs in wood frames with double matting and non-glare glass. Paint the existing chair rail to match the frames of the photographs. This room is the last priority for completion. E.CLIN 0005 – INSTALLATION COST FOR ALL 4 ITEMS. 8.PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: See Line item for precedence. 9.MATERIALS: Construction materials must meet specification needed for compliance of this project. 10.GENERAL CONDITIONS: Contractor and all personnel shall comply with rules that governed and enforced on EADS property and be responsible for compliance of a safety and health plan for all personnel involved in the progress and completion of the project. Each part or detail of the work shall be subject to inspection by the Engineer. The Engineer shall be allowed full work access and shall be furnished with necessary information and assistance by the contractor to make a complete and detailed inspection. 11.GOVERNMENT WORKING HOURS: Work hours shall be Monday thru Friday 0700-1530 hours, with the exception of Federal holidays. Contractor must have prior approval in writing to work outside these guidelines. 12.UTILITIES: The Government shall provide at no cost to the Contractor reasonable amounts of water and electricity to support the contract. Hook up will be to existing outlets and will be the contractors responsibility. 13.DISPOSAL OF MATERIALS AND CLEANUP: A.The contractor shall dispose of all construction debris associated with this job off base. Contractor shall clean up after each work period and dispose of all debris at the close of each day. B.Contractor shall verify all site conditions, quantities, measurements, and project requirements before cutting materials. 14.SECURITY: A.NEADS Security Forces shall monitor the incoming and out going of work personnel during the duration of the project. B.All deliveries shall be coordinated with the Point of Contacts listed below to arrange for their entrance into the building. C.Contractor shall submit a list of personnel names, social security numbers and vehicle license plate numbers of all vehicles to be brought on site (24 hours) prior to the start of work, fax list to the Contracting Officer and a copy to the Civil Engineer at (315) 334-6710. D.All Contractor personnel shall have a minimum of one (1) Form of Photo Identification with them at all times. 15.POINT OF CONTACT: Krispen Dorfman, Operations Resource Advisor (315) 334-6787. LtCol Wendel Smith, Chief, Operations Support (315) 334-6246. Section J - List of Documents, Exhibits and Other Attachments WAGES GENERAL DECISION: NY20080014 07/10/2009 NY14 Date: July 10, 2009 General Decision Number: NY20080014 07/10/2009 Superseded General Decision Number: NY20070014 State: New York Construction Type: Building County: Oneida County in New York. BUILDING CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS (excluding single family homes and apartment up to and including 4 stories) Modification Number Publication Date 0 02/08/2008 1 02/22/2008 2 04/04/2008 3 05/23/2008 4 05/30/2008 5 06/06/2008 6 06/27/2008 7 07/04/2008 8 07/18/2008 9 08/08/2008 10 12/19/2008 11 03/27/2009 12 06/05/2009 13 06/19/2009 14 07/03/2009 15 07/10/2009 BRNY0002-005 07/01/2008 UTICA CHAPTER Rates Fringes BRICKLAYER BRICKLAYERS, STONE MASONS, CEMENT MASONS, PLASTERERS, POINTERS, CLEANERS & CAULKERS....................$ 25.16 12.80 Marble, Tile & Terrazzo Finisher.........................$ 20.11 11.95 Marble, Tile & Terrazzo Workers..........................$ 23.16 12.55 ---------------------------------------------------------------- CARP0747-003 07/01/2009 Rates Fringes CARPENTER BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Carpenters, Millwrights....$ 23.24 12.40 Piledriver.................$ 23.49 12.40 HEAVY & HIGHWAY CONSTRUCTION................$ 28.44 12.40 ---------------------------------------------------------------- ELEC0043-001 06/01/2009 Rates Fringes CABLE SPLICER....................$ 33.00 16.52 ELECTRICIAN......................$ 30.00 16.52 ---------------------------------------------------------------- ELEV0035-002 01/01/2009 Rates Fringes Elevator Constructor.............$ 36.46 18.285 FOOTNOTES: a. 8 PAID HOLIDAYS: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the day after Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. b. Employer contributes 8% of basic hourly rate for 5 years or more of service or 6% of basic hourly rate for 6 months to 5 years of service as vacation pay credit. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ENGI0545-006 06/01/2009 Rates Fringes Power Equipment Operator Backhoe, Bulldozer, Forklift....................$ 25.51 18.80+a Crane, Loader, Roller.......$ 27.23 18.80+a FOOTNOTE: a. PAID HOLIDAYS: New Year's day, Memorial day, Independence Day, Labor day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day, provided the employee has worked five consecutive working days before the holiday and the working day after the holiday CRANE PREMIUMS (ADD TO GROUP 1 RATE): Boom length incl. jib over 150 1.25 Boom length incl. jib over 200 ft 2.25 Boom length incl. jib over 300 ft 3.25 ---------------------------------------------------------------- IRON0440-001 05/01/2009 REMANINDER OF COUNTY Rates Fringes Ironworkers: Structural, Ornamental, Rodman, Machinery Mover, Rigger, Fence Erector, Reinforcement, and Stone Derrickman..................$ 23.63 19.16 ---------------------------------------------------------------- LABO0035-003 07/01/2002 BUILDING CONSTRUCTION Rates Fringes Laborers: (Hazardous waste removal includes, wetting, stripping, removal, scrapping, vacuuming, bagging and disposing of all insulation materials, whether they contain asbestos or not, from mechanical systems)........$ 19.00 6.84 Asbestos Removal...........$ 18.50 6.19 Blasters, Form Setters, Motor-Buggy Operator (Ryder Type)...............$ 17.50 6.19 Laborers...................$ 17.00 6.19 Pipelayers, Motor Mixers, Motor Buggy Operator (Walk Behind), Power Lift (Walk Behind) Wagon Drill Operator...................$ 17.15 6.19 Wagon Drill Operator.......$ 17.40 6.19 ---------------------------------------------------------------- PAIN0004-021 08/01/2007 Rates Fringes Painters: Brush & Roller, Drywall Taping/Finishing............$ 20.00 10.58 Spray/Sandblasting/Structural Steel.......................$ 20.50 10.58 ---------------------------------------------------------------- PAIN0677-002 05/01/2008 Rates Fringes GLAZIER..........................$ 21.06 10.43 ---------------------------------------------------------------- PLUM0112-005 05/01/2009 Rates Fringes Plumber and Steamfitter Northern Zone...............$ 27.90 17.45 ---------------------------------------------------------------- * ROOF0195-001 06/01/2009 Rates Fringes ROOFER, Including Built Up, Composition and Single Ply Roofs............................$ 23.50 14.57 ---------------------------------------------------------------- SFNY0669-001 04/01/2008 Rates Fringes SPRINKLER FITTER.................$ 29.90 16.30 ---------------------------------------------------------------- SHEE0058-001 05/01/2009 Rates Fringes Sheet Metal Worker Projects 10 million or less.$ 25.85 15.56 Projects over $10 million...$ 26.85 15.56 ---------------------------------------------------------------- WELDERS - Receive rate prescribed for craft performing operation to which welding is incidental. ================================================================ Unlisted classifications needed for work not included within the scope of the classifications listed may be added after award only as provided in the labor standards contract clauses (29CFR 5.5 (a) (1) (ii)). ---------------------------------------------------------------- In the listing above, the "SU" designation means that rates listed under the identifier do not reflect collectively bargained wage and fringe benefit rates. Other designations indicate unions whose rates have been determined to be prevailing. ---------------------------------------------------------------- WAGE DETERMINATION APPEALS PROCESS 1.) Has there been an initial decision in the matter? This can be: * an existing published wage determination * a survey underlying a wage determination * a Wage and Hour Division letter setting forth a position on a wage determination matter * a conformance (additional classification and rate) ruling On survey related matters, initial contact, including requests for summaries of surveys, should be with the Wage and Hour Regional Office for the area in which the survey was conducted because those Regional Offices have responsibility for the Davis-Bacon survey program. If the response from this initial contact is not satisfactory, then the process described in 2.) and 3.) should be followed. With regard to any other matter not yet ripe for the formal process described here, initial contact should be with the Branch of Construction Wage Determinations. Write to: Branch of Construction Wage Determinations Wage and Hour Division U.S. Department of Labor 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20210 2.) If the answer to the question in 1.) is yes, then an interested party (those affected by the action) can request review and reconsideration from the Wage and Hour Administrator (See 29 CFR Part 1.8 and 29 CFR Part 7). Write to: Wage and Hour Administrator U.S. Department of Labor 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20210 The request should be accompanied by a full statement of the interested party's position and by any information (wage payment data, project description, area practice material, etc.) that the requestor considers relevant to the issue. 3.) If the decision of the Administrator is not favorable, an interested party may appeal directly to the Administrative Review Board (formerly the Wage Appeals Board). Write to: Administrative Review Board U.S. Department of Labor 200 Constitution Avenue, N.W. Washington, DC 20210 4.) All decisions by the Administrative Review Board are final. ================================================================ END OF GENERAL DECISION
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