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R -- Process Integration System

Notice Date
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Solicitation Notice
541690 — Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services
Contracting Office
Department of State, Office of Logistics Management, Acquisition Management, P.O. Box 9115 Rosslyn Station, Arlington, VA, 22219, UNITED STATES
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Response Due
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Small Business Set-Aside
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THIS REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS (RFP) WILL BE 100% SMALL BUSINESS SET-ASIDE. The RFP shall solict for the award to a sigle small business enity. The anticipated contract performance period will be for one year, with four one-year options. All firms wishing to submit a proposal subsequent to the solicition must be registered in the Central Contractor Registration (CCR) Contractors are encourged to obtain further information on CCR at the following website://ww.ccr.gov. 1.0 OBJECTIVE The Department of State (DoS) is seeking technical and minor management support to assist with the continuing operations of the process integration system located at SA-32; Mail Pouch Facility. This work includes upgrades, modifications, repairs, maintenance, modifications, associated databases/applications, trouble calls, and project oversight. The contractor shall be responsible to provide equipment and technology that supports this effort. The DoS is requesting a fee proposal for the review and correction, if required, of Government Furnished as-built drawings and the total maintenance of the process integration system, which is used to control the sequence and alarms of the DoS mail screening facility. The mail handling facility is located at 44132 Mercure Circle in Sterling, Virginia 20166. The system consists of, but is not limited to, the following items: 1) Three workstations running Windows NT (2000) and a graphical user interface (touch screen) developed under the Wonder Ware platform. 2) Programmable Logic Controllers and associated I/O devices. 3) Control hardware including sensors, actuators, panels, wiring, etc. The DoS will make every effort to ensure the system is available for all prospective vendors to survey for verification of all equipment, software, etc. prior to submittal of bid proposals. The Department of State (DoS) is requesting a fee proposal for two tasks: 1) the review of project deliverables prepared by the process integration system designer; and, 2) routine maintenance and upgrades of the process integration system, which is used to control the sequence of processes and alarms within the DoS?s mail handling facility. This contract will consist of a Base year and 4 option years. Task 1; Review of As-Built Drawings/Documents The project deliverables, including as-built drawings, ladder logic, user manual, and software program code and documentation, prepared by the process integration design contractor are currently being reviewed by the DoS for completeness. Upon award of this contract, the vendor shall be responsible for reviewing these project deliverables and providing recommendations for updating these documents so they are useful in maintaining, modifying, repairing, and upgrading the process integration system. As part of the review, the Contractor shall provide the estimated costs to update these documents based on the hourly rates provided under Task 2 for core-working hours. The Government may or may not choose to have the Contractor perform these upgrades. The vendor shall provide a fixed-price quote for reviewing the project deliverables and the process integration system installed at the mail handling facility, and providing recommendations and estimated costs for their improvement. Any improvements approved by the Government will be performed under a time and material basis subject to the requirements identified in Task 2. The DoS is planning to provide the following information, if available. ? As-built drawings of the system (will be provide for review after the walk through on July 11, 2007) ? Ladder logic listing ? Wonder Ware files of the Graphical Interface ? Users Manual The Contractor shall be reimbursed for this service based on the fixed costs negotiated by the vendor and the Government. Task 2; Maintenance and Upgrades to the Process Integration System The vendor will be responsible for providing routine maintenance, upgrades, emergency support, and other tasks to the equipment, software, patches, and other items to keep the process integration system operational. The vendor will also be responsible for identifying and purchasing spare parts and other equipment to keep the system operational or to improve the system. A partial list of equipment used for the system is included as Attachment B in the solicitation. The vendor shall also be responsible and responsive to any call that may come in that is associated with the process integration system. The vendor shall respond with a competent technical person within 1 hour when telephone support is required. The vendor shall respond with a competent technical person within 4 hours when on-site emergency support is required. For non-emergency work, the Government will ask the Contractor to provide a cost estimate for each task to be completed that includes an estimate of the type and number of labor hours and other required direct costs based upon the contract labor rates. If the Government agrees with the cost estimate, the Contractor will be directed to perform the work through the issuance of a task order. For emergency work, the Contractor will be paid based upon the contract labor rates. The vendor shall perform the work under Task 2 on a time and materials basis. As part of the proposal, the vendor should identify labor categories, including a description of their duties and skill-level and labor rates, including any escalation of the rates for the 4 option years. Some work may need to be performed after normal business hours to avoid or minimize the impact to mail operations. If necessary, the Contractor should provide a separate list of rates for work that must be performed after normal business hours. The vendor should also identify the General and Administration (G&A) fee that will be applied to material and subcontractor costs. 0002. The offeror shall provide an hourly rate for each of the labor categories and skill levels to complete the work. Other Requirements TOUR OF SA-32 SITE The Contracting Officer's Representative (COR) will conduct a tour and provide a viewing of the As-Built Design of the Sterling, VA facility for all prospective offerors at SA-32, Mail Pouch Facility located at 44132 Mercure Circle, Sterling, VA 20166 on July 11, 2007, at 11:00 A.M. Each prospective offeror is requested to contact via email or phone Mr. Brian Platz at PlatzBD@state.gov (or) 202.647.4845 at least three (3) workdays prior to the date of the tour and advise of their intention to attend this on site tour, and provide the names and social security number, and citizenship of those will be attending. Each prospective offeror will be limited to no more than two (2) individuals attending this site tour. Prospective offerors should be at the facility in Sterling, VA no later than 10:30 a.m. The vendor will be required to have personnel that work on this contract obtain a Position of Public Trust security clearance. BASIS FOR AWARD The award shall be made to the responsible contractor(s) whose offer conforms to the requirements of the solicitation and is evaluated as being the most advantageous to the Government, Best Value, cost or price and other factors considered. See Attachment B, Selection Determinants, for the Government?s evaluation factors/selection determinants. For this solicitation, technical merit is more important than cost or price. Numerical calculation or formula relationship between cost for price and technical merit will not automatically determine awards. As technical merit of the offerors? proposals becomes more equal, the evaluated cost or price may become the determining factor. The Contracting Officer shall determine what trade-off between technical merit and cost or price promises the best value to the Government, cost or price and other factors considered. Oral presentations may be required; if required, the presentations will be scheduled with responding offers as soon as possible after receipt of offers. The Government intends to evaluate offers and award without discussions. Therefore, the initial offer should contain the offeror's best terms from a price and technical standpoint. However, the Government reserves the right to conduct discussions if later determined necessary by the Contracting Officer. The Government may reject any or all offers if such actions is in the public interest, and waive informalities and minor irregularities in offers received. Discussions, if held, may take the form of written questions, as well as oral presentations. The Government reserves the right to issue a multiple award off of this RFQ, if deemed to be in the best interest of the Government. This RFQ does not commit the Government to pay any costs incurred in the submission of any proposal or in making necessary studies for the preparation thereof. The RFQ does not commit the Government to procure or contract for said services. The Contracting Officer is the only individual who can commit the Government to the expenditure of public funds in connection with this proposed procurement. Ranking Factors The vendor?s proposals will be evaluated to determine the Best Value to the government. As such, the vendors must provide sufficient information in their proposals, including 5 references from clients involving similar work, for the Government to evaluate the proposals. The proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria: 1) Past experience performing process integration and maintenance of systems using Wonder Ware and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC). 2) Professional qualifications (engineers/programmers) of the firm and capacity to respond to maintenance calls. 3) Ability to respond to maintenance calls within the time frame specified. 4) Feedback from references. 5) Price
Place of Performance
Address: U.S Department of State, SA-32 Mail Pouch Facility, 44132 Mercure Circle, sterling, VA
Zip Code: 20166
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