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Notice Date
Notice Type
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
NASA/George C. Marshall Space Flight Center, Procurement Office, Marshall Space Flight Center, AL 35812
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Sandra S. Johnson, Contract Specialist, Phone 256-544-6698, Fax 256-544-9162, Email sandra.johnson@msfc.nasa.gov - Marty B. Hanson, Contracting Officer, Phone 256-544-0989, Fax 256-544-9162, Email Marty.B.Hanson@nasa.gov
E-Mail Address
Email your questions to Sandra S. Johnson
This is a modification to the synopsis entitled, Architectural Engineering Services for Miscellaneous Studies and Design Tasks at MAF, which was posted on January 4, 2008. You are notified that the following changes are made: The proposed base contract period of performance has been shortened from one (1) to two (2) years; the number of one-year options has been increased from three (3) to four (4); information regarding organizational conflicts of interest has been added, and minor corrections and edits to the text of the "Description" portion of the synopsis have been made. In order to combine in one place all of the information included in the "Requirements" portion of the original synopsis with the changes identified in Modification 1 as well as the changes outline above for this modification (Modification 2), the existing "Description" portion of the synopsis is deleted in its entirety and replaced with the following: "Description This synopsis is to solicit responses which NASA George C. Marshall Space Flight Center will utilize to select a contractor for negotiations leading to the award a contract to be used for the acquisition of Architect-Engineering (A-E) Services for miscellaneous studies and design tasks at Marshall Space Flight Center?s Michoud Assembly Facility (MAF) in New Orleans, Louisiana. The majority of the facilities at MAF are in direct support of MAF?s mission to manufacture complex space systems and include laboratories, flight vehicle manufacturing and test facilities, and office buildings. The A-E services to be provided under the proposed procurement consist of field investigations, engineering studies, final designs, and other A-E services including the following: 1. Cost studies and engineering feasibility studies for large Construction of Facility (CoF) projects (> $500,000), as well as small locally (< $500,000) approved projects. 2. Preparation of final design documentation for miscellaneous modification, rehabilitation, new construction, and repair projects ranging in construction value from $10,000 to approximately $50,000,000. The following is a listing of criteria that will be used in the preliminary screening of the A-E firms responding to this synopsis. A-E firms must meet these requirements to be considered for the work: 1. Provide a completed Standard Form 330. 2. Have the following disciplines located at the A-E?s lead office: ? Minimum of 3 electrical engineers. ? Minimum of 3 mechanical engineers. ? Minimum of 3 architects. ? Minimum of 3 structural engineers. ? Minimum of 3 civil engineers. 3. Have registered professionals that will stamp all work provided. 4. Have the lead office located within 300 miles from MAF. 5. Have a minimum of 30 employees located at the lead office. Factors to be scored (100 maximum points) in the selection process include: (1) Specialized experience and demonstrated capabilities in the restoration, modernization and renovation design for office, laboratory and test facilities (50 points); (2) Past Performance on A-E contracts at MAF, other government agencies and private industry over the last 10 years (20 points); (3) Capacity to perform the work (10 points); (4) Professional Qualifications (10 points); (5) Previous MAF Contracts (5 points) and (6) Geographical Location (5 points). In the submittal, the A-E firm shall clearly define the location of the lead office as well as the capabilities and size of that particular office. Other company resources and experience should be shown separate from the lead office?s resources and experience. The Government has determined that certain organizational conflicts of interest need to be avoided during the performance of the A-E contract. As a result, the following restrictions apply: 1. The successful A-E contractor or any of its major subcontractors shall not be a user/tenant of MAF for any purpose other than for providing A-E services resulting from this synopsis. 2. The successful A-E contractor or any of its major subcontractors shall not have an extended corporate relationship with (a) a user/tenant of MAF or (b) the successful offeror of the Manufacturing Support and Facility Operations Contract (MSFOC). In other words, the successful A-E contractor (including any major subcontractor) shall not be (1) a parent of, (2) a subsidiary of, (3) a partner in a joint venture with, (4) an owner of, (5) owned by, or (6) otherwise inappropriately affiliated with a user/tenant of MAF or the MSFOC contractor at any time during the performance of the A-E contract. 3. The successful A-E contractor (including any major subcontractor) shall disclose all other existing or prospective contractual relationships with users/tenants of MAF for approval The proposed contact will be a firm-fixed price indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity type contract with a one-year base and four (4) one-year options. It is estimated that contract award will be made during the month of April, 2008. Firms responding to this synopsis should include appropriate information regarding any consultants or associates to be used and should include the synopsis identification number AE01-08 in their Standard Form 330 and accompanying letter of transmittal. The above services are not set-aside for Small Business or Small Disadvantaged Business firms. Architect-Engineer firms which meet requirements described in this announcement are invited to submit a completed Standard Form 330, Architect-Engineer and related Services Questionnaire for Specific Project, and appropriate data as described in Note 24 to the address shown below not later than Feb 8, 2008, by 2:00 p.m. local time. This notice is intended to provide sufficient information for preparation of a Standard Form 330. All firms that respond must submit their Standard Form 330 based on information contained in this notice and should not contact MSFC officials by letter or by telephone to request additional information. The mailing address for all overnight packages is: Ms. Sandra Johnson, Mail Code PS32, Building 4250, Room 36E, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, MSFC, AL 35812. THIS IS NOT A REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL -- SEE NOTE 24." The due date for responses of February 8, 2008 is not extended. Documents related to this procurement will be available over the Internet. These documents will reside on a World Wide Web (WWW) server, which may be accessed using a WWW browser application. The Internet site, or URL, for the NASA/MSFC Business Opportunities home page is http://prod.nais.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/eps/bizops.cgi?gr=D&pin=62 Potential offerors are responsible for monitoring this site for the release of additional modifications/amendments.
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