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65 -- Request for Regional Incentive Agreement Quotation for the standardization of the Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves product line

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Great Plains Regional Contracting Ofc, ATTN: MCAA GP L31 9V, 3851 Roger Brooke Drive, Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234-6200
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A. General Information The Central Region TRBO, a military integrated delivery network comprised of 44 Army, Navy, and Air Force medical treatment facilities (MTFs) in the states of Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, and Wyoming, announces a Request for Regional Incentive Agreement Quotation for the standardization of Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves. The primary objective of this standardization initiative is to achieve a best value determination for Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves that represents the clinically preferred product or source at the best possible price. It is also intended that stand ardized product be obtained through the DoD Prime Vendor Program. The major facilities in the area include but are not limited to Brooke Army Medical Center Fort Sam Houston TX., Wilford Hall Medical Center Lackland AFB, TX, Darnall Army Medical Center, Fort Hood, TX, Reynolds ACH Fort Sill, OK., William Beaumont Army Me dical Center Fort Bliss, TX., 10th Medical Group USAF Academy, CO., Evans ACH Fort Carson CO., Fort General Leonard Wood ACH, MO., Fort Riley, KS, 99th Medical Group Nellis AFB, NV., and Bayne-Jones ACH Fort Polk, LA. This initiative is part of the Medical/Surgical Prime Vendor Program executed by the Defense Supply Center Philadelphia, (DSCP) Directorate of Medical Materiel. In order to participate, your company MUST have a Distribution and Pricing Agreement (DAPA) AN D a separate commercial agreement with the DoD Prime Vendor(s) for the program. This is pursuant to the DAPA clause by which DAPA holders agree to the standardization process and to allow Prime Vendors to distribute their items. This is a supplement to t he Prime Vendor program and it is NOT a contract. For additional information regarding DSCPs Prime Vendor program please access the web site at: https://dmmonline.dscp.dla.mil . The Tri-Service Regional Business Office (TRBO) will provide anticipated volume (quantity) based on historical usage/forecasted requirements. The agreement will be for a base period of two (2) years (24 months) from date of award with three (3) 12-month o ption periods. The anticipated award date is June 2007. The overall evaluation will be based upon clinical, technical and pricing factors. The final award recommendation will be determined by utilizing the best value/trade-off criteria. B. Products and Performance Required The Central Region is seeking a vendor that can supply a full line of Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves. The estimated total volume for this region in this product line is $1,015,939.00 based on historical sales for a 12-month period. At the request of the Central Regions MTFs, vendors will provide on-site support and in-servicing, education resources and tools for clinical use of the product, conversion information, prime vendor numbers, MSDS information, and itemization of brands, ty pes and packaging information of the products offered by the vendor. C. Instructions to All Offerors If you are interested in participating in this standardization initiative, email your response to Mr. James Quinn at jim.quinn.ctr@sa-msmo.tma.osd.mil and include the following information: Company name, point of contact, address, phone number, fax, email address, solicitation number, DAPA number and complete answers to technical criteria. This process will include vendor requirements for electronic responses to technical criteria, no charge samples for clinical evaluation, and submission of electronic bes t price offers. Contact Mr. Jim Quinn at (210) 292-3295 prior to the closing date of this solicitation with any further questions. Respondents must provide detailed information on Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves which clearly outlines the requirements stated within this notice along with an electronic copy of your literature to support all responses by close of business on 30 April 2007. Those companies that do not respond by this date will be eliminated from consideration. Due to the potential for email to become lost in transmission due to network security, etc., the vendor is strongly encouraged to confirm with the Region that its quote and literature actually arrived at the Region via email. We strongly recommend that ea ch submitting vendor confirm receipt, allowing enough time for re-submission before the due date, if a problem should occur with the first transmission. If your company is not a current DAPA holder for this product line, you may still be eligible to participate in this standardization effort for this region by contacting DSCP, Ms Kim Nichols at (215) 737-7124 or email Kim.nichols@dla.mil to apply for a DAP A. Your company will be considered once DAPA paperwork is pending at DSCP and you provide your DSCP log number to this TRBO by close of business on 30 April 2007. D. Evaluation Criteria The Tri-Service Product Review Board (TPRB) is the governing board of the standardization process. This board includes clinicians and logisticians from the Military Treatment Facilities within the Central Region. They are the decision makers for this initi ative. Vendors will be required to provide responses to the technical/company criteria. The TPRB will review the responses and determine acceptability. After review of the technical/company criteria, those vendors who meet the criteria will be invited to particip ate in the clinical/performance evaluation. The TPRB will request samples from the product group to be clinically evaluated at select Military Treatment Facilities. Vendors are required to ship samples direct to the MTFs. A three-week period will be allotted to vendors for shipment. Vendors failing to ship by the deadline will be disqualified from further consideration in the standardization process. The MTFs will evaluate the clinical/performance criteria using a likert-like one to five rating scale from 1 (Strongly Disagree  worst score) to 5 (Strongly Agree  best score). All clinical criteria are weighted equally. Minimum clinical acceptability i s considered a total average score of 3 or above on a five scale rating. The TPRB has set a 3.0 acceptability threshold for all product groups. Clinical/performance results lower than 3.0 will not be considered acceptable and will be disqualified from furt her consideration in the standardization process. After the clinical/performance evaluation are completed and analyzed, all vendors in the clinical evaluation group who met the 3.0 threshold will be asked to submit their best pricing offer based on committed volume of 80% of the total requirements of the MTFs in the Central Region. Clinical/performance factors will be weighted more heavily than price. Pricing will be evaluated based on best value to the government and will be based on a committed volume for a two-year period with possible one-year option periods (not to exceed 5 year s). In addition to the required discounted pricing from DAPA for participating regional commands, vendors should also submit additional tier pricing in the event that they are afforded added volume from standardization commitments from other regions. However, alternate (tiered) pricing proposals will not be evaluated as part of the selection. E. Technical Criteria Evaluation The TRBO and Clinical Product Team (CPT) will review the following technical criteria responses from each vendor and determine acceptability. Acceptability for purposes of evaluation of technical/company criteria includes responses to all questions in this section that demonstrate: 1) the business concern offering the quote is a distributor or manufacturer of a complete line of the subject medical/surgical consumables; 2) based on the quoters responses, the evaluators have reasonable confidence that the li ne or products and/or services offered meet the medical standards of care of the community, applicable to such products or services; 3) the quoter has, or is obtaining a DAPA for the items; 4) the quoter has, or is obtaining, an agreement covering the items, with Cardinal Health, the Prime Vendor for the region. 1. Does your company manufacture and/or distribute a complete line of Sterile Powder Free Surgical Gloves? 2. Are your products available through the Prime Vendor, Cardinal Health? 3. What is your DAPA number for this product line? 4. Under what brand(s) does your company manufacture or distribute your product? 5. Under what standards is your product manufactured? 6. Under what regulatory and/or advisory agency are your products classified? Are your products approved by these agencies? 7. Please provide a list of the products your company offers for this product line. 8. Are your products recyclable and/or environmentally friendly to discard? 9. What types of educational tools or materials do you have for this product line? 10. What kind of staff training does your company provide? 11. Does your company provide 24/7 customer service? 12. Is there any history of backorders, recalls, and/or adverse events for this product line? If yes, please provide dates and duration, cause, and resolution. F. Clinical Criteria Evaluation A Clinical Product Team (CPT) comprised of medical professionals from several disciplines will evaluate the products based upon on the following evaluation criteria to determine acceptability. 1. Ease of Donning, ability to put gloves on with dry or damp hands. 2. Barrier Protection, ability to detect a puncture. 3. Durability, glove resistance to tearing or puncture in use. 4. Consistent Fit of Glove over time, fit of fingers, palm, and cuff of glove. 5. Tactile Sensitivity, ability to feel small objects through gloves. 6. Grip, can grasp and hold slippery objects. 7. Comfort, do hands cramp or fatigue easily. 8. Double Glove, when double gloving  holes easily detectable.
Place of Performance
Address: Great Plains Regional Contracting Ofc ATTN: MCAA GP L31 9V, 3851 Roger Brooke Drive Fort Sam Houston TX
Zip Code: 78234-6200
Country: US
SN01262273-W 20070331/070329222613 (fbodaily.com)
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