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Solicitation 1
541712 — Research and Development in the Physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences (except Biotechnology)
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Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, AAC - Air Armament Center, AAC/PK, 205 West D Avenue, Suite 433, Eglin AFB, Florida, 32542-6864
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Amy M Wiggins,, Phone: (850)883-3268
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Small Business Set-Aside
Background The 808th Armament Systems Group (808 ARSG), 687th Armament Systems Squadron (687 ARSS) contracts with private industry for lethal and non-lethal armament and directed energy technologies. 687 ARSS uses service contractors in fulfilling its mission requirements, including the review of the white paper proposals solicited in this BAA. Service contracts contain an organizational "conflict of interest" clause that requires service contractors to protect the data, and prohibits them from using the data for any other purpose than for which it was presented. In accordance with AFMCFARS 5327.9001, the Foreign Disclosure Office has determined foreign participation is not authorized. The Air Force Research Laboratory and Electronic Systems Center have matured active denial technology over several years. The result brought forth a working technology demonstrator via the Active Denial Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) that completed in September 2007. To arrive at a practical, field-able system design, 808ARSG/687ARSS is leading a Bridge Effort between the end of the ACTD and entering the formal acquisition process as defined in accordance with DoD 5000 series directives and instructions. 687ARSS is currently pursuing acquisition of Active Denial System (ADS) weapon systems by starting a pre-MS B (Pre-EMD) efforts in FY12 with an anticipated competitive two-contractor, award thru Critical Design Review (CDR). This would be followed by a MS B decision and down-select to one contractor to develop and produce a mobile ADS (MADS), initial production is estimated at 20 systems. This is intended as a DoD joint-service (Army, Navy, Air Force) effort, but there is potential for additional production from DoD and other Government agencies. The intent of this BAA is to address, by way of a study contract, risk reduction for developing a MADS without extensive human effects trials. While there may be reference to and knowledge of versions of the active denial system design currently under test and/or under consideration for deployment, the use of the term "system" in the context of the phrase "active denial system", "Active Denial System", or "ADS" is not intended to represent a particular system designation or system of record. A final material solution to an operational requirement is not within the scope of this work. WHITE PAPER PROPOSAL PREPARTION Direct inquiries and send white papers to the following: Amy M. Wiggins 808 ARSG/687 ARSS (850) 883-3268 Amy.wiggins@eglin.af.mil Respondents are required to submit an electronic copy of the white paper proposal to the Government Contracting Officer, identified above by 06 February 2009. The white paper proposal will be formatted as follows: Section A: Title, Name of Company (on cover page); Section B: Task Objective (Ref this BAA) (on cover page); and Section C: Technical Approach, as follows: 1. A reasonably complete discussion stating the background and objectives of the proposed study and design work, the tools, techniques, and approaches to be considered, and the resources to be employed. The description must provide a complete understanding of how the objectives and guidance of Section B will be addressed. Include the nature and extent of the anticipated risks and results (basic design concept), including further testing needed. 2. The type of support, if any, the respondent requests of the 808ARSG/687ARSS, e.g. information, facilities, equipment, and materials. 3. The identity of facilities, specialized equipments, or other real property to be used for the work, if appropriate, for an understanding of the technical work to be conducted. Section D: Respondent's capabilities and related experience (to include past and present performance) as a system developer/integrator, techniques, or unique combinations of these that are integral factors for achieving the described objectives. Of particular interest is relevant ADS experience, and intellectual capital/expertise. Section E: Price of study (not counted in 10 page limit) Section F: Related efforts (not counted in 10 page limit). Provide an explanation of all related Government on-going and completed contracts or assistance instruments; a technical point of contact and telephone number for each contract cited. In addition, the names of federal, state, local agencies, or other parties receiving the proposals and/or funding the proposed effort of a similar nature. Negative response required. White paper proposals are to be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word 2000, XP, or compatible format. All white paper proposals shall be single spaced with a font no smaller than 12 pitch (10 point). Each white paper proposal submitted should be limited to 10 pages (excluding cover page). A page is defined to be one side of an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper. Respondents shall provide their Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) number, a fax number, and an e-mail address with their submission. White papers will be evaluated using the criteria set forth in this BAA. The cost of preparing white paper proposals in response to this BAA is not considered an allowable direct charge to any resulting contract or any other contract, but may be an allowable expense to the normal bid and proposal indirect cost specified in FAR 31.205-18. More than one white paper proposal may be submitted by each respondent, if the respondent feels they can adequately address each topic listed in the Statement of Objectives. There is no desire to constrain innovation beyond reason; however, for practical reasons, the respondent should measure its response. If the respondent wishes to restrict distribution of its white paper proposal, it must be marked with the restrictive language stated in FAR 15.609(a) and (b). If information contained in the white paper proposal is in the public domain or cannot be protected under law as a trade secret (e.g., a patent application), the Air Force will not accept liability for failure to safeguard against open disclosure. Refer to FAR 15.609(a) and (b). The respondent, whose white paper proposal contains limited or no limited rights data, is required to so state in order that misunderstandings may be avoided. While the anticipated contract type for this award is Firm Fixed Price, the Government reserves the right to award other contract types or assistance instruments in lieu of contracts, which may require awardees to have an approved accounting system. The general scope for a contract resulting from this BAA is a limited research program, generally a feasibility study. The program should be designed to demonstrate well defined and substantive research results, should not be overly ambitious or open-ended, and should not require a substantial testing effort to provide assurance of results. Nonetheless, any testing that will be required should be identified and described. Statement of Objectives The objectives of this BAA are to evaluate risk, evaluate technology maturity, and to stimulate industry interest to eventually foster competition for acquisition of MADS. This BAA helps the Air Force meet objectives to that end, specifically: 1. Create an alternative design concept to reduce volume and weight of one Key System below that shows high confidence of being integrated with current ADS technology to create a MADS: a. Prime Power (to include Power Generation, Power Conditioning, and Power Storage) b. Thermal Management c. High Efficiency Source d. Alternative Antenna Concepts 2. Characterize the maturity of proposed component technologies. 3. Identify projected reliability and maintainability of proposed approach. 687 ARSS anticipates awarding multiple study contracts based upon selection of white paper proposal responses. Respondents shall prepare white paper proposals that address the objectives stated above. The information below is provided for guidance and represents the type of information to be presented in the Final Technical Report resulting from any contract award (it is not anticipated that respondents will provide complete detailed information mentioned below in the white paper proposal itself): • Assume that specified repel effects remain unchanged from the objectives/requirements of the Draft Capabilities Description Document (CDD). • Use, identify, and explain a convincing mix of analyses, simulations, and empirical data to support your recommended alternatives with respect to the following paragraphs. o Define and identify commercial and military off-the-shelf (COTS/MOTS) hardware and software o Identify the following subcomponent information:  Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) of proposed subcomponents  How many of each subcomponent have been produced and used  Frequency of maintenance and any specialized maintenance equipment that is specified by the manufacture of the subcomponents  Any proprietary or exclusive agreements with any manufacture of the subcomponents  Special logistical and environmental considerations for any subcomponents (transportability issues, storage issues, or the like) o Characterize the trade space of volume and weight vs. different design approaches 687 ARSS has classified SECRET technical information to support white paper proposal preparation. An annex containing relevant classified information on the ADS may be provided on an individual basis to contracting companies that furnish the following information: CAGE code, SECRET facility clearance verification, storage capability, and approved safeguarding. After information is submitted it will be verified, approved, and then the classified information will be sent. The available information includes, but is not necessarily limited to, the following: • Draft Capabilities Description Document (CDD) • ADS 2 specification • MADS fact sheet • ADS CONOPS • ADS Human effects data • Drawings • Security Classification Guide No data on the MRAP vehicles will be provided by the Government in conjunction with this BAA. The following data submittal is expected to be required for any contract(s) awarded as a result of white paper proposal selection: A Mid-Term Technical Presentation must be delivered at the middle of the performance period and a Final Technical Report must be delivered at the end of the performance period. The Mid-Term Technical Presentation must be presented at Eglin AFB to the 687 ARSS and submitted electronically in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007, XP, or compatible format. The Final Technical Report must be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word 2007, XP, or compatible format. 687 ARSS must be given authorization to read and write to the electronic document. This final report, as with the white paper proposal, must address the objectives and guidance set forth in the BAA. With respect to the Final Technical Report, the Government negotiator will work out an appropriate Contract Data Requirements List (CDRL) with each selected respondent, unless a CDRL is not appropriate. Anticipated Period of Performance: will end no later than 15 September 2009 (including final report delivery) Type of Contract: The anticipated contract type for awards under this BAA will be Firm Fixed Price. The Air Force reserves the right to award other contract types or assistance instruments in lieu of contracts. Anticipated Number of Awards: The Air Force anticipates making multiple awards based upon the following list: • Prime Power concept and designs approximately $300,000.00 each • Thermal management concept and designs approximately $250,000.00 each • Alternative antenna concept and designs approximately $50,000.00 each • High efficiency gyrotron source concept and designs approximately $50,000.00 each All anticipated awards are within the limits of available funding, approximately $1.5M. WHITE PAPER PROPOSAL EVALUATION White paper proposals will be evaluated using the factors given below. 1. Relevant Experience (Does the respondent appear to be able to perform meaningful work with regard to ADS technologies?) The respondent's capabilities, ADS-related experience (to include past and present work) as a system developer/integrator, systems engineering techniques, or unique combinations of these that are integral factors for achieving the described objectives. The intellectual capital/expertise and industrial know-how/capability available will be evaluated. 2. Credible Approach (Does the white paper reveal a likelihood of the respondent successfully addressing the study objectives.) An assessment of the proposed analysis, design, and integration approach to include scientific and/or technical merits, and associated risks, will be made. 3. Potential Return (Does the approach described appear to offer a path to a smaller lighter Key System?) The credible approach must indicate a system concept that meets the objectives listed in Section B - one that would seem to reasonably overcome development and integration challenges. "Break-through" alternative subcomponents designs or integration concepts, with articulate illuminating descriptions that reduce the perception of risk, will also be considered on balance. It is the policy of 808 ARSG/687 ARSS to treat all white paper proposals as privileged information prior to award, and to disclose the contents only for the purposes of evaluation. An Ombudsman has been appointed to address the concerns of offerors or potential offerors. The Ombudsman does not diminish the authority of the Program Manager or Contracting Officer, but communicates Contractor concerns, issues, disagreements, and recommendations to the appropriate Government personnel. When requested, the Ombudsman shall maintain strict confidentiality as to the source of the concern. The Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals or in the source selection process. Matters of routine or administrative nautre concerning this acquisition should not be addressed to the Ombudsman, but rather to the Contracting points of contact identified below. The Ombudsman is Colonel Arnold W. Bunch, AAC/CV, at 101 West D Ave, Suite 116, Eglin AFB FL 32542-5495; his phone number is (850) 882-5422. Collect calls will not be accepted.
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