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58 -- Cutter Video Recording Systems (DVR Recorders)

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518210 — Data Processing, Hosting, and Related Services
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Department of Homeland Security, United States Coast Guard (USCG), Commanding Officer (C2EC), USCG Command and Control Engineering Center 4000 Coast Guard Boulevard, Portsmouth, VA, 23703-2199, UNITED STATES
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The clauses and provisions are posted with this Amendment to HSCG23-07-R-2307TED232 There are no changes in the original description posted. (1) INTRODUCTION: This is a combined synopsis/solicitation for commercial items prepared in accordance with the format in FAR Subpart 12.6 as supplemented with additional information included in this notice. This announcement constitutes the only solicitation and no other solicitation document will be issued. Request for Proposal (RFP) number HSCG23-07-R-2307TED232 is assigned for tracking purposes only. The incorporated provisions and clauses are those in effect through Federal Acquisition Circular FAC 05-12. The U.S. Coast Guard C2CEN intends to award a Firm Fixed Price (FFP), Indefinite Delivery Requirements Contract for the purchase of Cutter Video Recording Systems (DVR Recorders). The U.S. Coast Guard anticipates purchasing multiple units over a 4 year period, the number of units will change to meet requirements at that time. The U.S. Coast Guard has a requirement for a professional quality digital video recording system hereafter referred to as the ?Cutter Video Recording System (CVRS), for use aboard cutters operating at sea. The primary use will be to record events including law enforcement boardings, search and rescue operations. The CVRS shall be a self contained PC-Based recording system capable of simultaneous recording eight separate NTSC video inputs. See section (3) for PRODUCT AND SERVICE DESCRIPTION. (2) SCHEDULE OF SERVICES: The following is the estimate number of systems anticipated over the 4 year period of this Requirements Contract. Please note this is an estimated number that does not bind the Coast Guard to commitment for Delivery Orders and quantities placed against the awarded contract. BASE PERIOD: 08/01/07 ? 07/31/08 CLIN DESCRIPTION EST Number Unit Price 0001 DVR Recorders 12 EA $_________ 0002 Accessories Package 12 EA; 00003 Warranty 12 EA OPTION PERIOD 1: 08/01/08 ? 07/31/09 1001 DVR Recorders 20 EA; 1002 Accessories Package 20 EA; 1003 Warranty 20 EA OPTION PERIOD 2: 08/01/09 ? 07/31/10 2001 DVR Recorders 20 EA 2002 Accessories Package 20 EA 2003 Warranty 20 EA OPTION PERIOD 3: 08/01/10 ? 07/31/11 3001 DVR Recorders 20 EA 3002 Accessories Package 20 EA; 3003 Warranty 20 EA Additional provisions and clauses applicable to RFP HSCG23-07-R-2307TED232 will be released via amendment to the solicitation: 52.212-1 Instructions to Offerors ? Commercial Items. (Jan 2006) Addenda as follows: (b) Submission of offers. Submit signed and dated offers to the office specified in this solicitation at or before the exact time specified in this solicitation. Offers may be submitted on the company letterhead stationery, or as otherwise specified in the solicitation. As a minimum, offers must show-(1) The solicitation number;(2) The time specified in the solicitation for receipt of offers; (3) The name, address, and telephone number of the offeror; (4) A technical description of the items being offered in sufficient detail to evaluate compliance with the requirements in the solicitation. The offeror shall submit a technical proposal, past performance information and a cost proposal including estimated delivery date of Items/Services being offered; (5) Terms of any express warranty; (6) Price and any discount terms; to include Unit cost, extended cost and Commercial Price List(7) ?Remit to? address, if different than mailing address; (8) A completed copy of the representations and certifications, at FAR 52.212-3 (see FAR 52.212-3(j) for those representations and certifications that the offeror shall complete electronically); (9) Acknowledgment of Solicitation Amendments; (10) Past performance information: Offerors shall furnish the information listed below for at least 3 contracts, ongoing or completed within the last 3 years for like or similar contracts, held with the U.S. Coast Guard, other Government Agencies or private industry within the past 3 years. The Government will obtain past performance information from the sources provided to evaluate proposals in accordance with FAR Clause 52.212-2 entitled ?Evaluation ? Commercial Items.? Similar contracts under this solicitation is defined as those for supplying similar equipment and components to the government or the private sector. The Government may use past performance information obtained from other than the sources identified by the offeror. The information obtained will be used for the responsibility determination. Name of Organization; Telephone number; Fax Number; e-mail address; First and Second Point of Contact; Contract Number; Contract Type/Amount; Contract Period; Type/Specification of DR Recorder sold in contract. (11) If the offer is not submitted on the SF1449, include a statement specifying the extent of agreement with all terms, conditions, and provisions included in the solicitation. Offers that fail to furnish required representations or information, or reject the terms and conditions of the solicitation may be excluded from consideration. (c) Period for acceptance of offers: 90 calendar days (d) Product samples: Product samples shall be submitted at or prior to the time specified for receipt of offers. Unless otherwise specified in this solicitation, these samples shall be submitted at no expense to the Government and returned at the sender?s request and expense, unless they are destroyed during pre-award testing. 52.212-2 Evaluation ? Commercial Items. (Jan 1999) (a) The Government will award a contract resulting from this solicitation to the responsible offeror whose offer conforming to the solicitation will be most advantageous to the Government, price and other factors considered. The following factors shall be used to evaluate offers: Technical Approach; Past Performance; Price: Technical and past performance, when combined are significantly more important than cost or price, however, if all other factors are equal, price may be the determining factor. The offeror?s proposal shall contain a response to each of the areas identified below. Only those proposals prepared in accordance with the solicitation will be evaluated. The evaluation of proposals will be based on three factors: Technical Proposal/Factor 1: Most Important (i) Salient Characteristics. The written technical proposal must contain sufficient descriptive information such as the Manufacturer, Make and Model Number and include salient characteristics, schematics and/or other technical drawings so the Government can determine the system offered meets or exceeds the Government?s minimum requirements. (2) Accessories Package. The technical proposal shall address the contents of the kit required by paragraph 3.11. The proposal shall provide any alternative means of obtaining spare parts, including a list of component parts and their price and availability supported by a commercial price list (3) Warranty. Provide the standard industry warranty period as well as the cost for extended warranty periods for up to 5 years. (4) DEMONSTRATION OF CVRS System: Contractors who submit technically acceptable written proposals (including past performance) will be asked to submit a representative product sample for evaluation by government personnel. The Product Sample Evaluation will be conducted as follows: The vendor will have 14 calendar days to deliver a product sample for evaluation once notified by the Contracting Officer. The product sample shall be delivered to the U.S. Coast Guard Command and Control Engineering Center, 4000 Coast Guard Blvd. Portsmouth VA, 23703. Mark For: Mr. Charles Smith The vendor may provide a maximum of 2 personnel to ensure the system is properly configured and prepared for evaluation including the demonstration of operator functions. Vendor representatives will not be permitted to participate or be present during the actual evaluation by government personnel. Travel and per diem cost for vendor representatives will not be at government expense. The government will schedule individual vendor visits for the week following equipment delivery for the purpose of initial set up and demonstration. Should an equipment failure occur during the evaluation process, the contracting officer will notify the or telephone. The vendor will have 48 hours to make repairs or provide a replacement system. Once the failure is corrected, the evaluation will resume. Should the equipment fail a second time during the evaluation period, the evaluation will be terminated and will receive no further consideration. Equipment provided for evaluation will be returned to the vendor at government expense within 30 calendar days following receipt. The product sample testing will be conducted by government personnel. The evaluation will include an assessment of equipment features, capabilities and verification of key performance factors. The product sample will be rated as follows: Satisfactory: Product meets or exceeds all stated performance requirements. There are no major deficiencies. Product may be evaluated as Satisfactory with weaknesses however the risk associated with the weakness must be addressed by the evaluation team. Marginal: Product meets most of the stated performance requirements but may contain minor deficiencies or weaknesses that could pose a minor or moderate risk if selected. The product may be considered for selection provided the system meets ALL the key performance parameters (KPPs) or can be brought into compliance with minor configuration changes or adjustments. Unsatisfactory: Product fails to meet key performance requirements. There are major deficiencies and weaknesses that pose a significant risk if selected. Product samples rated as unsat will be eliminated from further consideration. Product samples that do not conform to the written proposal submitted by the vendor will be considered unsatisfactory. The results of product sample testing will be integrated with the written technical material submitted by the vendor. Any inconsistencies or follow-up issues will be forwarded to the contracting officer for resolution with the vendor. The evaluation may also include comments or observations of a subjective nature. These comments may include but are not limited to quality of construction, clarity and completeness of operator or technical manuals, ease of use / user interface, etc. Once all technical issues are resolved, a technical evaluation report will be prepared and forwarded to the contracting officer for consideration in determining the best value award. Past Performance/Factor 2 (As Important as Technical Proposal) The proposal must contain the names of government or private corporation clients to whom they have provided the same system, within the last 3 years. Price/Factor 3 (Least Important) The cost proposal shall contain supporting documentation of the price proposed such as a commercial price list in order to determine price reasonableness in accordance with FAR Subpart 15. Although price is not the controlling factor in award of a contract under this solicitation; it is an important factor and should not be ignored. The degree of its importance will increase with the degree of the equality of the proposals in terms of the other evaluation factors on which selection is based. If competing proposals are substantially equal in technical and past performance, price may be the determining factor in award. Exclusion of any of this information may cause the proposal to be excluded from consideration. (b) Options. The Government will evaluate offers for award purposes by adding the total price for all options to the total price for the basic requirement. The Government may determine that an offer is unacceptable if the option prices are significantly unbalanced. Evaluation of options shall not obligate the Government to exercise the option(s) (c) A written notice of award or acceptance of an offer, mailed or otherwise furnished to the successful offeror within the time for acceptance specified in the offer, shall result in a binding contract without further action by either party. Before the offer?s specified expiration time, the Government may accept an offer (or part of an offer), whether or not there are negotiations after its receipt, unless a written notice of withdrawal is received before award. 52.212-3 Offeror Representations and Certifications ? Commercial Items (March 2005) An offeror shall complete only paragraph (j) of this provision if the offeror has completed the annual representations and certifications electronically at hhtp://orca.bpn.gov. If an offeror has not completed the annual representations and certifications electronically at the ORCA website, the offeror shall complete only paragraphs (b) through (i) of this provision. 52.212-4 Contract Terms and Conditions ? Commercial Items (Sept 2005) and Addenda as follows: (u) 52.216-1 Type of Contract (April 1984) The Government contemplates award of a Requirements Type Contract resulting from this solicitation: (v) 52.216-18 Ordering (Oct 1995);(w) 52.216-19 Order Limitations (Oct 1995);(x) 52.216-21 Requirements (Oct 1995); (y) 52.217-7 Option for Increased Quantity ? Separately Priced Line Item (Mar 1989);(z) 52.217-9 Option to Extend the Terms of the Contract 52.212-5 Contract Terms and Conditions Required to Implement Statues or Executive Orders ? Commercial Items (Feb 2006) HSAR 3052.209-70, PROHIBITION ON CONTRACTS WITH CORPORATE EXPATRIATES (Dec 2003) (a) Prohibitions. Section 835 of Public Law 107-296, prohibits the Department of Homeland Security from entering into any contract with a foreign incorporated entity after November 25, 2002, which is treated as an inverted domestic corporation as defined in this clause. The Secretary shall waive the prohibition with respect to any specific contract if the Secretary determines that the waiver is required in the interest of homeland security, or to prevent the loss of any jobs in the United States or prevent the Government from incurring any additional costs that otherwise would not occur. (b) Definitions. As used in this clause: ?Expanded Affiliated Group? means an affiliated group as defined in section 1504(a) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (without regard to section 1504(b) of such Code), except that section 1504 of such Code shall be applied by substituting ?more than 50 percent? for ?at least 80 percent? each place it appears. ?Foreign Incorporated Entity? means any entity which is, or but for subsection (b) of Section 835 of the Homeland Security Act, Public Law 107-296, would be treated as a foreign corporation for purposes of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986. ?Inverted Domestic Corporation.? A foreign incorporated entity shall be treated as an inverted domestic corporation if, pursuant to a plan (or a series of related transactions) (1) The entity completes after November 25, 2002, the direct or indirect acquisition of substantially all of the properties held directly or indirectly by a domestic corporation of substantially all of the properties constituting a trade or business of a domestic partnership; (2) After the acquisition at least 80 percent of the stock (by vote or value) of the entity is held ? (i) In the case of an acquisition with respect to a domestic corporation, by former shareholders of the domestic corporation by reason of holding stock in the domestic corporation; or (ii) In the case of an acquisition with respect to a domestic partnership, by former partners of the domestic partnership by reason of holding a capital or profits interest in the domestic partnership; and (3) The expanded affiliated group which after the acquisition includes the entity does not have substantial business activities in the foreign country in which or under the law of which the entity is created or organized when compared to the total business activities of such expanded affiliated group. ?Person?, ?domestic?, and ?foreign? have the meaning given such terms by paragraphs (1), (4) and (5) of section 7701 (a) of the internal Revenue Code of 1986, respectively. (c) Special rules. The following definitions and special rules shall apply when determining whether a foreign incorporated entity should be treated as an inverted domestic corporation. (1) Certain Stock Disregarded. For the purpose of treating a foreign incorporated entity as an inverted domestic corporation these shall not be taken into account in determining ownership: (i) stock held by members of the expanded affiliated group which includes the foreign incorporated entity; or (ii) stock of such entity which is sold in a public offering related to the acquisition described in subsection (b) (1) of Section 8935 of the Homeland Security Act, Public Law 107-296. (2) Plan Deemed In Certain Cases. If a foreign incorporated entity acquires directly or indirectly substantially all of the properties of a domestic corporation or partnership during the 4-year period beginning on the date which is after the date of enactment of this Act and which is 2 years before the ownership requirements of subsection (b)(2) are met, such actions shall be treated as pursuant to a plan. (3) Certain Transfers Disregarded. The transfer of properties or liabilities (including by contributions or distributions) shall be disregarded if such transfers are part of a plan a principal purpose of which is to avoid the purposes of this section. (d) Special Rule for Related Partnerships. For purposes of applying Section 835(b) of Public Law 107-296 to the acquisition of a domestic partnership, except as provided in regulations, all domestic partnerships which are under common control (within the means of section 482 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986) shall be treated as a partnership. (e) Treatment of Certain Rights. (1) Certain rights shall be treated as stocks to the extent necessary to reflect the present value of all equitable interests incident to the transaction, as follows: (1) warrants; (ii) options; (iii) contracts to acquire stock; (iv) convertible debt instruments; and (v) other similar interests (2) Rights labeled as stocks shall not be treated as stocks whenever it is deemed appropriate to do so to reflect the present value of the transaction or to disregard transactions whose recognition would defeat the purpose of Section 835. (f) Disclosure By signing and submitting its offer, an offor under this solicitation represents that it is not a foreign incorporated entity that should be treated as an inverted domestic corporation pursuant to the criteria of Section 835 of the Homeland Security Act, Public Law 107-296 of November 25, 2002. (g) if a waiver has been granted, a copy of the approved waiver shall be attached to the bid or proposal. (End of provision) HSAR 3052.242-72 Contracting officers Technical Representative (DEC 2003
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