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Notice Date
Notice Type
334517 — Irradiation Apparatus Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, 96th Contracting Squadron (Eglin AFB), 308 W D Avenue, Bldg 260, Suite 130, Eglin AFB, Florida, 32542-5418, United States
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Jamie M. Arthur, Phone: 8508825576
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
The 96th Contracting Squadron intends to solicit, negotiate, and award an Firm Fixed Price type contract for an 6MeV Modular X-Ray Source. The specifications are as follows: The AFRL/RWME High Explosives Research and Development (HERD) facility requires a dual 3.5MeV and 6MeV capable, modular, high-energy X-ray source. The system will be based in building 1239 and used by the technicians of the X-Ray Lab located at the HERD. The system will be used to support the Quality and Assurance practices of current and future missions at the HERD. The Control Console, Modulator and RF Unit must be common to all model configurations and not created special for us. During use only the X-Ray Head will change to match the needed application and energy required. It must be a commercially off the shelf item and it must also fit into the following specifications: 1.0 Equipment Features 1.1 Control System must use a programmable logic controller (PLC) to control and monitor all functions. 1.2 Control Console shall be a touch screen display system. 1.3 An internally mounted single spot laser alignment system will be used to align the X-ray beam to the object being radiographed. 2.0 Performance 2.1 The X-ray beam quality is specified using Half Value Layer (HVL) in steel. The HVL numbers are derived from a compilation of broad beam data. The maximum continuous dose rate measures at 1 meter (10 cm x 10 cm Field) without flattening filter. Dose rate is reduced with flattening filter. Model Nominal HVL Flatness Max. Dose Rate Energy (MeV) (in) (% @ ±7.5°) (Gy/min) Low 3.5 0.96 ≥71.0 2.50 High 6.0 1.10 ≥62.0 8.00 2.2 X-ray Field Size shall be a 30° cone or 22.5° square that defines the field. 2.3 X-ray Beam Focal Spot Size shall not exceed 2.0 mm in diameter. 2.4 X-ray Beam Symmetry shall not exceed 5% at ±7.5° off the central axis for all energies. 2.5 The Unit system will demonstrate radiographic quality sensitivity over the ranges given in Table 2 using film detection. Table 2 Model Nominal Range Energy (MeV) (mm) 6.0 51-254 2.6 Standard Leakage Radiation is measured at 1 meter from the beam centerline at angles 60° and greater, outside the primary beam. The primary beam central axis dose rate measured with a 10 cm x 10 cm collimator at 6MeV Energy cannot exceed leakage of 1x10-3. 3.0 HERD Facility Power Requirements 3.1 The current power setup at the HERD is 480 VAC 3 Phase 4 wire with Ground 60 Hz. The system must be able to adapt to or use the current power available. 4.0 Operating Parameters 4.1 Indoor Service The operating environment capabilities for the control console and modulator must be between 4˚C (39˚F) and 35˚C (95˚F), with 90% maximum relative humidity (non-condensing). The operating environment for the x-ray head must be between 0˚C (32˚F) and 35˚C (95˚F), with 90% maximum relative humidity (non-condensing). 5.0 Education and Training 5.1 The equipment supplier must provide user training for the operators as well as training for the proper care and maintenance of the X-ray Head system. Training will be located at the x-ray lab (Bldg 1239) at the HERD. 5.2 The X-ray Head equipment must come with 3 sets of operators' manuals and maintenance manuals with schematics. 5.3 The company must also provide the General Arrangement Drawing, Electrical Schematics, Shop Test with Load, 3 sets of Operators and Maintenance manuals, Three Sets of drawings and a CD in PDF Format for the 5 ton crane. 6.0 Other Equipment Provided to the HERD 6.1 An inspection of the old x-ray head crane support system and material handling crane support system will be completed to ensure stability before the new system is installed. 6.2 Provide the x-ray head with a new Yoke, new 1 ton hoist motor, new crane positioning motors, and controls. The Hoist Speeds shall be 12/1.2 FPM and must be Two Speed VFD Controlled along with the Trolley Speeds shall be 20/5 FPM and must be Two Speed VFD Controlled as well as the Bridge Speeds shall be 20/5 FPM and must be Two Speed VFD Controlled. The Trolley and Bridge must include Limit switches and brakes. 6.3 Provide a new material handling 5 Ton hoist motor and crane positioning motors. The new crane hoist must provide equal lift to that of the existing 2 ton crane. A new Bronze hook rated at 2 tons will also be provided. The Hoist Speeds shall be 12/1.2 FPM and must be Two Speed VFD Controlled along with the Trolley Speeds shall be 20/5 FPM and must be Two Speed VFD Controlled as well as the Bridge Speeds shall be 20/5 FPM and must be Two Speed VFD Controlled. The Trolley and Bridge must include Limit switches and brakes. It should also be designed to CMAA 70, Class C Service 6.4 The removal of the old crane components will be coordinated so that the new crane components will be installed at the same time as the old ones are removed. 6.5 The controls will use NEMA 12 Electrical Enclosures. 6.6 The items will be painted safety yellow to match our current configuration. 7.0 Quality and Assurance 7.1 A full system run and functional testing will be completed on both the x-ray system and the hoist system before the project will be accepted as completed. The NAICS code is 334517. The Small Business Size Standard is 500 employees. This acquisition will be solicited as full and open competition. The proposed solicitation number is FA2823-08-R-0018. The entire solicitation will be made available on or about 15 July 2009, via the Federal Business Opportunities web page at www.fbo.gov. No paper copies will be issued. Potential offerors are responsible for monitoring this site for release of the solicitation package and any amendments. All Offerors must be registered with the Central Contractors Registry (CCR) per FAR 52.204-7, Central Contractor Registration. Offerors must also complete Offeror Representations and Certifications on-line at www.bpn.gov prior to submitting an offer. Submit all questions electronically, NO VERBAL REQUESTS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Any questions regarding this notice should be directed to Jamie Arthur at jamie.arthur@eglin.af.mil.
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Address: EGLIN AFB, Florida, United States
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