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D -- Migration of current server and maint svcs

Notice Date
Notice Type
Sources Sought
541512 — Computer Systems Design Services
Contracting Office
Department of the Navy, United States Marine Corps, Marine Forces Reserve - RCO, 4400 Dauphine Street, New Orleans, LA, 70146-5400, UNITED STATES
ZIP Code
Solicitation Number
Response Due
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The Marine Forces Reserve (MFR), New Orleans, LA is soliciting information from potential sources to provide Oracle Software services to migrate an existing MCEAS system to another server, and support services referenced in the statement of work below. This notice is for planning purposes only. Firms are invited to submit the appropriate documentation, literature, brochures, and references to support that they possess the required specialized experience and capabilities contained in the statement of work necessary to meet or exceed the stated requirements. Responses shall be submitted to Marine Forces Reserve, via email to: dennis.sweeney@usmc.mil Responses must include the following: (1) name and address of firm; (2) size of business, including: average annual revenue for past three years and number of employees; (3) ownership, indicating whether: Large, Small, Small Disadvantaged, 8(a), Women Owned, HUBZone, and/or Veteran Owned Business; (4) number or years in business; (5) two points of contact, including: name, title, phone, fax, and e mail address; (6) DUNS Number (if available); (7) affiliate information, including parent corporation, joint venture partners, potential teaming partners, prime contractor (if potential sub) or subcontractors (if potential prime); (8) the percentage of work your company can perform against each task listed in the sow; (9) a list of customers for relevant work performed during the past five years, including a summary of work performed, contract number, contract type, dollar value for each contract referenced, and a customer point of contact with phone number. NOTE REGARDING SYNOPSIS: This synopsis is for information and planning purposes ONLY and is not to be construed as a commitment by the Government. This is NOT a solicitation announcement for proposals and no contract will be awarded from this announcement. No reimbursement will be made for any costs associated with providing information in response to this announcement, or any follow-up information requests. Respondents will not be notified of the results of the evaluation. The analysis of the information received will be utilized in formulating the acquisition strategy for the potential resultant RFP. The Government reserves the right to consider a small business set-aside or 8(a) set-aside based on responses hereto. The applicable NAICS code is 541512 with a size standard of $23M. The Closing Date for responses is 26 July 2007, 2:00 PM Eastern Time. Statement of Work PROJECT TITLE: MIGRATION AND CONTINUED SUPPORT TO THE MARINE CORPS ENLISTED ADMINISTRATIVE SEPARATION SYSTEM (MCEAS) 1. BACKGROUND Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) processes nearly 2000 Enlisted involuntary administrative separations annually. An administrative separation is a discharge or release of a Marine from active duty upon or prior to expiration of enlistment, period of induction, or other required period of service, as required by regulation or law, but specifically excluding punitive separation by the sentence of a general or special court-martial. This process must be accomplished flawlessly to comply with legal due process requirements. The Commanding General?s of the Marine Forces Reserve Major Subordinate Commands take final action on cases of Marines under their command. Processing is initiated at approximately 200 geographically dispersed reserve unit sites. The Marine Corps Enlisted Administrative Separations System (MCEAS) was implemented 1 September 2001. The MCEAS system has provided a paperless method of submitting, tracking, and approving administrative separations over the past 5 years. The MCEAS system has generated thousands of administrative separation folders. The MCEAS database is currently housed on the operating platform KCMA Domain server at Mobilization Command (MOBCOM) in Kansas City, Missouri. Mission capability requires the MCEAS program to be migrated to MARFORRES VM Server also located at MOBCOM, Kansas City. At this time, the MCEAS program does not have any technical support to manage the program to address database management outside the administrative user processes. 2. OBJECTIVES AND SCOPE Objective. The MCEAS database should be migrated from the KCMA Domain server to the MARFORRES VM server. Additionally, a maintenance contract for technical assistance needs to be established with vendor to address technical errors and necessary upgrades required for the MCEAS system. After migration, the MCEAS system must pass testing by Marine Forces Reserve, Staff Judge Advocate and MOBCOM, G-6. The system will continue: 1. To retrieve relevant data from pre-existing Marine Corps data source to auto-populate fields in electronic forms to confirm the submission of complete and accurate separation packages. 2. Require appropriate levels of data encryption, access to data, and data warehousing to allow the secure transmission and storage of large volumes of fully searchable and retrievable data for record keeping and record maintenance purposes. 3. To be paperless to the maximum extent practical: it will utilize electronic forms, digital signatures utilizing Department of Defense Common Access Cards (CAC), be stored in secure databases and data stores and be staffed electronically. Scope. The scope of this upgrade is for services to continue processes that are required to submit and track enlisted administrative separations in the Marine Forces Reserve. The upgrade process will consist of three stages. The government will retain the option of continuing to the next stage. Stage I will consist of the analysis, current system design, data storage review, and method of backup. MOBCOM G-6, with the assistance of the contractor will migrate MCEAS system from the operating platform in the KCMA Domain to a MARFORRES VM server. All relationships and components of the application and supporting database will be documented during this Stage. Stage II will consist of the MARFORRES SJA and MOBCOM G-6, with the assistance of the contractor, testing the MCEAS system on the MARFORRES VM server and updating the documentation produced in Stage I (as required). Post-migration support will include an implementation and documentation of an automated backup and restoral system utilizing existing resources on the MARFORRES network. Stage III will consist of the procurement of a maintenance contract to provide continued technical/programming assistance to government MCEAS administrators to maintain the application, supporting database, and operation as defined in Stage I and II. Requirements may also include application enhancements or upgrades if required and assistance with the maintenance of other Oracle applications. Specific enhancement required of the program consists of the development of user interface adhoc reports and improvement of database user interface. Support will be provided during normal working hours and within 24 hours of service call. 3. GENERAL REQUIREMENTS - All deliverables will include the contractors name, address, and contract number. - MARFORRES will provide adequate workspace for the contractor, including phone, dial-out capability and access to any internal MARFORRES project management networks and/or software. - All Operating System Software must be installed and configured prior to any activities performed by the project team. Sufficient system resource and space needs to be provided to establish a development and testing environment. - Support personnel must be proficient in PL/SQL programming, Oracle Application Server, Oracle Forms and Reports, XML and JAVA Servlets. 4. SPECIFIC TASKS A. The contractor shall provide system analysis and technical expertise to MARFORRES to accomplish the following tasks: (1) Perform a system backup prior to the upgrade. (2) Assist in the migration of the MCEAS application (Database and Application Server) from the KCMA domain server?s to the MARFORRES VM server?s. (3) Test the MCEAS application after the migration on the MARFORRES VM server by running a user acceptance test. (4) Document/Diagram the MCEAS application and system integration. All documentation will be prepared using Microsoft Office products. B. Request implementation of a maintenance contract in order to provide Oracle programming expertise. (1) Establish an on call maintenance contract for MCEAS system administrators to call for assistance with MCEAS system errors and Oracle upgrades and patches. (2) This maintenance contract is not to exceed 250 hours per fiscal year. (3) Implement user interface report capabilities and create adhoc reports features for database administrators and users for data extraction. (4) Improve user interface operability of MCEAS database to increase ease of use of the program. 5. DELIVERABLES 1. MCEAS is migrated from the KCMA Domain to a VM Server on the MARFORRES Domain and is tested by MCEAS administrators and functioning to the same extent as before the migration. 2. A system diagram showing the flow of each module (PL/SQL packages and procedures, XML, JAVA Servlets, Forms and Reports) and integration of the modules for the MCEAS application. All documentation will be prepared using Microsoft Office products. 3. Daily written updates to MOBCOM G-6 and MARFORRES SJA on the status of the upgrade and system diagram. 4. Detailed work break down of support provided and the hours used and remaining in the support contract. 6. ADMINISTRATION - Place of Performance - The work will be performed at the following site: Mobilization Command, G-6 15303 Andrews Road Kansas City, MO 64147 - Vendor will honor all holidays honored by MARFORRES, although will, at the request of MARFORRES project lead, work on any holiday and/or weekend on a T&M basis to support any initiatives requiring technical consulting support. - All documentation produced will be the property of the Government. 7. POINTS OF CONTACT The regional contracting office is: POC: Caroline Register Phone: (504) 678-4382 Fax: (504) 678-5283 Email: carol.register@usmc.mil The responsible officer and the Subject Matter Expert (SME) for approving work against this statement of work is: RO: Major Michael R. Reglin, U. S. Marine Corps Phone: (504) 678-8019 Fax: (504) 678-0478 Email: ReglinMR@mfr.usmc.mil SME: MSgt Scott J. Goss Phone: (504) 678-2584 Fax: (504) 678-2789 Email: scott.goss@usmc.mil 8. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE Effective date of award for 30 days, part A. Part B should be ongoing per an annual contract.
Place of Performance
Address: Mobilization Command, G-6, 15303 Andrews Road, Kansas City, MO 64147
Zip Code: 64147
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