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66 -- Animal Cages

Notice Date
Notice Type
332999 — All Other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of Health and Human Services, Food and Drug Administration, Office of Acquisitions and Grants Services, 5630 Fishers Lane, Room 2129, Rockville, Maryland, 20857-0001
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Jaclyn Stielper, , Doreen Williams ,
E-Mail Address
jaclyn.stielper@fda.hhs.gov, doreen.williams@fda.hhs.gov
(jaclyn.stielper@fda.hhs.gov, doreen.williams@fda.hhs.gov)
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR 12.6, simplified acquisition procedures and the resultant purchase order will include all applicable provisions and clauses in effect through the Federal Acquisition Circular 05-30. This announcement constitutes the only 100% small business set aside solicitation and a written solicitation will not be issued. This synopsis, NAICS code 332999, is to notify contractors that the government intends to issue a Firm Fixed Price Purchase Order in accordance with FAR Part 13.106 for the following statement of work, under the simplified acquisition procedures. Any firm that believes it is capable of providing the required service as stated herein may submit a capability statement to document its ability to provide the required services. A determination to compete this procurement based on a response to this notice is solely within the discretion of the Government. The Government reserves the right to award a contract without discussions if the Contracting Officer determines that the initial offer(s) is/are providing the Best Value and discussions are not necessary. Award will be made to the party whose quote offers the best value to the Government, technical, price, and other factors considered. The Government may award this contract to other than the lowest price technically acceptable quote. The Government will evaluate information based on the following evaluation criteria: 1) Technical Capability factor described to "Meet or Exceed the Requirement," 2) Past Performance and 3) Price. Technical Capability and Past Performance, when combined, are significantly more important than price. This solicitation is issued as a Request for Quote (RFQ). The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) intends to award a purchase order for animal cages. Specifications: CLIN0001: Allentown Caging Equipment Co Inc Model#PC75JMVCD3 Change out cage High temperature Polysulfone (300 Deg. F) JAG 75 mouse cage providing seventy-five (75) square inches of floor space with CD Kup and A-160 series valve. Quantity: 1580 CLIN0002: MODEL MDJU7140MVSPCD3-3X 140 Cage Micro-Vent Unit Quantity: 3 - Ventilated rack structure to house 140 mouse caging systems - Split Platforms for increased visibility and decreased weight - 140 Polysulfone Micro-Barrier systems (75 Sq. Inches). - Rear pocket wire bar lids - Edstrom automatic watering system (valve integral to cage). - Watering system includes manual flush feature - Edstrom “Easy Lock” cage latching mechanism - Plate mounted casters with 5” phenolic wheels - Same side vertical supply and exhaust plenums - Smart Bio-Pak Hepa Filtered supply blower - Exhaust –Pak Hepa filtered exhaust blower - Stainless steel vertical flip-up cardholder (VH35MB-F) Low velocity air is delivered to each cage greatly reducing the build-up of gaseous pollutants that may have hazardous effects on animal health. In addition, the ventilated racks reduce the amount of air-borne particulates into the Macro-Environment. Micro-Vent Environmental Housing System for mice. Configuration: double faced, seven (7) wide x ten (10) high with fourteen (14) cages per tier for a total of one hundred and forty (140) complete Reduced Height Micro-Barrier housing units per rack. Unit shall be equipped with a Edstrom Reverse "S" automatic watering system utilizing the "Easy Connect " Inside the Cage A-160 series Shielded Valve. All components are to be autoclavable and cage washable. The Coupling Design system provides an automatic "POSITIVE" lock mechanism to the air and water grommet connection and displays a visual indication for proper cage docking position. The watering system shall feature the “on line” rack flush with ball valve and return line for manual flushing. AIR and RACK SYSTEMS SPECIFICATIONS HEPA filtered air is delivered (50-70 Air Changes per Hour) to each individual housing unit by the rack or wall mounted integrated HEPA filtering Bio-PAK delivering "clean" air to the stainless steel delivery manifold system under positive pressure terminating in individual cage air injector tubes. The "clean" air is then delivered to each cage by means of a stainless steel cage mounted "bullet" air diffuser. Exhaust air from each cage is captured by a unique Patented "U" shaped negative pressure stainless steel channel manifold encapsulating three sides of the Micro- Barrier filter cover flange area, collected into a return air stainless steel manifold system and finally forced through a HEPA filtered rack mounted integrated Exhaust Pak blower system and exhausted into the room atmosphere. All four (4) inch supply and return plenums utilize sealed access doors and drains for simplified cleaning and drainage after sanitization. Both vertical supply and exhaust plenums will be located on the same end of the rack. Rack assembly consists of one hundred and forty (140) 18 gauge individual stainless steel split platform supports mechanically locked to ¾ " x ½ “ rectangular 16 gauge internal tubular uprights. The split platform design decreases rack overall weight and enhances visibility within the cage. Each internal upright is heliarc welded to the external rack frame that will be constructed of a 14 gauge 1" x 1" tubular base, uprights and upper frame structure to insure strength. The entire assembly shall be plate mounted on stainless steel Jarvis and Jarvis casters, two with brakes and 5" diameter phenolic wheels. The Micro-BARRIER assembly consists of a high temperature Polysulfone (300 Deg. F.) JAG 75 mouse cage providing seventy-five (75) square inches of floor space with air bullet and A-160 valve assembly (PC75JMVCD), a sheet metal design rear pocket wire bar lid (WBL7115RP), a high temperature reduced Height Micro-Barrier three (3) piece filter top, and a vertical 3” x 5” stainless steel “flip up” data card holder (VH35MB-F) Each top shall consist of a lid design incorporating an X" bar filter media support system, a die cut Reemay polyester filter sheet 18 mils thick and a high temperature perforated filter retaining device designed to "snap" into the top of the Micro-Barrier lid and hold the filter media sheet in place. The Micro-BARRIER will not require screw-on plastic nut arrangement or other type of fasteners for holding the filter in place. AUTOMATIC WATERING SPECIFICATIONS Drinking Valve The A-160 series Shielded valve (located in the cage) permits the valve assembly and air bullet device to travel with the cage for sterilization. The drinking valve will be compatible with hyper chlorinated or acidified water and autoclavable to 300 degrees F. * 316 stainless steel * Silicone elastomer wetted parts * Operation at 3-5 grams of actuating force with a flow rate of 30mL/min. * The flow rate will be field adjustable. Coupling Design Socket * 316 stainless steel with silicone seal * Base fitting welded to piping "Easy Connect Lock" -Release Mechanism * Materials: 316 series stainless steel * Automatic spring loaded release lock to detach cage and drinking valve for cage removal * "Hands Free" Positive engagement with front cage lock release Wetted Component Materials * 316L stainless steel piping, fittings and drinking valves *.5 inch diameter with.036 inch wall piping * O-ring slip type fittings * Silicone "O" ring material * 316 stainless steel female plug * Drain/vent valves: 316L stainless steel with silicone O-ring seat Construction: * All welded fittings * Passivation and electropolishing after welding Mechanical Operation The Edstrom A-160 shielded valve with the "Coupling Design" Air/ Water Cup Assembly shall be integrated into the Micro-BARRIER Cage System and travel with the cage assembly once removed from the rack. The "Coupling Design" automated water valve assembly shall be operated by an automatic, spring loaded lock mechanism located to the lower right of each individual Micro-BARRIER Cage System. Proper docking to the air and water grommets shall be achieved by placing the Micro-BARRIER Housing System within the channel or cage guide. This operation will automatically open the lock/indicator mechanism (continually allowing both hands to secure the cage assembly) permitting the BARRIER Housing assembly to slide towards the air/water connection systems. Proper docking shall be achieved by gently sliding the BARRIER assembly to the rear of the cage guide channel. Activation (air and/or watering) shall take place immediately when the cage assembly stops its front to rear travel. Once in position, positive locking shall be achieved automatically when the swing lock mechanism engages in the front of the cage holding it secure to the air/water manifolds. Disengagement of the Barrier System from the Micro-VENT Unit is achieved by placing both hands on the cage body (with the back of the hand opening the lock mechanism, clearing the cage body) and gently pulling the assembly forward. Visual Indicator A visual positive lock indicator will determine proper activation of the air/water assembly. This positive lock indicator shall be comprised of a RED cage indicator tab located on the swing lock mechanism. The indicator will protrude (to the right) approximately 1/2 " from a stainless steel housing mechanism when the cage is not within the specified locking position of the air/water connection device. In order to achieve and assure proper connection of the Micro-BARRIER Housing System to the air/water connection device, the RED indicator tab must be completely encased within the stainless steel housing. Absence of any RED markings from the barrel of the indicator tab shall indicate that the proper connection has been achieved. Location of the indicator shall be directly above the lock arm on the right front side of each Micro- BARRIER Housing System. Note: All watering components are to be manufactured by Edstrom Industries. These components shall include; water manifolds, male and female cage connections systems, water valve and cage lock assembly. Supply Blower Smart Bio-Pak module is a HEPA filtered air supply unit designed specifically for the Allentown Caging Micro-FLO and Micro-VENT Environmental Systems. The lightweight 20 lb. module is constructed of an aluminum cabinet with an electro static powder coated textured white surface. Each Smart Bio-Pak shall be complete with prefilter (Aluminum framed Scott foam media, 45 PPI, washable and flame retardant), forward impeller fan, HEPA filter (99.99% efficient @.3 microns Emery 3004 tested) and a 10 ft power cord. The HEPA module shall also feature a universal power supply with a 24 VDC motor blower that assures consistent performance under various electrical conditions (85-264 VAC., 50/60 Hz.). A microprocessor control board automatically adjusts the blower speed, utilizing "feed-back" control technology to maintain constant air flow as the HEPA filter begins to load. Each unit will also be equipped with various lighted indicators (located on each front panel) and an LCD Panel Display. The front panel will house an on-off switch, a single green light for normal operations and a series of two (2) red indicator lights that will illuminate if a malfunction occurs. The red warning lights will illuminate if problems are sensed with the filter or blower. In addition, an LCD screen (located below the indicator panel) shall identify cage ACH (air Changes per Hour). In addition there is a maintenance mode which can be accessed by a certifier or ACE technician to display rack CFM (cubic feet per minute), inlet air temperature, motor speed in RPM and ACH. The Smart Bio-Pak shall also feature an external alarm connection for remote monitoring. Relay, resistive, analog, and digital monitoring configurations available. Complete connection details and operating requirements are available upon request. Exhaust Blower Lightweight, all aluminum cabinet with an electro static powder coated textured white surface for low, 20 lb weight. The unit comes complete with pre-filter (Scott foam media, 45 PPI, washable & flame retardant), HEPA filter (99.99% 0.3 micron), efficient Emery 3004 tested & probed to ensure Class 100 air quality, magnehelic air pressure gauge and the single inlet forward curved impeller blower. When the Exhaust-Pak is used with the Bio-Pak unit, they are interconnected assuring that positive pressure is maintained inside each individual Micro-Barrier cage on the rack stand. Available in 115 or 230VAC, 50/60 hz. 75 watts, nominal. UL and cUL listed.. U.S. Patent Numbers,: 4,699,088 5,000,120 5,148,766 5,307,757 Overall Dimensions: 72.531” Wide x 28.750” Deep x 79.219” High Period of Performance Items must be 90-120 days after receipt of the purchase order. CCR: Vendors must be registered in the Central Contractor Register (CCR) prior to the award of a contract. You may register by going to www.ccr.gov. You will need your Dun & Bradstreet number and banking information. QUESTIONS DEADLINE: All questions are to be submitted via email to Jaclyn.Stielper@fda.hhs.gov no later than July 27, 2009, 4:30 PM EST. QUOTATIONS DUE: All quotations are due, via email to: Jaclyn.Stielper@fda.hhs.gov, no later than 4:30 PM, EST on July 30, 2009. PROVISIONS and CLAUSES: The provision at FAR 52.212-1, Instructions to Offerors Commercial Items applies to this solicitation. The following agenda has been attached to this provision: None. Offerors shall include a completed copy of the provision at FAR 52.212-3, Offeror Representations and Certifications Commercial Items. The clause at FAR 52.212-4, Contract Terms and Conditions, Commercial Items applies to this acquisition. The following agenda has been attached to the clause: None. The clause at FAR 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statues or Executive Orders, Commercial Items applies to this acquisition. The following FAR clauses cited are applicable: FAR 52.217-8, FAR 52.217-9, FAR 52.222-26, FAR 52.222-35, FAR 52.222-36, and FAR 52.232-33. Clauses and provisions are incorporated by reference and apply to this acquisition. Responses to this notice must be sent via email to Jaclyn.Stielper@fda.hhs.gov. Telephone calls will not be accepted.
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