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R -- National Job Corps Green Technical Training Standards

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541618 — Other Management Consulting Services
Contracting Office
Department of Labor, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, Procurement Services Center, S-4306 200 Constitution Avenue, NW, Washington, District of Columbia, 20210-0001, United States
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Point of Contact
Terry M. Bearden, Phone: 202-693-7195, Tova L Stein, Phone: 202-693-4570
E-Mail Address
bearden.terry@dol.gov, stein.tova@dol.gov
(bearden.terry@dol.gov, stein.tova@dol.gov)
Small Business Set-Aside
The US Department of Labor is looking to indentify qualified sources for curriculum changes. Interested parties must demonstrate a combination of all the qualifications listed below and provide details of their socio-economic status, detailing whether they qualify as a Hubzone, 8(a), SDVOSB, Woman-owned, or other type of small business. Responses must include the Company Name, Address, Contact Person Information, and DUNS number, and socio-economic Classification. The NAICS code for this is 541618. Responses must be emailed to the primary point of contact using the number of this announcement as the subject line of the email. All contractors doing business with the Federal Government must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database. The website is www.ccr.gov. Job Corps is a national residential training and employment program with a 45+ year history of preparing youth for entry into the workforce, post-secondary education and the military. Annually, Job Corps serves 60,000 youth ages 16-24 at 122 centers nationwide, offering 118 career technical training programs. Consistent with the Administration's goals concerning job creation for the new economy, creation of career pathways for youth and education reform, Job Corps is engaged in a major transformation in its program delivery approach. This approach incorporates a standards-based education and training system, including requisite knowledge and skills in science and math, to ensure that its graduates are equipped to meet industry-recognized standards and obtain the credentials needed for economic competitiveness. The green economy holds great promise of creating good jobs and new career opportunities. Success depends on developing a workforce with the requisite skills and knowledge. Youth are a critical component that must be prepared to participate in the green economy. OBJECTIVES The National Office of Job Corps' initial efforts will focus on three priority areas for greening its career technical training programs - Auto, Construction, and Advanced Manufacturing. These represent approximately 15,000 training opportunities at Job Corps' 122 training campuses. Job Corps' objectives to enhance, expand, and develop green career technical training programs in the 3 targeted industries proposes three phases or tiers of green advancement: Enhancing and refocusing career technical training programs to incorporate green technologies training; Expanding/replicating existing green career technical training programs; and Developing and initiating new career technical training programs for emerging occupations in the green economy. DETAILED WORK AREAS The contractor shall provide all qualified personnel, services, equipment, facilities and supplies to perform the following: I. Research and Development The Career Technical Support Contractor will continue to align Job Corps' career technical training programs with the industry standards and certification requirements in relation to the greening of the three priority training areas: Automotive, Construction and Advanced Manufacturing. Work Area 1: Assist the National Office of Job Corps in researching developments in the green economy that impact training in the priority industry areas; evaluating programs that can be expanded; and identifying centers for program expansions. The contractor will: Conduct gap analyses to identify new industry standards/requirements Prepare recommendations for green training modules to be integrated into the existing national training programs in Auto, Construction and Advanced Manufacturing Convene workgroups consisting of industry experts and Regional, operator, center and instructional staff, as needed, to validate green training modules Identify curriculum, equipment and other materials that support the recommended green training modules and evaluate potential for national or regional buys, as applicable Establish criteria and analyze training program performance and recommend centers where programs can potentially be expanded Research and evaluate information on green certification/accreditation for programs, staff and students, as available Provide technical assistance in reviewing proposed green training modules for National Training Contractor (NTC) programs Review existing policy and recommend changes, as needed, to support green training Deliverables: By the end of the third month after the contract is executed, the contractor would have conducted the necessary workgroup meetings and follow-ups to submit: Updated Training Achievement Records (TARs) with green training modules Recommended curricula, equipment and materials lists, and national or regional buys, as applicable List of programs for potential expansion at specific centers Recommendations for green certification/accreditation for programs, staff and students Draft changes to policy, guidelines and program assessment guide II. Preparation and Rollout Work Area 2: Assist the National Office of Job Corps in preparing for and rolling out the new green Training Achievement Records. The contractor will: Design and deliver training on green TARs for the priority industry areas Assist the Job Corps Data Center in the development of necessary business rules and data mapping strategies Design, develop and refine progress monitoring tools and protocols for the National Office, Regions and centers Prepare drafts of information notices, instruction notices, curriculum change notices, and/or other communications to inform and prepare the field for rollout Provide input and assist in the review of internal and external marketing materials Evaluate CTT Change Requests to support re-alignment of center offerings in support of green training Establish and maintain a CTT Green Resource page on the Web site Respond to field inquiries Deliverables: Within the first four months after the contract is executed, the contractor will have refined progress monitoring tools and established reporting protocols at the National, Regional and center levels; collaborate with the Job Corps Data Center in establishing business rules and a data mapping strategy for the Center Information System; conducted pre-implementation training for Regional, operator, center management, career technical training instructors, and other staff; and, drafted issuances and other communications documents for the roll-out of green TARs. In addition, the contractor would have established a CTT Green Resource Web page by the end of the second month after the contract is executed, and will post additional resources on an ongoing basis. The contractor will also provide the National Office with ongoing assistance in the processing of CTT Change Requests related to green programs. III. Center Implementation and Monitoring Work Area 3: Assist the National Office in providing specific technical assistance to Regional Offices and centers to facilitate the implementation and monitoring of activities in support of green training programs. The contractor will: Provide technical assistance for programs, staff and students to obtain green certification/accreditation, as applicable Monitor green training program implementation Consolidate and evaluate outcome data submitted by centers through the Regions Deliverables: On an on-going basis, throughout the contract period, the contractor shall provide the necessary technical assistance to Regions and centers in implementing the green TARs for programs in Auto, Construction, and Advanced Manufacturing. The contractor will assist the National Office in evaluating monthly outcome data reports from the Regions and providing feedback and recommendations to the Region and/or center on necessary improvements, as may be applicable. IV. New Program Development Work Area 4: Assist the National Office of Job Corps in identifying and evaluating potential new training programs in emerging green occupations. The contractor will: Study the feasibility of developing and implementing new training programs Identify program, staff and student certifications/accreditations associated with new training programs Explore partnering possibilities with community colleges, technical schools, industry associations, and/or employers to support new training programs Deliverables: By the end of the end of the fifth month after the contract is executed, the contractor shall submit findings and recommendations on new training programs for development and implementation in Job Corps, including: (1) related certifications/accreditations to pursue for program, staff and students; (2) instructor qualifications, as applicable; and, (3) list and estimated cost of equipment, materials and curriculum. In addition, the contractor will assist the National Office in formulating a strategy and timeline for new program development once the National Office reaches a decision on which new programs will be developed and implemented. V. Academic Standards Update/Development Work Area 5: Assist the National Office of Job Corps with the analysis of new green modules both for NTCs and national programs to identify and develop academic and applied academic standards. The contractor will: Evaluate new green modules for national programs and green NTC TARs to identify academic underpinnings Develop applied academic standards for new green items and for NTC green TARs and vet with industry representatives and field practitioners Develop sample activities, lessons and other instructional supports Integrate new applied academic standards with those developed for the national programs Conduct necessary training Deliverables: By the end of the tenth month after the contract is executed, the contractor will have developed and validated the academic and applied standards for the new green TAR items in the Auto, Construction and Advanced Manufacturing programs, along with necessary instructional supports. Qualifications of the contractor must include: Extensive experience in establishing "green" vocational skills training standards and curricula for young adult training programs aligned with industry requirements and certifications for environmentally sound practices and products in the automotive, manufacturing and construction industries. Construction training is in NCCER-accredited occupational areas including: bricklaying, carpentry, cement masonry, electrical, facilities maintenance, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, painting and plumbing. Ability to expand on and integrate new "green" training standards for at-risk young adults into existing manufacturing, automotive and construction training programs. Experience in working with the Department of Education's educational laboratories on the development of applied academic standards and related curriculum; and experience in the integration of vocational and academic skills to support "green" training. Attainment of "green" industry certifications (such as LEED certification in the construction industry) that demonstrate an ability to understand industry requirements for environmentally-friendly products and practices and the ability to quickly apply these to training programs. Extensive experience in providing training to approximately 3,200 instructors and training managers nationwide to prepare instructors to deliver "green" training standards and curricula. This would include the capability to provide logistical support for staff training, training materials, and trainers. Access to a broad network of industry-certified technical specialists in automotive, construction and manufacturing industry areas who can assist the contractor on an on-going basis in staying abreast of changing industry requirements and sustaining up-to-date training programs aligned with industry needs. Extensive experience in administering vocational schools on a national level to develop, implement and sustain student training standards and programs for over 40,000 students. Experience in brokering large scale affiliations with industry and professional organizations to obtain resources and support for student training and certifications. Background and experience in gathering and analyzing student training performance data to improve training programs and to place students effectively in "green" jobs according to labor market information in geographic areas students return to. A determination by the Government whether or not to proceed with the acquisition and whether to set the acquisition aside is within the discretion of the Government. Please be advised that telephone inquiries will not be accepted. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL.
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