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B -- Senior Democracy Advisor - USPSC Position at USAID/Paraguay - Complete solicitation in word format

Notice Date
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Complete solicitation in word format
925120 — Administration of Urban Planning and Community and Rural Development
Contracting Office
Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, Paraguay USAID-Asuncion, Unit #, APO, 34036
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Point of Contact
Marco A. Ferreira,, Phone: 59521220715112, Cynthia B. Fletschner,, Phone: 59521220715
E-Mail Address
mferreira@usaid.gov, cfletschner@usaid.gov
Small Business Set-Aside
SOLICITATION No. 526-08-01526-08-01 ISSUANCE DATE: September 3, 2008 CLOSING DATE: October 3, 2008 SUBJECT:USAID/ Asuncion, Paraguay Solicitation for Off-shore U.S. Personal Services Contractor USPSC -Senior Democracy Advisor Ladies/Gentlemen: The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking applications (Optional Form 612) from qualified U.S. citizens interested in providing PSC services as described in the attached solicitation. Applicants must be able to obtain health and secret security clearances. Submissions shall be in accordance with the attached information at the place and time specified and must include signed OF-612 and a written statement that responds to the requirements of the position. Any questions on this solicitation may be directed to Luis A. Rivera, Contracting Officer or to Marco Ferreira, Acquisition Specialist, in the Regional Contracting Office. They can be reached at the following emails: Email: lrivera@usaid.gov Email: mferreira@usaid.gov Applicants should retain for their records copies of all enclosures which accompany their applications. All applications and the required documents should be submitted via internet as email attachments, or by DHL to the Paraguay Mission located at the following address: By DHL, consign documents to: Marco Ferreira Acquisition Specialist,USAID/Paraguay Juan de Salazar 364 c/Avda. Artigas Asunción-Paraguay All required applications must be submitted by end of business day on October 3, 2008. For Medical clearances, the US Citizens should be able to obtain Department of State Class 1 Medical Clearance. Application forms USG Optional Form 612 (OF-612) can be located at http://www.usaid.gov/forms/OF612.pdf or http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/formslibrary.do,or at local US Federal offices. Applicants are requested to provide their full mailing address and contact information (telephone, fax or email). Please make sure your application form is signed, otherwise it will not be taken into consideration for this position. Sincerely, Luis A. Rivera Contracting Officer 1. SOLICITATION NUMBER:526-08-01 2. ISSUANCE DATE:09/03/2008 3. CLOSING DATE/TIME:10/03/2008 4. POSITION TITLE:Senior Democracy Advisor (USAID/Paraguay) 5. MARKET VALUE:GS – 15 (or equivalent). Salary will be determined based on experience, qualifications and salary history. The standard compensation package also includes a contribution for life and health insurance and a contribution to FICA. If the selected candidate qualifies as an off-shore hire under USAID regulations, the employee will additionally receive post differential approved for Asuncion, Paraguay (currently set at the rate of 10% of base pay) and cost of living allowance (25% of base pay), housing, international travel, shipment benefits and other applicable allowances. 6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Two years from the date of signature of the contract, with the possibility of extension depending on the need for continuation of services, availability of funds and satisfactory performance. 7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE:Asuncion, Paraguay. 8. DIRECT SUPERVISOR:Mission Director. 9. SECURITY ACCESS:Top Secret Clearance. 10. JOB DESCRIPTION: A. RECOMMENDED POSITION TITLE: Senior Democracy Advisor B. ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION OF POSITION: USAID/Paraguay C. POSITION TITLE/GRADE OF DIRECT SUPERVISOR: Mission Director. D. INTRODUCTION: Incumbent serves the Senior Democracy Advisor for the USAID mission in Paraguay. In this position he/she directs the democracy and governance office, serves as senior democracy advisor to senior mission management and the US Ambassador, oversees all assistance in the governing democratically and justly (GDJ) area, and activities under the USAID-managed MCC Threshold Program. GDJ is the US Mission’s highest priority under the Foreign Assistance Framework, and democracy has traditionally been the largest part, roughly 40 percent of the Mission’s portfolio, even without taking into account the DG and anti-corruption focus of the MCC Threshold Program. Paraguay is a low-income, developing country located in the geographic center of South America. The country has a nascent democracy, having endured a long succession of dictatorships until the overthrow of General Stroessner in 1989, 40 percent of its population live in poverty, and it faces a long litany of development challenges. Perhaps most fundamental of these challenges is the systemic corruption that permeates all levels of political and economic life, and that has undermined the faith of Paraguay's citizens in democracy and the free market. Symptomatic of the country's corruption problem is the notorious Tri-Border Area (TBA) of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina, a hub for international crime, including terrorism financing, drug and arms trafficking, and money laundering. As the TBA's weak link, Paraguay is important to regional stability and security interests. USAID/Paraguay administers programs directed at the following primary objective areas of the State/USAID Foreign Assistance framework -- Governing Democratically and Justly (including rule of law, civil society, and local government); Economic Growth (trade development, environment); and in Investing in People (health systems and services and family planning). USAID/Paraguay also manages a $35 million Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) Threshold Country Program focused on anti-corruption through institution building, the reduction of impunity, and the promotion of economic formalization. While the Threshold Program is due to be completed in November, 2008, Paraguay has been invited by the MCC to submit a proposal this year to continue Threshold Program assistance for new funding, estimated at $30-35 million, and an additional two years. Important political context for the USAID program and this position in particular are the results of recent presidential and congressional elections held in April 2008, in which an ex Roman Catholic Bishop won a convincing victory at the ballot box. The victory of Mr. Lugo and his broad opposition alliance marks the end of over 60 years of one-party hegemony in Paraguay. The President-elect and the new administration took office in August 2008 for a five-year term. As a recognized lead donor in the governance area in Paraguay, USAID expects to have a key role in assisting the new Government implement an ambitious reform agenda. The Senior Democracy Advisor is the Chief of the USAID/Paraguay Democracy and Governance Office, consisting of 9 FSN employees who manage activities in Democracy and Governance, including rule of law, civil society, local government, and the USAID/MCC Threshold Program. As the senior democracy and governance advisor, the Senior Democracy Advisor represents USAID on the US Embassy Law Enforcement Working Group and coordinates closely USAID activities with other USG efforts related to democracy/governance and anti-corruption. The Senior Democracy Advisor reports to the Mission Director. The Senior Democracy Advisor will have signing authority for the Global Simplified Acquisition System (GLAS) for non-expendable and expendable purchases, and services contracts for USAID Paraguay. The Senior Democracy Advisor’s responsibilities at USAID/Paraguay encompass the full range of management and support activities at a small field mission including personnel supervision, formulation of project and program support budgets, program assistance planning and management related functions unique to overseas operations. The role of the Senior Democracy Advisor is vital and essential to facilitate the delivery of foreign assistance in Paraguay. E. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES OF THE POSITION: 1.Manages all democracy, governance, and anti-corruption activities in USAID’s portfolio; and plays the lead role in the conceptualization, design and oversight of follow-on or new activities; 2.Supervises USAID’s Democracy and Governance (DG) team and the MCC Threshold team and provides guidance and mentoring to team members; 3.Plans and directs continuous evaluation of the organization, staffing and services of the DG and MCC teams to ensure maximum utilization of material and human resources; 4.Makes recommendations to the USAID Mission Director related to the design and implementation of all strategies, plans, and budgets related to democracy and governance area, including MCC Threshold assistance; 5.As a senior staff member, participates in the formulation of mission policies on program planning, development, implementation and evaluation. Reviews USAID/Paraguay’s development assistance projects for their democracy and governance content and impact. 6.In collaboration with appropriate mission officials develops manpower and logistical support requirements within budgetary limitations for the DG and MCC activities. Participates in portfolio and financial reviews for each of USAID/Paraguay’s five technical offices, providing coordination of matters relating to democracy and governance content. 7.Develops and maintains strong professional contacts and relationships with senior GOP officials, the Paraguayan Congress, local and departmental governments, and the judiciary. Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with the business community in Paraguay and civil society organizations; 8.Establishes and maintains effective working relations with other U.S. Government agencies, voluntary agencies, and other institutions operating within Paraguay and the region. Establishes effective working relationships with U.S. Embassy democracy and governance personnel in Paraguay; 9.Represents USAID on the U.S. Embassy Law Enforcement Working Group and coordinates USAID activities with other USG efforts related to democracy, governance and anti-corruption; 10.Liaises with and coordinates USAID democracy, governance, and anti-corruption activities with broader bilateral and multilateral donor community in Paraguay; 11.Maintains day-to-day contact with USAID democracy and governance grantees/contractors regarding their activities; 12.Prepares and disseminates regular reports on the impact and results of USAID democracy and governance activities; 13.Manages the annual portfolio review and results reporting process for all DG and MCC activities in the Mission; 14.Ensures that all administrative and accountability requirements related to USAID/Paraguay’s DG and MCC portfolio are handled in accordance with established policies and procedures; 15.Provides USAID/Paraguay, the U.S. Embassy, USAID/Washington, and MCC with information and analysis on other democratic projects and developments in the region. F. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS EDUCATION: Graduate degree (Master's, J.D., J.S.D, or PhD) in political science, governance, rule of law, public administration or relevant subject area (i.e., anti-corruption, decentralization and local governance, civil society, conflict mitigation) is required. Points will be awarded for the relevance of the degree to the required work. PRIOR WORK EXPERIENCE: A minimum of fifteen (15) years of progressively responsible experience in directing and supervising USG democracy and governance operations or overseas experience specifically related to democracy and governance at the national (i.e., Paraguay) and international level (i.e., other Latin American countries and/or regional organizations), specifically dealing with democracy and government challenges. Familiarity with anti-corruption programs, rule of law and law enforcement initiatives, decentralization and local governance, civil society participation, access to information, and/or electoral processes is required. Demonstrated successful experience in directing complex programs, in management and administration including personnel administration, management analysis and planning, procurement, budgeting, planning, and contract management is required. In addition, a thorough knowledge of the interagency foreign affairs manuals and USAID's programming, planning, budgeting, and contracting procedures is desired. KNOWLEDGE: A thorough knowledge of U.S. Government regulations and USAID, MCC, and State Department Regulations governing project and program management is desired. Extensive knowledge of administrative, management, and procurement is desired. ABILITIES AND SKILLS: Proven managerial experience. Proven ability to lead, train and supervise in a cross-cultural setting. Demonstrated ability to analyze, conceptualize, negotiate, exercise sound judgment, originate ideas, and motivate staff is required. Exceptional interpersonal skills are required; in particular, the candidate should have excellent skills in establishing relationships with counterparts and international actors. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: Fluent spoken/written English (Level IV) and working proficiency of Spanish (Level III) is required. SECURITY/MEDICAL CLEARANCES: This position is open only to U.S. citizens. The selected candidate must obtain Top Secret level security clearance and required medical clearance. WARRANT AUTHORITY: N/A. AVAILABILITY: Candidate must be available and ready to assume the position in Asuncion, Paraguay on or about January 1, 2009, subject to medical and security clearances. G. SELECTION CRITERIA To be considered, the applicant shall meet those qualifications marked required. Candidates will be evaluated according to the following criteria: Ranking Factors: Factor Points Education 10 Prior Work Experience40 Knowledge 20 Skills and Abilities30 Total 100 H. POSITION ELEMENTS SUPERVISION RECEIVED: The Senior Democracy Advisor receives assignments in terms of general guidance, overall mission objectives, and then is expected to prioritize, and make suggestions on timeframe and approach to completing assigned responsibilities. Operations and results are reviewed for adequacy, the degree to which desired outcomes are achieved, and through review of written work products. The Contractor is expected to be a self-starter, take initiative, be motivated, and results driven with a proven ability to establish and meet deadlines. AVAILABLE GUIDELINES: USAID Regulation (ADS) on Overseas Support, Procurement, Personnel, the Foreign Affairs Manuals, and Bilateral Agreements. Guidelines may not specifically apply to many situations and will have to be interpreted, requiring considerable judgment. EXERCISE OF JUDGEMENT: USAID relies heavily upon the Contractor for exercise of judgment and advice on program management for the Mission. Incumbent must be innovative and resourceful to get the job done and achieve results while at the same time assuring compliance with USG regulations and procedures (FAM, AIDAR, ICASS). Within overall guidelines, represents USAID in the U.S. Embassy Law Enforcement Working Group and approves DG and MCC procurement requests for administrative goods and services within the approved Procurement Plan. NATURE, LEVEL AND PURPOSE OF CONTACTS: Regular contact with senior level host country government officials in the executive and judicial branches, members of the national legislature, governors, mayors, and civil society leaders. USAID/Paraguay personnel (both FSN and U.S citizen employees), USAID/Peru and USAID/Bolivia Regional acquisition, legal, and executive personnel (both FSN and U.S. citizen employees), Officials of other agencies at Post (State, Justice, Treasury, etc), USAID/W, and other USAID Missions, other Agencies, Local Civil Administrative Authorities, private companies, contractors, vendors and suppliers. POST ENTRY TRAINING: GLAS, if not received prior. SUPERVISION EXERCISED: Directly supervises nine members of the USAID/Paraguay DG and MCC teams, including the Local Government, National Reform, Civil Society Development Assistant Specialists; MCC Public Sector, Private Sector and Legal Advisors; MCC Communication and IT Specialists; and a secretary. H. APPLYING 1. A cover letter of no more than two pages that demonstrates how the candidates’ qualifications meet the work requirements; 2. A CV which at a minimum describes education, latest experiences and career achievements; 3. A completed and signed OF-612. This form is available at http://www.usaid.gov/forms/OF612.pdf or http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/formslibrary.do,or at local US Federal offices. 4. Names, contact numbers, and addresses of three professional references; 5. A written statement certifying the date and length of time for which the candidate is available for the position. I. BENEFITS/ALLOWANCES As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, an offshore USPSC is normally authorized the following benefits: I.1 BENEFITS Employee's FICA Contribution Contribution toward Health & Life Insurance Pay Comparability Adjustment Annual Increase based on satisfactory performance Eligibility for Worker's Compensation Annual & Sick Leave Access to medical facilities Pouch mail service as per post policy I.2. ALLOWANCES (if Applicable). * (A) Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120) (B) Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130) (C) Post Allowance (Section 220) (D) Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230) (E) Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260) (F) Education Allowance (Section 270) (G) Education Travel (Section 280) (H) Post Differential (Chapter 500) (I) Payments during Evacuation/Authorized Departure (Section 600) (J) Danger Pay (Section 650) * Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians Foreign Areas). J. FEDERAL TAXES: PSCs are not exempt from payment of Federal Income taxes under the foreign earned income exclusion. K. CONTRACT INFORMATION BULLETINS (CIBs and AAPDs) PERTAINING TO PSCs AAPD 06-12 Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12) Implementation (2006) AAPD 06-11 Home Leave and Revised General Provision 5, Leave and Holidays (August 2006) AAPD 06-10 PSC Updated Medical Expense Payment Responsibility (October 2006) AAPD 06-07 AIDAR, Appendix D: Contract budget, salary determination and salary increase AAPD 06-03 Updated Contractor Salary Approval Threshold Policy/Procedures AAPD 06-01 Medical Evacuation Update AAPD 05-10 Calculation of Vacation Leave for U.S. Personal Services Contractor?s (USPSC) AAPD 05-08 Personal Service Contracts (PSCs) Annual Health Insurance Costs AAPD 05-02 Clarification of Policy for Personal Services Contracts with Anticipated Contract Performance periods Exceeding Five (5) Years AAPD 04-15 Cash Awards for USPSCs and TCNPSCs CIB 01-07 Clarification of the Extension/Renewal Policy Regarding Personal Services Contracts CIB 01-10 Revision of Medical Clearance Process - Personal Services Contracts ("PSC") with U.S. Citizens CIB 00-08 Revision of Competitive Process - Personal Services Services Contracts ("PSCs") with U.S. Citizen CIB 00-3 FICA & Medicare Tax Rates for Personal Services Contracts (PSCs) CIB 99-7 Contractual Coverage for Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Services CIB 98-25 Defense Base Act (DBA) Coverage and DBA Waiver List CIB 98-24 Use of Compensatory (Comp) Time by PSCs CIB 98-23 Guidance Regarding Classified Contract Security and Contractor Personnel Security Requirements CIB 98-16 Annual Salary Increase for USPSCs CIB 98-14 Change in Required Application Form for USPSCs CIB 97-16 Class Justification for Use of Other Than Full & Open Competition for Personal Services Contracts with U.S. Citizens Contracted with Locally with CCNs and TCNs Subject to the Local Compensation Plan, and for Overseas Contracts of $250,000 or Less CIB 97-3 New USAID Contractor Employee Physical Examination CIB 96-23 Unauthorized Provision in Personal Services Contract CIB 96-19 U. S. Personal Services Contract (USPSC) - Leave CIB 96-8 Determining a Market Value for PSCs Hired Under Appendix D, Handbook 14 CIB 94-9 Sunday Pay for U.S. Personal Services Contractors (PSCs) CIB 93-17 Financial Disclosure Requirements Under a Personal Services Contract (PSC) L. LIST OF REQUIRED FORMS FOR PSCs For initial consideration: 1. Optional Form 612. Resume or CV may be attached. Upon advice by the Contracting Officer that the applicant is successful the following forms will be needed: 1. Contractor Employee Biographical Data Sheet (AID 1420-17) 2. Contractor Physical Examination ( Form DS 1843) 3. Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions (for National Security) (SF-86) 4. Finger Print Card (FD-258). ** (Available from the law enforcement offices or in USAID/Washington). * Standardized Regulations (Government Civilians Foreign Areas). ** Forms 2 through 4 shall be completed only upon the advice of the Contracting Officer that an applicant is the successful candidate for the job. END OF SOLICITATION No. 526-08-01
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Place of Performance
Address: USAID/Paraguay, Juan de Salazar 364 c/ Artigas, Asuncion, Non-U.S., 00001, Paraguay
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