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T -- Visual Communication Production Services

Notice Date
Notice Type
323119 — Other Commercial Printing
Contracting Office
Other Defense Agencies, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, AC Headquarters Support (ACH), Attn: ACH Mail Stop D-88, 4600 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, Maryland, 20816-5003, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Joyce M. Jennings, Phone: 301-227-7596, Aundra Rhone-Jones, Phone: 301-227-7845
E-Mail Address
joyce.m.jennings@nga.mil, aundra.m.rhonejones@nga.mil
(joyce.m.jennings@nga.mil, aundra.m.rhonejones@nga.mil)
Small Business Set-Aside
Amendment 3: FOR INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY: NGA IS NOW BLOCKING ALL EMAILS THAT CONTAIN A URL OR WEB ADDRESS Question 19: RFP - RFP 52.212-2 EVALUATION CRITERIA Relative Order of Importance, Area 1 - Technical/Management, Factor T1 Quality of Personnel, Standard 2. Personnel Standard 2 says: The standard is met when the proposed personnel have the skills as demonstrated by portfolio submission, experience and qualifications as demonstrated by resume submission appropriate for the four work roles established in the SOW. There are not four work roles established in the SOW. Are the "four work roles" the same as the four areas for which services are provided - printing, photography, graphics and video support? Answer 19: Yes, the four work roles are printing, graphics, photography and video support. Question 20: SF 1449 and Q&As posted July 1, 2009. SF 1449 says due date is July 28, 2009; Q&A says due date is July 24, 2009. Will you be amending the SF1449 to reflect the new proposal due date? Answer 20: Proposals are due 24 July 2009, 12:00 EST. The SF 1449 has been attached to reflect due date. Question 21: SF 1449 and Continuation Sheet - Instructions to Offerors SF 1449 lists a different Contracting Officer (Aundra M. Rhone Jones) and Deliver to address (Bethesda, MD) than the Instructions (Ericka Franklin, Chantilly, VA). Do the Instructions override the SF 1449? Will the SF 1449 be amended in this regard? Answer 21: In this instance the delivery instructions override the SF 1449 and in accordance with the proposal submission instructions, page 9. Question 22: RFP: Page 15, Small Business Participation Plan - re: SF 295. Can the SF 295 be submitted as an attachment or must it be included in the Technical/Management Volume and count against the total page count? Answer 22: The Small Business Participation Plan may be submitted separately. Question 23: Q&A responses posted July 9, 2009. Submission of artists' portfolios How many copies of artists' digital portfolios are needed? Do you want these CDs/DVDs submitted with the rest of the proposal? If so, should they labeled as part of Volume II or packaged another way? Answer 23: One (1) copy of the portfolios Question 24: The SF1449 is in.pdf form. How should the contractors submit the completed forms to the customer? Are we required to re-create the SF1449 form and send, or print, fill out, and scan and deliver the.pdf version? Answer 24: You may print, fill out, and scan and deliver the.pdf version. Attached is an amended SF1449. Question 25: Solicitation Attachments. Attachment 7. Are these agreements to be signed by employees in conjunction with proposal submittal, or after award? Answer 25: Attachment 7, Non-Disclosure Agreement shall be signed after contract award. Question 26: With respect to the Government's answer to Question #14, are we to assume then that all staff being bid on this contract is bid as Key Personnel since the Government has stated they will apply the Key Personnel Clause to all staff assigned to the contract? If not, then what are the differentiators between Key Personnel and other personnel if the KP clause and 12-month require is applied to all staff being bid?" Answer 26: All personnel need to be in place for year one. Key personnel would be determined and identified by the contractor in order to facilitate management and execution of the SOW requirements. Question 27: RFP: Cost Volume: Per page 12, (d) Proposal Format, (4) Binding: Can the cost volume be submitted in a separate binder? (for a total of 3 binders) Answer 27: The cost volume may be submitted in a separate binder. Question 28: Several companies are participants in the DoD Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program, request that FAR 52.219-9 and DFAR 252.219-7003, Small Business Subcontracting Plan (DoD Contracts) (APR 2007) be replaced with (or amended to include) DFAR 252.219-7004, Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Test Program) (APR 2007). Answer 28: The clause may be included as prescribed by DFARS 219.708(b)(1)(B). However, you are required to address how small businesses are to be used on the proposed requirement such as the small business participation. Question 29: Quality assurance surveillance plan 11.1 Offerors shall submit a proposed quality assurance surveillance plan for the Government's consideration in development of the Government's plan. Does this plan need to be provided with the proposal or upon award? Answer 29: The Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan shall be provided with the proposal. Question 30: Is this considered a new requirement? Answer 30: This is considered a new requirement. The visual communication tasks are currently being performed under two separate contracts. The video and graphic design services are currently performed by Chugach under the BOS-C contract and the printing press, graphics and photography services are performed by Lockheed Martin. Question 31: In reference to the subject RFP: There is guidance that recommends delivering graphic's portfolios in jpeg file format. Could you provide clarity on how we may electronically package those images? For example, many graphics portfolios are presented on CD-ROM in.pdf form. Answer 31: All portfolios must be able to be read/played on a standard computer or commercial DVD player. No special software or hardware must be needed to play or view portfolios. As long as the files can be opened on above mentioned equipment then format does play an issue regarding portfolio submission. Question 32: As a participant in the DoD Comprehensive Subcontracting Plan Test Program, we request that FAR 52.219-9 and DFAR 252.219-7003, Small Business Subcontracting Plan (DoD Contracts) (APR 2007) be replaced with (or Amended to include) DFAR 252.219-7004, Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Test Program)(APR 2007). Answer 32: In accordance with 219.708 (B) and (2) and (c)(1) as described in 219.702, if a contractor is part of the "Small Business Subcontracting Plan (Test Program)", any contract awarded to them will have the following adjustments to any awarded contract: 1. Use the clause 252.219-7004, Small Business Subcontracting Plan(Test Program), instead of the clauses at 252.219-7003, Small Business Subcontracting Plan (DoD Contracts) and FAR 52.219-9, Small Business Subcontracting Plan. 2. Delete the clause FAR 52.219-16, Liquidated Damages - Subcontracting Plan. 3. Delete the clause FAR 52.219-10, Incentive Subcontracting Program.
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Place of Performance
Address: National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, 4600 Sangamore Road, Bethesda, Maryland, 20816, United States
Zip Code: 20816
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