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T -- Design, Layout/Production, and Printing of Annual Performance and Accountability Report

Notice Date
Notice Type
Combined Synopsis/Solicitation
541490 — Other Specialized Design Services
Contracting Office
National Mediation Board, Office of Administration, Office of Administration, 1301 K Street, NW Suite 250 East, Washington, District of Columbia, 20005-7011
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
Denise M Murdock,, Phone: 202-692-5010, Bruce Alan Conward Jr,, Phone: 202-692-5010
E-Mail Address
murdock@nmb.gov, conward@nmb.gov
Small Business Set-Aside
STATEMENT OF WORK INTRODUCTION The National Mediation Board (NMB) requests a one-year proposal with two additional one-year options for the Design, Layout/production, and Printing of its Annual Performance and Accountability Report. Once a vendor is selected, there will be a kick-off meeting to discuss the theme and specifications for the 2008 Annual Report in greater detail. BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The NMB is a very small, independent federal agency established by the 1934 amendments to the Railway Labor Act of 1926 (RLA), whose primary mission is to prevent or minimize labor-management disputes affecting interstate commerce. The NMB programs provide an integrated dispute resolution process to effectively meet the statutory objective of minimizing work stoppages in the airline and railroad industries. The agency is required to publish a Performance and Accountability Report and submit it annually to the U.S. Congress and the Office of Management and Budget. DELIVERABLES • The Designer is to present three (3) cover design options with sample spreads using sample customer provided text and data from a prior year report available on the NMB website ( www.nmb.gov ). Each design option to include paper type and weight. Prior year hard copies are available on request. • The Designer is to allow two (2) rounds of creative design refinements. • Time is of the essence; the final, printed copies must be received by the NMB no later than November 14, 2008 as specified below. • The NMB will provide draft text for actual production in MS Word format. Allow for (2) rounds of text edits. • The first two production drafts from the Designer will be as BW Laser and Color PDFs; and the third round as hardcopy color lasers and Color PDFs. Please note that there may be an additional round of color lasers if needed. • A printing and specifications package to be provided by the Designer directly to the Printer after NMB review (see "Printer Package" below). • The Printer is to provide Text Proofs to the NMB and Layout/Color proofs to the Designer. • The Designer is to attend the Press Inspection to ensure accurate and high quality printing. • The Printer is to print up to 1000 copies of the final document at the option of the NMB. • All copies to be delivered by the Printer to the office of the NMB no later than 1:00 pm EST on November 14, 2008. Delivery inside of the building is required. • The Designer or Printer is to deliver a web-ready PDF similar to the FY-2007 Annual Performance and Accountability Report (see Documents on NMB website: www.nmb.gov). • The Designer or Printer is to provide a Microsoft Word copy of finalized, published text. • List your AA rate per hour for creation, production and printing. EXPENSES/OTHER COSTS (may be inclusive or line itemized) • Approximately 5 Charts (pie/bar formats); maximum of ten (10); • Include all costs for Stock Photography (per image/use); • One day Press Inspection; • Print Management and Printer Coordination as needed; • All other project-related materials billed as needed • Specify total cost maximum. ANNUAL FORMAT/SIZE Approximately 96 content pages plus 4 pages Cover - Bleed all sides. 8.5" x 11", Perfect bound, Hinge score cover Cover - 6/2 (4CP + 1PMS + SV / 1PMS + SV) - 100# Cover; #1 Sheet First approx. 40 pages - 6/6 (4CP + 1PMS + SV / Same) - 80# Text; #1 Sheet Remaining approx. 56 pages (2PMS / same) - 80# Text - #1 Sheet or Uncoated Anticipate at least 1 round of random color proofs/corrections. Actual paper used may vary by design option selected. PRINTER PACKAGE Final package should contain: • Fully marked up set of BW Lasers indication image use (FPO/LIVE/etc...) and all special instructions/notes (i.e.: Scan image P22A at 75%) • Full set of color proofs (actual size or reduced) to indicate color breaks • Color separations for the 4C and 2C sections • Final print files/fonts in Quark XPress or Adobe CS on CDROM (Mac/PC based) • Full Specification Sheet • Contact information PROPOSALS DUE All Proposals must be received by Close of Business (5:00pm Eastern time) on July 15, 2008. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for the First Year • Time is of the essence; the Printed copies must be received by the NMB no later than November 14 as specified below. • Designer Selection/Kick-off meeting to discuss themes/direction will be held at NMB on or before August 25, 2008. • Designer to present three (3) designs by September 15, 2008, from which the customer will select one, possibly with design refinements. • Designer is to present final design for Customer approval by September 30, 2008. • Customer is to provide draft Text/Data/Content for actual production to Designer by October 15, 2008. • Two (2) rounds of edits must be completed by October 24, 2008. • Designer is to present Final layout for Customer approval by October 28. • Designer is to prepare Final Package for release to Printer no later than October 31, 2008. • Designer is to attend Press Inspection at location and date/time to be specified by the Printer. • Printed copies must be delivered at the NMB no later than 1:00 pm EST on November 14, 2008. • A schedule for any optional year exercised by the NMB will be similar, but subject to adjustment. PAYMENT Payment will be made in accordance with the clauses of the contract entitled "Prompt Payment" (FAR 52.232-25), Progress Payments (FAR 52-232-16) and Payments (FAR 52.232-1). This is one-year contract covering the NMB Annual Performance and Accountability Report for 2008 with two one-year options for the 2009 and 2010 reports. Each year is based on a 3-month, fixed-term, fixed-price performance period. VENDOR EVALUATION CRITERIA Vendor proposals will be evaluated on the basis of cost, creativity and work samples, quality of work and quality control, and ability to meet deadlines.
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