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19 -- Ship to Shore Connector Industry Day

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336612 — Boat Building
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N00024 NAVAL SEA SYSTEMS COMMAND, DC 1333 Isaac Hull Avenue S.E. Washington Navy Yard, DC
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Brian Benedict SEA 02224B 202-781-3229 Brian Benedict, SEA 02224B, Contract Specialist, brian.benedict1@navy.mil, 202-781-3229; Richard D. Braendel II, SEA 02224, richard.braendel@navy.mil
Small Business Set-Aside
The Ship-to-Shore Connector (SSC) is an Air Cushion Vehicle (ACV), and is a future Navy craft for transporting vehicles, cargo, and personnel from ship-to-shore and/or seabase-to-shore. It is the planned replacement for the current Landing Craft, Air Cushion (LCAC) as these craft reach the end of their service life. The SSC Program has a validated Initial Capabilities Document (ICD) and Analysis of Alternatives (AoA). In December 2007, the Navy Resources, Requirements Review Board (R3B) selected the 73 Short Ton ACV concept as the SSC platform. In April 2008, the SSC program completed a successful Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) and was authorized to start Preliminary Design (PD). The program has completed a Set Based Design effort as a part of PD and has established a baseline design. A Stakeholders Steering Board (SSB) concurred with the baseline design in November 2008 and PD Phase 1 is currently underway. A Preliminary Design Review (PDR) is anticipated in March 2009. A Request for Proposal (RFP) for Detail Design and Construction (DD&C) is planned for release in FY10, with contract award expected in FY11. The SSC will provide high speed, over the horizon, heavy lift capability to transport personnel, equipment, and material for the United States Marine Corps' Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) as established for year 2015 and beyond. The SSC will have the ability to operate in the well decks of U.S. Navy amphibious ships, operate in planned amphibious and Maritime Prepositioning Force (MPF) ships, operate over beaches, ice, mud, and marsh areas, operate in inland regions, ascend a beach gradient of five degrees from standstill, and transport a cargo load of approximately 73-75 short tons. Although specifications for the SSC are not finalized, it is assumed the SSC will have capability and performance similar to, or exceeding that of, the craft completing the LCAC Service Life Extension Program (SLEP). For reference, the LCAC SLEP has a design payload of 140,000 pounds, a deck area of 1809 square feet, and a speed of 40+ knots at a design weight of 344,685 pounds in calm seas. LCAC SLEP is operational through Sea State 3. The following performance improvements for the SSC will be analyzed during development: ability to operate in higher sea state conditions; increased payload, range, and speed; reduced crew; reduced maintenance and operational costs; and increased reliability and maintainability. The SSC Program held previous Industry Day events in November 2005 and in July 2008. ***Industry Day Event***Industry involvement is invited as the SSC Program continues the Technology Development Phase, having completed Set Based Design and the initiation of PD. The purpose of this event is to provide an overview of the SSC program and the SSC baseline design to facilitate better understanding of the Navy's requirements and encourage industry comment. This event is intended for shipyards, boat builders, craft designers, system integrators, material manufacturers and fabricators, reliability/risk/cost consultants, and equipment vendors with interest in participating in the SSC Program. The Program invites industry review and comment on draft Government developed craft requirements and technology development in the following areas: Machinery; Hull; Auxiliary; Performance, Command, Control, Communication, Computers, and Navigation (C4N); and Human Systems Integration (HSI). Topics of discussion covered by this event will include: - Set Based Design Results- Baseline Design- Preliminary Design efforts to date- Capability Development Document- Current challenges and the road ahead The SSC Program Industry Day is scheduled for December 11, 2008 in Washington, DC. The Industry Day event will start at 1:00 PM EST and end around 3:30 PM EST. Registration will begin at 12:30 PM EST. The event will be near the Washington Navy Yard at Maritime Plaza II. Event information is as follows: Date: December 11, 2008Time: 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM ESTCSC Advanced Marine Center, Maritime Plaza II1220 12th Street SE, Suite 202Washington, DC 20003 This event is open to both foreign nationals and US citizens who have registered for attendance by December 1, 2008. Registration requires individuals accomplish the following: 1. Submit an RSVP 2. Submit a Visit Request RSVPs must be sent to Mr. Tom Murphy, SSC Assistant Program Manager, at thomas.j.murphy32@navy.mil. It is requested that responses be coordinated by a single point of contact per company. The Navy may limit the number of attendees from any single company, depending on the number of responses. Individuals interested in the SSC Program but who are unable to participate should still respond with an RSVP, clearly noting that they are unable to attend. In the RSVP, please provide the following: - Company name and contact information - Full name, phone, email, and citizenship of all individuals- Areas of interest and specialization In addition, proper submission of a Visit Request is required. Individuals who do not submit a properly completed Visit Request by December 1, 2008, may not be allowed to participate. Non-cleared visitors will be required to bring proof of citizenship, such as a passport or notarized birth certificate, on the day of the event. Visit Requests must be submitted through each company's respective Security Officer to the CSC Security Office. Please include the following information as part of the Visit Request: - Security Officer: Donna Potts (dpotts8@csc.com)- CSC sponsor/point of contact: Ryan Duncan- Purpose for visit: SSC Industry Day- Length of request: 12 months- Company information: name, address, code, email, office phone, and FAX number - Personnel information: full name, citizenship, place of birth, clearance level, and SSN- JPAS SMO code 8X4636- Secure FAX (202) 675-7781 Both the RSVP and Visit Request must be submitted no later than December 1, 2008. Late requests may not be granted access. Once processed, respondents will receive a read ahead package containing further information on the Industry Day event. A secure website will be available after the event for US participants who have properly registered for the event and meet citizenship requirements. Please note that industry participation is voluntary and the Government will not reimburse respondents or attendees for any efforts expended as a result of or in response to this notice. No specific acquisition strategy or contractual plans for the SSC Program will be addressed during Industry Day. If you are interested in this program, it is advised that you monitor the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) website at http://www.fedbizopps.gov. Any updates and/or changes will appear at this FBO website. This announcement is being posted to both the Federal Business Opportunities (FBO) site located at http://www.fedbizopps.gov and the Navy Electronic Commerce on Line (NECO) site located at https://www.neco.navy.mil. While it is understood that FBO is the single point of entry for posting of announcements and solicitations to the internet, NECO is the alternative in case the FBO is unavailable. Please feel free to use either site to access information posted by the Naval Sea Systems Command. Please direct any comments, concerns, or questions regarding this notice to Mr. Brian Benedict, NAVSEA Contract Specialist, at brian.benedict1@navy.mil or Richard D. Braendel II, NAVSEA Contracting Officer, at richard.braendel@navy.mil.
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