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U -- Multi Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF), Center for Army Leadership (CAL), Ft. Leavenworth, KS

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611430 — Professional and Management Development Training
Contracting Office
ACA, NRCC, Fort Leavenworth, 600 Thomas Avenue, Unit 3, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027-1417
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Point of Contact
Marie O'Donnell, 913-684-1629
E-Mail Address
Email your questions to ACA, NRCC, Fort Leavenworth
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DRAFT PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT (PWS) Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) Program Coaches and Program Coordinators Performance Work Statement 1. Project Title: Multi-Source Assessment and Feedback (MSAF) Program Coaches and Program Coordinators 2. BACKGROUND. The U.S. Armys Combined Arms Center - Center for Army Leadership (CAL) is the action agent for Leader Development; Leadership Research; Leadership Doctrine; and Professional Military Educational systems to sustain excellence in the Armys c ore competency of growing leaders. The mission of CAL includes the identification of training and leader development trends and concepts to improve leader development across the Army. The Commanding General, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) approved implementation of MSAF as an Army-wide program on 30 April 2007. The program will be implemented in a phased manner to all domains (organizational, institutional, and self) and cohorts of military and civilian leaders in the Army. Virtual coaching will be provided primarily to organizational participants through a coaching cell. This support contract enables CAL to execute the Center for Army Leaderships designated functions of conducting research and assessing the quality of leadership and leadership development practices pursuant to TRADOC Regulation 10-5-4, para 7-9.e. (1) and (2) and its anticipated requirement to oversee an Army-wide program for leader MSAF. 3. SCOPE. The contract will provide coaching and program coordination to support CALs mission to integrate and implement an Army-wide MSAF program. The MSAF program incorporates the following elements: " The objective Army MSAF program is provided as a leader development program focused on increasing self-awareness. " The MSAF program uses assessment instruments that are consistent with leadership regulations and doctrine. " The MSAF planning, training, assessment instruments, and feedback products will be provided through web-based delivery from the Army website https://msaf.army.mil. " The information technology (IT) support for the Army MSAF program will provide a continuous Army capability under separate contract. " The Army MSAF program shall provide products for use in developmental coaching. Targeted leaders may take their assessment feedback to those they trust to help them interpret the results and to plan developmental actions. The Army MSAF program will provi de training materials for individuals to improve their developmental coaching skills. Research and policy decisions will continue to explore effective, cost-efficient ways to support feedback interpretation " Privacy and data integrity are of the highest priorities for the conduct of the Army MSAF. The program must ensure that leaders are confident that their assessment results remain confidential. IT and research analysts will have access to aggregated data to monitor the functionality of the program and to identify aggregate trends. 4. APPLICABLE DOCUMENTS. Department of Defense (DOD) Directive 5400.11, DOD Privacy Program (2007). Department of the Army Pamphlet (DA PAM) 350-58, Leader development for Americas Army. Headquarters, Department of the Army Washington, DC (1994). DA PAM 600-3, Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management. Headquarters, Department of the Army: Washington, DC (1994). DA PAM 600-25, U.S. Army Noncommissioned Officer Professional Development Guide. Headquarters, Department of the Army: Washington, DC (2002). Field Manual (FM) 6-22, Army Leadership. Headquarters, Department of the Army: Washington, DC (2006). Army Regulation (AR) 340-21, The Army Privacy Program. Headquarters, Department of the Army: Washington, DC (1985). AR 350-1, Army Training and Leader Development. Headquarters, Department of the Army: Washington, DC (August 2007). 5. PERFORMANCE REQUIREMENTS. The contractor shall perform the following tasks: 5.1. Coordinate assessment participation for each cohort wi thin professional military education and civilian education courses and operational and staff organizations (units defined by Modified Tables of Organization and Equipment or MTOE and Tables of Distribution and Allowances or TDA). Contractor shall plan and schedule MSAF program execution for designated leader development domains; facilitate smooth execution; provide first line resolution of any problems; and serve as an advocate for the MSAF program by sharing information about the program. 5.2. The contractor shall provide coaching to identified participants. Participants will be identified through an Army-wide organization scheduling process. Projected load is approximately 3600 Army leaders per quarter from MTOE organizations. Coaching fac ilitates learning and change, which are factors in development. Research indicates good coaches possess the following traits: self-awareness, professionalism, interpersonal skills, ability to build rapport, discretion, authenticity/sincerity and are active listeners. Specific individual requirements include: understanding of current leadership doctrine; strong oral and written communication skills (telephone/email); strong counseling skills; and capability to successfully complete coaching certification. The coaching s taff will reflect the diversity of Army leadership through a mix of gender, ranks, military and civilian personnel and will possess a mix of skills in military and civilian experience, leadership development, executive development and coaching. Coaches w ill sign confidentiality and non-disclosure statements to ensure information about each participant is kept confidential. Contractor will design and conduct training and a certification program for coaches prior to one (1) month after contract award. The certification program should include existing MSAF training for coaches. Contractor will be responsible for conducting quar terly developmental sessions to enhance and sustain coaching skills. Coaches and program coordinators will update, improve and tailor MSAF coaching and related leader development materials on a quarterly basis. Coaches shall provide confidential, individual one-on-one feedback to select participants which will allow each participant to capitalize on the feedback provided. Coaches will provide well-prepared, tailored and confidential feedback for each participant during their scheduled coaching session. Coaches will guide participants through the information presented, provide substantive comments on the analysis and provide the participant an organized approach to addressing the identified developmental needs. Thi s will initiate the development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP) that defines specific leader actions to address developmental strengths and needs. Primary identified participants will be Army leaders in the ranks of staff sergeant to colonel (SSG  COL) with a projected coaching load of 3600 per quarter. Units will be scheduled through an Army-wide organization scheduling process. Contractors will ga ther and provide data to assist with program evaluation, which will be conducted by Government personnel to assess coaching and program effectiveness. Coaches will provide projected and completed schedules of sessions on a weekly basis. Coaches will fill projected unfilled sessions with 1) follow-up sessions for MTOE personnel; 2) TDA organizations by request; and 3) provide professional development for Professional Military Education (PME)/Civilian Education System (CES) faculty/cadre. 5.4. Option years 5.4.1. Option 1. The contractor shall execute tasks for a second, consecutive 12 month period. 5.4.2 Option 2. The contractor shall execute tasks for a third, consecutive 12 month period, as under option 1. 5.4.3. Option 3. The contractor shall execute tasks for a fourth, consecutive 12 month period, as under option 1. 5.4.4. Option 4. The contractor shall execute tasks for a fifth, consecutive 12 month period, as under option 1. 6. PERFORMANCE STANDARDS. To be determined. 7. DELIVERABLES and DELIVERY SCHEDULE Seq. No. Deliverables Schedule 1 Selection of program coordinators; Selection and certification of coaches; Submission of Contractor QA evaluation plan 2 weeks after contract award (ACA) 2 Estimated 1200 coaching sessions completed During first quarter ACA 3 Estimated 2400 coaching sessions completed During second quarter ACA 4 Estimated 3600 coaching sessions completed During third quarter ACA 5 Estimated 1200 coaching sessions completed Monthly 6 Coach scheduling and completion tracking submitted Weekly 7 IPRs/AARs/ status reports Monthly 8 Review and update of materials Quarterly 9 Option 1 1 year ACA 10 Option 2 2 years ACA 11 Option 3 3 years ACA 12 Option 4 4 years ACA 8. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE. Collaboration and coordination meetings will occur at CAL, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Contractors shall follow all appropriate TRADOC, Fort Leavenworth, and governmental policies and regulations dealing with physical, operations and communications security. 9. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE. The period of performance will begin with the start date specified by the contract or delivery order and ending twelve (12) months thereafter. Option 1 would be for an additional period of one (1) year and subsequent options would be for one year each. 10. SECURITY. The work will be unclassified, but sensitive. The assessment data and reports will be treated as personal, for official use only. Personal data will be carefully controlled and protected.
Place of Performance
Address: ACA, NRCC, Fort Leavenworth 600 Thomas Avenue, Unit 3 Fort Leavenworth KS
Zip Code: 66027-1417
Country: US
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