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70 -- ICU RFI

Notice Date
Notice Type
541511 — Custom Computer Programming Services
Contracting Office
Shirley Whitby;Department of Veterans Affairs;Dayton VA Medical Center;4100 W. Third St.;Dayton OH 45428
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Walt Banko 513-247-4621 walter.banko@va.gov
E-Mail Address
Email your questions to Contract Specialist
Small Business Set-Aside
Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs) INTENSIVE CARE UNIT RFI: VA-250-08-RI-0162 RESPONSE TO CONTRACTOR INQUIRIES 1. Inquiry: Ref. 1.2 Please describe what the VA Security Requirements are or provide the appropriate VA security requirements documents with the RFI. Response: These requirements are constantly evolving and cannot be predefined due to their transient nature, but all vendors are absolutely required to meet such VA standards as they evolve. 2. Inquiry: Ref. 1.4.1 - Please provide the VA Nomenclature and Standardization Requirements for CIS Data Dictionary. Response: The VA has developing and evolving standards, generally but not always, consistent with international nomenclature (i.e. SNOMED, IOTA, etc.) and existent data dictionaries. However, it also has evolving independent definitions (including the HDR). These standards are available on the VA Intranet and would be made available to vendors selected once a solicitation for proposals is awarded. VA also has interfaces with its HIS developed by Document Storage Systems (DSS). It is anticipated that the DSS interface will further be definitive of specific elements structure for vendor utilization. 3. Inquiry: Ref. 1.4.2 - What is the VA Standardization Requirement for extracts from database? Response: See above response. 4. Inquiry: Ref. 3.4.9 - Please explain and provide examples of what you mean by variable/alias names and what you are requesting in this field. Are you referring to Patient Names, Field names, etc? Response: This refers to the VA's requirement to not be "locked in" to vendor existent defined requirements for data specific elements. In other words, the vendor must have the capacity to rename CIS data elements with aliases or other end-user defined names. 5. Inquiry: Ref. 5.10.6 - Explain VistA Time Protocols. Response: The DSS interface specifications will encompass time synchronization between systems. 6. Inquiry: Ref. 5.10.7 Clarify/define CPRS Critical Care Alerts. Response: This would encompass immediate "critical" alerts as created within VISTA, such as critical Lab values, change in status, allergy modifications, etc. DSS interface will be utilized for the transference of such alerts. 7. Inquiry: Ref. 5.14 Please explain patient taxonomies in VistA. This refers to the standard elements as included in ICD9 and CPT coding structure. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Veterans Integrated Service Networks (VISNs) INTENSIVE CARE UNIT RFI: VA-250-08-RI-0162 RESPONSE TO CONTRACTOR INQUIRIES Pg. 2 of 2 8. Inquiry: Ref. 5.28.19 - Please clarify what you are specifically asking for in this question. Response: For any display with tabular and graphical values, when they appear on one page, they should be on the same timeline. 9. Inquiry: Ref 5.32.3 - Please be more specific as to what you mean by response times. Are you talking about network response, clinical response? Response: This requirement involves "at a distance" viewing and that viewer's capacity to isolate and review an individual patients ongoing CIS record as well as activate active communication mechanisms with personnel at the patients bedside. 10. Inquiry: Will the proposed CIS, ARK and Analytic Systems be subject to the Department of Veteran Affairs Medical Device Isolation Architecture Guide? See attached document for reference. Response: Yes
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