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F -- Sustained Yield Restoration Stewardship Project - 10 Year Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity

Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-6 Southeastern Oregon ZAP, Fremont-Winema NF
Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
Vickie Veeder, Supervisory Contract Specialist, Phone 541-383-5548, Fax 541-416-6661, - Mark LaCroeix, Contrct Specialist, Phone 541-947-6226, Fax 541-947-6242
E-Mail Address
vveeder@fs.fed.us, mlacorix@fs.fed.us
For assistance with broken links contact the Point of Contact in this notice or the FBO Help Desk at 877-472-3779.
Solicitation 01
File Name: 1. Solicitation
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/1%2EAG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001%5FSolicitation%2Edoc
Bytes: 659,968
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 2. Notice to Offerors
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/2%2ENoticetoofferors%2Edoc
Bytes: 32,768
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 3. Appendix A - Elective Items
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/3%2EAppendix%5FA%5FElective%5FItems%2Edoc
Bytes: 112,128
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 3. Appendix A - Mandatory Items
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/3%2EAppendix%5FA%5FMandatory%5FItems%2Edoc
Bytes: 90,112
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 3. Appendix B - Timber Removal Specifications
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/3%2EAppendix%5FB%5FTimber%5FRemoval%5FSpecifications%2Edoc
Bytes: 330,752
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 3. Appendix C - Road Maintenance Specificiation
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/3%2EAppendix%5FC%5FRoad%5FMaintenance%5FSpecification%2Edoc
Bytes: 660,992
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 3. Appendix D - Construction/Reconstruction
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/3%2EAppendix%5FD%5FRoad%5FConstruction%5FReconstruction%2Edoc
Bytes: 410,112
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 4. Davis Bacon Number OR080002
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/4%2EDavisBaconNumberOR080002%2Edoc
Bytes: 145,408
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 5. Service Contract Act 1977-0079 Revision 36
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/5%2EService%5FContract%5FAct%5F1977%2D0079%5F36%2Ehtm
Bytes: 10,304
File Type: HTML Hyper-text
File Name: 6. FS-6500-24 - Financial Statement
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/6%2EFS%5F6500%5F24FinancialStatement%2Edoc
Bytes: 277,504
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: 7. FS-6500-25 - Request for Verification
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/7%2EFS%5F6500%5F25RequestforVerification%2Edoc
Bytes: 58,368
File Type: Microsoft Word
File Name: All Files
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/spg//EPSData/USDA/Synopses/21591/AG%2D04P5%2DS%2D08%2D9001/20080211154816%2Ezip
Bytes: 484,884
File Type: Zip Compression
Note: If links are broken, refer to Point of Contact above or contact the FBO Help Desk at 877-472-3779.
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