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F -- Garden Gulch Stewardship, Klamath National Forest

Notice Date
Notice Type
Contracting Office
Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, R-5 Northern Province Acquisitions, Willows Office
Solicitation Number
Point of Contact
Pam Ockerman, Contracting Officer, Phone 530 934-1111, Fax null,
E-Mail Address
For assistance with broken links contact the Point of Contact in this notice or the FBO Help Desk at 877-472-3779.
Solicitation 01
File Name: 1. Solicitation
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/final%5Fsolicitation%2Epdf
Bytes: 380,523
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 10. Return Packet
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/final%2E2%2E%5Freturn%2Epkt%2E%2Epdf
Bytes: 387,775
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 11. Response to Non-Price Factors (Return this form)
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/proposal%5Fform%2Epdf
Bytes: 22,216
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 12. Financial Statement, FS-6500-24 (Return this form)
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/fs%2D6500%2D24%2Epdf
Bytes: 100,772
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 13. Request for Verification Form, FS-6500-25 (Return this form)
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/fs%2D6500%2D25%2Epdf
Bytes: 79,608
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 2. Appendix A - Technical Specifications for Service Work Activities
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/AppendixA%2Epdf
Bytes: 37,240
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 3. Appendix A - Contract Area Map
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/sale%2Epdf
Bytes: 422,345
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 4. Appendix B - Timber Removal Project Terms and Specifications
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/7%5F3%5FAPPENDIX%5FB%2Epdf
Bytes: 104,237
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 5. Appendix B - Matrix
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/7%5F3%5FMatrix1%2Epdf
Bytes: 13,917
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 6. Appendix C - Contract Road Maintenance Requirements Summary Table and Dust Abatement Table
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/AppendixC%2Epdf
Bytes: 13,913
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 7. Appendix C - Specification List for Road Maintenance
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/AppendixCSpecs%2Epdf
Bytes: 25,488
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 8. Appendix D - Camping Permit
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/AppendixD%5Fcamping%5Fpermit%2Epdf
Bytes: 14,040
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: 9. Wage Determination
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/K%5F%5Fadmin%5F6300%5Fproc%5Fmgmt%5FSpecs%5F%5FMENDOCINO%252007%2520SOLICITA%2Epdf
Bytes: 14,496
File Type: Adobe PDF
File Name: All Files
Link: http://www2.fbo.gov/EPSData/USDA/Synopses/17393/AG%2D91Z9%2DS%2D07%2D0010/20070712212228%2Ezip
Bytes: 1,474,528
File Type: Zip Compression
Note: If links are broken, refer to Point of Contact above or contact the FBO Help Desk at 877-472-3779.
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