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58 -- Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR)

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334511 — Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
Contracting Office
Department of the Air Force, Air Force Space Command, SMC - Space and Missiles System Center, 483 North Aviation Blvd, El Segundo, CA, 90245-2808, UNITED STATES
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This is an update to the Request for Information (RFI) and Sources Sought Synopsis posted on 1 February 2007 (Reference Number SMC-07-0001). The Global Positioning Systems Wing (GPSW), Los Angeles AFB, has a requirement for Defense Advanced GPS Receivers (DAGRs) or equivalent. At this time, the Government is anticipating a Sole Source Follow-On Contract with an estimated RFP release in fourth quarter FY07. The probable ordering period will begin second quarter FY08 and extend through FY16, with a potential contract value of $650M. The purpose of this notice is to determine if there are existing products that meet the requirements of the DAGR Specification, SS-M/V-600B. For the DAGR Follow-on RFP, the GPS Wing anticipates a new specification, version SS-M/V-600C, which includes updates to reference documents and incorporates Specification Change Notices (SCNs). Most importantly are the features related to the Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM). Equal products (DAGR and accessories), shall provide the capabilities of the current DAGR, to include, but not limited to: worldwide positioning and navigation through continuous tracking of all satellites in view, direct Y- code acquisition, SAASM architecture unclassified-when-keyed operation and updated security features, upgradeable capabilities; and be interoperable with the PLGR/DAGR. Performance and interface requirements are also contained in the DAGR Specification. The current DAGR is manufactured by Rockwell Collins Inc. Potential bidders may obtain access to the current specification and reference documents under the BIDDERS-DAGR-FOLLOW-ON repository through the online GPS Wing Program Library (includes Bidders Library) by contacting Lonetta Demings at gpslibrary@losangeles.af.mil or telephone at (310) 653-3208 or Capt Bryan Hogan at Bryan.Hogan@losangeles.af.mil, telephone (310) 653-3120. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Note: The Department of Defense (DoD) recently mandated the PKI infrastructure requiring all DoD restricted web sites and web-based applications to authenticate users via digital identification certificates, rather than the common User ID and Password. As of 1 August 2006, before accessing the GPS Wing Program Library system each user must have at least one of the following PKI components: DoD Common Access Card (CAC) with a valid PKI certificate, along with a CAC reader and software, or DoD-approved External Certification Authority (ECA) certificate: http://iase.disa.mil/pki/eca/index.html Planned Contract Format: (a) Firm Fixed Price (FFP) Contract with option CLINs for DAGRs plus warranty and accessories. Customers differ in their choice of accessories ordered with their DAGRs. The following list is often ordered on a one to one ratio with DAGRs: RA-1 Antenna, DAGR to RA-1 Cable, Installation Mount, DAGR to External Power Cable, DAGR to DAGR/PLGR Cable, DAGR to PC Cable, Personnel Case, Computer Based Training (CBT), O&M Manual and Pocket Guide. (ref. Attachment 1 - H Clauses, SMC H- 010) The current DAGR contract includes 39 different accessories as part of an ongoing commitment to customer requirements. The RFP may include a modification to existing accessories and/or the potential for new accessories. (b) Two production order options (DAGRs and accessories) are planned each year (approximately January and June), with the flexibility to move that schedule and to place additional orders if each order is valued at $1M or higher (ref. Attachment 1 - H Clauses, SMC H- 010) (c) Technical Services CLIN(s) will be Cost-Plus-Fixed Fee (CPFF) (ref. Attachment 2 - CLIN Examples) (d) Contract Data Requirements List (CDRLs) (ref. Attachment 3 - Summary CDRL List) (e) Integrated Master Plan (IMP), Software Management Plan, Information Assurance Plan, Integrated Master Schedule (IMS), Statement of Work (SOW), and Logistics plans are required as part of any proposal for this effort and will be incorporated in the contract, further description of requirement provided in reference (ref. Attachment 4 - Preliminary Portion of Section L and Attachment 5 - Section B through G clauses) (f) The Pre-Planned Product Improvements (P3I) portion of the Integrated Master Plan (IMP) is an essential part of the DAGR program. The P3I plan is designed to improve the DAGR and its' accessories based on user inputs, which are reviewed by the Human Factors Working Group. A potential P3I activity scheduled to commence in FY08 with an estimated production impact in FY10, is a manufacturing design improvement that utilizes a Single Die Key Data Processor (KDP). This improvement would require commitment of funds and action on the part of the Government and significant commitment by the DAGR producer. It is expected that this change would dramatically lower the recurring price of the DAGR by lessening manufacturing cost and risk. It would also lower operating costs to customers by reducing power requirements for DAGR operation. The Follow-On RFP will include a description of this P3I effort. Offerors will provide an optional pricing table for the DAGR, contingent upon successful completion of this P3I. Price: (a) Target price for DAGR (including 5 year warranty) must be less than $2,000/unit. (b) Variable quantity pricing tables for the DAGR, accessories, and drawing packages is required (ref. Attachment 6 - Variable Quantity Pricing Table Example) Schedule: (a) DAGR Follow-on effort may result in a contract award with options to be exercised at a later date (b) Exercise of the first option hardware CLIN(s) is expected in the second quarter of FY08 (ref. Attachment 1 - H Clauses, SMC H- 010) (c) Delivery of DAGRs and accessories must start within 6 months after receipt of order (ARO) and be completed within 18 months after commencement of deliveries (ref. Attachment 1 - H Clauses, SMC - H007) Additional program requirements are listed below: Manufacturing capability: (a) Proven manufacturing capability (complexity, quality and volume) of same/similar product (b) Ability to sustain an average rate of 5,000 receivers a month (c) Approved SAASM vendor as prime or as subcontractor (d) No GFP will be provided to assist in manufacturing or materials supply Logistics: (a) Agree to warranty (ref. Attachment 1 & 2) (b) Ten year service life is required for the DAGR (c) Provide depot supply support at no additional cost for the ten year service life (ref. Attachment 1 & 2) (d) Agree to process for warranty exclusion repair. Warranty exclusion repair will managed by the local DCMA office. Agreement will be reached between Contractor and DCMA on which repairs are under warranty and which are considered warranty exclusion. The warranty exclusion cost will be negotiated with the local DCMA until an average rate is negotiated, after that point the average cost will be reevaluated every 6 to 12 months and adjustments made if necessary. (ref. Attachment 1 & 2) (e) The RFP will include two option CLINs to support the transition from Contractor Logistic Support to organic depot capability. Option one will address requirements to transition software support from the contractor to the Government. Option two will address the transition of repair and logistic support capability from the contractor to the Government. A notional description of the organic support requirements for these option CLINs will be provided with the RFP. Offeror shall provide a detailed plan to transition either option one, option two or both. This plan should also include description of any cost/schedule impacts to other program CLINs. (f) Provide a pricing table for Level 3 drawing packages for accessories other than the antennas (ref. Attachment 1 - H Clauses, SMC H- 010) (g) Computer Based Training (CBT) (CD and website format), Operation & Maintenance (O&M) manual (CD and paper copy), the DAGR Pocket Guide (electronic and paper copy) and Instructor Key Personnel (IKP) Training (documents and classroom training) are required, requirements defined in CDRLs. Program Management: (a) Quarterly Integrated Product Team meetings and weekly teleconferences Security: (a) This acquisition will contain classified material. The production contract will contain a Contract Security Classification Specification (DD254). Work performed under this acquisition may be classified up to and including the SECRET level. Offerors must comply with security requirements found in the Navstar GPS Protection Guide. Offerors must have Facility Clearance of at least the Secret level. At the time of award of the production contract, the contractor must have a GPS COMSEC account with the Government. (b) Notice to Foreign-Owned Firms: US procurement contracts for GPS Selective Availability Anti-Spoofing Module (SAASM) equipment must be awarded to US companies. Foreign teaming, licensing, or subcontracting are allowed; however, the participating companies must clearly demonstrate that the hardware and software implementing the GPS cryptography are designed, built and integrated within US borders by US companies. This requirement must be separately auditable. (ref. Attachment 7 - Preliminary DD254, Contract Security Classification Specification found in the GPSW Bidder's Library) If you have an existing product that you believe meets the above requirements please provide a description of the product and a Company Capability Statement to: Missy Mitchell via email: missy.mitchell@losangeles.af.mil or by phone at (310) 653-3738 or Capt Eva Sanchez via email: eva.sanchez@losangeles.af.mil or by phone at (310) 653-3920. The Government does not intend to award a contract on the basis of this announcement. All data received in response to this RFI and/or Sources Sought Synopsis that is marked or designated as corporate or proprietary information will be fully protected from release outside the government. The Government will not reimburse any cost associated with submitting information in response to this RFI, nor shall any costs be allowed on any Government contract. Questions pertaining to this announcement may be directed to the POC, Capt Eva Sanchez via email. The product descriptions and Company Capability Statements are due no later than: 05/21/2007. The Company Capability Statement shall note whether your firm would be able to provide a demonstration of your products' capability within 4 months. The following information should be included in the submittal: company name and address; company point of contact; company business size- small or large. Responses from small business and small, disadvantaged business firms are highly encouraged. Firms responding should indicate if they are a small business, a socially and economically disadvantaged business, 8(a) firms, historically black colleges or universities, and minority institutions. An Ombudsman has been appointed to hear concerns from offerors or potential offerors during the proposal development phase of this acquisition. The Ombudsman does not diminish the authority of the program director or Contracting Officer, but communicates Contractor concerns, issues, disagreements, and recommendations to the appropriate Government personnel. When requested, the Ombudsman shall maintain strict confidentiality as to the source of the concern. The Ombudsman does not participate in the evaluation of proposals or in the source selection process. Interested parties are invited to call Mr. John Wagner. You can reach him at john.wagner@losangeles.af.mil or at (310) 653-2138. After receiving capability statements, we reserve the right to request additional information.
Place of Performance
Address: 483 North Aviation Blvd., Los Angeles AFB, El Segundo, CA
Zip Code: 90245
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