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C -- Architectural and Engineering Services

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
541310 — Architectural Services
Contracting Office
General Services Administration, Public Buildings Service (PBS), Portfolio Management (9PTC), 450 Golden Gate Avenue 3rd Floor East, San Francisco, CA, 94102-3434, UNITED STATES
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Point of Contact
Sheila Williams, Contracting Officer, Phone 415-522-3376, Fax 415-522-3115
E-Mail Address
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
Type of Contract: The General Services Administration (GSA) announces an opportunity for firms with Architectural-Engineering (A/E) experience in providing supplemental A/E services that includes Pre-Design Surveys, Design Supporting Services with optional Post Construction Contracts Services (PCCS), Construction Inspection Services (CIS) and As-built Document Services for Planning, design, architectural/engineering including building evaluation in occupied federally owned or leased office buildings. This is a Multiple Award Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract(s) for Architectural-Engineering design services covering the following geographic zones; 1) Southern California; 2) Northern California; 3) Nevada & Arizona; and 4) Hawaii. Multiple awards may be made as a result of this announcement, but the Government anticipates making no more than five awards per geographic zone More awards may be made if necessary to ensure coverage in all zones. These contracts will be for a period of one year with four one-year option periods. The minimum guarantee will be $3,000 for the base year period. The total aggregate Maximum Order Limitation (MOL) shall not exceed $2,000,000 in the base year or any exercised option period per contract. This procurement is a 100% set aside for small business concerns, in accordance with the Small Business Competitiveness Demonstration Program. NAICS code is 541310; Small Business Size Standard is $4.0 million. Offers are to be evaluated in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) Part 36.6, General Services Administration Manual (GSAM) Part 536.6 and the Brooks Act Public Law 92-582. Under this process the Government will award to the most highly qualified A/E firms with whom it can negotiate a fair and reasonable price. The Government will not allow payment for travel, living expense, computer time or hookups for the prime or the consultants during the selection process. Requirements under the Contract: All work must be accomplished by or under the supervision of licensed Architects/Engineers, as defined by applicable State law, which the State law requires to be performed or approved by a registered architect or engineer. The services required under this contract shall include, but are not limited to the following: 1. Design and the preparation of construction documents for repair and alteration, and tenant finish projects. Typical projects may include repair, improvement remodeling of building interior space, and building systems and features, including but not limited to: interior and exterior finishes, landscaping, civil, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, structural, fire safety, elevators, environmental, and roofing components/systems. Types of space may include Courthouse facilities, Child Care facilities, Border Patrol/Station facilities, Renovation and/or alteration of Fire Protection System, Administrative facilities, Warehouses, Road and Parking lots and other existing facilities. 2. Preparing designs, plans, specifications, estimates, record drawings, space planning, miscellaneous studies and reports, surveys and construction inspection services for projects. Projects may involve work in specialty areas such as alterations in historic buildings or asbestos abatement work. 3. Professional disciplines to include mechanical, structural, HVAC, electrical, civil, interior designer estimator, CAD operator, fire safety experts, elevator/escalator experts, historic preservationist, asbestos consultants, INS/Homeland Security experts, acoustical experts, seismic experts, environmental experts, energy experts, telecommunication experts, and geotechnical experts and one or more may be licensed and/or electrical and/or structural work. These professional disciplines shall assist GSA staff engaged in scope development, shop drawing review, master planning, feasibility studies, interior design, design review, construction administration and inspection, elevator evaluation/design, signage design, and various technical studies including, but not limited to: Building Engineering Reports, Historic Building Preservation Plans, seismic and structural evaluations, energy studies for design of energy upgrades, roof evaluations, fire safety review/studies, and handicapped accessibility (ADA/UFAS) reviews. 4. Survey of existing conditions and Feasibility Study and investigations, site selection, planning and program studies, preparation of construction contract documents, specifications, cost estimates and other related services. The budget assessments may include cost analysis as well as cost estimating. 5. Design services to include green/sustainable design with a goal of LEED Certification for select projects. Use of recycled/recovered materials is a requirement for every design project where applicable and where effective. 6. Other professional services of an architectural or engineering nature, or incidental services, that members of the A/E professions (and individuals in their employ) may logically or justifiably perform, including studies, investigations, surveying and mapping, tests, evaluations consultations, comprehensive planning, program/project management, conceptual designs, plans and specifications, value engineering, construction phase services, soils engineering, drawing reviews, preparation of operating and maintenance manuals, and other related services. 7. Environmental surveys, reports, studies, and designs for the clean-up, removal, monitoring and/or abatement of asbestos, hazardous/toxic materials and petroleum products. 8. Spatial Data Management (SDM) Program for creating, updating and maintaining spatial data and associated Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) to accurately reflect our federal and leased inventory. Firms must be able to perform drafting of above work in a computer system compatible with Auto-CAD Release 2000 or later version, be required to procure the GSA version of Master-spec directly from the American Institute of Architect (AIA), and provide construction specifications using the later version of AIA Master-spec Format. The A&E firm must be able to provide design in both English and metric. The proposed project team will have the capability to perform the basic design disciplines (i.e. architectural, civil, structural, mechanical and electrical) with in-house personnel, joint venture or firm/consultant arrangement will be considered and evaluated based on the demonstrated interdependency of the members and its ability to provide quality design and post construction contract services. A/E firms must have the ability to provide quality design and post construction contract services, including demolition and/or hazard abatement. Projects may involve work in historic buildings. Use of specialty consultants may be required (i.e., cost estimating, fire safety, hazardous abatement, historical architect, HVAC, electrical, acoustical, food service and vertical transportation). Each contract awardee must have the capability to concurrently perform design and engineering work for at least (4) GSA Region 9 projects. GSA will require the use of Master Spec, including the GSA supplement in the most current edition as obtained from the AIA. The GSA version of the AIA Master Spec is the authorized master guide specification for GSA, Public Buildings Service. Each awardee will be required to purchase the latest update of Master Spec, including those divisions written specifically for GSA, directly from the AIA, at their firms expense. Submission Requirements and Evaluation Criteria: All offerors must specify clearly on the outside of the offer for which geographic zone(s) they wish to be considered. It is not necessary to submit additional copies to be considered for more than one zone. An offeror may be awarded a contract for more than one zone. Under this Request for Qualifications, more consideration may be given to A/E firms with an active design office within the geographical zone(s) to be considered for. For this public announcement the term A/E firm means an individual, firm joint venture, partnership, corporation, association, or other legal entity permitted by law to practice the profession of architectural or engineering that will have contractual responsibility for the work identified under the resultant contract(s). If the A/E firm is comprised of a partnership, corporation, association, or the legal entity permitted by law to practice architecture or engineering, a complete description of the proposed internal responsibility of the components must be included in your response to this announcement. The A/E firms must indicate their ability to comply with the area of consideration required as part of their response to this notification. To be considered under this solicitation firms must meet and show conformance to the following minimum requirements: 1. A completed, current Standard Form 330,Architect-Engineer Qualifications, and a completed, current Standard Form 330 for each proposed consultant. Interested firms with more than one (1) office must indicate on their SF 330 the staffing composition of the office in which the work will be performed. 2. Evaluation Criteria GSA will evaluate each firm based on the following four Evaluation Factors, which are listed in descending order of importance, with Factor 4 being significantly less important than all the other factors combined. Factor 1) Past Performance Factor 2) Experience Factor 3) Design Management/Organization/Capacity Factor 4) Knowledge of Locality Factor 1) Past Performance: This factor considers the A/E firms past performance in carrying out similar work with Government agencies and private industry, in terms of cost control, quality of work, and compliance with performance schedules. The A/E firms must document the accomplishments of these criteria for at least three previous clients. The A/E Firm may submit graphics (maximum of three pages per project) of not more than five space alteration/renovation projects completed in the last five years. The narrative (maximum of two pages per project) shall indicate the lead designer for and address the design approach with salient features for each project. The narrative shall discuss how the client's program, function, image, mission, economic, schedule and operational objectives were satisfied by the overall design/planning solution. Include tangible evidence where possible such as certificates, awards, peer recognition, etc. demonstrating design excellence. Provide a client reference contact for each project, including name, title, address, phone, fax numbers, and email. A portion of one page presented for each project must include a representative floor plan and either a site plan or a building section. Factor 2) Experience: This factor considers the A/E firms recent (within the past five years) and significant experience in doing similar work for Government agencies and private industry. Working relationships with team members and consultants, and management skills and practices to integrate project goals and team members are vital. Firms shall submit a minimum of 3 projects and no more than 5 projects of relevant scope, size and/or complexity completed during the past five (5) years. Submittal of less than 3 projects may result in a lower factor evaluation rating. Similar in scope is considered as Courts related work, tenant finishes, renovation, repair or alteration projects. Similar in size relates to the cost of the project and the range is considered to be between $2,500 to $2,000,000. The complexity of the project considers the degree of tenant and owner involvement in the design and any special phasing requirements. The most complex projects include Federal, State or Municipal courts space where the clients include court officials, security officials and prosecuting officials, hospital projects, and laboratory projects. The next most complex projects include corporate, institutional or governmental office space where there are many organizational functions represented and/or there were special phasing requirements to keep the facility in operation. The least complex projects are those of minimal client involvement such as roof replacements and parking lots. Projects not completed within the last five (5) years may not be considered. Project data shall include, project name and location, description, initial and final construction cost, and design start, construction start, and completion dates. The narrative shall address the following areas: design approach with salient features for each project; and how the clients program, function, image, mission, cost control, schedule and operational objectives were satisfied by the overall design/planning solution. In regard to Professional disciplines firms shall submit a narrative on their specialized experience and technical competence in the type of work required, including, where appropriate, experience in mechanical, structural, HVAC, electrical, civil, interior designer estimating, Spatial Data Management/CAD, fire safety, elevator/escalator, historic preservation, asbestos, INS/Homeland Security, acoustical, seismic, environmental, energy, telecommunication, cost estimating, surveying/mapping and geotechnical. Factor 3) Management/Organization/Capacity: This factor considers the A/E firms ability to demonstrate their management approach to performing the work; planning; coordination; quality control; scheduling; timeliness; problem resolution; cost estimating and control; CAD system and adequacy of office and support facilities; the firm (and its consultants) capability/capacity of staffing the project(s) with qualified personnel; and roles of key personnel organization chart. The organization chart shall provide a description of the background and minimum qualifications of key team personnel. Note: If a selected firm decides to change personnel in the performance of this contract, the firm shall, prior to the utilization of these personnel, submit their resumes to the Contracting Officer for approval. The qualifications of the submitted personnel must be equal to or better than those identified as part of the organization chart. Factor 4) Knowledge of Locality: This factor considers the A/E firms familiarity of the applicable geographic zone's architectural standards and codes, building codes, environmental regulations, soil conditions, seismic requirements and agency regulations. For each geographic zone(s) the offeror wishes to be considered for, the offeror shall submit a minimum of 3 projects and no more than 5 projects of relevant scope, size and/or complexity completed during the past 5 years located within the applicable geographic zone that demonstrates the offeror's familiarity with the above-referenced criteria. Offerors may use the same projects submitted under Factors 1 and 2 for this factor. Offerors may wish to specifically detail their successes in overcoming difficulties that are driven by specific regulations or requirements of a particular geographic zone. Notice to Offerors: Failure to address each of the evaluation factors and provide the requested information, in writing, may result in failure to qualify. Any proposals submitted after close of the due date will not be accepted in accordance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) 52.214-7 Late Submissions, Modifications, and Withdrawals of Bids. Firms must submit the required statements of qualifications on the SF 330 and any other additional supplemental information shall not exceed 50 single sided pages of 8-1/2 x 11 size paper (Arial Font, 12 pitch preferred). Brochures or other pre-printed material may be submitted; however they are to be considered a part of the 50 page limitation. It is the vendors responsibility to monitor FedBizOpps for any changes and/or conditions. Any offeror submitting a proposal is required by the FAR to use the Online Representation and Certifications Application (ORCA). ORCA is a web-based system that centralizes and standardizes the collection, storage and viewing of many of the FAR required representations and certifications previously found in solicitations. With ORCA you now have the ability to enter and maintain your own information via the internet at http://orca.bpn.gov. To register in ORCA, you will need to have two items: an active Central Contractor Registration (CCR) record (http://www.ccr.gov/ for additional information) and a Marketing Partner Identification Number (MPIN) identified in that CCR record. Your DUNS number and MPIN act as your firms ID and password into ORCA. The basic information provided in your CCR record is used to pre-populate a number of fields in ORCA. Once in ORCA you will be asked to review pertinent information pre-populated from CCR, provide a point of contact, and answer a questionnaire that contains up to 26 questions. The answers you provide are then automatically entered into the actual FAR provisions. You are required to review your information for accuracy and at least annually in order to maintain active status. Following the evaluation of the proposals statements of qualifications, the short list will be announced and the A/E firms rated most highly qualified will be contacted to attend an in-person interview at the GSA Region 9 Office in San Francisco, California. At the in-person interview, the primary presenter must be the proposed Project Manager. A maximum of three additional team members may assist the Project Manager. At this interview, the firms will be required to present information on the evaluation factors. Following the interview process the final selected firm(s) shall be requested to provide pricing to include overhead rates, profit rates and hourly rates for the anticipated disciplines for use in negotiating fixed price work orders. In addition, Offerors may be required to submit to a GSA audit prior to negotiations. Firms which possess the qualifications to perform the services described are invited to submit their documentation, including the Standard Form 330 Architect-Engineering Qualifications no later than November 30, 2007, 4:00 p.m. (PST) to: GSA - Region 9, Public Building Service Portfolio Management Division - Capital Investment Branch (9PTC), Attn: Sheila Williams 450 Golden Gate Avenue, 3rd Floor East San Francisco, CA 94102. Offerors are to submit an original and four (4) copies. Oral communication, Email or faxed submissions will not be accepted. All questions and comments must be received not-later-than November 19, 2007. Questions may be directed to Sheila Williams (415) 522-3376. NOTE: THIS NOTICE MAY HAVE POSTED ON FEDBIZOPPS ON THE DATE INDICATED IN THE NOTICE ITSELF (18-OCT-2007). IT ACTUALLY APPEARED OR REAPPEARED ON THE FEDBIZOPPS SYSTEM ON 24-JAN-2008, BUT REAPPEARED IN THE FTP FEED FOR THIS POSTING DATE. PLEASE CONTACT fbo.support@gsa.gov REGARDING THIS ISSUE.
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