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X -- Morris Ferry Dock

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713930 — Marinas
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Department of the Air Force, Air Force Materiel Command, AEDC - Arnold Engineering Development Center, 100 Kindel Drive, Suite A-335, Arnold AFB, TN, 37389-1335, UNITED STATES
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Morris Ferry Dock Request for Information (RFI) This is a request for information and not a solicitation. ALL INQUIRIES CONCERING THIS RFI SHOULD BE DIRECTED TO: Attn: Mr. Bill Lamb AEDC/PK 100 Kindel Drive, Suite ARNOLD AFB TN 37389 Phone: 931-454-4407 or 7806 Email: Bill.Lamb@arnold.af.mil INTRODUCTION: The Government is interested in obtaining information from individuals or companies who have the capability to operate Morris Ferry Dock (MFD) in accordance with all Air Force standards including safety, environmental, and financial requirements. MFD is a 29 acre waterfront fishing camp and camp ground located on Woods Reservoir which is owned by Arnold Air Force Base. Established in the early 1950?s, most of the camp facilities have been superseded by better, more modern facilities in the local area. MFD is located near Manchester, TN off of I-24 1. SCOPE. This request for information is directed to potential individuals or companies who have demonstrated experience in the operations and maintenance of recreation areas to include general stores, boat docks, boat ramps, boat slips and campgrounds. Compliance with all Air Force regulations and standards is required. The Government will use the information gathered in the response to this RFI in its decision making process to determine the future use of this property. 2. OBJECTIVES. The main objectives in this project are as follows: 2.1 Renovate, demolish, or construct new docks, boat slips, store, and bathrooms to provide modern, solidly built, professional appearing facilities that meet or exceed all current building codes. Reference UFC 3-210-03A, Chapter 6, for additional information. (http://www.wbdg.org/ccb/DOD/UFC/ufc_3_210_03a.pdf) All new construction/renovations shall be completed within 12 months. All work shall be performed by licensed/bonded contractors. 2.2 Possess or obtain the necessary expertise to ensure full and continuous compliance with all Air Force, federal and state safety and environmental requirements. AFI 32-7040 Air Quality Compliance AFI 32-7041 Water Quality Compliance AFI 32-7042 Solid and Hazardous Waste Compliance AFI 32-7044 Storage Tank Compliance AFI 32-7061 Environmental Impact Analysis Process AFI 32-7086 Hazardous Materials Management AFI 91-301, Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire Protection and Health (AFOSH) Program Copies of these AF AFI?s can be found at the following website: http://www.e-publishing.af.mil/pubfiles/ 2.3 Provide monetary return or in kind consideration to Arnold AFB. Independently prepared and certified financial statements shall be provided annually. 3. REQUIREMENTS. 3.1 Use of the facilities must result in minimal impact on the natural environment. There shall be a balance between recreational use and preservation of natural resources. 3.2 Recreational support facilities shall be made accessible by the handicapped. 3.3 Certain sections of recreation areas shall be designated as quiet areas where activities like motorized recreation or loud music are prohibited. 3.4 Upgrading, renovating, and improving the facilities shall be planned and accomplished as necessary to maintain facilities in a safe and useable condition. Existing facilities are owned by the current lessee. 3.5 Use of the premises must be in accordance with all governmental environmental and safety regulations. The operator will be held personally and financially liable for all fines, penalties, and cleanup costs, 3.6 A $200K Performance Bond must be provided to ensure that the facilities authorized to be installed are properly maintained and removed at the expiration of the lease. 4. GENERAL INFORMATION. Note: FAR Clause 52.215-3 Request for Information or Solicitation for Planning Purposes (Oct 1997) applies as follows: (a) The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this solicitation or to otherwise pay for the information solicited except as an allowable cost under other contracts as provided in subsection 31.205-18?bid and proposal costs?of the Federal Acquisition Regulation. (b) Although ?proposal? and ?offeror? are used in this Request for Information, your response will be treated as information only. It shall not be used as a proposal. (c) This solicitation is issued for the purpose of: Obtaining information only for determining future use of this property. (d) Estimated annual revenue for this property is less than $250K. 5. GENERAL CAPABILITY QUESTIONS a) Describe your company?s past experience on previous projects similar in complexity to this requirement. Include a brief description of the work performed, period of performance, and individual point of contact . b) Describe your company?s capabilities and experience in operating a marina, store, campground, and/or fish camp. c) Provide a sample operations plan (to include personnel requirements)for the services provided, e.g. rental slots/camping sites, dock, boat slips, store, bathrooms, ramp. d) Provide any recommendations for changes to the existing facilities which would improve the quality of services provided to customers. e) Provide conceptual plan how your company would meet or exceed the AF's objectives stated in section 2. 6. COST: a) Provide a general description of your financial capability to provide the necessary facilities and services 7. MISCELLANEOUS: a) To enable interested parties to obtain a better understanding of the property and facilities, we've scheduled a site visit on Jul 25, 1pm-3pm and alternate site visit on Jul 26, 1pm-3pm. b) The Government is available to meet one-on-one with interested parties between 30 Jul and 1 Aug. Please contact point of contact listed below. c) Please provide any additional feedback you feel is relevant in determining the future use of this property PLEASE PROVIDE 1 PAPER COPY AND 1 ELECTRONIC COPY OF SUBMITTED INFORMATION TO THE POINT OF CONTACT BELOW BY 3 August 2007. CONTACT INFORMATION: PCO: AEDC/PK Attn: Mr. Bill Lamb AEDC/PK 100 Kindel Drive, Suite ARNOLD AFB TN 37389 Phone: 931-454-4407 or 7806 Email: Bill.Lamb@arnold.af.mil Note: The information received will not obligate the Government in any manner nor will the Government reimburse contractors for any costs associated with this submittal of the request for information. This RFI does not constitute an Invitation for Bid or a Request for Proposal, nor should it be considered as a commitment on the part of the Government.
Place of Performance
Address: Arnold AFB TN
Zip Code: 37389
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