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99 -- Support Equipment for DHS

Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
Department of Homeland Security, Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, Office of Procurement Operations, 245 Murray Lane, Washington, DC 20528
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Name: Jenista Featherstone, Title: Contract Specialist, Phone: 202-447-5591, Fax: 202-447-5545
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
AMENDMENT NOTICE: This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6, in conjunction with FAR 13.5, as applicable, and as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation; bids are being requested and a written solicitation will not be issued. The solicitation number is HSHQDC-09-Q-00359 and is issued as an invitation for bids (IFB), unless otherwise indicated herein. The solicitation document and incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular FAC 2005-31. The associated North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code for this procurement is 452111 with a small business size standard of $27.00M. This requirement is unrestricted and only qualified offerors may submit bids. The solicitation pricing on www.FedBid.com will start on the date this solicitation is posted and will end on 2009-07-16 11:00:00.0 Eastern Time or as otherwise displayed at www.FedBid.com. FOB Destination shall be Washington, DC 20393 The DHS Office of Procurement Operations requires the following items, Brand Name or Equal, to the following: LI 001, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D9412GV2 IDS Control Panel, 4, EA; LI 002, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D101 Enclosure lock and key, 10, EA; LI 003, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D110 Enclosure Tamper Switch, 10, EA; LI 004, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D1260W Command Center keypad, White classic, 15, EA; LI 005, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. DX-4020 Network Interface Module, 11, EA; LI 006, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D8128D OctoPOPIT, 8, EA; LI 007, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D122L Dual Battery Harness, 5, EA; LI 008, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D1640 Transformer, 16.5 VAC, 3, EA; LI 009, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. D5370-USB RPS Security Block, 2, EA; LI 010, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. DS1103i Glass Break Detector, 5, EA; LI 011, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. DS1110i Glass Break Tester, 2, EA; LI 012, Manufacturer: Harco Part No. 30000-00000-000 HSD w/no internal EOL resistors, 5, EA; LI 013, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-1200 Output (Relay) Control Module, 2, EA; LI 014, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-1100 Input Control Module, 2, EA; LI 015, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-3300 LNL-3300 ISC, 10, EA; LI 016, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-2220 LNL-2220 ISC, 5, EA; LI 017, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-ETHLAN-MICR LNL-ETHLAN-MICR Ethernet Adaptor, 4, EA; LI 018, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-1320 LNL-1320 - Dual Card Reader Interface, 5, EA; LI 019, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-1300 LNL-1300 - Single Card Reader Interface, 5, EA; LI 020, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-MSS LNL-MSS Ethernet Adaptor, 2, EA; LI 021, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-1007MK LNL-1007MK - 7 MB of memory, 4, EA; LI 022, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-2020W-NDK LNL-2020W-NDK, Card Reader, indestructible Keypad, 7, EA; LI 023, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-2020W LNL-2020W, Card Reader, swipe and pin pad, 5, EA; LI 024, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-2010W Card reader swipe only, 7, EA; LI 025, Manufacturer: LockMasters, Inc. Part No. LKM7003X09 Deadbolt locking hardware, 2, EA; LI 026, Manufacturer: HES Part No. 1006-12/24D-630 Electric strike w/o faceplate option, 10, EA; LI 027, Manufacturer: HES Part No. 5000-12/24D-630 Electric strike w/o faceplate option, 10, EA; LI 028, Manufacturer: HES Part No. 9600-12/24D-630 Electric strike w/o faceplate option, 4, EA; LI 029, Manufacturer: HES Part No. 7000-12/24D-630 Electric strike w/o faceplate option, 4, EA; LI 030, Manufacturer: Yale Part No. 51BF Door closer, non-handed push/pull, 5, EA; LI 031, Manufacturer: Bosch Part No. DS-160i Request to Exit sensor, 10, EA; LI 032, Manufacturer: GS Security Part No. 1078C-N 3/4" Dia, recessed steel door contact, 22, EA; LI 033, Manufacturer: Lenel Part No. LNL-AL400ULX 12/24 VDC, 4AMP Power Supply for Lenel Board Modules, 1, EA; LI 034, Manufacturer: Altronix Part No. AL600ULACMCB 12/24 VDC, 6 AMP, 8 outputs power supply for locks, 2, EA; LI 035, Manufacturer: Altronix Part No.ACM8CB Multi-output access power controller, 10, EA; LI 036, Manufacturer: Altronix Part No. PD8CB Power distribution module, 10, EA; LI 037, Manufacturer: Altronix Part No. FUSE1 3.5 AMP Fuse, package of 100, 1, EA; LI 038, Manufacturer: Altronix Part No. FUSE2 5 AMP Fuse, package of 100, 1, EA; LI 039, Manufacturer: Ganz Part No. ZC-D5212NHA Indoor color true D/N dome camera, 10, EA; LI 040, Manufacturer: Avocent Part No. 2SV130BND1 Switchview 100 KVM USB 2 port w/cables, 10, EA; LI 041, Manufacturer: Avocent Part No. 4SV130BND1 Switchview 100 KVM USB 4 port w/cables, 10, EA; LI 042, Facility Wizard SoftwareFacility Wizard (P# 7613) WorkorderamaTM I CMMS Software Onsite System Facility Wizard Software; Workorderama TMSoftware 6 access users with Client Server Software Parts Barcoding Module Parts Inventory I Work Order Barcode Interface (1-10 barcode scanner users) Unit Interface Licensing (1 Scanning Unit) Professional Services Project Mgmt. - Consulting, Phone Calls, Coordination, Online Meetings Installation I Configuration On-Site Trainging Requested Modifications I Custom Reports I WASP Integration Hardware Shipping Fee Annual Maintenance Fee ( 20% of total software costs ) Project Expenses ( estimated for 1 day onsite), 1, EA; For this solicitation, DHS Office of Procurement Operations intends to conduct an online competitive reverse auction to be facilitated by the third-party reverse auction provider, FedBid, Inc. FedBid has developed an online, anonymous, browser based application to conduct the reverse auction. An Offeror may submit a series of pricing bids, which descend in price during the specified period of time for the aforementioned reverse auction. DHS Office of Procurement Operations is taking this action in an effort to improve both vendor access and awareness of requests and the agency's ability to gather multiple, competed, real-time bids. All responsible Offerors that respond to this solicitation MUST submit the pricing portion of their bid using the online exchange located at www.FedBid.com. There is no cost to register, review procurement data or make a bid on www.FedBid.com. Offerors that are not currently registered to use www.FedBid.com should proceed to www.FedBid.com to complete their free registration. Offerors that require special considerations or assistance may contact the FedBid Helpdesk at 877-9FEDBID (877-933-3243) or via email at clientservices@fedbid.com. Offerors may not artificially manipulate the price of a transaction on www.FedBid.com by any means. It is unacceptable to place bad faith bids, to use decoys in the www.FedBid.com process or to collude with the intent or effect of hampering the competitive www.FedBid.com process. Should offerors require additional clarification, notify the point of contact or FedBid at 877-9FEDBID (877-933-3243) or clientservices@fedbid.com. Use of FedBid: Buyers and Sellers agree to conduct this transaction through FedBid in compliance with the FedBid Terms of Use. Failure to comply with the below terms and conditions may result in offer being determined as non-responsive. In addition to providing pricing at www.FedBid.com for this solicitation, each offeror must provide any required, NON-PRICING responses (e.g. technical proposal, representations and certifications, etc.) directly to the point of contact in the FBO notice, so that they are received at that email address no later than the closing date and time for this solicitation. The selected Offeror must comply with the following commercial item terms and conditions. FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors - Commercial, applies to this acquisition. The selected Offeror must submit a completed copy of the provision at 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications - Commercial Items. FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions - Commercial Items, applies to this acquisition. The following FAR clauses in paragraph (b) of FAR clause 52.212-5, Contract Terms and Conditions Required To Implement Statutes or Executive Orders-Commercial Items, will apply: 52.222-21, 52.222-26, 52.222-35, 52.222-36, 52.222-37, 52.225-13, 52.232-34. The full text of a FAR clause may be accessed electronically at http://www.acqnet.gov/far. CCR Requirement - Company must be registered on Central Contractor Registration (CCR) before an award could be made to them. If company is not registered in CCR, they may do so by going to CCR web site at http://www.ccr.gov.
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Address: Washington, DC 20393<br />
Zip Code: 20393<br />
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