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B -- Women's Bureau Homeless Women Veterans

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Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
541618 — Other Management Consulting Services
Contracting Office
Department of Labor, Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management, Western Regional Office in San Francisco, 90 7th Street, Suite 12-300, San Francisco, California, 94103, United States
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Solicitation Number
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Point of Contact
Linda Chavarin-Morales, Phone: 4156252381, Jenny Erwin, Phone: 415-625-2640
E-Mail Address
morales.linda@dol.gov, erwin.jenny.@dol.gov
(morales.linda@dol.gov, erwin.jenny.@dol.gov)
Small Business Set-Aside
The US Department of Labor Women’s Bureau advocates for programs to improve the job opportunities, wages and working conditions of women. Through partnership with other federal agencies, the Women’s Bureau frequently conducts listening sessions, pilot projects and other programs to target the unique concerns of particular populations of women. The Women’s Bureau is soliciting a contractor to work with the WB Region 9 office to conduct listening sessions with homeless women veterans and the service providers who come into contact with them. In response to the concerns raised by the women veterans and service providers during this dialogue about homelessness, Women’s Bureau is also soliciting a report and recommendations for a pilot project to address the most pressing needs of women veterans who are homeless. The target area for this pilot project is San Diego. SCOPE OF WORK Contractor requirements: •Must have experience working with homeless women and/or homeless veterans and their families. Must have knowledge of issues typically experienced by homeless women, including sexual trauma, abuse, single parenthood, mental illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction and recovery programs. Must have knowledge of job-related issues including job search and retention. •Must register in the Central Contractor Registration database (www.ccr.gov). The contractor will undertake the following tasks and deliverables within the following timeframe: Phase I: August 1-October 31, 2009 1.Schedule a meeting with Women’s Bureau Region 9 staff within two weeks of receiving the contract to discuss all details/questions regarding the project and deliverables, and align listening sessions with national project goals. 2.Between September 1, 2009 and September 30, 2009 conduct one listening session with service providers who come into contact with homeless women veterans. These service providers may include faith based and community based organizations; state, federal and local government agencies that serve the general homeless population; specific programs for veterans; and general programs for women, including domestic violence and abuse programs. Questions for the listening sessions will be provided by the Women’s Bureau. 3.Between September 1, 2009 and September 30, 2009 conduct three separate listening sessions with homeless women veterans. Each session should gather women from diverse communities to represent varied geographic, ethnic and racial groups of women. Questions for the listening sessions will be provided by the Women’s Bureau. 4.Within 30 days of last listening session, write a final report that includes transcripts and summaries of each listening session and recommendations for a follow-up pilot project to address one or more needs raised during the dialogue sessions. 5.Reserve up to $20,000 of funds to implement a Women’s Bureau approved pilot project to address one or more needs raised during the dialogue sessions and schedule a meeting with Women’s Bureau staff to review recommendations and get approval for the Phase 2 pilot project. Phase II. November 1, 2009 – July 30, 2010 1.Get approval from Women’s Bureau staff to begin work on a pilot project to address the need of homeless women veterans identified in the listening sessions. 2.Keep the Women’s Bureau staff apprised of status of the project with monthly updates and a quarterly report. A reporting format will be provided by the Women’s Bureau. 3.Submit a final report that evaluates the pilot service delivery project effectiveness at making a difference in assisting women veterans avoid homelessness or take steps to transition out of homelessness. CONTRACTING OFFICER’S TECHNICAL REPRESENTATIVE (COTR) The COTR shall be Jenny Erwin, Regional Administrator, Women’s Bureau, U. S. Department of Labor, 90 7th Street, suite 2650, San Francisco, CA 94103 She can be reached at 415 625 2640, fax 415 625 2641, erwin.jenny@dol.gov I.NOTICE TO THE GOVERNMENT OF DELAY Whenever the Contractor has knowledge that any actual or potential situation is delaying or threatens to delay the timely performance of this Agreement, the Contractor will notify the COTR within ten days. II.STANDARD OF WORK The contractor agrees that the performance of work pursuant to the requirements of this agreement shall conform to professional standards. III.PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE The period of performance will extend 12 months from the date of the award. IV.CONFIDENTIALITY The Contractor cannot make use of any information obtained through this Agreement for any activity outside the scope of this project. V.RIGHTS IN DATA AND COPYRIGHT Throughout the period of this Agreement, the Government reserves exclusive and unlimited rights to the information provided to the Contractor, except for the information the Government makes available to the public. All data collected and produced for this project belongs to the Department of Labor. VI.OUT OF TOWN AND/OR OVERNIGHT TRAVEL Although, minimum travel is anticipated, any travel expenses incurred must be factored into the original budget for administrative overhead. There are no additional funds available for travel. XI. INVOICE PAYMENTS The contractor shall submit all invoices to the COTR at the above address and according to schedule payment schedule. The invoices shall include a current date, the name and address of the contractor, the employer identification number, the purchase order number, and a description of the services rendered. Funds may be used for staff time, logistics, supplies and program coordination, Funds may not be used for food or refreshments. The COTR shall approve the invoices for payment based upon completion of deliverables as negotiated.. XII. RECORDS AND ACCOUNTS Contractor shall maintain such records and accounts applicable to this Purchase Order to assure full and proper accounting for all Purchase Order funds. These records shall be retained for a period of three (3) years following submission of the final invoice under this Purchase Order.
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Address: San Diego, California, United States
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