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Q -- Annual Portable Audiogram Testing

Notice Date
Notice Type
Solicitation Notice
Contracting Office
Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region Contracting Office, PO Box 61470 Boulder City NV 89006
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
Archive Date
Point of Contact
Carmen Bernhardt (LC-3118) Purchasing Agent 7022938309 cbernhardt@lc.usbr.gov;
E-Mail Address
Email your questions to Point of Contact above, or if none listed, contact the IDEAS EC HELP DESK for assistance
Small Business Set-Aside
Total Small Business
This is a combined Synopsis/Solicitation for commercial services prepared in accordance with the format in Subpart 12.603 as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. However, Request for Quotation (RFQ) 08SQ301097 will be issued simultaneously with this announcement to facilitate receipt of electronic quotes. The RFQ will be issued via www.fedbizopps.gov. This RFQ is issued under the Simplified Acquisition Procedures (SAP) and is 100% set aside for small business. The NAICS code is 621999, and the size standard is $9 million dollars The Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region (LCR), has a requirement for a Contractor to provide the following: DAVIS DAM, PARKER DAM, HEADGATE DAM, & HOOVER DAM EMPLOYEES 1. General a. Scope of work: The Contractor shall provide the calibration of audio equipment at Hoover Dam and on-site audiological evaluation and consultation for Bureau personnel at three locations which comprise part of the Lower Colorado Dams Office (LCDO). The specific on-site locations are Davis Dam, near Laughlin, NV, Parker Dam, nineteen miles south of Lake Havasu, AZ (This site includes employees from Headgate Dam), and Hoover Dam, near Boulder City, NV. 2. Purpose: The purpose of the audiological services provided by the contractor are: to provide calibration of audio equipment, professional evaluation of audiograms, and conduct audiograms in support of the LCDO Occupational Hearing Conservation Program. 3. Services: The Contractor shall provide the following services: a. Perform and review no more than estimated 20 audiograms for Davis Dam employees. b. Perform and review no more estimated 20 audiograms for Parker Dam employees. c. Perform and review no more estimated 5 audiograms for Headgate Dam employees. d. Perform and review no more estimated 200 audiograms for Hoover Dam employees. e. Calibrate the project audiometer (Beltone, 12D) while on site at Hoover Dam. f. Provide an evaluation of each employee's hearing status by comparing the most recent audiogram and the employee's baseline audiogram. f.1. Evaluation criteria shall follow 29CFR 1910.95(g) f..2 The evaluation shall be in writing and shall include the baseline audiogram and all subsequent audiograms in series. g. Notify the LCDO of any hearing losses that appear to be occupationally caused and notify the LCDO of any hearing losses that do not appear to be occupationally caused. The criteria to determine a standard threshold shift are found in 29CFR 1910.95(g). h. Provide written notification of the results of the evaluation outlining any specific further action such as referral to an ENT/Audiologist. No mention of the responsibility of LCDO to pay for or reimburse the employee for such tests shall be included in the notification. i. Provide updates as necessary on the medico-legal aspects of occupational hearing loss and conservation. 4. Definitions a. Audiogram: Audiograms and equipment shall meet the criteria as found in 29CFR 1910.95(h). 5. Personnel a. Personnel conducting the audiograms evaluations shall either be an Audiologist or an Otolaryngologist. b. Personnel conducting the audiograms shall be as a minimum, a certified audiometric technician. 6. LCDO Furnished Items a. LCDO will furnish the Contractor with baseline and subsequent audiometric data for each employee. b. LCDO will provide AC power hook-ups at Davis, Parker and Hoover Dams for mobile facilities used to house the Contractor's audiometric test booths. 7. Contractor Furnished Items a. The Contractor shall furnish all items necessary except electrical power to conduct on-site audiograms. 8. Reports a. An original and one copy of each audiogram and evaluation shall be sent to the LCDO First Aid Office. b. Evaluations and copies of audiograms shall be sent to the LCDO First Aid Office within 30 days after submittal or completion of audiograms. c. The Contractor shall provide a contract year end summary of the overall effectiveness of the program. The summary shall include statistics to reflect the number of occupationally induced standard threshold shifts and the number of employees referred for rechecks or further evaluation. 9. Coordination a. On-site visits to Davis Dam shall be coordinated with Mary Pat Sanchez, (928) 754-3628. b. On-site visits to Parker Dam shall be coordinated with Reba Carter, (760) 663-3712. c. On-site visits to Hoover Dam shall be coordinated with personnel of the LCDO First Aid Office, (702) 494-2250. d. Questions concerning the aspects of this contract should be directed to the LCDO First Aid Office, (702) 494-2250. 10. Contract Time Table The base year shall run from the time of award through September 30, 2008, with four option years. All reports and the year end summary shall be received by the First Aid Office by September 30 of each year. The RFQ contains the following: a description with quantities and location details, and all applicable clauses and provisions. Quotes are due Friday, February 8, 2008, by 4:00 p.m. local time, and may be submitted electronically, by fax, or by mail to: Bureau of Reclamation, Lower Colorado Region, Contracting Office (LC-3110), P.O. Box 61470, Boulder City, NV 89006; or for expedited delivery 500 Fir Street, Boulder City, NV 89005. Questions and/or electronic or faxed quotes may be submitted to Carmen Bernhardt at (702) 293-8309, fax (702) 293-8050, or email to cbernhardt@lc.usbr.gov; or Diane Rodriguez (702) 293-8368, fax (702) 293-8050, or email to dlrodriguez@lc.usbr.gov. Vendors are reminded that they must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration to be considered for award. Vendors can register at www.ccr.gov. You will need your Dun & Bradstreet number and banking information.
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Place of Performance
Address: Bureau of Reclamation Lower Colorado Region Hoover Dam, Boulder City, NV Davis Dam, Bullhead City, AZ Parker Dam, Parker Dam, CA Headgate Dam, Parker, AZ
Zip Code: 89006
Country: USA
SN01491984-W 20080126/080124224308 (fbodaily.com)
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