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C -- Engineering and Construction management Services

Notice Date
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Solicitation Notice
541330 — Engineering Services
Contracting Office
Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, West Bank, Gaza USAID-West Bank, Amer Emb/Tel Aviv Unit #7228, APO, AE, 09892-0206, UNITED STATES
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Solicitation Number
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Solicitation Number: 294-2007-003 Issuance Date: April 17, 2007 Closing Date: May 17, 2007 Closing Time: 15:30 pm (Tel Aviv time) Subject: Request for pre-qualification information No. 294-2007-003 Engineering and Construction Management Services for Multi-discipline Infrastructure Activities Objective The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Mission to the West Bank & Gaza invites expressions of interest and submission of pre-qualification information, for the purpose of short-listing U.S. (only) consulting engineering firms to provide Engineering and Construction Management Services. The Consulting engineering firms must have experience in the Middle East, particularly in the West Bank and Gaza, and have thorough understanding of the political and institutional environment in which the services will be provided. USAID encourages subcontracting with eligible non-U.S. local West Bank/Gaza firms. Services are required for providing various engineering and construction management services for multidiscipline infrastructure activities in West Bank and Gaza. The construction includes but is not limited to activities such as water, storm water and wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse systems; water treatment, transmission and distribution systems; roads rehabilitation and construction, buildings construction, border crossings, security installations, environmental assessments and any other infrastructure related work. Statement of Work The requested engineering services consist in general, but are not limited to, of the preparation or review of feasibility studies, performance of necessary site survey and geotechnical investigations, master planning, conceptual designs, project reports, plans, specifications, final designs and cost estimates. Construction Management Contract (CMC) Services The Construction Management Contractor (CMC) services consist of providing contract administration and full construction management of the projects designated by USAID as well as providing related complementary and supplementary support activities for these projects. The CMC shall act as the agent for USAID in the administration of USAID funded projects. The CMC shall monitor the construction contractors' performance and function as USAID's advisor on contractual, administrative and technical issues. Service to be provided The construction management services will provide overall direction and management of construction, procurement services of major materials and equipment as ordered by USAID and complementary and supplementary support activities including but not limited to: ? Review, approve and keep current the CPM schedule for awarded construction projects; ? Quality assurance services to supervise the construction contractors' quality control services and assure that, at a minimum, industry quality control standards are met and that the highest quality results are obtained; ? Prepare the CMC construction management plan. Review of construction contractor?s work plans, budgets and schedules, including quality control plan. ? Safety program monitoring. ? Prepare construction cost estimates. ? Hold pre-bid meetings and issue meeting minutes as well as drafting any necessary addenda and responses to bidder questions. ? Assist USAID in reviewing proposals and draft recommendations for award; ? Verify construction contractor mobilization including recommendations to USAID for approval of construction schedules; ? Hold pre-construction meetings and prepare meeting minutes; ? Provide services during construction to ensure works are executed in accordance with the contract between USAID and the construction contractor. ? Provide site staff and home office support to administer construction works as required to ensure proper performance of the construction contractor. ? Review and approve construction contractor?s shop drawings and submittals for materials, products and facilities to be incorporated into the permanent works; ? Host periodic construction meetings and additional meetings if needed to resolve issues impacting cost and schedule. ? Inform USAID, in writing, of all issues that may affect the project and suggest methods of resolution. ? Review/approve construction contractor payment vouchers prior to submitting to USAID for approval. The CMC shall certify that the completed work has been carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Contract or indicate any work that has not been carried out; ? Submit weekly highlights and monthly site reports indicating the progress of work. The reports shall describe the value of completed work, problems that may require USAID?s attention, construction Contractor's performance, whether work completion may be advanced or delayed, and whether circumstances have materially affected the contract cost. The Report shall also include, but not be limited to, test result documentation, actions taken by the CMC, claims, approvals, EA mitigation issues, and project progress photos; ? Verify warranties of all equipment and system guarantees; ? Upon completion of the work, the CMC will review, certify, and deliver construction contractor ?as-built? drawings as well as other documentation required in the contract. ? Review any required Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals before submission to USAID; ? Carry out inspections and shortly before the end of the construction period determine the remaining work to be completed and, when these are satisfactorily completed, issue Certificates of Substantial or Final Completion to USAID; ? Ensure that the construction contractor implements mitigation measures cited in the EA, if any, and include this in the monthly report as well as the final project report. ? Provide services related to disputes over construction contractor source selection, award protests, and assistance with re-soliciting the construction contract if required. ? Provide support services for participation in litigation or alternative dispute resolution of claims. ? Preparation for and serving as a witness in connection with any public or private hearing or other forum related to the project. Services to support, prepare, document, bring, defend, or assist in litigation undertaken or defended by USAID. ? Provide inspection services during the warranty period to verify acceptable completion of all work per contract specifications for proposed construction activities and ensure project contract close-out; ? Monitor the protection and preservation of cultural resources and archeological artifacts. ? Provide any required security management plans addressing the security situation and accommodating or counteracting anticipated disruptions resulting from the security situation; ? Miscellaneous and supplemental services related to the projects as requested by USAID. Provide any additional engineering and construction management support to USAID that is not mentioned in the above general description of services. Required documents USAID requests that interested consulting engineering firms submit five copies of completed US Government Standard Form SF 330 Architect-engineer Qualifications, Part II (general Qualifications) and SF330 Part I (contract specific qualifications). Those forms can be found at http://www.gsa.gov/Portal/gsa/ep/formslibrary.do?formType=SF . It is anticipated that the selected consultant will sign a direct contract with USAID to provide services subject to the availability of funds. The firm's current financial statement and an affirmative statement that the firm can meet USAID nationality and source regulations must be submitted. Copies of interested firm's brochures and annual report may also be of value in presenting the firm?s qualifications. The completed pre-qualification information and related statements must be received no later than May 17, 2007, 3:30 PM Tel Aviv time, at the following address: By United States Mail OR Delivery by DHL/Fedex/Hand-carrying USAID c/o American Embassy USAID/WBG Attn: Hourig DelDelian, Sr. Contract Specialist c/o American Embassy Office of Acquisition and Assistance Attn: Hourig DelDelian, Sr. Contract Unit 7228, Box 26 Specialist APO AE 09830 Office of Acquisition and Assistance 10th floor, 25 Hamared Street Tel Aviv, Israel Additional information submitted after that date will be rejected by USAID. Applications received after the deadline or which are incomplete will not be accepted. USAID/WBG specifically notes with regard to this request that the making of an award or the obligation of monies is subject to the availability of funds. Specifically, no award or obligation will be made until funds have been fully allocated and committed through USAID internal procedures for this specific activity. Accordingly, this request does not constitute a commitment on the part of the Government nor USAID to make an award or to obligate monies, and bid and proposal costs (to include all preparation and submission costs) are assumed by the contractor at his own risk. No RFP will be issued. Consulting engineering firms will be evaluated in accordance with the evaluation criteria found in the AID Acquisition Regulations, Part 736.602-3 (B) and their assigned relative weights as follows: (1) Specialized experience of the firm with the type of services required (10 points). (2) Capacity of the firm to perform the work within the time limitations (10 points). (3) Past record of performance on contracts with USAID or other Government agencies and private industry with respect to such factors as control of costs, quality of work, and ability to meet schedules (25 points) (4) Demonstrated Capacity of Proposed Personnel and local subs. Ability to assign an adequate number of qualified key personnel from the organization, including a competent supervising representative having considerable experience in responsible positions on work of a similar nature (25 points). (5) Ability of the architect-engineer to source and procure material and equipment as per USAID directions (10 points). (6) Familiarity with the localities where the projects are situated and ability to Coordinate with other donors, Israeli and Palestinian entities (10 points). (7) Financial capacity (10 points). (8) Responsibility of the architect-engineer under standards provided in FAR subpart 9.1. (Pass/Fail), A USAID Evaluation Board will rank the firms considered to be the most highly qualified in order of preference. USAID will request a cost proposal from, and will negotiate with, the top ranked firm. If a satisfactory contract cannot be concluded, USAID may negotiate with the next ranked firm. Type of Contract/Period of Performance/Minimum Guaranteed Amount A cost plus fixed fee, type contract is contemplated to be awarded. The expected duration of the contract is up to five years. It is a requirement that the firms must comply with 22 CFR 228 for source, origin and nationality rules. The minimum guaranteed amount for this contract is $3.0 million and the Ceiling Price for this contract is $30 million.
Place of Performance
Address: West Bank & Gaza,
Country: ISRAEL
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