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R -- US/PSC Program Director HIV/AIDS

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541990 — All Other Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
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Agency for International Development, Overseas Missions, South Africa USAID-Pretoria, Dept of State, Washington, DC, 20521-6120, UNITED STATES
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ISSUANCE DATE: March 29, 2007 CLOSING DATE: April 27, 2007 SUBJECT: Solicitation No. 674-07-007 Ladies/Gentlemen: The United States Government, represented by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), is seeking applications from qualified individuals interested in providing the PSC services as described in the attached solicitation. Submission shall be in accordance with the attached information and applications should be submitted electronically to gwarshaw@usaid.gov , Contracting Officer, Pretoria, South Africa. This solicitation will remain open until April 27, 2007. Any questions on this solicitation may be directed to the above email address. Sincerely Gail H. Warshaw Contracting Officer USAID/Pretoria UNITED STATES AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT (USAID) USAID/LESOTHO - HIV/AIDS PROGRAM DIRECTOR PERSONAL SERVICES CONTRACTOR (PSC) 1. SOLICITATION NUMBER: 674-07-007 2. ISSUANCE DATE: March 29, 2007 3. CLOSING DATE/TIME SPECIFIED FOR RECEIPT OF APPLICATIONS: April 27, 2007 at 12.00 noon local time, Pretoria, South Africa.. 4. POSITION TITLE: HIV/AIDS Program Director 5. MARKET VALUE OF POSITION: (GS 14 - $79,115 - $102,848 per annum). The salary to be paid within this grade will depend on experience, qualifications, and salary history. The standard compensation package also includes a contribution for life and health insurance and a contribution to FICA. If the selected candidate qualifies as an off-shore hire under USAID regulations, the employee will additionally receive post differential approved for Lesotho (currently set at 20% of base pay), housing, international travel, shipment benefits and education allowances. 6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE: Two years to start on or about September 2007 or as soon as the contract is ready for signature, with the possibility of extensions. Extensions will depend on the need for continuation of such services, availability of funds, and satisfactory performance. 7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE: Maseru, Lesotho. 8. SECURITY ACCESS: Secret level clearance required. 9. JOB DESCRIPTION: A. Position Title: HIV/AIDS Program Director B. Organizational Location of the Position: USAID Office in the U.S. Embassy, Maseru, Lesotho C. Position Title of Direct Supervisor: USAID Regional HIV/AIDS Program Director, Pretoria, South Africa D. Supervisory Controls: The USAID\Lesotho Program Director will work under the leadership of the Ambassador/DCM as part of the USG HIV/AIDS team in Lesotho. The USAID\RHAP HIV/AIDS Health Officer will provide overall supervision to the HIV/AIDS Program Director, however he/she exercises the maximum degree of independent judgment in planning and carrying out tasks, resolving problems and conflicts, and taking steps necessary to meet deadlines. Work results are usually reviewed only for attainment of objectives and conformance with policy objectives, the Emergency Plan goals, and Agency regulations. The supervisor makes assignments in terms of broadly defined missions or functions, and provides administrative and policy direction. The supervisor will be available to consult on technical issues The HIV/AIDS Program Director will develop and obtain the RHAP Director?s agreement with an annual performance-based work plan that lays out specific work objectives. While the incumbent will work with the maximum independence in completing agreed-upon work objectives and carrying-out his/her responsibilities, s/he will immediately inform his/her supervisor of problems and/or issues that arise that may affect the successful implementation of the USAID HIV/AIDS program in Lesotho. E. Introduction and Background: Lesotho is a non-focus but high priority country under the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (Emergency Plan), a unified USG initiative that from 2004 to 2008 is contributing globally to the fight against HIV/AIDS. Lesotho has one of the most severe national HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis crisis in the world, with an adult HIV prevalence rate slightly less than 30 percent. This unprecedented crisis requires an emergency response. Under the President?s Emergency Plan for Aids Relief (Emergency Plan), the United States Government (USG) employs strategies, principles and resources to assist Lesotho in containing, reversing, and mitigating the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The USG Emergency Plan program works closely with the Government of Lesotho (GOL) at all levels to address the policy, advocacy, financial, and technical challenges which constrain Lesotho?s ability to halt the epidemic. Close collaboration is a feature of the significant financial and technical support provided by USG. Additionally, the USG is one of the most significant contributors to Lesotho?s national response, both through the Emergency Plan and through the Global Fund for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM). USG Emergency Plan resources for Lesotho were $7 million dollars in FY 2006, of which USAID is directly managing $4.9 million. The Emergency Plan in Lesotho is lead by the U.S. Ambassador and the USG inter-agency HIV/AIDS Task Force, which currently consists of the Emergency Plan Coordinator, CDC Technical Program Manager, members of the USAID/Regional HIV/AIDS Program, members of the CDC/Southern Africa Regional AIDS Program, Lesotho Peace Corps Director, and Department of Defense staff members. The U.S. Mission, the Task Force, and the Emergency Plan program partners have worked collaboratively over the past two years to achieve quality and rapid scale-up of USG-funded HIV/AIDS programming. The next two years, however, mark an important transition period for the Emergency Plan in Lesotho with a greater in-country staff presence. F. Basic Functions: The HIV/AIDS Program Director is a new position and fills a key management role on the USG team. The HIV/AIDS Program Director works with the Lesotho USG team and helps to design, manage and implement of the USG strategy and country operational plan. There is no USAID mission presence in Lesotho and hence, the position will be located in the US Embassy Maseru. The HIV/AIDS Program Director contributes to USAID Lesotho?s ability to achieve results, as described in the Lesotho PEPFAR Country Strategy and in the 2007 Emergency Plan Country Operational Plan (COP), by providing essential programmatic expertise and guidance related key functions that s/he manages and coordinates. Country-specific targets exist and are measured on an annual basis. USAID and its NGO partners are under great pressure to efficiently and effectively respond. Tremendous implementation challenges are foreseen and the process must be transparent and accountable. The HIV/AIDS Program Director will be required to ensure accountability of activities through results monitoring and reporting and responding in a timely manner to S/GAC requests. The HIV/AIDS Program Director also plays the lead role in documenting and reporting USAID program performance in Lesotho. The responsibilities of the position as described below (Section IV.) are likely to increase in complexity as the Emergency Plan program in Lesotho matures. Duties include regular contact and collaboration with both policy and technical level counterparts in Lesotho?s National AIDS Committee (NAC), the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, other government ministries and agencies, a wide range of civil society and private organizations, other donor and international organizations, and USG agencies working on HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment, care, and mitigation up to the level of the U.S. Ambassador. G. Duties and Responsibilities: The HIV/AIDS Program Director serves as the Subject Matter Expert for USAID program planning (both strategy and budget), policy, and monitoring and evaluation, all of which requires the incumbent to have superior knowledge and understanding of the Emergency Plan guidance and directives, development principles and approaches, host country requirements, host government priorities, as well as situational assessment and interpretation skills, timely decision making ability, extensive judgment in planning and carrying out tasks, and strong interpersonal and team-building skills. The incumbent is expected to be well-versed in the Emergency Plan policy and requirements regarding all aspects of strategic planning, budget formulation, monitoring, evaluation, and policy dialogue. 1. Program Planning and Reporting (25%) ? Coordinate and contribute substantively to USAID program planning and implementation to ensure that all program documentation meets USG requirements and passes audit inspection. This will include analyzing and providing guidance to the USG Team on what kinds of documentation are required based on regulations, requests/guidance from O/GAC and USAID/W, ADS guidance, any other relevant guidance, and the experience of previous audits, USAID HIV/AIDS and health programs worldwide, and other Emergency Plan programs. ? Support and/or lead any technical work groups as defined by Lesotho USG Task Force to oversee USG portfolio through cross-agency management staffing for results pattern. The USG Task Force is in the process of defining the management of it activities through a joint agency exercise to define roles and responsibilities. The HIV/AIDS Program Director will most likely be designated to lead one or more technical working groups and support others to ensure cross-agency technical inputs and management of partners as appropriate. ? As a development and program specialist, advise the USG Lesotho team and Mission management on the local relevance, consistency with USG regulations and policies, application of best practices, and coherence with government and donor objectives of the Emergency Plan program documents, studies, proposals, and evaluations. The HIV/AIDS Program Director provides this advice and analyses to the Emergency Plan Interagency Task Force through active meeting participation, written correspondence and oral presentations. ? Ensure that documentation of USAID HIV/AIDS activities in Lesotho is prepared and submitted in a timely fashion to O/GAC and USAID/W, with adequate time for Emergency Plan Working Group review and clearance. The HIV/AIDS Program Director oversees the maintenance and filing of all program documents. With input from other USG Team members and implementing partners, works with USG colleagues to compile information for and prepare the Emergency Plan annual reports, country operational plans and other necessary documents. ? Assist the Emergency Plan Coordinator in ensuring that the USG team is appropriately represented on donor working groups; coordinating USAID reporting to other donors on USG activities; and maintaining summary information regarding donor HIV/AIDS programs. 2. Performance Monitoring and Results Tracking (25%) The HIV/AIDS Program Director leads the technical development and oversight of the USAID Lesotho portfolio in collaboration with other technical specialists. This responsibility includes, but is not limited to: ? Coordinating with USAID/Washington, O/GAC, CDC, and the Emergency Plan M&E staff on HIV/AIDS data and indicators; ? Leading USAID Lesotho technical outreach with field support funded partners regarding required and requested program monitoring and reporting; ? Collecting, managing, and analyzing data and information related to HIV/AIDS, the Emergency Plan, and to USAID activities; ? Providing primary oversight in developing and maintaining a framework to regularly monitor the performance of USAID-funded partners based on indicators and targets as identified in the COP; ? Providing technical guidance and leadership in collaborating with Emergency Plan Technical Working Groups (TWG) in Washington; and ? Liaising with RHAP Activity Managers and CTOs when in-country partners are managed through regional procurements. Successful performance of these responsibilities depends upon establishing and maintaining collaborative working relationships with a wide range of partners and stakeholders at both technical and policy levels in order to obtain and interpret the information needed for performance measurement and results tracking. 3. Budget Tracking and Analysis (25%) ? Perform budget formulation duties involved in the process of preparing detailed analyses and estimates of annual funding needs for one or more future budget years of Emergency Plan funding. ? Provide the USG Emergency Plan Task Force with procedural and regulatory guidance concerning availability of or limitations on the use of the Emergency Plan funds. ? Coordinate with USG colleagues in the development and oversight of automated systems for tracking the principal budgetary processes including OYB levels, allowances, obligations, Congressional Notifications, earmarks/directives, and mortgages. Modify systems throughout the year to track budgetary information needed by the Emergency Plan Task Force. ? Monitor and support USAID obligations, commitments, expenditures, and results against targets. ? Ensure that the budget system is effectively utilized as an evaluating tool in measuring program performance and effectiveness. 4. Coordination and Representation (25%) ? Participate substantively in meetings of relevant Emergency Plan Technical Working Groups and other Emergency Plan meetings. ? Represent USAID in coordination and planning meetings with host country government, NGOs and other donors. ? Manage the organization of field trips and schedules for VIPs, including CODELS that are visiting USAID-funded sites. ? Oversee the preparation of briefing documents, including charts, PowerPoint presentations, success stories, and other documents as needed for both internal and external use. H. Qualifications: The following are REQUIRED: ? A Masters degree in international development, social sciences, Public Health or other relevant field; ? Relevant experience that significantly exceeds the required minimum described in the next bullet along with a bachelors degree in a relevant discipline may be considered in lieu of this degree. ? A minimum of 5-7 years of relevant professional experience in program design and management, including experience in relevant public health or HIV/AIDS programs. ? Knowledge and experience working with USAID procurement, financial, performance monitoring and other systems. ? Excellent interpersonal, oral\written communication and computer skills. ? Proven ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and to proactively build consensus. ? Ability in dealing effectively and diplomatically with multiple U.S. and host country government agencies, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, and the private sector. ? Fluency in English. The following additional qualifications are HIGHLY DESIRABLE: ? A thorough working knowledge of U.S. government operations, rules, regulations, procedures, policies, and programs and previous relevant working experience with the USG, particularly USAID. ? Prior budget or financial management experience. I. Available Guidelines: The incumbent is required to understand Mission and Agency specific policies and procedures which govern project activity management in addition to State established administrative operating procedures, policies and formats. Oral guidance from the immediate Supervisor and specific detailed instructions will be given (when necessary) for carrying out unique assignments. The incumbent will be required to be proactive in keeping abreast of evolving guidelines and policies which affect overall EP initiative and keeping abreast of evolving development on HIV/AIDS issues in Lesotho. J. Exercise of Judgment: In instances not clearly covered by written guidelines, the incumbent will use her/his own personal, well informed judgment in devising innovative approaches to resolving technical, administrative, managerial and/or policy problems. Excellent (balanced) judgment must be exercised in setting priorities. The use of initiative, discretion and patience is expected from the incumbent in dealing with USG Lesotho, USAID RHAP, and representatives from donor organizations to resolve problems that arise during the course of work for which there is often no clear or immediate solution. K. Authority to Make Commitments: The incumbent will have no independent authority to commit U.S. Government (USG) funds on behalf of the U.S. Government. L. Nature, Level and Purpose of Contacts: The incumbent will be required to maintain solid working relationships with U.S. Embassy, USAID RHAP, U.S. Peace Corps, CDC, and DoD to function effectively. The incumbent will be required to work closely with OGAC in Washington, USAID\Washington, Lesotho USG Interagency Task Force, foundations, NGOs, other foreign donor institutions (i.e. WHO, DFID, JICA, etc.) and other local and international groups. M. Other Requirements: In addition, the incumbent must also be: 1) A U.S. Citizen; 2) Able to obtain US Government medical and security clearances; 3) Available and willing to work outside the regular 40-hour workweek when required/necessary; 4) Willing to travel to work sites and other offices as/when requested. N. Selection Criteria: Applicants meeting the required qualifications for the position will be evaluated based on information presented in the application and obtained through reference checks. Following are the evaluation criteria for this position for a total of 100 points: EDUCATION (10 points): ? A Masters degree in international development, social sciences, Public Health or other relevant field; ? Relevant experience that significantly exceeds the required minimum described in the next bullet along with a bachelors degree in a relevant discipline may be considered in lieu of this degree. WORK EXPERIENCE (45 points): ? Previous experience working in HIV/AIDS in Lesotho. ? A minimum of XX years of relevant professional experience in program design and management, including experience in relevant public health or HIV/AIDS programs. ? Knowledge and experience working with USAID procurement, financial, performance monitoring and other systems. ABILITIES AND SKILLS (45 points): ? Excellent interpersonal, oral and written communication and computer skills. ? Proven ability to work collaboratively in a team environment and to proactively build consensus. ? Ability in dealing effectively and diplomatically with multiple U.S. and host country government agencies, non-governmental organizations, faith-based organizations, and the private sector. O. Selection Process: After the closing date for receipt of applications, a committee will be convened to review applications and evaluate them in accord with the evaluation criteria. Applications from candidates which do not meet the required selection criteria will not be scored. As part of the selection process, final candidates may be interviewed either in person or by telephone at USAID?s discretion. Reference checks will be made only for applicants considered as finalists. If an applicant does not wish USAID to contact a current employer for a reference check, this should be stated in the applicant?s cover letter, and USAID will delay such reference check pending communication with the applicant. Only finalists will be contacted by USAID with respect to their applications. The final selected candidates must obtain security and medical clearances within a reasonable period of time (USAID will provide details regarding these clearances to the selected candidate). A substantial delay in obtaining either required clearance will make the applicant ineligible for selection. AS A MATTER OF POLICY, AND AS APPROPRIATE, AN OFFSHORE USPSC IS NORMALLY AUTHORIZED THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS AND ALLOWANCES: BENEFITS (1) Employee's FICA Contribution (2) Contribution toward Health & Life Insurance --50% of Health Insurance Annual Premium (not to exceed $7,750 for a family and $3,410 for employees without dependents) --50% of Life Insurance Annual Premium ( not to exceed $500) (3) Pay Comparability Adjustment --Annual across the board salary increase for USG employees and USPSCs (4) Eligibility for Worker's Compensation (5) Vacation & Sick Leave ALLOWANCES* (If Applicable): As a matter of policy, and as appropriate, a USPSC qualifying as off-shore is normally authorized the following allowances: (1) Post Differential (Section 500) (2) Living Quarters Allowance (Section 130) (3) Temporary Lodging Allowance (Section 120) (4) Post Allowance (COLA)(Section 220) (5) Supplemental Post Allowance (Section 230) (6) Payments During Evacuation (Section 600) (7) Education Allowance (Section 270) (8) Separate Maintenance Allowance (Section 260) (9) Danger Pay (Section 650) (10) Educational Travel (Section 280) * Dept. of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR) (Government Civilians Foreign Areas). OTHER BENEFITS: Additional benefits are available for individuals hired from outside Lesotho in accord with the AIDAR, e.g. post differential, international airfare from place of residence, R&R, international shipment of personal effects, furnished housing and educational allowances for dependent children. Federal Taxes: USPSCs are not exempt from payment of Federal Income taxes. List of REQUIRED Forms for USPSCs a. Standard Form 171 or Optional Form 612. (U.S. Government Standard Form 171 or Optional Form 612 are available at the USAID web site, http://www.usaid.gov/procurement_bus_opp/procurement/forms or internet http://fillform.gsa.gov, or at USG offices.) Forms (b) through (e) shall be completed only upon the advice of the Contracting Officer that an applicant is the successful candidate for the position. b. Medical History and Examination (DS-1843). c. Questionnaire for Sensitive Positions (for National Security) (SF-86), or d. Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions (SF-85). e. Finger Print Card (FD-258). (NOTE: Form is available from the requirements office.) Contract Information Bulletins (CIBs) and Acquisition and Assistance Policy Directives (AAPDs) pertaining to PSCs . Please refer to this website http://www.usaid.gov/business/business_opportunities/psc_solicitations.html
Place of Performance
Address: USAID/South Africa, 100 Totius Street, P.O. Box 43, Groenkloof, Pretoria
Zip Code: 0027
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