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40 -- Main Suspender Cable Cover

Notice Date
Notice Type
Sources Sought
237310 — Highway, Street, and Bridge Construction
Contracting Office
Department of the Army, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army Engineer District, New York, US Army Engineer District, New York, CENAN-CT, 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278-0090
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Loretta E. Parris, 917-790-8182<br />
Small Business Set-Aside
Sources Sought: The US Army Corps of Engineers intends to competitively solicit and award future construction projects within the northeast that may include a name brand or proprietary components. This notification serves the following purposes: 1) to notify potential Offerors of the Armys intent to solicit a name brand or proprietary components under future construction projects; 2 to publicly identify the Armys needs; 3 obtain the sources that may be able to fulfill its needs, as described below, and; 4 revises and supersedes the prior solicitation, which appeared on November 06, 2008. The Army has a need to protect wire cable structural elements from the types of threats indicated herein. The system, systems, device or devices proposed for cable protection must meet the following criteria as well: be able to be installed and removed for inspection and maintenance; suitable for exposure to the elements and weather; applicable to a large range of cable sizes approximately 1.0 inches to 3.5 inches with 8.5 inches maximum cover and 12 inches to 20inches diameter with 29.5inches maximum cover diameter; be relatively light in weight when compared to steel or all metal encasement alone; readily installed; and secondarily be available in varied colors or paintable. Covers shall be supported off of the protected cable and shall not bear on the bridge structure. Covers may be segmented if necessary to facilitate fabrication or installation but should be fabricated using the maximum length possible. In order to given further consideration the Offers must provide specific information to the Army regarding their product or system to allow full evaluation by the government; (e.g., written reports and test descriptions, drawings, sketches, photographs, video clips, etc.). The specific information required is as follows: a. Provide sketches, rendering and/or drawings and, if necessary, an accompanying narrative of the proposed system to clearly indicate construction, components of construction and means of assembly and disassembly. Sketches, renderings and/or drawings of the proposed system shall clearly indicate: 1. How cover fits around a single vertical and horizontal cable. 2. Tolerances and gaps in vertical and horizontal covers. 3. How cover system or elements are hung or attached from the cable. 4. How more than one vertical cover is attached to and hangs from another vertical cover, if cover is segmented. b. Indicate patent rights and or other protection or rights to the system or device proposed. If such rights exist, indicate that you are properly licensed to provide the system or device or, if you are the patent holder, provide the names of those firms/entities that are licensed to produce these system or systems in their entirety and whether or not they are wholly independent to do so. c. Provide independent tests results indicative of its performance: 1. Resistance of cover to explosive charges: provide full description of cover or device tested, type and range of charges used, location of charges tested relative to the test article, size of cables tested, and the observed cable protection provided. 2. Resistance of cover to saw cutting: provide full description of cover or devices tested including cover shape. Provide description of cutting tools used in the test including brand, model, blade, power of tool used. Describe the cut made and the time required to make that cut. 3. Resistance of cover to thermal cutting provide full description of the cover or devices tested including test article shape, provide a full description of the thermal tools used in the test including brand, model, of the tool used in the test, as well as the cut length and cutting time. 4. Impact and weather resistance. Describe tests and results that show durability of the cover exposed to a roadway and weather environment that causes exposure to debris impacts, temperature variations, moisture, and chemicals. 5. Resistance of cover to effects of fire. Provide a full description of assembly, tests and results that show fire resistance of the cover system to combustion or heat degradation. Provide a full description of assembly, tests and results that show fire resistance, flame resistance, and melting point(s) of the system or its components. Non combustible elements such as steel and concrete are exempt. Other information may be requested after initial response, either from individual respondents or all respondents. This synopsis is the only document that will be published notifying potential offerors of the governments intent. Offerors are advised that information provided to the Government in regard to the products or devices proposed will be considered proprietary information (unless clearly marked as available to the general public) and will not be released to the public or other offerors. The government may retain this information for its records indefinitely. Any vendor wishing to propose a protective cover system must provide a copy of all relevant data and currently available independent test results demonstrating the equivalent alternative cover system satisfies the above requirements by 24 June 2009 at 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time to Loretta Parris, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District, Contracting Division, 26 Federal Plaza, Room 1843, N.Y., New York 10278. This is a market survey and notification of intent only. This is not a request to respond to a solicitation. This project will be solicited at a future date. Points of contacts: Loretta Parris, Contract Specialist, Telephone: 917-790-8182; FAX. 212-264-3013; Robert Philbrick, Technical Manager, Telephone: 917-790-8295 FAX 212-264-6494. Contracting Office Address: US Army Engineer District, New York, CENAN-CT, 26 Federal Plaza, New York, NY 10278-0090 Place of Performance: US Army Engineer District, New York CENAN-CT, 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY 10278-0090 US Point of Contact(s): Loretta E. Parris, 917-790-8182
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Place of Performance
Address: US Army Engineer District, New York CENAN-CT, 26 Federal Plaza, New York NY<br />
Zip Code: 10278-0090<br />
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