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A -- GOES-R Ground Segment Final RFP - Solicitation 1 - SBU Requirements

Notice Date
Notice Type
SBU Requirements
541512 — Computer Systems Design Services
Contracting Office
Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Acquisition and Grants Office, SSMC4 - Room 7601/OFA61, 1305 East West Highway, 7th Floor, Silver Spring, Maryland, 20910
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
Kelly D. Mabe,, Phone: 301-286-0632, Mary M. Petruzzo,, Phone: 301-286-1726
E-Mail Address
kelly.mabe@noaa.gov, mary.petruzzo@noaa.gov
Small Business Set-Aside
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) invites proposals in response to the Request for Proposal (RFP) DG133E-08-RP-0068 for the Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite R Series (GOES-R) Ground Segment (GS). The Government released the GOES-R GS synopsis, draft solicitation and other information related to the GOES-R GS under FBO notice DG133E-08-RP-0068. Competition for this effort is full and open. NOAA anticipates award of a Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF) contract with a ten year period of performance. Contract award is planned for March 2009. Proposal submission instructions are included in the RFP. The proposal due date for the Past Performance volume is June 24, 2008. All other proposal volumes are due July 8, 2008. Refer to the RFP for more detailed instructions. The GOES-R GS Applicable and GOES-R GS Reference Documents identified in the solicitation Section J, Attachment 13 are available through the GOES-R web site at: http://www.goes-r.gov/procurement/groundProcurement.html. The GOES-R GS Applicable and GOES-R GS Reference Document List include documents that contain International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) restricted data, Sensitive But Unclassified (SBU) information and copyright data. To help ensure compliance with ITAR restrictions, respondents to this notice are requested to send a letter to NOAA certifying that they are aware of and understand their obligations under ITAR and that they will protect ITAR information. The company must certify in their letter that individuals reviewing the materials are US citizens or US Permanent Residents, and must include a list of the individuals that will be reviewing the GS Applicable and Reference documents. Documents identified as SBU information may be requested and released through the process outlined herein although use of the document(s) is restricted to: 1) solicitation DG133E-08-RP-0068 proposal preparations and 2) performance of a resulting contract. Documents identified as SBU shall be protected in accordance with the requirements described in this announcement. To help ensure compliance with SBU restrictions, respondents to this notice are requested to send a letter to NOAA certifying that the organization is aware of and understands their obligations pertaining to SBU information and that they will protect SBU information in accordance with the requirements outlined in the attachment entitled REQUIREMENTS FOR SENSITIVE BUT UNCLASSIFIED: STORAGE, ACCESS, DISCLOSURE, PROTECTION, TRANSMITTAL, AND DESTRUCTION OF SBU. Additionally, the organization shall identify a single individual responsible for the dissemination and destruction of the SBU within its organization. Respondent's may email, fax, or mail the letters to Ms. Mary Petruzzo at NOAA as follows: Mary Petruzzo, Contract Specialist, Phone 301-286-1726, Fax 301-286-3017, Email mary.petruzzo@noaa.gov, or Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA/GSFC, GOES-R GS, Code 417, Building 6, Room S109, Greenbelt, MD, 20771. Once your certification is received, the ITAR restricted and SBU information identified in the GS applicable and references documents will be provided to your company. Respondents are reminded that failure to comply with ITAR may result in exclusion from competing in the GOES-R GS contract, suspension, debarment, and/or other penalties appropriate under the State Department's jurisdiction. Also identified in the GOES-R GS Applicable and GOES-R GS Reference Document List are documents subject to copyright restrictions. These documents may be made available at a later date. Your interest in this solicitation is appreciated.
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SBU Requirements
File Name: Solicitation - SF-33 (RFP SF-33 - Final RFP.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=be0932a862de77dcb40b6b580fce989e
Bytes: 1,060.50 Kb
File Name: Section J - Exhibit A, Contract Data Requirement List (CDRL) (Exhibit A CDRLs-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=60050eef49611295c74b7f15184e61bf
Bytes: 995.74 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 1, Statement of Work (SOW) (Attachment 1 SOW-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=6330cc5301f07528e0d3fc8cfb7cffc0
Bytes: 608.94 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 2, Functional & Performance Specifications (F&PS) (Attachment 2 FPS-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=3bde4131f5786e555f18d680cd9fbc73
Bytes: 1,673.10 Kb
File Name: (Attachment 3 AWIPS IRD-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=3f1cf8832f4125d9df4e59b09a4dcd12
Bytes: 290.67 Kb
File Name: (Attachment 4 CLASS IRD-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=a2209a484bddd5ba3a1db6bf580c4e3d
Bytes: 325.33 Kb
File Name: (Attachment 5 DCS IRD-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=6fb925975cd8296fdfa9a3241fdfab7b
Bytes: 294.17 Kb
File Name: (Attachment 6 EMWIN LRIT IRD-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=a6df965a38364eba4ee901164f9708e1
Bytes: 306.47 Kb
File Name: (Attachment 7 ADRS IRD-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=e1fe354759f69996c91e0564e3962897
Bytes: 372.19 Kb
File Name: (Attachment 8 GOES NOP IRD-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=e05e71f51a365117025ba6f185aeaced
Bytes: 280.83 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 9, Mission Assurance Document (MAR) (Attachment 9 MAR-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=795ec60fe192c7f16bdfae2c5fac4488
Bytes: 423.20 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 10, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Dictionary (Attachment 10 WBS-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=d3198d40b170c19984cd221360c67a6b
Bytes: 405.59 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 11, Acronym & Glossary (Attachment 11 Program Acronym-Glossary-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=1e2c88455d4c1a5331aa4c44efedb5e0
Bytes: 0.00 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 12, Government Furnished Property (GFP) List (Attachment 12 GFP List-Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=5711d6d67762f27c25cddf97f55b501f
Bytes: 274.66 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 13, Applicable and Reference Document List (Attachment 13 GOES-R A&R Docs 05-21-08 - Final RFP.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=fb8b3616bec8aeab13b41f8910229218
Bytes: 96.25 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 14, Award Fee Plan (12Attachment 14 Award Fee Plan.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=6ca4660ae3a9e105d7b8ce8d421c5c8a
Bytes: 194.00 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 15, Data Rights (13Attachment 15 DataRights (placeholder).doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=2da0929959c2488d93b8395cf63f0a96
Bytes: 25.50 Kb
File Name: Section J - Attachment 16, Special Studies Procedures (14Attachment 16 Special Study Procedures.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=3482fed8bfe95cceff71f9884e8f1935
Bytes: 50.00 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.1: Business Cross Reference Table (02Attachment L.1 VOL I Business Cross Reference Table.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=88de1ca8b40ee8426de34e1c98d21854
Bytes: 65.50 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.2: Technical Cross Reference Table (03Attachment L.2VOL III Technical Cross Reference Table.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=a805fb1f83b466b32bad754458d97ed4
Bytes: 153.50 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.3: Management Cross Reference Table (04Attachment L.3 VOL IV Management Cross Reference Table.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=2aee4cea8f6d4eac06c82a951537e9b5
Bytes: 71.50 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.4: Past Performance Cross Reference Table (05Attachment L.4 VOL V Past Performance Cross Reference Table.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=f4e20588ca6862bfeabdce9a48e9aee3
Bytes: 61.50 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.5: Cost/Price Cross Reference Table (06Attachment L.5 VOL VI Cost-Price Cross Reference Table.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=709134b28966181c031990f6b520373d
Bytes: 113.00 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.6: Resume Format (07Attachment L.6 Resume Format.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=330b1cebcd9b9d982fa4a752340eab6c
Bytes: 28.00 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.7: Past Performance Questionnaire (08Attachment L.7 Past Performance Questionnaire.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=ac1115f0984d4b5750d3c01c09edebf1
Bytes: 186.00 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.8: Past Performance Consent Form (09Attachment L.8 Past Performance Consent Letter.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=efe5507752c4f5c08227709a2b81920d
Bytes: 27.00 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.9: Software Datasheets (10Attachment L.9 Software Datasheets.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=4ac8f9158accbceab4e7badd707311f3
Bytes: 333.50 Kb
File Name: Section L - Attachment L.10: Software Datasheets Template (11Attachment L.10 Software Data Sheets Template.xls)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=a8bee3ff05244e0830384a0b341abc14
Bytes: 191.50 Kb
File Name: Requirements For Sensitive But Unclassified: Storage, Access, Disclosure, Protection, Transmittal, And Destruction Of SBU (RequirementsSBU.doc)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=78c29231e1f9897173462208d214853e
Bytes: 38.50 Kb
File Name: Sample SBU Coversheet (Sample SBU Coversheet.pdf)
Link: https://www.fbo.gov//utils/view?id=f052c1b1eaf128a8bfe4b0fccb56baa1
Bytes: 2,093.37 Kb
Note: If links are broken, refer to Point of Contact above or contact the FBO Help Desk at 877-472-3779.
Place of Performance
Address: United States
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